The best skin care products


best skin care products for oily skin

The wonder is always mind-blowing. But sometimes we lose this prettiness. We should try to keep safe our natural beauty. When coming to save your loveliness. Need nursing hair, body, or face in various ways. If you do not care, skin proper way. Maybe, have to drop prettiness?

So… let’s start with me from today and try to keep safe our gorgeous look. But one question is left. How to begin treatment? Yes, it is a most important subject for a beginner & needs to jump the correct way.

Because of one perfect product able to give the top result. Today our arrangement for suggesting best skin care products and how to utilize it’s for a glam look. Please read the full article we try to pick the best of the best that helps you.

Facial moisturizer 

philosophy renewed hope in a jar moisturizer

Really, we need a good moisturizer. That has clean smell, lightweight formulation, & treated the skin enough time. Philosophy renewed hope in a Jar comes to complete our wish. A facial moisturizer throws a better experience for a morning & evening users.

But you have to avoid the eye area. It is not only the best choice for my oily skin. Almost all skin types welcome to wash with them.

Where you can get a triple blend formulation benefit. That provides longer glow and continuous hydration your skin. I am not interested to say its best one from the moisturizer. But a good one for you. That gives the blameless result.

Pure night cream

Everyone should use night cream. It is more need for dry or oily skin. Without these two types of acne-prone, mature skin also deserves this cream. Twenty or thirty age men or women should use this product.

Contain with Argon oil, castor oil, vitamins A & D, hyaluronic acid etc. Total ingredients list combine helps to moisture skin & remove dark circles, age spots etc. Back your natural look and smoothness. That’s why it is expert’s favorite beauty products.

Personally, I believe you should use every night. Because continues apply reduced wrinkles. Soothes face, restore elasticity, nourish skin several ways. That’s why it is urgent for an old person.

Also, it’s a cruelty-free product. Sweet able for any skin types. So any man can choose this product for him or her.

Eye gel 

laneige water bank eye cream review

When confuses to find skin types based best eye gel.  Just take Laneige water bank that made for all skin types. Best work for hydrating, decrease puffiness or try to soothe the eye area. That’s helpful to get a soft feel.

This is a white color base gel. Slightly lighter texture creation to nourishing the eye surface. After applying each time I want to say thanks.  Because it’s really best ingredient mixing with a beautiful scent. That throws a cooling effect without sticky.

Application method also easy for me. I take a little amount of the finger. But before taking need cleansing the full face. Finally, start uses smoothly under eye one corner to another. Personally, I like to rub daily two times morning and evening. But you can use only one time in a day.

Thayers alcohol-free toner

best beauty products in the world

The formulation is a great policy to make a product more valuable. Thayer’s designer maybe flows this policy to make the best beauty products of all time. Because most of the toner comes with alcohol. But it is alcohol-free. Make with rose water, Aloe Vera, & hazel extract.

Mainly it is working to control excess oil. Remove harmful residue from the face. When anyone success to control oil. Maybe she safe from many skin diseases like- blackheads, pimple and acne etc.

At the same time helps you to restore dehydrated skin. Locking moisture, tighten pores, strength your skin, softening etc. Remove dirt, makeup residue, any harm from the skin.

The smell of the product is a pure soft rose. But this formulation is not good for everyone. If your skin dry, damage, & allergic. I suggest you avoid this toner.

Come to the last point on how to use. Several ways can be used. I think the best policy of applying with a cotton ball. Put a few drops in the cotton ball & start to apply your face & neck. Before using try to clean face and wait for dry, then start using.

Cliganic Jojoba Oil

jojoba oil for skin

Fast you need to know why should use jojoba oil for skin or hair. This is an oil include of vitamin E & D, zinc, copper, silicone etc. That helps to treat acne by controlling oil. Helps moisturize skin, remove makeup, hair growth etc.

The main benefits of the oil are safe to the skin from sunburn. Fight against toxins, deeply hydrating, soothes dry skin. Treat the hair for soft & shiny look. Also, it is a non-allergic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory product.

It is a gentle product made with 100% organic ingredients. Without chemical, alcohol or any harm properties. Best for both hair, face, body and skin. Sweet able with any hair & skin types.

You can use this oil for several reasons. When come to apply hair. Just wet hair, then take 4 or 5 drops. Now apply and wait 10 to 12 minutes. Finally, wash hair with shampoo.

Put a few drops on a cotton ball and start removing makeup. Wash your face, then wait for dry. Then use into the face or neck etc.

Facial scrub

acure brightening scrub

Always natural creation is best for our body. Do you agree with me or not. This is not my hedek. Because I have already chosen natural scrub to clean my face. I have a bad experience with them. Not with her work ability just with its dark green color. That is not my choice.

I like its harmful chemical free creation. Gently clean power against dart, impurity, excess oil etc. After the wash, I feel still natural moisture present on the face. Also helps to repair & new cell growth.

Recommend for three times use in a week. That I do for a clean and bright face. But this brightness does not stay for 24 hours. I apply it’s my wet face, then start rubbing with the finger. Lastly, wash with water.

Kaya purifying cleanser

best organic skin care products reviews

I think this is best skincare products reviews from me. Because the purifying cleanser is very urgent for a makeup lover. General face wash isn’t able to clean 100% makeup residues. That’s why need this cleanser. Without makeup addicted person everybody should use.

Basically formulated for oily and combination skin. But most welcome any skin type to wash with them. That deeply cleans without any problems.

Remove dirt, excess oil, impurities etc. Also specially design with acne control ingredients. Fight against the skin surface build-up & acne.

