What is eyebrow threading ultimate guide?

eyebrow threading tips

Maybe you can agree with me. Eyebrow, lip & eye is one of the most important parts of our face. But this is not only valuable for a healthy life. It’s made ours look natural and beautiful.

If you don’t believe me. Just take a photo with a mobile. Start editing & remove eyebrow from the face. If already completed the job. I think now people can agree with me. Because your looks going to be a horror.

That’s why from lots of years ago. Females start thinking about her brow. How can make this more natural, beautiful, gorgeous & perfect? That’s the reason ancient to modern women’s create lots of technique. Eyebrow threading one of them.

So today we gossip about threading. Why, when & how it’s gain popularity. Also, how to apply it in your lifestyle to look attractive.

History of threading

eyebrow threading origin

This is a great history of the Middle East, India and China people. After a long journey now it is one of the most popular beauty techniques in the world. Nowadays this is gaining popularity in America & Europe.

As far I knew 6000 years ago India or Iranian women established this technique. That’s why it is a history of ancient times. But most of the people believe its origin of India.

However, they are applying the method not only for the eyebrow. They are also used to remove any kinds of facial hair. Included chin, upper lip, cheeks and sideburns. But Chinese & Indian ladies do it only for a special occasion.

What is eyebrow threading?

what is threading beauty treatment

This is a way of removing unwanted hair from the face. You can better understand if you know about waxing & tweezing. I think you know about these two processes. Both methods are the same and work to remove hair.

Process of threading very easily more than any techniques. Also less painful way than others. Only there needs a piece of thin cotton thread. Then need your hand to apply thread to remove any facial hair.

So we can say. This is a system of hand to clean hair with cotton thread. That is also clean more than one hair at once. But without face this process, not well for other parts of the body.

You can apply this process with any kinds of skin. Because remove hair without any problem of the skin. So, safely for sensitive, acne-prone, irritable & oily skin. So if any women’s have oily skin. After complete threading her no need to time west to find the best products for oily skin. But need more practice to be a specialist with them.

Benefits of threading

benefits of eyebrow threading

You get various benefits with them. If you want a beautiful brow without any side effects. Threading can be your best friend. Because it is a trust able hair removing process for ancient times.

1000 Of years women defend with them. Because there no need to use any chemical. So skin safe from any chemical harm. Only need 10 or 15 minutes to complete the full process. That’s why save valuable time. But time can be defined in one artist to another.

The main benefits of the technique are again hair grows thinner, softer & natural. Cut hair from the root without any skin discoloration & rashes.

Also helps to perfectly blood sacralisation on the threading area. Can be target individual hair & result lest long.

How long does threading last?

how long does threading last

I want to tell you the truth. Many females say, threading results last 5 to 6 weeks. I think its answer is difficult. Because it is a very person to person. But the right answer is last between 2 to 6 weeks.

Basically, it’s defended in many thought. Like the type of hair, area of the face etc. On the other hand, many women take hair re-growth treatment. Also, person to person hair re-growth ability can be different.

Because it is a genetic & hormone-based matter. However, threading removes hair from the root. That’s why most of the ladies safe for 1-month average.

Do have any side effects or pain

side effects of eyebrow threading

I want to answer this question with yes. But pain a little bit less than any kind of brow shaping. Now come to the side effect. Yes, this has side problem like – skin irritating, redness etc.

But the good news is any person can solve the problem easily. Just need aftercare. Middle of the article I explain details. How can overcome this problem? So don’t worry just keep reading.

How to thread eyebrow?

how to thread eyebrows professionally

Who wants to be a specialist in this sector? This is the most important part of her.  But it is not an easy job. This technique more difficult when you want to use thread for remove brow hair. But other parts of the face easy then eyebrow.

Please don’t worry any women will be a good artist. That’s why she needs to practice several times in a day. After practising, you can do it at home. So try to be an expert without going to any artist.

Before starting threading needs some essential tool & preparation. There I try to gossip what you need to do. What has to be avoided to remove hair?

Necessary tools

Yes, you have to collect some argent accessories. That makes full work easy. Try to collect all essential. Also, most of the accessories you can reuse. That’s why, no need to worry. Only collect for one time that females can use for a long time. Need…

  • Sewing thread
  • Eyebrow scissors
  • Brow brush
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Aloe Vera or ice pack
eyebrow threading instrument
Tweezer man scissors

Comes with brush & scissors in a pack. Because the brush is essential for females. Also, the good news is a brush made with nylon. At the same time scissors made with the original stainless steel. So that has ultra-thin & sharp blades. That’s easy to handle.

Maybelline brow definer pencil

An outstanding brow defines pencil. That softly fills & shape eyebrow without a problem. Start with pencil and end with a brow spoolie brush. Basically, I suggest women this pencil for her good ending with a brush. That’s helpful for well blend & beautiful look.

Vanity box thread

One of the idea cotton thread for the eyebrow. 100% cotton that’s why safe for allergic or any anti-bacterial issue. Otherwise, the ladies have to remember we need a pure cotton thread. So you can take without question.

Prepare your eyebrow

I think women already collect all the essential tools. Or you have all vital tools in the home. So this is the time to arrange brow as a final step of threading. That females have to complete by four different steps. But try to start with organizing the skin.

Prepare skin

eyebrow threading technique

Maybe ladies can ask me why need to arrange skin. I think this is the essential steps for you. Because you know threading painful. But it’s can reduce by a warm cloth treatment. So prepare yourself for less pain.

But before start cloth treatment women have to remove makeup from the face. Then gently clean full face with a cleanser & pure water. Now take a moist, warm cloth. Possibly females know how to prepare a moist cloth.

If any women don’t know how to arrange a wet towel. There I can help her.  It’s simple just collect bowl. Feel it with the lack of warm water. Soak the cloth into the water & wringing. Now hold the cloth on the eyebrow area several times to open pores.

If you do not love this treatment. As an alternative ladies can apply ice pack & baby oral gel into the treatment area. It is the best alternate of the warm cloth treatment. Both works are the same and help to reduce pain.

Take a Mirror

Fast women have to jump find a good lighting place & a clean mirror. Remember this is very urgent for you. Because ladies have to clearly see her eyebrow. Also, females have to avoid the magnifying mirror.

Or a reflective glass that is not enough clean. Best way to collect a standard mirror. After collecting perfect glass this is the time to sit in front of the mirror.

Trim eyebrow

how to trim eyebrows at home

We can walk in several ways to complete this job. But there I explain one of the easiest methods. Because I think everyone should find each way to complete her work. So always try to find an easy road. That’s not only for the trim brow. Try to remember this word in your full life.

However, start sweep eyebrow hair straight upward mutation with a brush. Remember, you have to sweep one section of hair at a time. Then hold in a place with comb & take scissors to cut hair.

You can use any small scissors that already have in your home. But the best way to take brow scissors. Now start cutting excess length of the hair.  Basically, you have to cut a small amount of hair. That only out of the comb.

Again, you have to do the same work downward mutation & booth eyebrow. All over again I want to remember women two important thoughts. Please cut only small amounts & don’t cut too short.

Draw out the shape of eyebrow

best eyebrow shape

Maybe your pencil already in the hand to draw a perfect outline. Otherwise, take a pencil & start outline as you want. But now I want to hold you for one minute. At the same times, I request any women in the world. Please don’t draw randomly.

