are non polarized sunglasses bad

Are non-polarized sunglasses bad for your eyes?

Are non-polarized sunglasses bad? The answer to these questions is very difficult. Because, It’s different on what the reason you wear sunglasses.

Reason is non-polarized sunglasses have lots of good side. As well as have many bad side. That’s why it is very argent to know.

Preface of wearing sunglasses. That’s why there I try to discuss good and bad side of the non-polarizes sunglasses.

What is non-polarize sunglasses

A non-polarize sunglasses like a  regular sunglasses. But a non-polarize lens not made with  anti glare feature. But anti glare feature is available in polarize sunglasses. Without glare block ability a non-polarize sunglasses good for everything.

Why is non-polarize sunglasses good?

is it bad to wear non polarized sunglasses

Personally, I believe sunglasses are more than a fashion. It is not a gladiator sandals outfit aide. A sunglasses can save your eye from harmful sun UV ray, dust and many bad thought.

There, a non-polarize sunglasses have 100% UV ray protected ability. At the same time save your eye from dust & any other harmful issue.

So we can say non-polarize is nod bad for the eye.  Also, a non-polarize sunglasses has more feature become a good sunglasses. There I discuss some good feature of non-polarize sunglasses.

  • The lenses treat all sunlight equally.
  • Sun harmful UV ray protection ability.
  • Reduce the overall intensity
  • Appropriately block bright light
  • Cheaper than polarized sunglasses.

When a non-polarize sunglasses very urgent

what are non polarized sunglasses

If you are a pilot non-polarize sunglasses very urgent for you.  Polarization leans can interfere visibility in aircraft & Biman instruments display skin.

Because, the polarization leans made with anti glare filters. At the same time Biman & aircraft display skin made with anti-glare skin.

Also, LCD infotainment skin & many vehicles use polarizing display skin. So, there also need a non-polarize sunglasses.

Why is non-polarize sunglasses bad?

Are non-polarized sunglasses bad for your eyes

Non-polarize sunglasses don’t come with  anti glare properties. This is the only bad side of a non polarize sunglasses.

These are not able to block reflected glare. That’s why non polarized sunglasses bad for sunshine day. Or any outdoor activities.

So, If you are a golfer, fishermen, motorcyclists, driver & any spots man and women. Non polarizes sunglasses not good for you. It can affect you clear vision.

There you need to wear a polarized sunglasses. Because, are polarized sunglasses worth it for clear vision.

Final thought

Finally, I can say if you read my full article. I think you already understand a good and bad side of a non polarize sunglasses.

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