Pure hyaluronic Acid serum

beauty products that work

The serum is important for dryness, fine line, & wrinkle problem. That’s the reason who suffer these types of problems. Her need to use everyday base. So try to include your daily routines.

The serum also needs to solve some major problem. Continuously apply helps to remove sun spots, age spots, under-eye dark circles. Improve skin texture, smooth and back again younger look.

It’s balance moisture and continues hydrating skin. Also, you can choose the product with any skin types. Without question take it dry to sensitive skin.

Anybody can apply daily two times day and night. But before use, fast need to clean face. Then take one or two drops into the finger. Now time to apply full face.

Best shampoo

loreal volume filler shampoo review

Loreal is a big name in the beauty industry. But I am not collecting this best shampoo for her famousness. I just chose it’s for my thin hair or good washing power. Fine hair also good works with them. Generally, it’s created to give body & density of the hair.

Personally, I apply all most seven days in a week. You can tell I am a daily basis user. Every day wash is not a good thought. That’s why I determined to reduce my applying time.

I fast wet my hair, then take a sapient amount into the hand. Then apply and start rubbing for enough lather. Finally, rinse with normal water.  I find out its lathering power wall & texture is smooth. Clean dead skin seals, dust, harmful residue. Also, keep natural moisture safe area. Lastly gives volume that lasts over time.

Now almond oil

almond oil for skin

100% natural oil that’s why you can apply with any skin types. Personally, I love to use my full body as a body lotion. Great work with my skin. Absorb quickly, make a soft feel & healthy-looking skin.

I also recommended applying hair. You can use as a moisturizer. This oil, sweet for your lip like a lip balm. This is also best for baby skin.

Best for use full body & face. Fast choose where you can use. Then gently clean area & take a few drops in your hand. Now time to massage the desired area.

Makeup makeup wipes

makeup wipes Neutrogena

Are you ready to clean waterproof mascara or any makeup with one Towelettes? I think you should ready. Because each to use any place. Without loss of your valuable time.

Not only clean makeup also removes excess oil, dirt, harmful residue from the face. Even easily applicable, any sensitive areas of the body & face. After removing no need to wash face.

Alcohol & harmful ingredient free formulation. That’s the reason clean without irritation or any problem. So you can use without question.

Body wash

dove go fresh body wash

Everyone tries to get a fresh, shiny, beautiful body. But It is not possible to gain without care. When come to take care needs a good body wash. That’s why my choice go fresh. I think it is best in the market for several reasons. Made with sulfate & paraben free ingredients.

After taking my hand feel thick consistency and color is yellowish orange. But the texture is creamy. This is clean my body with hydrating feel. Keep me with moisture for a full day.

Each day little amount is enough to clean (sometimes need much amount) and nourishes deeply my surface layer. After a complete shower with them, feel refreshed with flower smell. But this scent does not stay a long time.

Truskin daily moisturizer cream

moisturizer cream for face

A great moisturizer without any harmful ingredient. Some strong natural bland make the best one for every skin type. Also, it is a smell-free product. That’s why you can use without question or any problem.

The producer says it is able to remove any age & dark spot. Personally, I haven’t this type of experience with them. But a good one for men & woman for her face and neck.

The texture of the product is smooth but slightly thicker. You can apply it any time day or night. That makes a smooth feel at the same time hydrate skin. Also, fight against acne.

Maybe long-time useable to remove any spot from the skin. Because of formulation with vitamin C, jojoba oil, green tea etc. Try to apply with your clean face or neck.

Bioderma micellar water

best micellar water

I surprised with the product. Because same time completed three jobs. Remove makeup, clean your face, finally moisture skin. Really gently clean without kill natural moisture of the face.

Very thin consistency like water. You can call Sensibio H2O water. Specially formulated for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. That refreshes & hydrate skin without a greasy feel.

Take one or two drops into the cotton ball. Then start to remove makeup or clean face. After clean with them no need to wash face.

Oil rush conditioner

bumble and bumble conditioner

I am not worried about my dry hair because I know how to maintain this. Last month I picked bumble conditioner and try with my curly dry hair. After two or three days apply its transfer soft, smooth, manageable and silky.

Really, I surface with the change. If anyone wants to transfer thick, straight, curly, dry, damaged or coloured hair. I suggest taking care with them.

Because this type of hair needs moisture & oily blend. It’s content with Coconut, Argan, Macadamia nut, Sweet almond, Safflower seed, Grape seed oil etc. That helps to de-frizz, and detangle. After clean my scalp I apply wet hair. Then stay for two or three minutes. Finally, rinse with water.

Facial sunscreen

neutrogena sunscreen

Human or animal impossible to living without daylight. That’s why the sun is more important for us. On the other hand sunray harmful to people. That cause happens skin cancer or lots of problems.

So daylight comes with a problem. But we can solve this issue by using sunscreen. You can use SPF 50. Generally, this is a facial cream that is specially designed for sensitive skin.

I apply under makeup. But you can also apply under moisturizers. It is a smell, oil, & harmful ingredients free creation. After taking my hand, feel white liquid. That absorbs quickly without leaving any white residue. Also fight well against the UVA & UVB ray.

Body loosens

rough skin rescue body lotion

Are you ready to fight with cool weather? Because winter is coming soon. Hydrating is more important for this time. Already I completed perforation for my dry skin. By taking Rough skin rescue moisturizer. That is not only a spicily choice for severely dry skin. It is also made for flaky skin.

A fragrance-free moisturizer. Mixture with olive oil & alpha hydroxyl acid. The oil helps to stay with deep moisturizing, soothe and soft skin. But alpha acid harmful for the sun.