Because all eyebrow shapes do not look good with your eye or face shape. Their most difficult to find perfect brow for hooded eyes. Possibly you understand what I can say. I went to say females have to find out which eyebrow shape perfect for her.

So you have to gather knowledge about different types of eyebrow shape. Then you can identify which one looks good with you. That’s why the end of the article I discussed above different types of eyebrow shape. But now I show two brow template. That helps to draw outline accurately.

best eyebrow stencils

Brillife eyebrow template

It is very helpful for a beginner. Or who don’t have an aide about brow style. Comes with 24 different styles & stricter. So a huge number & women can re-use.

Leinuosen brow template

This is another best template for a beginner. Application process very easy. Start choice which shapes perfect for you. Because of the pack with 33 different styles. Then hold choice picas on the brow with one hand and start drawing the outline.

Cut a piece of thread

eyebrow threading preparation

Take scissors and start cutting the thread. Women need to remember there need 100% pure cotton thread. That basically use for sewing. Or a thread that made with a high percentage of cotton. Then cut into more than 14 inches long.

Long can be different from one person to another. Because it is defended on hand size & comfort. So cut a thread that is your need. Finally, ladies have to close the two ends of the thread by a knot to make a loop.

Twist the loop in the middle

how to eyebrow threading step by step

This is an important step of threading. So carefully twist in the middle of the loop several times. At least seven or eight times. But you have to know how to twist. Don’t worry, this is easy not a difficult subject.

Just insert 2 fingers in the two ends of the loop with both hands.  Or you can use thumb & fingers at a time. It is defended on how you feel comfortable.

Then move the both, hand fingers to make an X shape. Now use single hand & move several times for the twist. Remember at least 7 or 8 times or until 1-inch twist place.

Need practices

If you want to do it at home. You have to practice several times used to with them. I think you already complete twist & both hand fingers into the loop. So you are almost ready. Just set your mind for the next job.

Now without losing the thread try to open one side.  When you open one side of the loop with fingers. At the same time titli hold opposite loop with other hand. If do not understand what can I say. Just look at the photo for understanding.

Do the same job for 5 or 6 minutes. Just open one side & close another side. Also, do it several times a day. Because you have to be an expert with them.

Do you know why you have to do it? Because this is the way of moving twist front & back. So do it comfortably without confusion. Basically, this is the main job. Try to move, twist as long as you can.

I went to clear something there. Most of the specialist says cut thread 14 inches long, use two fingers etc. But I want to say forget everything. Just concentrate on the comfort & moving twist without a problem.

That’s why anybody can use any size of the thread. Also more than two fingers. Because your job is to trap hair into the twist and pulls those out with a moving twist.

Take a position with a twist

eyebrow threading steps

Maybe you already completed the outline of the brow. Now position the twisted directly over the hairs.  That hair outside of the brow outline. Or hair that you want to remove.

Remember start threading from the opposite section of hair shape. That helps to easily trap hair. Also, try to do it smoothly. Without too press the twist on the skin. Otherwise, you have to supper pain.

Techniques of hand controlling

how to do eyebrows threading for beginners

Right-hand placement can make total work easy. So women have to expert with hand technic. When you start threading try to place a hand very close above the brow. Ladies have to close hand that not opposite of hair shaped.

At the same time another hand, placement has to be a distance of eyebrow. That hand opposite of hair growth shape. Now start open distance hand finger & close another hand.

Also, you can remove one hair or more than one hair at a time. This is your wish. Because It is defended on your wish or comfortable. After completing, remove checks the brow to find out stray hair & remove with thread.

After threading

eyebrows after threading

You have to take care of brow after threading. Because this is important to reduce pain & various types of skin problems. But as an urgent care starts the application aloe Vera or an ice pack. That can immediately solve the redness & irritation problem.

Ladies have to be changed makeup, applying habits in the eyebrow area for one or two days. Because concealer & foundation can block pores. That’s the reason you have to suffer the black spot problem.

Just try to maintain these two tips. Because these two are very important. But more subject Includes with aftercare. Basically, need to little bit change daily skin care & makeup applying routine.  There I try to discuss shortly.

Avoid using at least one day any facial cleanser. Around the eye or threading area. Females also have to avoid anti-ageing products for 24 hours. Finally, you have to forget brow touching for three to four hours.

But don’t forget to wash the threading area with pure water. Women can do it several times a day. Try to stay away from the hot weather, sun, swimming, hot bath, sunbathing etc.

Eyebrow shapes

which eyebrow shape suits me

Are you want beautiful brow? There are lots of subjects defend on a beautiful eyebrow shape for women. But most of the time a perfect shape depend on the face structure. Without a face, it is also defended in the eye shape.

Most of the beauty experts believe. If any women try to threading brow. That can look good with her entire expression. Her need to remember three subjects.

One is her own face shape. Another one is trying to thread eyebrow with a thin line. Finally, the natural structure of the brow.

However, there is more essential face shape. That’s why today our discussion area faces. But before start females also need to know different types of brow shape. Then you can go to identify face structure-based beautiful eyebrow.

Different types of eyebrow shape

brow shapes

Various types of brow shape survived the ladies in the world. Really a huge number, but all are not possible to apply real life. Some of the eyebrow shape only creates for making a movie.

As an example, you can follow any Hollywood horror movie. There you can get every type of brow. That only to create a horror looks.

So we need to know the general eyebrow structure. That most of the women apply in real life. There I show some structure that mostly uses.

  • Straight
  • Rounded
  • Soft angled
  • Flat
  • S-Shaped
  • Angled
  • Curved
  • Groomed

There are most of the eyebrow styles create with the people. But each and every one grows with natural eyebrow structure. Generally, every person in the world raises with three different sizes like thick, medium & thin. At the same time with 3 different arch-like high, media & low arch.

Different types of face shape

what shape is my face

I think women already know her face structure. That’s why there I am not interested to explain details about-face shape. But I went to discuss shortly as a re-memorize. People brown with six types of face outline. The six is

  • Round
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Diamond
  • Heart
  • Long

eyebrow shapes for my face

best eyebrow shape for my face

If you read the full article I think you already know. Details about different types of eyebrow & face structure. So this is the right time to explain which brow style perfect for a particular face. That helps to find out fashionable brow with each face outline.

Round face

I suggest you style brow with a high arch. This is one of the best choices for women. Also, try to avoid round & straight. This two always harmful to get beautiful looks with them. High arch & slightly longer end always the best choice for naturally balance or natural looks.

Square face

Women can try any softly curved end of the eyebrow for beautiful looks. That’s why you can stay with round brow looks. But remember eyebrow size has to be thick. Also round has to be soft & balance.

Oval face

Any kind of brow style looks good with an oval. But if any person asks me which shape you suggest. I suggest straight eyebrow for her. Or shape the slightly arched & slim. I think you can understand what I can say there.

Diamond face

Any types of curve shape well balance with them. So people can walk with curvy looks in her upper side of the eye. Before creating the curve need to remember. Brow high has to medium or slim size.

Heart face

You can choose bold brow looks. That is not too slim or thick. I want to suggest a groomed brow shape. I want to more clear you. Women can stay with straight & round shape. But that has to bold not slim.

