10 best bonnet hair dryers for curly hair in 2022

Today maximum stylish lady love to dry hair with a dryer. But remember all dryers are not good for your hair. As an example curly hair naturally dry.

So there needs a best hooded hair dryer for curly hair. Because of hooded or bonnet dryer good for equal heat distribution. That helps to dry with lock moisture.

However, problems not solved yet. Thousands of models & various technology always confusing subject to finding the good bonnet dryer. That reason there is 10 high technology hooded dry. That perfect to use in the home & salon.

Benefits of hooded hair dryer

best hooded hair dryer

We can gain extra benefits with hooded. That advantage not possible to gain with below or another dryer. The top 5 hooded dryer pros are – 

1. This is a perfect dryer for wet set hair styling.

2. It can safe hair from damage. Because not direct heat hot air.

3. We can use it comfortably. No need to hold with the hand.

4. Best for deep conditioning. The reason heat helps the conditioner to penetrate deeply into the hair.

5. Finally, good for equal heat distribution

How to choose a best hooded dryer

best bonnet hair dryer

Some points need to remember for finding the best one. Because all dryer functions are not the same. There I am trying to discuss the most important points. That helps you to pick a good dryer.

1. Women don’t forget to collect a high watt dryer for thick & frizzy hair. But if you have thin hair try to avoid high power hairdryer.

2. Try to choose a comfortable size for personal & professional use.

3. Noise is another important point. Women should avoid high noise dryer.

4. The next important point is technology. Women should choose Ionic technology. Because Ionic helps to hair dry with lock moisture.

5. Find a heat set point. Most of the timed dryer making with two or three heat setting options. More heat option helps to hair dry with hair type bases.

6. Check cool shot features. Cool shot important in the ending of drying. That helps to complete dry with lock moisture.

7. Finally, you have to check the warranty & timer.

History of hair dryers

The origin of a hairdryer is not 1000 years of a glorious story. Creator Alexandre Ferdinand Godefroy wisely created a beautiful machine in the last 19 centuries. That was really a valuable French innovation in modern fashion.

3 best hooded hair dryer for curly hair

We try to choose the most popular three dryers by user experience. Also, these three are the best in our entire collection. But you can also try our lucky 7 dryers.

Popular 3 bonnet dryer overview by user

Grantebonnet hair dryer attachment Comfort & attachable with any head shape. Good for men and women’s hair drying process. shop
Conairbest hard bonnet hair dryer An 1875 watts, two heat & variable airflow settings Conair hooded hairdryer from home use. shop
Elegansoft bonnet hair dryer attachment reviews I can say a good hood attachment for home use. Because it long-lasting, soft & perfect for curly hair. shop

1. Granteva bonnet hair dryer attachment review

  • By Lily

bonnet hair dryer attachment

Key Features

  • Very lightweight & comfortable.
  • Long air attachment
  • Flexible
  • Waterproof

Bad Side

  • No cons


User thought

Several weeks ago I searched a hooded hairdryer for deep conditioning. But unfortunately, I introduce with bonnet hood hair dryer attachment.

Really it’s a very soft & comport bonnet hood. The feel of the hood is like a windbreaker jacket. That sweet for me full family. Because it’s can fit with any size of human head shape.

Every day after a shower I just attach this bonnet hood. With my blow dryer only for 15 minutes. This is enough time for drying my curly hair with them.

2. Conair 1875 bonnet dryer review

  • By Rajib (after reading several reviews)

best hard bonnet hair dryer

Key Features

  • 1875 watts
  • Two hot air control settings
  • Carry handle for flexible moving.
  • Jumbo rollers

Bad Side

  • Not at all


User experience

I can say very high watts hooded dryer for dry hair quickly. Because it’s an 1875 watts dryer. I think it’s a very high watt. But I love to dry hair with medium-hot air flowing.

That I get with them for her 2 heat control settings. Also, the hood interior is very cool and extra-large. That why I feel comfortable during the entire drying season.

On the other side portable dryer. That can run between 240 to 120 voltage. I need 20 to 25 minutes to dry my hair with them.

