best lipstick for thin lips

10 best lipstick for thin lips to make small lip cute & bold with lip color

Humans are different than each other. Her body structure, hair, face, and lip style are not the same. That’s why we have to think different ways of our prettiness.

However, there I discuss a different structure of the lips. That is thin lips, structure women. Maybe find the best lipstick for thin lips is difficult.

That’s why we have to discover the color. That can make you look fuller & beautiful. So we try to pick a beautiful lip color for the skinny lip.

What is the best lipstick color for a thin lip?

lip color for thin lips

Most of the women fail to choose the right color lipstick for a thin lip. Remember lipstick color plays a great role to make thin lip looks bolder & beautiful. That’s the reason I want to suggest some lip color. That can make you beautiful with thin lips.

You can choose any bright color lipstick for a thin lip. As an example, coral, peach, Light pinks, & rose. Because light color can make a bold lip look. Most of the makeup artist suggests bright lipstick color for a fuller lip.

At the same, you have to avoid any dark color lipstick. Because dark shade can make your lip smaller. So try to stay away from deep plums & void dark browns lipstick. 

How to Apply Lipstick for thin lips?

how to apply lipstick on thin lips

Applying lipstick for a thin lip little bit different than the general way of the application process. There you have to remember to make the lip bigger. That’s why you have to walk a different way for a fuller lip. Their step-by-step guideline for lipstick application.

1. After cleaning the lip start apply lip balm or lip primer. That wark as a smooth, hydrated & base of the lip. So don’t forget to apply.

2. Create an outline with a similar color lip pencil. There I mean lip liner color close to being a lipstick color.

3. Now you have to overline your lips.

4. Don’t forget to apply lipstick with a brush.

5. Use drake shade outer corner of the lip. Then apply light color in the middle of the lip.

6. Finally start bland with a brush.

3 popular lip color for thin lips

Are you searching for a lipstick shade to makes your lip bigger & attractive looks? Just try our three popular lipstick color.

Popular 3 overview by user

Rulebest lipstick colour for thin lipsStay long with a matte finish. But not too dry my lip. The texture is smooth but little bit
Berrybest lipstick for thin dry lips shop
Nyxlipstick for thin upper lip shop

1. L’oreal rouge signature I rule review

  • By Harper

best lipstick colour for thin lips

Key Features

  • Matte finish
  • Liquid lipstick
  • Stay long
  • Lightweight
  • No patching or fading

Bad Side

  • Thin texture.


User talk

Really, I love the soft mauve-pink color. Because I think it’s a good color for the best liquid lipstick set. However, I chose a liquid formulation lipstick for my thin lip.

Because I think liquid creation best for long time use. Also, comes with good formulation & opaque color coverage. I need two swipe for full coverage. After completing my application stay for 7 or 8 hours.

Finally, comfortable matte-finished helps to comfortably stay with them. But last you feel unhappy with a slight dryness. That’s the reason I use lip balm.  That’s hapless to solve the dry problem.

2. Clinique 29 glazed berry review

  • By Avery

best lipstick for thin dry lips

Key Features

Bad Side


User talk

Very comfortable matte finish creation. You can describe as a creamy matte finishing. That goes with dry lip without hazel. It is also described as a good ending. That haven’t enough matte & not too much glossy finish.

The color of this makeup is sweet for medium to light color skin tone. Basically, it is a nude creation. You can call terracotta nude. That has enough beautiful look.

Lasted at least 6 to 7 hours. I think you agree with me. It is very good lasted power with a comfortable feel. Because it does not make your lip dry. So stay comfortable with them.

3. Nyx shocking pink review

  • By Lily

lipstick for thin upper lip

Key Features

Bad Side


User discussion 

Create with a hydrating formula. The ingredient list includes shea butter & coconut oil. This type of bland best to solve the dryness problem. Because this oil helps to moisturize your lip.

Available in many colors, but slightly beautiful smell include with each shade. Lasting power not so good. That’s the reason who find a long time wear lipstick. This is not for her and stays only 5 hours.

Light nut colour is beautiful. But only look good with medium to light shade skin. If you are skin type light or medium Just try this for the alluring lip.

Lucky 7 lipstick for skinny lips

Seven beautiful lipstick color to make small lips cute & attractive. So why you are waiting. Just take one from our lipstick collection.