Long face

If ladies want to look with long. She can fashion with straight brow. Or a eyebrow that little bit longer than general eyebrow like – tailed age brow. But my personal opinion flat brow shape is also good for you.

Brow mapping

benefit brow mapping

Before starting threading ladies need to map brow. This mapping helps the woman find out start, arch and end accurate way. That also helps you to understand the natural structures of the eyebrow.

When you know the natural shape. Then women can easily shape brows with her face structure. So it is helpful for us. But now need to collect an eyebrow pencil & a wood stick or makeup brush.

Hold the wood stick end of the brow or last corner of the eye to the last corner of the nose. Now make a mark with a pencil end place of the eyebrow.

Now come to the measure begging part of the brow. Hold the stick straight inner part of the eye to the nose ending point. This is the perfect way to find out the begging part. Now marks with a pencil.

Finally, hold the wood stick horizontal outer ending part of the nose. Remember stick should go over the medal of the pupil. Now mark with a pencil. This way females can easily find out the perfect arch.

Expert makeup tricks for hooded eyes

eye makeup for hooded eyes

Lots of women not happy with her eye look. But this looks important for gorgeous & loveliness. If I say this is happening for your incorrect eye makeup application. Maybe you can angry with me. But it’s true this is your wrong.

Because before starting makeup. Need to know some basic thought about the eye. They’re more vital to understand eye shape. Some shape of the eye is not makeup friendly like hooded eyes shape.

Basically, People born with different types of eye shape. But most recognized and well known six types of shape. The 6 is Monolid, upturned, downturned, hooded, round & almond.

Their hooded shape is the most difficult structure for makeup. That’s why today I try to throw some makeup tips for hooded structure. Maybe these tips help to get beautiful eye looks.

What are hooded eyes?

what do hooded eyes look like

It answers very easy. I went to complete this answer with one word. This is a structure or shape of the eye. That does not create any health problem and pain. Because of this is not any skin or blackheads problems. So don’t have to be a worry. On the other hand men always safe from its harm.

But it has a harmful side. Normally, this kind of shape tricky for any women. The reason this is not a makeup responsive form. That’s why females need extra preparation for applying cosmetics.

I think you already understand what the problem is & what this is. If you are confused or need to know more specifics. Just read the full article to identify details.

How to determine hooded shape?

what does it mean to have hooded eyes

Do you know what is crease line?  If don’t have to any knowledge about the crease. You can follow the image. That helps you to understand. I think now you already know about the crease. So answer the question very easy for you.

Find out crease line of the eye. If natural fail to find the crease. Maybe your eye is hooded. Because of an extra skin layer hang over the line.

Most of the time people natural born with them. But more reason also include. Maximum old men & woman’s skin regular hangs over the crease. It’s also happening for any skin hanging problem. That minimizes the eyelid area. That’s why hard to apply makeup.

hooded eye makeup

makeup tips for hooded eyes

Several way ladies can solve the problem. But it is not easy to gain impeccable knowledge. Without perfect tips, makeup applying can be more difficult.  So need expert thought that can be believed.

I gather there almost 14 eye makeup tips for ladies. All are collected from expert artists. Hope this discussion numerous way helps to get a gorgeous look. And solve the difficulty of eye makeup.

You can trust me all are skilful artist approves. As a beauty addicted person & author of beautygardeners. I also settle my mind with her. That’s why I throw for you.

Choose perfect eye makeup

cut crease for hooded eyes

Women’s can create a thousand types of eye looks with makeup. But all is not good for you. You have clever to choose a perfect look from them. Because I think you already understand need an extraordinary subject for hooded.

So forget general thought. Try to do something different. That can make a natural look. I suggest to create cut crease & half cut crease eye looks. That looks good with these types of eye. I highly recommend to choice cut and half cut crease.

Women can also select holographic & shiny eye makeup. Because of holographic or shiny eye perfect for you. Spotlight looks also good balance with them.

Make eye look bigger

makeup for hooded eyes diagram

Need to make a big eye with makeup. Because of your supper hanging skin problem. Hanging skin makes eyelid smaller. Just try to make a large eye to solve the problem. Several ways you can do it. Now I discuss two or three ways for you.

Don’t use the darker eye shadow & concealer on the eyelid. Dark circles make the eye look small. Try to apply colored concealer on the underneath and around the eye area. If you need to use a dark shadow. Don’t forget to define with a cotton ball.

Try to highlight the inner corner of the eye with a shimmery shadow. That makes the eye look instantly bigger. I think this is one of the easy ways to make the eye look larger.

Maybe we all apply waterline. When applying waterline in the eye. Try to apply with white & nude pencil inner corner. That helps to make a big look.

Create a fake crease

Do you know why need a fake crease? I think you already know. Because the crease line is not visible in hooded. So try to make it visible to create a fake line. You can create this line just spent one or two minutes.

But fast need a brown eyeshadow. Brown color good blend with any skin undertone. Then find out the natural crease line. This is the perfect time to use shadow. Be sure to apply it just close to the upper side of nature crease.

Your almost complete job, but not fully finished. Now need to blend shadow for defining the crease. This is the way of creating a fake crease. Maybe girls can do it because it’s easy. Or women can flow image. There I display another way to create a crease.

Makeup with open eye

how to put makeup on hooded eyes

The open eye is important to apply makeup. Lots of artists suggest using makeup with open eye. I also agree with the artists. But you can do it with full or half-open. Depend on comport & need.

So when going to apply eyeshadow, eyeliner or anything else. Try to do it without close the eye. This way girls can gain various benefits.

Because it helps to disappear hooded. Easy to find eyelid and crease. That’s why you can easily understand where need dimensions & depth of the eyelid.

Apply waterproof mascara

I think no need to suggest waterproof. We are all used to with them. If I tell the truth everybody should choose a mascara that is waterproof. But its have a reason. There I try to explain. The biggest reason is this type of formulation helps to makeup stay in a place for a long time.

That’s the reason it is not only urgent makeup for hooded eyes to solve this problem. Try to use waterproof mascara for each makeup time. Because you gain a great benefit with them.

But it is urgent for hooded more than anything. I already told her great benefit. Also doesn’t transfer or spread makeup. That is our needs. That’s why it is vital for us. So stay with them.

Choose matte shadow

how to do eyeshadow for hooded eyes

Matter formulations are a great finishing for any types of makeup. Because most of the matte finishing cosmetics stay a long time in a place. So matte creation almost works as like waterproof cosmetics.

But you have to careful with matte shadow. After applying need perfectly blend. That’s the reason females can use a blending brush. Try brush forward & backward motion for several times or as you need.

Keep brushing one or two minutes inner to end of the eye corner. If you love to apply a dark matte shadow with any light color. Try to use black color outside of the outer corner of the eye. Now my choices two shadows.

best matte eyeshadow palette for hooded eyes

Blushed nudes

Style with rock nudes look. Twelve different types of colour are available. That helps to create various styles of look. Color design by shimmer & matte finish. I think its most of the shade perfect for the hooded style with any types of skin colors.

Lorac pro kit

Here more shade is available. Sixteen various styles of ultra-pigment. Eight is matter and another eight are shimmer within 16. Her matter & shimmers combination best for you. Also, women can create lots of looks with them.

