best sunglasses for women with small faces

We pick 10 polarized & best sunglasses for women with small faces in 2022

Do you need the best sunglasses for women with small faces? If the answer is yes. Just don’t forget to read the full article.

Because this article not only helps you find petite face female sunglasses. But also helps you get fashionable, comfortable & fit sunglasses for small faces.

 So, read the article to know good sunglasses size & the frame style for petite face women. I hope this article helps you.

Best sunglasses size for a small face female?

best size sunglasses for small face

If you have already determined to buy sunglasses for small faces. You have to know what sunglasses size is good for small faces. There I show you fit sunglasses size for small faces.

1. Temple Length: 130 to 145 mm

2. Bridge Width: 16 to 20 mm. But if you choose round frames 16 to 22 mm good size for you.

 3. Frame Width: This width can be 123 to 131 mm

4. Lens Width: Generally 47 to 52 mm for each frame style. But the different sizes for round frames are 45 to 48 mm.

5. Lens Height: It’s can be different between frame style

  • Rectangular: 28 to 32 mm
  • Square: 32 to 39 mm
  • Oval: 30 to 32 mm
  • Round: 35 to 41 mm

What sunglasses are best for smaller faces female?

sunglasses for women with small faces

If you are smaller faces, women’s. You have to carefully choose sunglasses. That’s sunglasses make you look fashionable, comfortable & fit.

Try to wear oval, rectangular & cat-eye sunglasses with your petite face. These can be an ideal sunglasses style for you.

Also, you have to be avoided some sunglasses styles. Try to stay away from aviators, oversized frames, thick frames & tall leans.

3 best sunglasses for ladies with small faces

These 3 sunglasses are the best of our entire sunglasses collection for small faces ladies. So you can try one of them.

Cat eyesunglasses for small faces female

Beautiful Cat Eye sunglasses for petite face lady. Comes in UV-protected, five different colors. The beautiful color combination between frames & lenses.

MK2024best sunglasses for small face female A trendy woman sunglasses from Michael Kors. That perfect choice for small to medium-face females. UV protected & comes with 2-year warranty. shop
bay shorewomen's sport sunglasses for small faces A perfect fit sunglasses for a small face. Made to save the eye from UV rays and reduce glare. A stylish piece for small to medium face ladies. shop

1. Kate Spade Angeliqs sunglasses review

sunglasses for small faces female

Key Features

  • 5 different colors & lenses
  • Cat Eye sunglasses
  • UV protection
  • Reasonable price
  • Good for small face

Bad Side

  • Non-Polarized

User experience

I use these sunglasses for more than 3 years without a problem. So I can say a long-lasting and lightweight sunglasses for my small face.

Five different colors are available. But I pick this one for me. Very comfortable to wear & UV-protected sunglasses. So sun harmful ray doesn’t touch my eye.

However, after discussing all the good sides of Angeliqs sunglasses. I want to show a bad side for you. That is, it’s Non-Polarized sunglasses.

2. Michael Kors sunglasses mk2024 review

best sunglasses for small face female

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Retro-styled saddle bridge
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect size
  • Fashionable

Bad Side

  • Non-Polarized

User experience

A classic look sunglasses from Michael Kors. It’s an oversize sunglasses. But the size of the glasses is not too big. I can say an ideal size for small face women.

A fashionable and good-looking sunglasses for a classic look. But a non-polarized glasses with UV ray protected ability.

Very lightweight and comfortable to wear in summer & winter. I feel pleasant & smart after wearing these sunglasses.  

3. Suncloud bayshore sunglasses review

women's sport sunglasses for small faces

Key Features

  • 100% UV protection
  • Polarized 
  • Medium to small fit
  • Block glare
  • Clear vision
    Bad Side
  • Not at all

User thought

Nice looking, beautiful colors, and comfortable glasses for me. I love these sunglasses for three reasons. Fast of all colors of the glasses.

4 beautiful colors are available. But I love crystal peach. Second very comfortable, UV protects & glare-reducing sunglasses.

Finally, A fashionable and good sunglasses for my daily outfit. So, I can say a perfect pair of sunglasses for my smallish face.

Lucky 7 women’s polarized sunglasses for small faces

These are our other stylish and fashionable sunglasses for small faces. So without question, you can wear with the petite face.

Rivboswomen's cycling sunglasses small face A good spots sunglasses women. Also perfectly blend with a small face female. Lightweight & UV-protected sports sunglasses. shop
Kata spadewomen's polarized sunglasses for small faces Beautiful square Kate Spade sunglasses with 5 different shades. UV-protected and non-polarize sunglasses for women. shop
Sungaitsunglasses for ladies with small faces Round sunglasses for females with a small face. UV400 protection and lots of colors are available. shop
Carfiasunglasses for small oval face female

Retro square sunglasses for small face lady. Able to reduce glare. That’s why very clear vision & UV protection.