Lucky 7 overview by user

Revlonbest lip color for thin lipsComfortable creamy feel lip color. At the same time, moisture lip & stay
Fierylipstick for thin lips shop
Marciabest lipstick for small lips shop
Nyxmakeup for thin lips shop
CoconutComfortable feel lipstick with hydrated, beautiful smell & long-lasting
Plum shop
Morninthin lips lipstick color shop

1. Revlon super lustrous review

  • By Mia

best lip color for thin lips

Key Features

  • Creamy feel
  • Enough hydrated power
  • Lightweight
  • Mix of vitamin E & oil
  • Comfortable

Bad Side

  • Nothing


User experience

Beautiful color that’s why I impress to buy. Without color, I can stay with them for her moisturizing power. I think you already understand the finishing of the lipstick. Yes, its finishing is creamy.

That’s why hydrated lip for a long time. So I happy with them. You can also feel happy with them for several reasons. Like –

Natural look, staying power, pigment & creamy texture. That stay for five or six hours. Also, two swipe is enough for opaque coverage.

2. Stila liquid lipstick fiery review

  • By Nora

lipstick for thin lips

Key Features

Bad Side


User exprience

Finally, I found my favourite vanilla scent in a lip colour. Jouer long wears various color liquid lacquers is popular for her scent, long lasting ability, beautiful pigment, & formulation. This gorgeous warm and cool shade easily impressed me. Also, you can coloring the lips with several shades.

I always like to wear beautiful pink nude or deep pink on the holiday. To spending time with lovely friends. If anybody doesn’t like my collection you can find best long lasting lipstick shade on the image or there

  • Creme brulee – matte warm nude.
  • Melon – pink nude.
  • Framboise – deep pink.
  • Praline – bronzed pink.
  • Noisette – chocolate brown.
  • Skinny dip – shimmering golden.
  • Papaye – metallic warm.
  • Pamplemousse – metallic gold.
  • Fruit de la passion – bright pink.
  • Lychee – dusty rose.
  • Petale de Rose – deep rose.
  • Citronade Rose – metallic ballet pink.
  • Cassis – muted violet.
  • Cassis – muted violet.
  • Fairy – metallic pink

This is a lightweight, metallic, matte finish and soft texture collection. After alluring lip, its transfer-proof and nondrying formulation capabilities help to stay enough time. I have long time wearing experience. But you have to careful eating or drinking. Basically, when takes some oily food.

A lipstick lover simply gets full coverage in one swipe. Also, you can feel comfortable with quick dries down. Personally, I have one complaint. Each contains fulfil with very small amounts of polish. That’s why it is not best for long time user.

3. Marcia marcia marcia lipstick review

  • By Madison

best lipstick for small lips

Key Features

Bad Side


User thought

Innovative thought is always welcome in my collection. That reason I love the two-toned design Sculpt 05. Givenchy’s advanced thinking helps to color the lip with two different shades at the same time. It is a rose and berry shade for us. The application also fun for me and try to use various ways.

Favorite habit is fast applied darker toned. Then prepare to lighten continuous way lip inner to the midsection with a brighter shade. That glide very smoothly and creamy texture mix for hydrating the lip.

4. Nyx merengue lipstick review

  • By Rajib (After reading several reviews)

makeup for thin lips

Key Features

Bad Side


User talk

The last valentine day my boyfriend gifts me a jumbo-size crayon design NARS velvet matte lip pencil. That was an incredible movement for me. Also, he chooses a favourite red colour for my lip. When I went to know more about the gift. I found lots of worms & cool pigment also valuable information. Its info helps you to find the best one. More attractive shade available on the image. But some of my favourite colors are-

  • Cruella – rich red
  • Rikugien – soft rose pink
  • Bahama – pinky brown
  • Damned – rich magenta
  • Train bleu – vampy purple
  • Dolce vita – dusty rose
  • Mysterious red – stunning red with blue undertones
  • Dragon girl – bright cherry red
  • Sex machine – pink mauve.
  • Belle du jour – light nude
  • Bolero – bright pink
  • Red square – orange-red
  • Golshan – spicy brown
  • Rikugien
  • Lodhi
  • Roman holiday – vibrant pink
  • Never say never – lilac rose
  • Bettina – natural rose
  • Walkyrie – coral red.