Which color is the best?

eye looks for hooded eyes

I think a heart touching questions for a beginner. Questions that can break the dream. Maybe women can change their color choice. Because some shade is not welcome for you like black. Or any kind of dark shade.

If anyone like the smoky look or dark shade. It is bad news for her. Don’t worry black look not goods for us. Try to stay with light shade. Ladies can use slightly dark with light color. But remember dark can be applied with balance.

You have to clever to choose a colour. Take a shade that helps to the visible eyelid. Basically metallic and shiny color is best. Some of the colour of my choice is gold, rose gold, silver, blue etc.

Play with dark & light

makeup techniques for hooded eyes

What is your favourite colour for the eye? This is doesn’t need to know. The necessity to understand how to create a dark & light balance with each shade. That’s the reason you have to practice in the home to be a talented artist.

You have to know which part of the eye have to dark. Which part needs to light shade? Because you have to work for eye features visible. When needing to more visible looks. I suggest defining the eye with two different areas.

One is the main part of the eye. Another one is brow bone. Bore bone looks good with a slightly darker shade. On the other hand, the light is perfect for the main part. I think this is the correct way to make more visible.

Don’t forget to wear a primer

eye makeup looks

Need to apply a primer for each time of the makeup. Because it is urgent for various reasons. If you don’t have primer, try concealer & foundation. That is also working as an alike primer. But don’t forget to wear.

You can benefit in several ways with them. This is not only important for hodded. It is important for each type of eye shape. Most of the primer, concealer and foundation made with SPF. So you safe from UV ray. That is very harming for the skin.

At the same time hydrates & protect eyelid. But girls have to know applying process. Remember fast apply primer before applying any makeup. That helps to keep makeup products in a place for a long time.

It also helps creaseless women by giving a base. So various ways we can benefit from them. Now my choice two eye primer.

best eye primer

Minerals eye primer

Best one on the market. Made with without oil and fragrance. On the other side, allergy tested products. So you are safe from harm. Also works to combats excess oil of the eyelid. I think that is a great advantage with them.

Cruelty-free primer

A lightweight primer for us with high drying power.  It’s dry very quickly without a problem. That’s why I love this one for ladies. At the same time non-greasy formulation and long-lasting.

Stay with winged eyeliner

how to do winged eyeliner for hooded eyes

Winged eyeliner can be your best friend. If you are not used to with winged. Immodestly start practice in the home. There I try to help to create a perfect wing. But try it to do with a simple thin line. Otherwise, you are going to be ugly.

So start learning how to make an impeccable wing. Remember It is a little bit different on the general winged. There needs to create a rectangular shape of the edge of the eye. You can look at the photo to fully understand.

Now you have to extend the edges with a flick. Then create a little hump on the rectangular. That helps the illusion of the perfect curved wing.

best winged eyeliner

Winged stamp liner

Fast of a waterproof formulation that helps to stay wing line in a place. Even if you have a handshake problem. Take this one because of comfortable with shaking hands. Comes with a stamp for right & left eye. Ending of the product by a liquid eyeliner pencil.

Haus wing liner

This is another liner formulated with waterproof. But matte finishing is the end of the dry. The colour of the pencil is black. That easily glides without any tugging. After the application stays for a long time & flexible.

Use eyelashes

lashes for hooded eyes

We are all addicted to wearing fake eyelashes. Because lots of women love to extend their natural eyelashes. That’s why they are wearing false eyelashes. On the other side sometimes it is important to wear. Basically, urgent need when you want to create a dramatic look.

But be careful to choice an accurate one. Mainly when come to take it’s for hooded shaped. This time some point you have to know. Otherwise, you fail to gain an attractive look.

Best way to take short or medium eyelashes. That is a fast requirement for our eye. Large and more dense lashes make the look odd. So choose a thin & small lash. You can try one from this two.

best eyelashes for hooded eyes

Wispies lashes

50 pairs & five different styles. So a huge collection in a place. But color is only black. Made with 100% pure fibre. That soft and comfortable for a full day. Also small, medium & large size is available. So this pair perfect for us.

Winged eyelashes

This is another great lash for hooded. Because its size is best for us. Also natural & handmade creation.   Size medium to small that is our need.  After wearing looks like natural eyelashes. The feel of the lashes is comfortable & soft.

Lower lash line makeup

eye makeup lower lash line

Lower lash important for the perfect look. So don’t forget to colouring with favourite shade. Without the lower part, you are not able to get impeccable looks. But you have to do with same color shadow. That you use to the alluring upper part.

Remember, the only perfect application can make a balance. That’s why women start to apply shadow entire lash line. Then try to make a slightly darker outer corner in a half. That you have to do with balance way of the color.

Maybe you understand what I can say about the lower part of the makeup. But lots of ladies complete makeup without lower part of the eye. Remember that is not good if you have a hooded shape.

Perfect eyebrow shape

best eyebrow shape for hooded eyes

Not only eyelid & eyelashes makeup enough for an attractive look. You have to concentrate on the eyebrow. A beautiful brow shapes able to make the look artistic.

I think you need to know which brow shape perfect for hooded. Because all shapes do not look good with them. So be careful when you thread the eyebrow.

Try to create an soft arched eyebrow shape. Arched is the right choice for you. But that has to be slim. Basically, this shape gives a balance with the wing line. But the right choice for any kind of eye makeup.

Make an Arched shape is not a difficult subject. Just create an arch right area and above the outer corner of the brow. Looks the photo to fully understand.

How to remove gel nail polish easily

how to remove gel nail polish at home

What are you loving best glitter nail polish or gel polish? If you love gel polish, remember this is not an easy task to remove gel nail polish. Because general remover isn’t good work with them. You have to walk a different way. But the good news is several easy processes are available.

There I try to discuss some natural process without acetone & with acetone. Personally, I believe acetone is a great way to complete the task. At the same time another way also good work. But need a long time to remove.

So it is your choice how to remove gel nails polish. Some people don’t love acetone. Because they believe this is harmful to the skin. I agree with the people its dryness is a big problem for us. But we can solve the problem by moisturizing skin.

Some essential tools

how to remove gel nails quickly

What is your chosen method to off polish from a nail? This is not important, but very argent some tools for each removing process. That helps women to take out quickly without problems. So there are four tools to making your work easy.

Wood Sticks

A nice product to off any types of nail polish. Several days ago, my cute sisters removed her favorite Opi Oz the great and powerful nail polish with sticks. So sticks very urgent not only for gel polish. Mainly, you need this to clean point of the nail. Really very helpful to remove polish residue from the point. Portable products that are why easy to carry any place. Comes with 50 paces in a pack.

Cotton balls

Very soft and smooth ball mad with 100% pure cotton. Not only important for a nail. Also, very helpful tools to get rid of any kinds of makeup. At the same time helps to clean sensitive & baby skin. Applying powder or any removal liquid.

Cuticle oil

Fast I went to say the smell of the oil is very sweet. Usually an oil, milk and honey blended products for moisturizing skin. Really wonder moisturizer to the safe dryness cuticle area of the nail. One the other hand nourish & protects skin from harms.

Files & Buffer

6 pieces of nail care tools with two different styles. One is a buffer block & another is nail files. Just use the booth of tools to create different types of nail shape. Also helps clean nail polish. Great work with natural, toenails, & acrylic nail.

