what color lipstick with burgundy dress

10 best lipstick color to wear with burgundy dress

Femininity is a big asset for a woman. That’s why every female need to spend her time with lip, eye & face makeup. Because only perfect makeup can help to shine your femaleness.  I am sorry for this type of thinking, but it’s true.

As an example, just think about your lip. Most of the time without lipstick you feel uncomfortable at any party, isn’t it? That’s why lots of women. Search the internet for what color lipstick with the burgundy dress. I think no need to say more. 

But the lady needs to choices lipstick color carefully. Most of the time we fail to apply beautiful color to the lip. Because we don’t know how to choose a lipstick color. 

However, the best way is to pick a lip color. That easily blends with dress shade or an entire makeup look. So now I try to show 10 beautiful lip colors. That perfectly blends with the burgundy dress.

What color lipstick goes with a burgundy dress

Remember, it’s important to consider your skin before picking a lipstick shade for a burgundy red or maroon dress. But usually, any red fusion lipstick color is good for burgundy dresses. Also, you can choose natural nude lipstick, burgundy shade lipstick, bold red lipstick, rich berry tones lipstick, and brown shade lipstick for burgundy dresses.

10 beautiful lipstick colors for burgundy dresses. 

We hope you can love our beautiful lip shade for your dark red dress. Because we try to pick the best lipstick & a gorgeous color for you.

1. E.l.f sheer liquid nude rose

what color lipstick to wear with burgundy dress

You can go for natural looks with a burgundy dress. So we can apply a lipstick color that blends with our skin tones.

That’s why I love to suggest any nude shade. On the other side, you can choose a shade that is natural-looking.

That’s why I chose e.l.f nude rose sheer lipstick for you. Also, this is a Jojoba Oil mixing liquid lip color. That helps the hydrating lip.

2. Nicka burgundy lipstick

lipstick for burgundy dress

Now we suggest applying a nice Nicka burgundy color lipstick. Because it helps to get a balanced look with burgundy dresses.

We think similar lip & dress colors are a perfect style for women. It also helps you to create a balance in your entire look.

That’s why I collect for you burgundy lipstick. The color of the lipstick looks deep black purple. That stays a long time.

3. Maybelline red for me

lip color for burgundy dress

Red lips look wonderful with any type of burgundy color dress. You can follow the picture to determine. What does look like a red lip with your choice of dark red dress?

Most women trust red color lips with burgundy. That’s why I pick New York red for me. Also, it is the best lipstick for thin lips.

That’s perfect for almost every skin tone & undertone. On the other hand, women can feel comfortable and soft feel with them.

4. Milani rosy pink darling

lipstick that goes with burgundy dress

Rose pink can be an outstanding lipstick shade for us. So don’t forget to style with this shade. Because I think the shade of the lipstick is natural.

And a natural look is always welcome for a burgundy dress. However, somebody said to me. This lipstick color is a mauve pink.

But I don’t believe it. It looks like rose pink to me. I also love her smooth finishing. That quickly dries down for matte.

5. Golden rose tapestry pink

This is another pink shade for you. But not hot pink it is tapestry pink for you. I think women love this color. Because of looks natural & smooth.

So lady can apply the lip to get a beautiful makeup look with a burgundy dress. On the other side, lipstick is flawless for good coverage.

After drying, you feel a velvet matte finishing. That moisture lip for reducing the dry problem. That’s why smooth & soft.

6. Manic panic warm coral

burgundy dress lipstick

Not only warm coral color lipstick is the right choice. I went to say women any types of shade looks wonderful with your chosen dress. That lipstick color is influenced by red.

But there I only show you, warm coral. Because warm coral lipstick color flattering with dark red dresses. That I collect from the Manic panic lipstick collection. You can try it. Really wonder for the lip.

Also, this is a lipstick that comes with moisturizing power. On the other side long-lasting and cruelty-free. So we can trust without confusion.

7. Smudge me pinkish red

lipstick to go with burgundy dress

I already told red influence lipstick shade is perfect for women with a burgundy dress. That’s why I pick pinkish red for you. Without confusion you can allure your lip with pinkish red lipstick color to matching with burgundy/dark read dresses.

I hope you can get a beautiful look at them. Also, this is a lipstick that stays almost 8 to 10 hours without fading color.

So we can get a great benefit from them. Basically a matte finishing lipstick. But comfort for all-day wear without any problem.

8. NYX shocking pink

what color lipstick with burgundy shirt

The pink shade is highly recommended for you. But you can apply a light or deep pink shade on the lip. There I chose light pink for your beautiful look.

Because I think light can be a more gorgeous lip color with the burgundy cloth. I hope you can get the balance between cloth and lip color.

However, the finishing of the lipstick is matte. But women can get a smooth and creamy feel with matte finishing.

9. L’Oreal light brown lipstick

how to choose lipstick with burgundy dresses

If you are an average woman. And love to style with a burgundy color dress. You can try this light brown color on the lip. Because this is the best lipstick color for over 60 go here.

Brown not only beautiful for a mature lip. Any age woman can allure lip with light brown for burgundy cloth.

After applying this lipstick, start hydrating for a smooth feel. Also, stay a long time on the lip.

10. NMS23 nude brick

If you want to create a bold look. Just try this lipstick. Because a perfect lip color creates a bold sensation in the lip.

Also if you searching Lipstick with burgundy dress. Just take this lipstick color. Because this lip color perfect for a burgundy color outfit. That’s why I suggest women. At the same time, women get a vivid matte finish with them.

Two-layer is enough for full coverage. So we can say a good pigmentation that stays 4 to 5 hours without a problem.


1. What is a burgundy dress?

burgundy dress

This is not the name of the dress. It’s the name of a color. But the most popular and beautiful color for women. Maybe you are confused about this though. That’s why I went to clear.

Sometimes we are unconsciously saying it is a brown color. But we are wrong. I think it is not any family of brown.

I went to say it’s a dark red or dark reddish-purple shade not brown. Maybe you now understand what is burgundy.


  1. Hi… I love your beautiful lipstick collection for the Burgundy color outfit. Can you suggest me best lip colors for the burgundy wedding dress from your collection? I mean especially 1 lipstick color from your top 10.

    1. this is very hard to suggest especially 1. Because entire makeup looks another important subject to take a lipstick shade.

  2. Hello I love to wear Burgundy shirt. Please suggest me beautiful lip color for Burgundy shirt.

    1. There haven’t any special lipstick shade for Burgundy shirt. Just try to apply light brown, pinkish-red, or any natural-looking shade for Burgundy dress.

  3. I love to apply natural-looking lipstick with Burgundy. What you think is the right decision.

    1. yes, this is the right choice. just try to stay with pinkish-purple or any light & nude shade. Or a color that looks natural

  4. Choose the right shade of lipstick not easy. Basically when you want to create an eye-catching makeup look with your choice dress. That’s why I want to say a helpful article to get an attractive lip with a burgundy dress.

  5. I think Pinkish red and natural lipstick shade is a good choice with Burgundy dress. I take Milani rosy pink lipstick from your collection to join a party. Everyone loves my lip color with Burgundy. That’s why I want to say thanks

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