RB4061best womens ray bans for small face A stylish oval sunglasses from Ray-Ban. That is a great choice for petite face women. Block glare and sun harmful rays. shop
Foster Lightweight plastic made sunglasses for women. Very comfortable & clear vision for her glare-reducing ability. shop
Tifosibest women's running sunglasses for small faces Comes in lots of colors. But non-polarized sunglasses. Also a good small face women’s sunglasses for cycling, running, and lifestyle. shop

1. Rivbos sunglasses rb833 review

women's cycling sunglasses small face

Key Features

  • Flexible
  • Good for cycling, driving & sports
  • Huge color range
  • Polarized
  • Sunray protected

Bad Side

  • Not at all

User thought

If you are searching a sunglasses for comfortable running, fishing & driving. These are the best ones for you. I have good experience with them.

Basically, I am a small face woman. 5 months ago I was searching a sports sunglasses for small face women. Finally, I pick this one for my face.

That’s sports sunglasses’ ability to block UV rays. Sametime is very comfortable to wear. Also, good for spots and style.

2. Kate Spade Kiya sunglasses review

women's polarized sunglasses for small faces

Key Features

  • Fashionable designer sunglasses
  • Protection sun UV ray
  • RX-able
  • Square frames
  • 5 colors are available

Bad Side

  • Non-Polarized

User experience

Kate Spade Kiya is a popular sunglasses in women’s eyewear. Comes in black, peach, dark Havana, Havana, and blue colors.

So 5 beautiful shades are available. At the same time trendy & fashionable square sunglasses. That perfectly fits with any small face woman.

Generally, it’s an RX-able sunglasses. That’s why I get another good benefit with the theme. Because the lens can be changed to make a regular glass.

3. Sungait designer style review

sunglasses for ladies with small faces

Key Features

  • UV400 Protection
  • Vintage round sunglasses
  • Block glare.
  • Clear vision
  • Fit with a small face

Bad Side

  • No

User discussion

An ideal sunglasses for the vintage look. Comes with lots of color for a cool to bright look. Very lightweight and stylish for any age of women.

It’s a good pair of sunglasses for clear vision on any sunshine day. As well as good sunglasses for winter. I can wear it over my regular glasses.

However, If you want to know how I wear over glasses. You can read best fit over sunglasses to wear over glasses.

4. Carfia Chic hand-crafted sunglasses review

sunglasses for small oval face female

Key Features

  • Visual comfort
  • Block glare
  • Polarized  lens
  • Retro sunglasses
  • Outdoor activities 

Bad Side

  • Nothing

User experience

A nice glasses for a small face. Because of stylish & retro style square sunglasses for women. That’s looking pretty with an everyday outfit.

So a beautiful everyday pair of sunglasses for me. After wear, I feel visual comfort with them. Because reduce glare for comfortable vision.

Very stylish and lightweight. That’s why I wear it for a long time without any side effects. Everything includes I can say good sunglasses.

5. Ray-Ban RB4061 oval sunglasses review

best womens ray bans for small face

Key Features

  • Small classic sunglasses
  • Block reflected light
  • Block harmful UV rays
  • A good one for petite face

Bad Side

  • Nothing

User experience

Ray-Ban is a great name in the sunglasses industry. I pick RB4061 from Ray-Ban for my small face. After wearing several days.

I can say a good one for me. Because this is fast oval sunglasses. That perfectly fits with my petite face. I am not loving the only perfect fit.

I also love her lightweight design and comfortable vision. Because reduce glare and block UV rays for a comfortable feel.

6. Foster grant rectangular sunglasses review

Key Features

  • Brown polarized lenses
  • Reduce reflected light.
  • Visual clarity
  • Trendy sunglasses
  • Plastic frame

Bad Side

  • Not at all

User experience

Ooo… An outstanding sunglasses for crisp and clear vision. Do you know why vision is so clear? Because block 99% reflected glare.

So good glasses for outdoor activity. At the same time trendy sunglasses for women with a small face. The reason is size is ideal for small faces.

Blocks sun rays to save the eye from damage & any bad affected. Also, the frame & leans color combination is outstanding and fashionable.

7. Tifosi Swank sunglasses review

best women's running sunglasses for small faces

Key Features

  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Good for outdoor
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lots of colors available
  • Spots sunglasses

Bad Side

  • Non-Polarized

User experiences

I buy these sunglasses for my small face. To do any outdoor activity with clear vision. These sunglasses fulfill my want.

That’s why I can say good glasses for outdoor activity. That at an ideal sunglasses for running, golfing, cycling, and any spots.

3 Q&A for small face female sunglasses

Are you looking for women’s sunglasses for small faces? Just read this q&a session to find the best one for your small face.

1. Can small faces wear oversized sunglasses?

No, oversize sunglasses are not good for you. Best way to avoid oversize sunglasses. Because oversize can make you look ugly with a petite face.

2. Do aviators look good on small faces?

Generally, aviators are the best sunglasses for oval face females click here. But if are a petite face woman you can also try aviators sunglasses. But you have remembered to pick a small size. That size perfectly fits with your small face.

3. How do you know you have a small face?

You have to measure your face to determine you have a small face. So start measuring your face length & width. Then divide the length by the width.

If the result is similar 1.6. That means you have a normal face. But if you have a petite face result can be huge determine between 1.6.

Generally, A small face has small width & small length. At the same time longer face length or a narrow face shape.

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