That’s why I suggest, please first apply a sunscreen then use lotion. The suggests not only for this product. I went to say it is good to first apply sunscreen. Then use makeup, loosens or anything else. The colour of the product is white and remove flakes. Absorb quickly without irritation.

Beauty bar

 dove dry oil beauty bar

Beauty bar one of the most important and best-selling products in the world. Most of the people feel uncomfortable shower without soap. That’s why I recommend Dove dry oil. But it is only good for dry skin and mixes by Moroccan argon oil.

It is slightly different from normal soap. General product able to clean dad skin seal, excess oil, dust etc. This type of bar also keels natural moisture. But this one gently clean without strip skin or moisture.

I think it is a big difference for a dry body. Because moisture is most important for dryness. Personally, I apply daily basis on the damp body. Then start rubbing until rich and creamy lather. Finally, rinse and get a soft, smooth skin with a beautiful smell.

Facial cleanser

jan marini bioglycolic face cleanser

From thousands of year, people try to stay with a beautiful face and good looking outfits. Maybe you also include in this category. But now I am not discussing how to tie gladiator sandals or any good looking dress. Only discuss there your shiny face.

That’s why I finished my article by showing Jam Marine Bioglycolic face wash. I clean daily two times mornings and evenings. That deeply washes my harmful residue also all bade issues. Retain me soft, smooth and hydrated feel.

Create with non-irritating formula, Glycolic acid and natural hymectant. I don’t know what skin types are appropriate with them. This one uses my full family without a problem. So… I can recommend for all most every skin. Just try it maybe you also benefit with them.

Mario facial rosewater

rosewater for face

Very interesting product to use day or night for refreshing yourself. You can call a refreshing, facial or hydrating spray. That goes with any skin types and with any man.

Also available in three different types of formulation. Green tea, aloe Vera, cucumber extract. Another one is rose water, aloe Vera, herb mix. Third blend with lavender, aloe Vera, & chamomile.

You can apply any time after complete makeup for perfectly set. Also with your very dry hair or dry weather. Summertime is perfect to stay with them.

How to fashion with gladiator sandals

gladiator sandals for women

Gladiator sandals are an ancient touch of modern fashion. Basically, it was more popular & fashionable Roman footwear. A long time ago Roman gladiator wore this sandal before start fighting in the arena. Now, it is a beautiful and stylish piece for each men and women.

Also, trendy for all most any party, meeting, casual walking or important occasion. Roman people use leather to a relaxed & good look. The current fashion industry applies various types of materials. Now a day’s couple of intelligent designers trying to include numerous decoration, mind bowling color, comfortable, and smart thinking with them.

That staps makes a stylish touch for our foot. Today I went to talk details & how to tie gladiator sandals. Hope this information helps you to know fashion with them.

The right material and colors

best gladiator sandals for walking

A fashion consciousness person needs to select the best pigment & materials that comfort her mood and style. When come to take best sunglasses click here, sandals, or anything.  I get a lot of colour, style & materials in the market that confused me. Most of the shade is blue, purple, red, yellow, gold, green, silver etc.

Fundamentally, black leather has to be a fast choose for any footwear. That’s reason couple of years ago I decided to wear black leather bases sandals all time. Dark & basic designs comport with styles, and with any dresses. You can try another color like metallic, silver or gold. This type of shade is cherry-picked for a funky style. If you want to wear a daily basis flat design and black wash best choose for your mode.

Last weekend I wear a gold color with a gold shine evening dress to joining a fashion show. Some of the performer picks were incredible. They were taking basic footwear for casual dresses. But its decision was right. Sometimes I also love to style by heeled & taking warm wash outfit with them.

You have to be careful when come to select a shade or dress. You can take a pigment that balance with cloth shade and choose an outfit that helps to the visible leg. This is most important to legs visible with a gladiator sandal.

The different size, shape and dress

Modern fashion sandals come with different size and shape. You can collect lots of design various types of footwear from the shop. Sadly, every design is not good for you. Because one thinks is not comfortable with the altered person.

That’s why need to know foot shape. And best outfits with gladiator sandals. It is important to know every human being. Which clothing style is appropriate particular paces? Most of the popular styles are mid, ankles, and knee high. But high-heel also available in the market.

Several years ago I worked as a fashion designer in a reputable brand. That time I collect lots of evidence about ancient footwear. This information really useful for a person.  I try to give you valuable info that helps to pick the best one.

High heel style

how to wear gladiator sandals with a dress

I like to take silver & gold wash high heels on a wedding, holiday, late-night party or an ideal fashion. You can make a real mode with ankle, mid and knee calf heel. Both styles are available in the bazaar.

This is dream footwear for a flat-footed shape, shorter ladies, or who love rock style. That added an extra length with any height. Make you look longer and helps to kiss your boyfriend. That’s why, no need to know how to kiss (just fun). However, if your body is a short heel is the best way to look longer.

This footwear comes with various types of color, materials, & style. You can wear with skirts, short dresses, A-line skirt, mini-skirts, or skinny jeans. The best way to select a dress that gives a balanced look. Personally, I wear mini-skirts with my short legs that give me longer look.

A fashion designer advises me to wear knee-length or shorter skirts and I tried last week. Really, it was a beautiful aide. One month ago, my little sister wore metallic heel sandals with a lovely cocktail dress that was looking attractive. You can fashion in various ways with high heels.