3. Elegant soft bonnet hair dryer attachment reviews

  • By Eleanor

soft bonnet hair dryer attachment reviews

Key Features

  • Headband to safe ears & neck
  • Broad hose for flexible attach.
  • Velcro strap for comfortable
  • Portable

Bad Side

  • No


User test 

Sometimes very difficult to control my naturally curly hair. It’s more difficult when I want to style and dry my hair. But after collect, the soft bonnet hood attachment makes my all work easy.

I can easily complete oil treatment, hair dry & deep conditioning with them. Because of a very soft & comfortable dryer.

Same time I get a flexible, broad hose with them. That helps to attach any dryer without problems. Also, have a beautiful velcro strap & headband to comfortable attached with the head. Just read best hair dryer with retractable cord go here.

Our tested lucky 7 hooded dryer

Nothing else matters with our lucky 7 dry collections. Because we choose 7 dryers from user experience & expert choice.

Lucky 7 dryer overview by  user

1300wbest professional hooded hair dryer A good dryer for the salon. Because comes with lots of features to easily satisfied customers. Like up to 60 minutes timer, 0 to 75℃ hot air control, etc. shop
Hot tools I can say a long-lasting 800 watts hooded dryer. That has four temperature settings & a comfortable feel. shop
skyweskywee hooded hair dryer attachment I can say the best bonnet hood hair dryer attachment. That has a flexible grip, big hose & chin strap for comfortably hair dry. shop
andis Lightweight 125 voltage & 60 Hz hooded dryer. With two heat settings & a cool shot. shop
y-notbest standing hair dryer Beautiful hooded dryer for professional hair treatment & styling at home. Because making with lots of features for comfortable use. shop
Conairbonnet hair dryer reviews A great dryer for travel, different heat & cool settings. That also perfect to dry any type of hair structure. shop
Revlonhooded hair dryer I dry my hair with a shiny look, moisture & damage free with them. Because it comes with cool & different heat settings. shop

1. Professional 1300w hair dryer reviews

  • By Avery

best professional hooded hair dryer

Key Features

  • Perfect for salon & home use
  • 60 minutes timer
  • Up to 75℃ heat control
  • Flexible hood

Bad Side

  • No


User talk

Really a perfect 1300W dryer for my salon. That can easily move one customer to another customer. Because making with flexible rolling wheels & adjustable 48″ – 63″ high.

It’s also making my work easy. The reason is coming with setup able 60 minutes timer & 0-75℃ temperature control. That why I can set up time & heat customer hair type and styling based.

Same time very comfortable for customers. Because hood large enough, easily move up and down & dry quickly.

2. Hot tools soft bonnet hair dryer reviews

  • By Rajib (after discussing of several users)

Key Features

  • Cool shot for moisture & styling hair.
  • Total 4 temperature setting
  • Two motor’s
  • Travel friendly

Bad Side

  • Nothing


User talk

I used this 800 watts dryer a long-time ago. But still, it’s hot airflow power is the same. Because making with two motors for high airflow.

However, comes with low, media, high & coo temperature setting. But there I mostly love the cool shot. The cool shot helps me to dry my hair with moisture.

I also feel very comfortable with the large hose. That is tightly attached to the bonnet. That reason I feel safe with them.

3. Skywee hooded hair dryer attachment review

  • By Mila

skywee hooded hair dryer attachment

Key Features

  • Large hose
  • Stretchable grip
  • Chinstrap
  • Comfortable

Bad Side

  • Not at all

User experience

This is not possible for me to buy a hooded dry at a high price. For that reason, I collect a bonnet hood attachment at a low price. That can be attached to my blow dryer.

Really I get hair dry, styling and deep conditioning salon feel in my home with them. Also, it’s can perfectly fit with any head size.

Same time very comfortable with her stretchable grip & large hose length. It also has an adjustable chin strap for safely attached with the head.