With rubber gloves & acetone

nail design ideas

How to remove gel polish. Fast I try to answer these questions very easy way. Maybe you have to spend 10 or 15 minutes for the total process. I think this is a very short time and easy for everyone. So start with a simple method.

But before start needs to collect Waterproof rubber gloves. Gel nail polish remover acetone. Finally, you have to pick a nail stick. This three is more essential. Without this three not possible to complete the job. So why you are waiting. Try to collect as soon as possible.

Maybe you already prepared to off the polish. But after completing the dictation about taking out process. I start to talk about my choice gloves & acetone. But now I want to gossip. How to remove with these three important tools.


how to remove gel nail polish with acetone

If you want to complete without hazel. Look at the picture for help. Because a visual image always helps to understand anything without talking. That’s why I suggest following the image. Then you have to keep an eye on to fully understand in the below discussion. There I deliberate four steps for the full process.

Take gloves & Put little amount acetone in gloves. The amount depends on as you need. But have to sure acetone has to be each finger of the gloves. Please don’t miss any finger to fill with acetone. Because it is very urgent for us.

Then put your hand in the gloves with perfectly. Most important fingers adjust with them. Your job is almost complete. Just wait for 5 to 7 minutes. Now take it off the gloves and began to remove residue of polish with a nail sticking.

Sometimes residue is not fully off after using nail sticks. So as a final step (if you need) you can put acetone in cotton ball & start rubbing nail with them.

Rubber gloves

I have a very short experience with Gloves. But sometimes very argent to use. That’s why I have little knowledge with them. Usually soft, non-slip surface & a comfort hand cover. That made with rubber.


A supper liquid to take away any kinds of gel nail polish. Without the gel, you can use to take out any nail color. 100% pure products. But its dryness is not a happy ending. You need moisture nail immediately after use.

With hot water & acetone

how to take off nail polish without nail polish remover

This is a similar process of rubber gloves. But applying process & essential elements are different. There need to use hot water. I think it is more easy processes of gloves. Try to remove with them. Because this method is easy & hazel free. Also, the best method to remove in the home.

But before the start, females need to prepare. Their women have to collect some necessary tools. Just need acetone, wood stick, nail file, two small bowls, and hot water? Maybe all essential have in your home. So don’t have to spend extra money.

If you already gather all tools in a place. Now need to mentally concoct to get rid of the gel from the nail. Because of you almost complete half walk from the full process.  So don’t lose valuable time start getting rid now.


how to take off gel polish

Fast starts with file of the nail. Just try to break shiny looks of the nail with a file. That is enough for us. That’s why no need to a heavy preacher on the surface of the nail. So start file smoothly for 2 to 5 minutes.

Now filled one bowl with very hot water & another bowl with acetone. Put acetone bowl in the large hot water bowl. I think you fully understand what you have to do. Because this staps very important for us.

Basically, hot water helps to worm acetone. If you went to direct hot acetone without this process. Maybe you have to face a problem. So don’t do this try to worm that way.

This is the perfect time soak nails in the acetone bowl. Soak nails at least 10 to 15 minutes. After complete soak takes a wood stick & start to rid gel. If you feel hard to remove. Just start again, soak nails. Finally, don’t forget to moisturize.

Salt & dish soap blend

how to remove gel nail polish without foil

This is another recommended method from me. I favour this technique for several reasons. Because of no need to use acetone or any harmful chemical with this process. Maybe it is a good process without any problems of the nail.

As like the previous system. There need some vital tools to complete practice without any problem. Ladies have to collect Bowl, water, dish soap and salt. So before starting Just manage this four. If I correct no need to buy already have in the home.

I attempt to complete full work with four easy steps. But females have to spend 20 to 30 minutes with this full process. But each step very importantly. That’s why you can follow the image to understand easily.


removing gel nail polish without acetone

Take a medium bowl & start mix salt, water & dish soap in a place. Measurement of salt & dish soap depends on the water. On the other side, water measurement depends on your need. I think you can mix all elements with the perfect amount.

Then you have to boil the mix for several minutes. Their ladies can use gas burner or any hitter to boil. Please don’t soak the hand in the warm mix. After complete boil needs to wait until lukewarm. Otherwise, women have to supper problem.

Next, soak your hand in the water for 15 to 20 minutes. Be sure water is warm enough for the entire period of time. Then take off fingers from water and use a towel to dry. Now takings nail sticks to remove residue.

Natural way to remove

how do i remove gel nail polish

This is a last & another good practice to remove without acetone. Really, the total process is easy & work well against gel polish.  I give the name is a hazel free method. But the problem is females have to wait 15 to 20 days after alluring nail.  Because need wait to until chipped the polish.

Also, need Lukewarm running water & olive or cuticle oil. They’re more urgent running water. Try to manage the complete hazel free. I think you already have these two oil & warm water. So you are already prepared.

But need to take some important steps to complete. That’s why carefully read & practice full procedure. Also, you can follow the image for better understanding. Now start rid of the gel.


how to remove gel nails at home without acetone

Find a loose spot of the polish. I think women can easily find a loose spot. If she starts removing after applying 25 to 30 days. Most of the time within 30 days polish can be loose. Then you have to use the opposite nail to lift up loose gel polish.

Then settle your finger on the lukewarm running water. Their ladies can use the hot bath shower. Or anything that is reliable for her. But you have to be sure fingers into the running water. Again, try to lift up polish with a nail.

Maybe the nail polishes not fully off after the complete peel into the water. That’s why you have to apply olive & cuticle oil. After applying oil just wait 2 or 3 minutes for softness. After waiting now the perfect time to off gel polish by using your nail.

Decide skin tones & skin undertones for makeup

skin tone for makeup

Your skin tones white, orange or red. This doesn’t matter, but the matter is three subjects. Which makeup should I use for my skin color? Why my skin is black or white? How to know my skin tone & skin undertones? Most of the people find this three answer.

Who read this article? Maybe you are also searching these three answers. That’s why you read my article. So keep reading to know the answer.

But I want to start a discussion about why our skin shade is different. Maybe this answer helps you to relax. That’s why I want to start with them. So start reading this article for relaxing & coolness.

Reason for different skin colors

different skin colors

Lots of people believe it is defended on a person’s parents, family, geographic area etc. It’s generally mean is if your parents are black. You will be black. If your father is black and mother is white. You will be black or white in any colour.

Sometimes they believe is true. But it is not strong evidence. Because lots of people brown on the 100% white family. But she is black. How it is possible if people are true.

But the truth is it’s defending on lots of subjects. Genetic, sunlight, melanin, etc. There is the most valuable subject is melanin. Because melanin produces new skin cells. However, it does not only ensure skin colour. It also ensures your hair & eye color.

Melanin surrounds by six genes. When melanin come into the sunlight. They produce skin cells. And most of the time melanin depend on the genetic and some other subjects. That’s why your family any person was black. Your skin can be black. If your parents is white.

Sometimes it’s defending on presented of melanin distribution. It also depends on the types of melanin & amount. There I am not interested in to discuss everything about melanin. Because not possible to discuss in one article.

What is my skin tone?

list of all skin colors

It is a common question. That’s want to know every person in the world. But it identifies very easy. You can conform to the skin surface color various ways. There I show you some easiest way of helping you.

But before starting need to know the difference between skin tone & skin undertone. Because that’s had lots of differences between them.