Ankle-high style

how to tie gladiator sandals

Personally, I believe ankle-high best for everyday use. You can also wear an office, party, casual way or all most every occasion. Its tall stops just ankle also available in the heel & flat version. I was trying both types on my leg but did not feel comfortable. It is not sweet with my shape. The shape is important for any kinds of sandals. This design good for who carried thick ankle, long legs or mescaline calves.

Another form can deserve it’s like – long or slim legs. If you are a long and slim legs person I think you can fashion with any kinds of sandals. A shorter woman can try its heel version. That adds extra length with high. But also need thick and muscular calves’ for a proper look.

You have to wear good looking and stylish dresses with them. That conveys by the mode. When come to choose a dress need to take colourful sundries, maxi, long skirt, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, short dress and short skirt etc. Why you are waiting just starting a fashion with them.

Mid-height style

are gladiator sandals in fashion

Mid-height style is popular for her fashionable and stylish look from many years ago. Still, it is the most fashionable subject on the famous actors or model. Sadly, this trendy look is not sweetly with some of the foot shape and dresses. If anybody decides to wear mid-calf. Her need to prepare for short dresses. This is the only easy way to find a perfect, fashionable, sexy cloth with them. Mini-skirts, shorts or any little dresses best choice for this fashion.

When come to collect an outfit you have to be intelligent to choosing a color. You can select a wash that balance with skin tone. Sometimes I feel confused with this ancient piece because a good balance needs between the dress and sandals.

The leg is another matter. The short leg is not appropriate for mid-high. It is lovely for who achieve the long, slim or pretty leg. This trendy pic is really attractive also easily catch other attestation.

Knee-high style

lace up sandals

The knee-high sandal is not sweetly for every person. Some point you have to keep in mind before choosing attractive knee high. Leg visibility is a key pact for this style. You can wear a dress that ends above the knee. Like this mini-skirts, shorts, mini dresses etc. Also, you have to avoid maxi, long skirt etc. Sometimes I wish to style with Leg visibility. But my age and leg shape do not go with them. You have to be under 45 ages. Overages women are not perfect for mini dresses & pretty leg.

Its fashion easily catches other attention into the leg. That’s reason the Leg is a big asset to wearing knee high.  I am not perfect for this. Because my ankles are thick and the legs are short.

You have to be confident, the right attitude with them. Also, need to take a balance dress with this trendy and sexy feel. If do not match your personality, confidence at this point. I think the best way to avoid ancient footwear.

best lipstick that last longer

best lipstick

Lipstick is a popular and daily base usable beauty product for present world women. Long, long time ago woman started colouring her lip. Thousand years ago Ancient Egyptians people, Indus Valley Civilization and Islamic golden time use lip color for several reasons. Ones upon a time the United Kingdom and the United States only upper-class women interested to time west for her lip.

People always try to present a new way her beauty. That reason most of the modern women like to wear makeup. Lacquers are more valuable of them to get a fabulous look. Recently most of the beautiful ladies like to spend time for her job, party or meeting. That’s why women like to paper for a long time.

The present cosmetic industry makes attractive lip color. That stays for a long time & helps to keep gorgeous looking. I try to present you good-looking & best lipstick from thousands of shades. There is the best collection for long time wear.

Lipstick application & choice tips

lipstick application tips

Sometimes a little change makes a big difference in our life. So try to add or remove some speciality with your makeup. That can make you a special one. That’s why now I discuss six useful tips for your lipstick application & choice.

Save your teeth from lipstick with my fast tips. Apply lipstick on the lip. After a complete application put a finger in the mouth. Then make your lip O shape. You can follow the image to understand shape. Now slowly out a finger.

2. Many experts believe everyone should wear lip liner before applying lipstick. The texture is of the lip liner slightly dry. That mix with creamy texture makes a transfer-proof or kiss-proof layer for long lasting.

3. But try to take the same color lipstick & lip liner. Outline lips with liner and filling lips. Then you can apply lipstick. The liner also works as a base of the lipstick.

4. Third tips are foundation application as a base of a lipstick & long-lasting. Apply foundation on the clean lips. Now you have to use, compact powder for setting. Then start applying lipstick.

5. Are you confused to find sweet able lip color with your skin tone? No need to confuse. Expert-tested some color that well with any skin tone.  You can choose bright pink, red with a blue undertone, deep violet, orange-red, warm brown etc.

6. My favourite makeup artist Clarissa Lunar says. When come to take a lipstick for day time. Try to choose matte lipstick. On the other hand, glossy lip color good for evening or night.

 Violet riot

 long lasting lipstick matte

Hi, lovely lady’s what is your favorite color? If you love dark purple pigment. I think Be legendary violet riot best one for you. This medium-dark purple is really beautiful & you can style with the desired shade. After applying own lip have a beautiful and creamy finishing experience.

Creamy, lightweight also richly pigmented combine make a gorgeous lipstick. That reminds me mac retro matte lipstick review go here. Because of feeling, softness & dryness close to each other.

I don’t forget to wear before joining my office client. You have to happy with non- drying formula and matte finish. This lacquers gliding easily on my lip. Also creamy and non- drying formula help to comfortably wear.

Personally, I spend most of the time for my job. Its long-lasting formula helps me to keep a beautiful look for a long time. You can easily style with for five or six hours without feeding, but wearable for all day.

Burt’s bees blush basin

best long lasting lipstick reviews

100% natural resources without any harmful chemical parabens, phthalates etc.  Formulated with moisturizing ingredients to solve the dryness problem. So moisture lip at the same time beautiful color makes an awesome look.

I choice Doused Rose from lots of shade. Because Doused is rose pink Color lipstick. That looks good with any skin tone. Stay 4 or 5 hours without question. But lots of people believe stay at least 3 to 4 hours.