Its long staying power keeps your lip gorgeous for a long time. It is a fast long-wearing pencil collection in my life. Also, staying power is not a bed. Personally, I can easily wear for 6 and 7 hours.

If anybody wants to get the creamy and smooth feel this is the best one for her. That has remarkably rich pigment, velvety matte finish & non-drying formulation for lovely ladies. The bad side of the lip pencil is Product wastage. When I sharpen that movements wastage lot of product that’s hard me.

5. L’oreal coconut plump review

  • By Rajib (After reading several reviews)

Key Features

  • Glossy & soft finish
  • Moisturized feel
  • Fruity scent
  •  Long-lasting
  • Comfortable.

Bad Side

  • No


User discussion

last week I buy coconut plume lipstick. Really I surprised by the comfortable textures. I feel relaxed outside of the home with this color.

Because of a very soft feel & stay longer than I want. The average staying power is 5 to 6 hours. The application is very easy. Two sweeps are enough for a natural look.

After use, it’s slowly dry down for a beautiful fruit smell. That’s why I feel soft & smooth. I think it is best for everyday use.

6. Perennial plum lipstick review

  • By Riley

Key Features

Bad Side


User exprience

I am only 18 years old a girl and this my fast lipstick collection in my life. Before shop I was really confused to choose the best lipstick for office for lacking knowledge about cosmetic. My mother helps me and suggest to buy NARS. But I don’t know about her various types of shade. I was surprising with the mind bowling pigment.  Generally I going to collect only one pic but back my home with seven pieces. Because I lose my mind with the color and I collect 1. Star woman – vivid blue red 2. American woman – chestnut rose 3. Low rider – bright peachy pink 4. Somebody to love – rose brown 5. Call me – coral 6. Warm leatherette – rich berry pink 7. London calling – lilac pink.

Applying time I feel this is not a Polishes. It’s lightweight texture like a lips ink but smooth. It is also save my time. Because one swipe is enough for full coverage and dries down very quickly but finishing is matte. For the reason I feel slightly dryness. On the other hand I find out its best for long wearing.

7. lipstick queen mornin sunshine review

  • By Zoe

thin lips lipstick color

Key Features

Bad Side


User discussion

This is my last collection from MAC retro. This unique color is enough comport with my vampire life. But I am not interested in applying daily base.  It is a deep blue hint of purple color that’s reason color isn’t sweet with my office time.

But I love blue. That is always a sweet color for my eye look. Because my eye shape is hooded. And I read this article expert makeup tricks for hooded eyes. That’s why I love the blue color for my eye rather than the lip.

However, you feel comport with texture & matte finishing. Because Royal is not too dry. This is not a long time wearable but stays almost 4 to 5 hours. If you love my collection, please express you’re thought in a comment.

5 Q&A to make the thin lips fuller

Don’t miss reading questions and answers. Because q&a helps to know lots of important information about thin lips.

1. Q. Does red lipstick look good on thin lips?

Yes, red lipstick looks beautiful with thin lips. Because red is a bright color. Any bright color welcome for thin lips. But you have to know the red lipstick applying process. That’s why you have to read the application process on top of this article.

2. Q. Can thin lips be attractive?

Why not, still you are worthy with thin or small lips. Just every day you have to take care of the lips. Also, try to apply bright color lipstick with skinny lip.

3. Q. what lip color good for cool skin tone?

Cool skin women very lucky. Because you can choose any cool shade for the lip. So a large field opens for you. I already told any cool shade lipstick appropriate with a cool tone.

However, if any women want to know my choice color. I went to say females can apply is blue, purple, blue-based red, plum, crimson, mauve, cherry, etc.

4. Q. What lipstick color for small lips?

Generally, you can choose any lipstick shade. But a good way to choose a lipstick. That can make bigger lips. That’s why I suggest applying bright color lipstick.

5. Q. how to determine a cool skin tone?

Understand the cool skin tone not a very difficult subject. There I throw three-point for highly determined cool skin. That helps you to easily understand.

  • 1. Light blue & blue skin a great indicator of cool.
  • 2. Green & gray eye color represents cool shade.
  • 3. Black and dark brown hair only for cool tone.

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