When any woman finds the best makeup by her skin tone based. Personally, I believe this is her wrong aide. She needs to find skin undertone base makeup products.  So undertone is very important for a makeup lover.

What is skin tone?

skin tones names

Sometimes I love to say. This is the human body color. You can also call the surface color of the skin. So easy to identify and no need to worry. That divided into three different categories.  The three are-

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Dark

What is skin undertones?

What is skin undertones

Come to the main point. That is an undertone of the skin. Personally, I love to say this is a layer of skin colours.  That can be divided into four steps. All types very well known & you already know. But you don’t know this is skin undertone.

  • Cool
  • Warm
  • Natural and
  • Olive

Now need to know how to identify. There I show you two easiest way to conform. But lots of technique is available. I hope this two is very easy. That’s why I explain

Fast method

how to determine skin undertone

Any person can conform by her vein color. But before starting the skin tone test. Need to remove makeup & gently clean face. That helps to get the natural tone. Also, you have to find natural daylight.

Now, look of your veins. Find the color of the veins. If your veins are green & blue. You are a natural skin tones person. Only green veins indicate a warm tone. Cool tone person conforms by her blue or purple veins.

I think this is the easiest method in the world. Now I discuss second ways to conform. This is also easy.

Second technique

different skin undertones

This is easy way only for women. Because it is silver & a gold jewelry test.  Silver jewelry looks good with a cool tone. Gold wall bland with warm undertones.

There I am not interested to stop color testing. I want to explain one more way from my own experience. You can also understand by the arms, inner part.

Because this is one of the best parts of the body. That’s always safe from the sun. Now look your arms inside & determine color.

Makeup for fair & light tone

fair skin makeup tips

Fair & light skin almost smaller. Fair just stabilized by less yellow undertone.  On the other hand, light tone is more yellow than fair. Another easy way you can confirm. That is fair skin is a very light, more than light skin.

I researched between them. That’s why this is my own experience & own theory. Also, I include fair and light skin in a category.

Generally, I also love to say it is white skin. That is a common color of north Asia & Europe people. Also, this skin easily burns in the sun.


If you are fair skin women. Just try light pink, mauve, natural coral & light nude lipstick. Also pink nude, pink coral & light orange-reds best for you. There I show my favorite four collections.

Sunset metallic

A liquid creation & pigment is dusty mauve. That’s why it is a long-lasting lipstick for us. Also, it’s matte formulation comfortable to wear.

Covergirl decadent peach

A bright pink color creation with a smooth and soft feel. Really, it is smooth. Because of moisturizing & shea butter formulation. That stays enough time.

Colorbar obsessed orange

Matte finishes, but shiny orange look. Because of two in one formulation. Stay up to 4 and 5 hours with soft & smooth feel.

Hooked on Pink

A pink color based lipstick. That stays for two to four hours. After wearing, you gain a smooth & creamy feel. Just try this for a bold look.


foundation for fair skin tone

When come to take foundation. You can choice slit pink and yellow-based products. Just try to avoid dark color. Best way to stay with a natural look. I think you can understand. I recommend this two

Revlon nearly naked

This lightweight and oil-free formulations easily blend with skin. Without any white issue. Also save the skin from sunburn. Because it is formulated with spa 20. So summer is not a problem for us.

Trublend m2 liquid foundation

Lots of color is available. But I chose M2 for light & fair skin surface. But sweet for all types of skin tone. This is another oil-free and liquid foundation collection. I use with my oily skin.

Eye shadow

Pink & gray-brown is my desired color. But you can also try copper, bronze etc. Here are two of my choices. I think you love my choice. That’s come with a different colour in a box. Just collect and enjoy with them.

Naked2 palette

best eyeshadow palette

It’s packed with twelve different beautiful shades. Included sparkle for the shiny eye. Each palette design with mirror, blending brush, & double-ended shadow. Her color range able to create a smooth, modern and cool look.

Twelve color list
  • Verve – oyster glitter
  • Foxy – cream bisque
  • Suspect – pale golden beige shimmer
  • Half Baked – golden-bronze looks sparkle
  • Booty call – cork glitter
  • Pistol – light greyish brown & sparkle
  • Tease – creamy pale brown matte
  • Chopper – copper shimmer & silver micro-glitter
  • Snakebite – dark bronze by twinkle
  • Ydk – cool bronze twinkle
  • Busted – deep brown with shimmer
  • Blackout – blackest black by matte
Maybelline Quad in sapphire

eyeshadow for fair skin tone

Its texture is soft. That’s why you can gain a smooth finishing with this platter. Available four shades in a box.  Most of the color is light. But only one is matte black. Also, every shade mix by glitter. Four shade is-

  • Icy silver with a bright silver twinkle
  • Muted teal-blue with silver shimmer
  • Dark navy blue by the soft sheen
  • Matte black with silver sparkle

Makeup for medium skin

medium skin tone makeup tips

Generally, this is a North America and Middle Eastern people skin shade. Without these two areas medium skin surface also available on the Indian & Latinos people.

Another good way you can identify.  When you are a medal skin color person. That means your skin is not too light and not dark. Just you stay in medal place. I think you already understand. How to determine.

Sometimes this type of tone represents olive undertone. But cool & warm undertone also available in this type. Its nature is sun easily tan. Now discuss the best makeup for this skin.


lipstick color for medium skin tone

Medium skin surface, but a cool looking person can find dusty roses, bright pink, coffee brown etc. But if your undertone is warm nature. Just take deep rich nudes, copper etc. Also cherry red, berry and rose lipstick good for you.

Magnolia silk lipstick

It’s a beautiful creation of youthful color. Same time’s moisture & hydrating lip. Stay 4 to 5 hours.

Mode cherry red

Cherry red color lipstick with long-lasting formulations. Comfortable to wear, for a creamy texture.

Mode Lustre coffee brown

Smooth & creamy texture. That’s why comfort to wear this coffee brown shade.

Lakme satins

Average staying ability, but the color is beautiful. Also soft and smooth.  Best choices for Normal to dry skin people.


foundation for medium skin

Always I suggest makeup addicted person. Please, when choosing a foundation. Need to consider your face and neck color. Try to collect a color that well blends with your face & neck.

However yellow undertone and gold glow color foundation best for you. I think this two-colour is best. But women can also try honey color.

Unboxed medium honey

Beautiful oil-free makeup. That protects you from sunburn. Because of the package with SPA 15. Actually, it is a liquid matte foundation for instant full coverage with a comfortable feel.

Estee stay in place

Lightweight face makeup. Color is a beautiful desert beige. Longtime wearable stays at least 8 to 10 hours.  Beautiful creation with oil and fragrance.


Natural shadow platter looks awesome with any skin. So try to stay with a natural platter for tension free life. But gold and honey color good for you. Sometimes you can also try pink & red. I just fun you should avoid pink and red. Whatever now I just two platters from my choice.

Amber time nine

eyeshadows for medium skin tone

None shade available in a platter. Below I discuss a particular color. But now I discuss some good side. Nine color release with 5 types of texture. Velvet, matte, satin, lustre, frost texture.

Just create a variety of looks with this natural shadow platter. That each to bland and long-lasting with smooth finishing.