Finishing is smooth & texture is soft and creamy. Glides easily on the lip with moist. After applying you get a glossy look. I think a good one for daytime use.

Maybelline touch of spice

best lipstick for all day wear

Describe as a creamy matte finish lipstick. That’s not too dry and not too much glossy. That walk the middle of the dry & glossy. That’s why you can feel comfortable with them. Also sweet able for day time use.

Matte finish creation is always indicated for long time use. So it is best long wear lipstick that stays enough time. After applying you can allure lip almost 5 to 6 hours without a problem. I think this is enough time.

Glide smoothly and easily on the lip. Pigment supper one or two swipes needs to fully cover. The color of the pics slightly plum undertone. That looks like brown shade.

Jouer liquid

best long lasting liquid lipstick

Finally, I found my favourite vanilla scent in a lip colour. Jouer long wears various color liquid lacquers is popular for her scent, long lasting ability, beautiful pigment, & formulation. This gorgeous warm and cool shade easily impressed me. Also, you can coloring the lips with several shades.

I always like to wear beautiful pink nude or deep pink on the holiday. To spending time with lovely friends. If anybody doesn’t like my collection you can find best long lasting lipstick shade on the image or there

  • Creme brulee – matte warm nude.
  • Melon – pink nude.
  • Framboise – deep pink.
  • Praline – bronzed pink.
  • Noisette – chocolate brown.
  • Skinny dip – shimmering golden.
  • Papaye – metallic warm.
  • Pamplemousse – metallic gold.
  • Fruit de la passion – bright pink.
  • Lychee – dusty rose.
  • Petale de Rose – deep rose.
  • Citronade Rose – metallic ballet pink.
  • Cassis – muted violet.
  • Cassis – muted violet.
  • Fairy – metallic pink

This is a lightweight, metallic, matte finish and soft texture collection. After alluring lip, its transfer-proof and nondrying formulation capabilities help to stay enough time. I have long time wearing experience. But you have to careful eating or drinking. Basically, when takes some oily food.

A lipstick lover simply gets full coverage in one swipe. Also, you can feel comfortable with quick dries down. Personally, I have one complaint. Each contains fulfil with very small amounts of polish. That’s why it is not best for long time user.

Nars velvet pencil

nars velvet matte lip pencil review

The last valentine day my boyfriend gifts me a jumbo-size crayon design NARS velvet matte lip pencil. That was an incredible movement for me. Also, he chooses a favourite red colour for my lip. When I went to know more about the gift. I found lots of worms & cool pigment also valuable information. Its info helps you to find the best one. More attractive shade available on the image. But some of my favourite colors are-

  • Cruella – rich red
  • Rikugien – soft rose pink
  • Bahama – pinky brown
  • Damned – rich magenta
  • Train bleu – vampy purple
  • Dolce vita – dusty rose
  • Mysterious red – stunning red with blue undertones
  • Dragon girl – bright cherry red
  • Sex machine – pink mauve.
  • Belle du jour – light nude
  • Bolero – bright pink
  • Red square – orange-red
  • Golshan – spicy brown
  • Rikugien
  • Lodhi
  • Roman holiday – vibrant pink
  • Never say never – lilac rose
  • Bettina – natural rose
  • Walkyrie – coral red.

Its long staying power keeps your lip gorgeous for a long time. It is a fast long-wearing pencil collection in my life. Also, staying power is not a bed. Personally, I can easily wear for 6 and 7 hours.

If anybody wants to get the creamy and smooth feel this is the best one for her. That has remarkably rich pigment, velvety matte finish & non-drying formulation for lovely ladies. The bad side of the lip pencil is Product wastage. When I sharpen that movements wastage lot of product that’s hard me.

 Diorific diorissimo

dior diorissimo lipstick

Do you want to get a lipstick that moisturizes? At the same time allure and protects your lips. I get this types of polish that made by world-famous fashion brand Dior. Sadly, Dior Diorific 025 failure for this staying power or pigmentation. Personally, I search a polish that stays at least seven or eight hours. But it stays three or four hours on my lip.

Also, pigmentation doesn’t make me happy because three swipes need for full coverage. But beautiful velvet matte shade, creamy, easily build-able and satin-smooth make me happy. Overall, not a bad you can try.

L’Oreal fairest nude

long lasting liquid lipstick matte

The best lipstick shade for medium skin tone. Because this is a pink color lipstick. Also pink color looks good with olive tine skin color. On the other hand, it’s looking good with olive & fair skin tone.

The pigment is very nice two swipe need. The feel is super smooth & soft. After colouring lip starts nourishing & hydrating. Because made with argan oil, vitamin E, and omega 3.

Staying power not so high. Three to four hours stay with a good feeling. But the smell is beautiful. You can apply with your dry lip without question. So start trying your own lip.

Balm girl’s goodkisser

The color of the lipstick is light pink with a peach undertone. This type of shade looks good with medium, fair & olive skin tone. If you include these three skin colors. Take this one without question.

It’s made with a soothing formula with vitamin A & E, jojoba and olive oil. That’s the reason hydrating lip for a long time with a beautiful softness. Feel is smooth because its finishes are not too dry.

Finished of the lipstick one not too cream. On the other side not too much matte finish. So the texture is soft and smooth. But staying power average. Stay for 4 or 5 hours.

super stay 24 hour

maybelline 24 hour superstay lipstick

It is difficult to find a lipstick that stays all day on the lip. Most of the time we are eating oily food and several time drinks in a day. This is the reason lip color doesn’t stay sufficient time on the lip. If you are carefully eating & drink. Maybelline super stay 24-hour is lasting a long time on the lip.