4. Andis bonnet hair dryer reviews

  • By Rajib (After reading several reviews)

Key Features

  • 2 heat settings
  • Cool shot
  • Large hose

Bad Side

  • I haven’t any bad experience



User test 

Generally, I love the Ionic technology dryer. The reason is I get extra benefits with them. Ionic dryer helps to dry my curly hair with less frizz and quickly. I think it’s a great benefit.

On the other side, its attachment hose very large. Also very lightweight and portable. That reason I can use it very comfortably.

It’s also popular for her cool shot, 60 Hz, 125 voltage, and two heat settings. Every end of the drying session I love complete with a cool shot. That I can do easily with them.

5. Y-Not best standing hair dryer review

  • By Avery

best standing hair dryer

Key Features

  • One hour timer
  • Stable base
  • Swivel casters
  • Steel heating element

Bad Side

  • I don’t know


User test

I collect this dryer for home use. After opening this pack I realized it’s a perfect dryer for salon use. But I can use it very comfortably in my home.

Because flexible to moving in-home one corner to another corner. The reason is making with swivel casters & 48” – 63” stable base. That’s why flexible to moving and stand any place.

I can get professional hair treatment, hair dry & styling feel with them. Because it has a swivel hood, 60 minutes timer, 158°F / 70°C adjustable room temperature & a steel heating element for salon feel.

6. Conair bonnet hair dryer reviews

  • By Rajib (After reading several reviews)

bonnet hair dryer reviews

Key Features

  • 4 heat settings
  • Including cool setting
  • Lightweight
  • Best for home & traveling

Bad Side

  • I don’t know


User experience

Last summer vacation I collect this Conair soft bonnet dryer. That helps to dry my hair in traveling. Because of the very lightweight and travel friendly.

I not only chose this for travel-friendly features. I also chose this dryer for 4 heat settings including a cool shot. It also comes with an extra hot air vent brush & a compact case.

Her cool & various heat settings help to hairstyling and drying with a shiny look. On the other side, it’s a very long-lasting dryer. I used it for 1 year without problems.

7. Revlon bonnet dryer reviews

  • By Camila

hooded hair dryer

Key Features

  • 800 watts
  • Cool shot
  • Three heat settings
  • Flexible hose

Bad Side

  • Nothing


User thought 

I believe beautiful hair & beards can change our entire look in outdoor activities. That reason I lose enough time to take care of my hair. If your natural hair tries to take shampoo for natural black hair for beautiful hair. Also, every woman should use good hair treatment, drying, and styling products.

Because harm-free hair products can save hair from damage. That’s the reason several days ago I choice this 800 watts soft hooded dear. That perfect to maintain my curly hair without damage, less frizz, smooth & shiny feel.

This all good though possible for her 3 heat and cool settings. It also has jumbo rollers, perfectly hot air flowing ability, flexible hose, etc.

5 Q&A to dry hair smoothly with a hooded dryer

There is a question & answer session to dry hair without problems. Hope this information helps you to stay good-looking hair.

Q. How long should dry hair under the hooded dryer?

A. Most of the experts suggested 15 to 20 minutes. This is the perfect time to sit under the hooded dryer. But if you need, you can run the dryer for more than 20 minutes.

Q. How to deep condition hair with a bonnet dryer?

A. The deep condition can be completed with direct & indirect heat. The hooded dryer is good for indirect heat conditions. After complete the hair wash start applying deep condition.

Then cover your hair with a shower cap. Now you have to sit in the hooded dryer for 30 to 40 minutes. Finally, rinse hair with cold water.

Q. Can I sit under a hooded hair dryer with pregnant?

A. Yes, you can. I have my own experience with my family members. You can use any kind of hair dryer with pregnant.

Q. Does hair dryers cause brain damage?

A. Not possible to damage the brain with a dryer. But hot dryers can damage brain cells. The effects of brain cell damage are not higher.

Q. Can a hair dryer kill lice?

A. A great way to kill lice with a hot dryer. If you are a suffer lice problem. Just take a blow dryer to clean lice. Because blow dryer can kill a high % of lice than other types of the dryer.

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