  • Matte – Cozy Grey
  • Frost – Kitties
  • Matte – Golden peach
  • Frost – Ricepaper
  • Lustre – Copper
  • Satin – Cork
  • Lustre – Don’t tell
  • Matte – Aromatic
  • Velvet – Pepper please
Smashbox eyes palette

best eyeshadow palette for medium skin

Eight mind-blowing colors in one place. But all are matte finishing. It is another natural platter for you. Create with oil, sodium lauryl soulful, fragrance, parabens etc. You can use as a brow powder, liner & shadow.

  • Haze – light gray
  • Rosehip – muted pink
  • Grounded – medium cool brown
  • Wheat – soft but warm brown
  • Vanilla – soft light beige
  • Desert – medium/neutral brown
  • Earthy – warm brown
  • Canyon – dark brown

Makeup for dark skin

 dark skin tone

When you are not a fair or medium skin person. That’s time have to understand. You are a dark skin person. I think no need to say more about these skin types.

When any skin is a very dark nature. Generally, people call, this is a black person. Also, it has a different shade. I find out It has five shades. That is brown coffee, royal brown, dark gold, bole, and coconut.

Most of the African person’s skin is black. But some Asia, Europe and America people also black. Now time to find out best makeup for dark skin.


which colour lipstick suits dark skin

You don’t have to be worried about finding the perfect lipstick. Lots of shade is sweet with this skin. But my choice copper brown, red, rose pink, magenta, chocolate brown, peace, bronze etc. Now four from my collection

Untainted spice

Medium-dark brown color looks awesome with a darker lip. That’s why I chose it. Creamy consistency gives you a smooth feel. Also, its pigment is very nice.

L’Oreal saucy mauve

Color rich lipstick from Loreal. After applying to make your lip hydrated, soft and smooth. Its color is really beautiful that look awesome with dark skin.

Maybelline un-nude

Now liquid lipstick collection for your skin. Basically, it is making for a long time wear and finishing is matte. Pigment is beautiful.

Covergirl tawny port

A beautiful collection for black people. Stay enough time. You can get a smooth feel with her moisture power.


best foundation for dark skin

Gold color foundation. Yes, the gold shade looks good with the dark skin surface. Also, you should avoid pink. When collecting foundation tries to test by little amount applying on the face. Mostly I love these two for dark people.

Born this way

It comes with lots of shade. But I chose butter pecan for you. Best for natural look & medium to full coverage. At the same time hydrating the skin. That comes with long-term staying power. Almost 8 to 10 hours stay without a problem.

Mac fix fluid

Lots of color available. Eight to ten, shade well blended with black skin. Now only discuss NW48. It’s a color slightly red undertone. Also, this product helps you to save from UVA & UVB sun harmful ray. But it’s finishing is matte.


Dark brown skin is good for any shadow platter. Generally, the black woman looks good with bright & metallic color. Here I monsoon some color. Bright indigo blue, vibrant purple, warm metallic gold, midnight blue, etc. Try to avoid pink and green.

Magnifeye’s eye palette

Twelve color combination platter. Almost every shade looks awesome with the black woman. At the same time eye shadow, liner and highlighter in one place. Release with three types of different texture.

That’s why you can fun with the eye & face makeup. Just make various eye looks with lots of brow shape. But before start fun just read what is eyebrow threading ultimate guide?

Her 3 shades are a matte finish. Rest of the color glitter & stains. It’s very easily blended for a smooth feel. The staying power is awesome. It stays enough time.

Festival by Juvia’s

Nine beautiful and mind-blowing colors. I think awesome light creations for our black eye. All colors are high pigment and easily bendable. Best to create a bold look. Most of the color is light. Finally, average staying power & smooth feel.

Makeup for cool undertone

 makeup for cool undertone

I already discussed how to determine skin undertone. Here I again explain only for cool undertone. Light blue skin and grey or green eye color is a big indicator for cool. Some more matter also includes.

Beautiful blue skin similarly represents coolness. Sometimes hair color represents undertone. Dark brown & black hair a great indicate of cool.

Now I explain the best cosmetic for you. Because I think already know you are a cool person. But I want to start with lipstick. Complete with foundation and eye shadow.


lipstick color for cool undertones

Blue & purple color lipstick looks good with this skin. But makeup artists suggest blue-based red color. But I think you can try lots of color plum, crimson, cherry, mauve, etc. Basically, any cool color best for you. On the other hand, have to avoid any orange shade.

Julep lip mousse

Long-wear stays at least 8 to 10 hours without a problem. It’s a liquid lipstick with super pigment and everyday wearable.

Crush by Milani

This is another liquid collection. As well as stay enough time. Because of most of the liquid creation is better for long time wear. Also weightless color comfortable to wear.

Marc J Adore

Various colors are available. But 230 best for you. Because finishing is creamy, average staying power & color is beautiful for your skin.

Voyager by Maybelline

The finishing of the product is matte. That’s why slightly dry feel. Stay long time and pigment is awesome. At least 10 to 12 hours stay.


cool undertone foundation

When come to take foundation. You have to complete two jobs. Try to the choice of the liquid formulation. Test the color for an equal mix with skin. This is best for you.

On the other side, a few colors should avoid. You have to stay away from any golden and bright orange color. Best way to take any cool shade. This two good for you.

Cover girl natural beige

This is a liquid formulation. That hydration, skin for comfortable wear. Long-time wearable and best for a natural look. I choice natural beige 240 from a lot of shade. Because it’s color best for cool undertone.  So create a great makeup look with them.

Maybelline fit me

You can describe as a liquid foundation for medium coverage. That good pick for oily to normal skin and longtime wear. Also finishing is matte. It comes with almost any skin color & undertone. But natural ivory good for us.


When coming into allure eye. Need to know which color is best. So carefully choice shadow. Generally, you look good with any blue-based colors. But grey, metallic, and taupe shadow good work with you.

Just avoid any yellow-based color. That makes your eye, horrible. Try my showing two platters. Maybe this two good for you.

Revlon passionate

A cool platter with four different rich and velvety colors. That’s the reason you can create various eye looks for a long time. Because of its staying power very high. I have 10 hours wearing experience with a soft feel.

Maybelline mocha motion

I love its extraordinary blending power and long staying ability. Seven or eight hours stay without question. It has four different shades with silky finishing. I think all shade good blend with our cool nature skin.

Makeup for warm undertone

 warm skin undertone makeup

Sunburn ability another great way to determine. When your skin easily tans into the sun. That’s mean warm nature skin. Yes, warm skin quickly ten in the sunlight. I think this is another easy method.

Now come to the eye and hair color. Warm always represent amber, hazel & brown eye. On the other hand strawberry, red and black hair only for warm.

Cosmetic choose very easy for warm. Just need to understand what color looks good with them. However, I try to help you to choose the best. Just keep reading.


warm skin tone lipstick

Wide range of color waiting for you. So no need to hard work finding the best color. Red, orange, peach, coral, gold, copper, rosy pink, orangey-red etc. This all shade sweet with you. Actually, you can choose any warm color for the lip.

L’Oréal as a rose

Create with vitamin E & Argan oil for softening and hydration lip. Comfortable to wear up to 4 & 5 hours with a smooth feel.

Revlon unending red

Creamy & comfortable formulation for long wear. 8 to 10 hours stay without a problem. Also, its worm peachy shade good for your skin.