Its innovative design aide gives the two-way usable capability. That one side for lip glosses other for lip color. Personally, I have 15 hours wearing experience. This long-lasting formulation comes in various types of shade. That helps to find the perfect color for the style. You can try my favorite

  • Constant toast – neutral pink
  • Keep up the flame – deep red with orange undertones
  • Always blazing – bright red
  • On and on orchid – pink.
  • Constant coral
  • Glamour pink
  • Rose dust
  • Peach cocktail
  • Fire coral
  • Prune Plaisir
  • Raspberry
  • Rose Quartz
  • Plum seduction
  • Absolute plum
  • Red Passion
  • Soft taupe
  • Pink goes on
  • Committed coral
  • Reliable raspberry
  • All day cherry
  • Boundless berry
  • Firmly Mauve
  • So pearly pink
  • Lasting Lilac.

Fast you have to gently clean lip & remove other product. As like when you clean nail for applying the best glitter nail polish. Then needs to start applying. After use just stay one or two minutes without touch. Because important to completely dry for long lasting. Then apply lip balm. You can try the balm several times a day.

This is a thick consistency formulation, but staying power good. Pigments are nice only one swap enough for full coverage. I have complained about this smell and dryness. That is not fulfilling my high deserve. Overall, you can easily collect for a sexy lip.

Kat Von D liquid collation 

kat von d liquid lipstick

As well as it also offers you sufficient time wear experience by applying one time. Is it a true proposal for a woman? That’s why now I went to share my experience with long lasting liquid lipstick. After searching the market, it confuses me with her various type shades. Several hottest shades attract me & make a dream to collect all. But it is not possible at this time.

That’s why I don’t forget to know all most every color. Finally, decided to collect only four pics for this movement. That perfect with my style or winter dresses. my 4 shade is Lolita, Echo, Berlin & Melancholia. A Lipstick lover doesn’t have to be a worry about finding an attractive color. You can get easily bold, cool or warm shade from them. There some color for you-

  • Lolita – medium brown
  • Echo – deep navy blue
  • Berlin – warm coral red
  • Melancholia – rose pink
  • Ayesha – medium lavender.
  • Mother – medium mauve pink
  • Susperia – bright lavender
  • Jeffree – hot pink coral,
  • L.U.V – bright violet
  • Armageddon – carnation pink
  • Backstage Bambi – vivid hot pink
  • Bauhau5 – medium-dark raspberry pink
  • Beloved – bright lavender
  • Arrow – petal pink nude
  • Double dare – medium dark and coral pink
  • Exorcism – reddish-purple

After completing my shopping back at my home and start applying one by one. I glad for this opaque & pigmented. One swipe is enough for me. This long-lasting formulation is smooth, high-pigment, lightweight, creamy and matte finish. It’s slightly dry because of the matte polish indicator for dryness. But stays for seven or eight hours (without eating any oily food). Lastly, I want to say the producer agreement is true. Do you have any experience with them?

Queen frog prince

lipstick queen frog prince mini

Very interesting creation that can change her color. Look like a green, but after the application, you get a rose pink shade. Slightly red undertone with pink colour. Personally, I love to say look like a sheer coral shade.

It is a very thin texture creation. Blend with vitamin E and hydrating lip to safe from dryness. But finishing is glossy and moisturizing for enough time.

Stay for a long time after application. Five hours stay without question. But need to carefully drink & eat. Feel is soft, smooth and glossy. So night is the best time to Apply. But you can wear every day.

Sable smoke

best selling tom ford lipstick

This is a beautiful vanilla scent lipstick made by well-known brand Tom Ford. Its color attractive and gorgeous that can easily impress a makeup lover. Ford Its color generated for a nude shade lover.  Sable smoke is also popular for her longevity, finishing, pigment & wonderful look. I get lovely pigment that needs the second swap for full cover.

If you are happy with average staying ability lacquers. Maybe it is the best choose for you. Smoke stays almost 4 or 5 hours (need carefully eat and drink). That’s enough for any polish. You can alluring lip daily bases. Because its creamy, non-drying formula and smooth texture provide compatible with the wearing time. What is your experience with sable smoke?

Julep bonbon lipstick

julep lipstick review

Very comfortable matte finish creation. You can describe as a creamy matte finishing. That goes with dry lip without hazel. It is also described as a good ending. That haven’t enough matte & not too much glossy finish.

The color of this makeup is sweet for medium to light color skin tone. Basically, it is a nude creation. You can call terracotta nude. That has enough beautiful look.

Lasted at least 6 to 7 hours. I think you agree with me. It is very good lasted power with a comfortable feel. Because it does not make your lip dry. So stay comfortable with them.

Hourglass opaque rouge

hourglass liquid lipstick

Are you interested to know about Hourglass?  But I am not because already have two years wearing experience with them. That’s why I do not agree to write thousands of words about this. Personally, have good experience with rouge. If you want to discuss figment colors staying ability finishing or formulation. I can share my experience. now I just start with the color. Women can try its various shades. The very best looking color is-

  • Canvas – gorgeous dusty rose
  • Edition – yellow pink with gold shade
  • Riviera – this is a bright orange
  • Rose – like a natural bright pink for me
  • Empress – attractive deep plum berry
  • Icon – beautiful dark cherry red
  • Muse – coral red
  • Ballet – bright pink for bright lover.

This figment is moral you can get full coverage with one swap. But the second swap needs for bold color. Fast apply one coat, then need stay for dry. Finally apply for a second time. It is time-consuming for me. Because one swap is enough to paper for seven or eight hours. You don’t have to teens about formulations. I already told it provides a good experience. Deliver a lightweight, soft & glossy feel for the lip. This finishing is matte but not too dry.

Stila stay all day 

stila stay all day lipstick

Women spend lots of time with lipstick. As far I know it’s a worthy lose for the lip. But one thought is more important. Just lose your time with the best one like – Stila. Maybe, it provides you stylish or sexy feel. Because this is another best liquid lipstick and comes with lots of color.

That’s reason helpful to find skin tone base color. Most of the shade is popular for staying power and good impression. I select approximately 25 gorgeous pics from Stila also determined to collect all. This pick is really beautiful also the right choice for my lip. I just went to show my cherry-pick. That helps to find a better one. This list is there-

  • Baci – nude pink
  • Caramello – nude beige pink
  • Patina – dusty rose
  • Dolce – nude cinnamon
  • Amore – deep plum shade
  • Rubino – deep red
  • Fresco – mid-toned dusty rose
  • Bacca – gorgeous raspberry
  • Fiery – deep red
  • Chianti – vampy purple grape
  • Ricco – brown toned deep red
  • Fiore – hot pink
  • Tesoro – orange red
  • Angelo – Soft Peachy Nude
  • Bellissima – pale neutral pink
  • Perla – soft rosy nude
  • Fia – neutral nude
  • Biscotti – taupe brown
  • Lido – deep warm nude
  • Palermo – warm terracotta nude
  • Forza – deep burgundy
  • Caro – light pink
  • Como – bright violet
  • Paradiso – Cranberry
  • Portofino – Pink rose

Now time to talk about another subject. Fast start with pigments. One swap is enough to fully cover. Normally, doesn’t stay for a full day. But a woman can stay with six or seven hours. The finish is matte and after applying I feel a little dry, but not too much. Overall, this is a long-lasting, creamy, matte finish with various types of lovely shade. You can expect for the lip.

Covergirl succulent cherry

covergirl succulent cherry lipstick review

A beautiful piece for summertime. Because you need to wear hot color lipstick in the summer. That is succulent cherry. Generally, it is a red color with slightly orange looking. So the shiny day is best for this type of shade.

Available lot of shade. But each piece made with shea butter. So moisturizing lip for minimizing dryness problem. When you stay with moisturizing lip maybe feel comfort for this movement.

Finishing is interesting creamy. That’s the reason you feel soft with a glossy look. Yes, it’s looking slightly glossy types. Need two layers for full coverage.

Le Rouge Sculpt 05

best two tone lipstick

Innovative thought is always welcome in my collection. That reason I love the two-toned design Sculpt 05. Givenchy’s advanced thinking helps to color the lip with two different shades at the same time. It is a rose and berry shade for us. The application also fun for me and try to use various ways.

Favorite habit is fast applied darker toned. Then prepare to lighten continuous way lip inner to the midsection with a brighter shade. That glide very smoothly and creamy texture mix for hydrating the lip.

Butter kiss nude-light

Create with a hydrating formula. The ingredient list includes shea butter & coconut oil. This type of bland best to solve the dryness problem. Because this oil helps to moisturize your lip.

Available in many colors, but slightly beautiful smell include with each shade. Lasting power not so good. That’s the reason who find a long time wear lipstick. This is not for her and stays only 5 hours.

Light nut colour is beautiful. But only look good with medium to light shade skin. If you are skin type light or medium Just try this for the alluring lip.

Best products for oily skin


best oil control products

Skin is covering a human body but that have calefaction. Most of the skin types are normal, oily, dry & combination. Oily skin is more sensitive than others. It is not good for several reasons.  Most of the person is not happy with them. Because the maximum time you have to supper a lot of problems outside of the home.

Also oil hard to control in summer and winter. Sun and moist temperatures are not good for the oil. Personally, I believe it’s possible to control any skin for a beautiful or shiny look. Just need right care with the accurate product.

If anybody wants to mechanism her skin. Needs to find the best one that goes with them. Now I recommend the best beauty products for oily skin. That product helping to control oily. So… Why you are a worry.

How to determine skin

how to deal with oily skin

Just think, people living without body cover & tell us what you’re feeling. I think your feeling is not good. That’s why skin is the most important part of the human body. If you went to use the best product for your cover. Need to know skin type also its find out very easy. Just follow this instruction.

Fast need to remove makeup. Then clean full face with a gentle cleanser to remove oils, dirt etc. Then wait more than an hour without tech or use any product. After waiting just need to take a mirror to look forehead, nose. Generally, oily skin gives your face shiny and oily effect. That is the simple way you can determine.

Face wash

Finally, I found a fragrance-free liquid facial soap. Sodium Laureth Sulfate, aloe vera, menthol combine to make a beautiful soap. That best for ride oil. Clinique liquid facial soap made for different type of skin. Clinique three categories formulation is oily, mild, and very mild. Generally, an oily creation made for fitting with oily, but you can also use on the normal skin.

This powerful activity avails to clean dirt, oil, & grime from the face without stripping. You can get another advantage with them. That is balancing facial moisture and give a beautiful look. Apply also very easy and daily basis use gives a good result.

Fast, wet your face with normal water. Then take a few amounts in hand. Now start pumping for a few seconds with a finger. After the complete pump just starts to massage your full face. Then need to wait for 1 or 2 minutes & last rinsed all over face.


clinique moisturizer for oily skin

Clinique moisturizer is really good for me. Because this oil-free ingredient gives tension free life with my oily face. I have little bad experience with this best skin care products. That happened with wrong decisions. The first time I was buying the incorrect one. It’s designed for different skin type. Also, both versions are available on the market. The altered creation is lotion & gel formulation.