Made for All

The pink shade is a wonderful choice for this skin. That’s the reason I pick this lipstick. But long-time wearable with a smooth and comfortable feel.

Maybelline orange shot

Super hot creamy and soft liquid lipstick. That allure your lip for a long time. Her finishing is matte but smooth & creamy.


how to match foundation to your skin tone

Really golden & yellow-based any color good for you. Women can also try any worm shade. But before choosing any color. Be careful to look good & related to your skin color. Also red and pink harmful for you.

Bare Minerals golden ivory

You have good news. That is this product good for any skin types. Without this good side, this is also better for long time wear. Generally a full coverage liquid foundation with matte finishing.

Fit Me dewy by Maybelline

Best for normal to dry skin. But 220 natural beige color best for warm skin. Sun protection is a great side of the product. That made with SPF 18. Fragrance-free, smooth texture, hydrated, and full coverage another good side of the foundation.


eyeshadow palette for warm skin tones

Any warm color can be the right choice for you. Like – gold, yellow, brown, bronze, and copper. Really, you can choose any warm family color. But be sure to look good with the shade. Because sometimes perfect eyeshadow color depends on eye color.

21 Nudes palette

This platter design with warm, cool, matte & shimmer both types of shade. 21 different high pigment color make easy your eye makeup. Which stay enough time after applying. That bland, very smoothly and softly.

35 bright color palette

A huge range of warm shade platter. Almost 35 beautiful and mind-blowing colors. Really wide range to create lots of eye look with her shimmer, matte & glitter combination. Also long-lasting & waterproof.

Makeup for natural undertone

neutral skin tone makeup

Natural means you are not warm or cool. But you are mixing both of them. That’s why these types of skin natural. So natural is happy skin. Because this skin living with warm & cool combination.

General Light pink, yellow and fair skin represents natural. This is another way can be confirmed. But hair and eye color can be anything for natural. So when you are included in this category. Your skin, eye and hair character can be smeller with them.

Now time to finding makeup. As well as the fast need to know which color is best? Like the previous way of finding cosmetic. So start finding.


neutral skin tone lipstick

Lots of color open for you. Because your complexion is both warm & cool. Really a huge field to choosing a color. There I mansion some of the shade. Just apply natural, rose, peach or any fruity and floral color. Or women can try to make retro matte lipstick. Their lots of beautiful shade is available.

The Balm Hughes

I love its vanilla smell & long-lasting power. This liquid lipstick softly blends, but finishing matte. You can try lots of color, but committed best for national skin.

Frevlon kissable pink

This has lots of finishing & color. Her four types of finishing is matte, pearl, crème, and sheer. All finishing super stay with moisture.

Clinique black honey

Wonderful creation with lipstick & lip gloss feel in a place. Color is like black honey with a satin finish.

kailijumei jelly lipstick

I think you love this design sense. Wonderful design with inside a floor and gold flakes. Stay enough with moisture.


Fast need to know which color bed for this skin. Bright gold, bright yellow, pink, ashy & red color look ugly with this undertone. You have to choose a natural-looking color. That makes you look natural, not too warm or not too cool. Just try my recommended two.

L’Oreal natural beige

Medium coverage and lightweight foundation. Finishing is super natural looking. The good news is formulated with SPF. So you are safe from sunray. Huge number of shades available.  I pick C3 creamy natural shade for Natural skin.

Bare Minerals Natural 07

You can collect three or four shades from this collection.  Because huge color is available. But I choose bare natural. It’s gorgeous for your skin. It’s safe you from sunray with her SFC protection. Also, after dry, you feel smooth with them.


neutral eyeshadow palette

Bright pink, black, bright yellow, light purple, light green and red color harmful for you. Try to avoid this color. As far as my experience eye looks also harmful with my showing color. Best way to create a natural sensation with my recommended platter.

stila window shadow

Twelve different luxurious color collection in a platter. Almost all shades are beautiful. Actually, it’s color mix with bright and natural shade. Her two types of color combination help to create lots of eye look.

Huda nude palette

A beautiful nude platter with 18 mind-blowing shades. I think a huge collection of glitter, brown, rose gold, yellow and more beautiful color. Application very easy & smooth feel. That has super blend power.

Makeup for olive undertone

olive skin tone makeup

Olive is a beautiful undertone. Because easy to finding makeup for this tone. Whatever fast need to sure your skin is olive or not. So forget to find makeup. Fast need to know how to determine. So start –

Skin color is a big way to know. When the skin shade is light brown or brownish. That’s means olive skin. But it’s divided into two types. Light & dark. Dark has always represented moderate brown. On the other hand light olive present cream to beige tone.

But the interesting thing is some more skin color also available for olive tone. That is yellowish, golden and green. It’s really interesting, isn’t it? I think you already conform you are olive skin or not.


olive skin tone lip color

Are you ready to jump with purples, orange, nudes or pink lips?  I think you should ready. Because of this, four color, perfect for your skin. Not only these four. Women can also try her fibrates color. I think you look good with this lipstick shade that’s why I suggest.

Maybelline stormy sahara

Beautiful nude lipstick for us. Stay at list 4 and 5 hours without question. That smoothly glides on the lip for a comfortable feel.

Nars Belle de jour

A creamy formulation lipstick with vitamin E. That hydrate & protects lips with her non-drying ability. Stay almost 3 to 4 hours.

Kevyn uninterrupted

This is another great one for you. Because it’s looking awesome with olive skin. Stay a long time, at list 5 to 6 hours.

Rimmel by kate nude

The long-lasting formula is the main benefits of the lipstick. Stay 7 to 8 hours. Also best color for your skin. Beautiful pigment and feel smooth.


best foundation for olive skin tones

It’s always hard to find the best foundation color for face & neck. So the test is the best policy. Try to test before buy for conforming exit shade. That well blend with skin color.  But some color really harmful. You have to avoid ash, pink, bright yellow and too white. Now best two from me.

Bobbi Brown foundation

A product for smooth finishing. Create without oil. Lots of color available. But 5.5, 5.75, 5.25, 4.25, and 4.5 best for this skin. The texture is lightweight & gel-based formula. That stays long time and product skin from sunburn.

Fenty Beauty foundation

Long-wear, oil-free and comfortable product. But soft & matte formulation. Sweet able for medium to full coverage. As well as lots of color available. Five and six shades best for you. You can try 310, 340, 380 etc.


eyeshadow for olive skin tone

Just carefully choice color. Because the wrong color can make your eye look horrible. That’s the reason try to allure the eye with warm brown, mustard, purple, gold and olive green color. There I discuss nice two platters. That helps to achieve a beautiful eye.

Maybelline nude’s palette

An outstanding platter including 12 different soft & creamy shade. It is best for who love to create a versatile eye look. Last week I created a beautiful smoky eye look with them. It’s bendability really good.

Different finishing is available. I love her shimmery & matte finishing. That stays almost 4 to 5 hours. I think it’s not good staying power. Also 1 or 2 shade not beautiful.

Beverly hills by Anastasia

Eyeshadow platter always comes with lots of shade. That’s why it is also not broken platter heritage. Her 14 shades and three different finishing available. The three finishing is eleven color matte, two metallic & one satin.

Her one of the good side is highly pigment that easily blends. The brush is dual-ended. So try it for your olive skin to create various types of beautiful eye look.