Fast I was buying lotion creation. That is not sweet for my oily face. But the second time I shop the light-weight gel style. Ultimately gain blameless results. Its smell isn’t strong enough. Best used little amount daily two times. I apply every morning and after back, my office removes all makeup. Then second time wash with them.

I get enough Moisturizing and don’t feel any sticky on my face. After use, you have to be happy with absorbing power. It absorbs very quickly also gives you a good feeling.


mask for oily skin

Two months ago, my mom first interested with this product. This is a white china clay and bamboo charcoal formulated origins active mask. Mom takes the decision to buy for me. Because, I am a makeup lover, but have to work crowded, toxins, debris, & dirt please. That is not good for my skin. That makes my skin dull and create jammed in the filtering system. Mom buys for me to remove all harmful toxins and dirt from my skin.

First time I wasn’t getting good results for my wrong applies method. Then read several reviews and find out beautiful applying aide. I use only every Sunday after fresh my face and complete my shower. But you can use two days each week.

After fresh, just use seven or eight minute’s warm, moist towel on the face to open the pores. Then apply a thick layer. Also, need to wait for almost 25 to 30 minutes for dry. When completely dry this is the time to remove musk from the face. Its clean dead skin cells, residue and dirt also give fresh skin.


himalaya soap for oily skin

Last four days I asked lots of friends to suggest a harmful chemical free herbal soap. Most of the friend suggests Himalaya cucumber soap so I buy it. After opening pack its color surprise me. I get a beautiful green soap. Sadly, this smell is not cucumber for me. Also, the scent just mild and fades very quickly.

The vegetable origin soap beautifully cleans my excess oil & dust after daily only one use. On the other hand returned me smooth, healthy, refresh and natural glow skin. You can use daily more than one time. But if you went to use a long time just keep the soap dry place. That was really good suggestions from my lovely friends. Do you have any ideas about this?


clinique sunscreen for oily skin

Sunscreen is a big asset to protect skin from the sun ray. But you have to pick the right one to get a good result. I pick oil-free Clinique super city for my skin. This is also good work with my sister combination skin. Its lightweight formulation is not creamy but easily blends.  It is wearable summer & winter both season.

I used daily base just a little amount to get a good result. It applies very easy. First fresh your face & neck. Then need to wait 1 or 2 minutes. Now the best time to apply sunscreen. Then you can prepare to apply makeup.

Personally, I love gossiping with my friend outside the home. That’s why this one more important for me to save from the sun. Because it’s formulated to safe skin from sun damage or harmful ray. That dangerous for every person. Finally, I want to say a best products for oily skin. Because it is oil-free, save skin from burn etc.

Face wipes

simple wipes

Last summer vacation, we are all friend make plans for hiking. Personally, I bought all the essential for hiking from my favorite shop. But salesmen suggest buying Simple face wipes. That helps to clean oil, dirt, makeup, waterproof mascaras, grime etc.

I never use this facial cleansing cloth. But it is a known product for me. Because I get its details on this article how to get rid of blackheads reading time. Finally, make plans to buy with my all essential.

That was a really good decision for walking. I Surprise with this alcohol, harsh ingredients & artificial perfume free creation. Easily clean harmful residue from my skin even removes my makeup, lipstick, dust & oil. That was really helpful. Also, I get sticky, harsh irritants, and dirt free smooth skin. You can try this for your journey. 


obagi toner

Take a beautiful product that helps you to look younger. Also makes skin soft, smooth, etc. After searching the market I get this two versions are available. One is sweet for normal to dry skin. Another is best for my oily skin.

Obagi C RX system C-balancing toner involves by another five product. Need to apply all products to clean makeup, oil, dirt or a beautiful face. Also removing dark spots without harsh your skin & provide moisturizing. The five are-

  • C-Balancing Toner
  • C-Cleansing Gel
  • C-Exfoliating Day Lotion
  • C-Clarifying Serum
  • C-Therapy Night Cream

You can apply daily base I like to use daily morning and night. Now, this product is not sweet with my pregnancy. I determined to stop for two years. Definitely, you have to avoid for same suction. Its applying method very simple.

A morning user can start with clean her face by applying Gel. Then need to take 3 or 4 pumps C-balancing toner on a cotton pad to wipe your face. Now you can use 6 or 7 drops Serum your full face. Finally, you can apply Day lotion.

Night applying process all most the same. A night user needs to stop using Serum and Day Lotion. Also, you have to apply Night cream. This is the difference between morning and night applying process.

Skin cleansing gel

I always sincere to clean my skin for that reason daily two-time nursing with several products. I pick Tea Tree cleanser to take care, my oily face. That was the really good choice for clean makeup, dirt, excess oils from my face and neck. Gently clean impurities without harsh and gives blemish-free skin.

This foamy and light texture one pump is enough to massage full face, neck and last purely rinse with water. You probably feel a little bit unhappy with this smell that is overpowering for me but goes long. I just try to share my experience with you. You can also share valuable experience with us.

Blotting papers

bobbi brown blotting papers

Bobbi Brown is a good collection for me. It is essential for the summer weather. I unquestionably love this blotting paper. Because it’s easy to carry and sometimes more essential for remove excess oil from the face. I have many years a good experience with this. Anyone can use BB powder-free tissues.

This comes with 100 sheets that reason one pack goes long. Bobbi is really clean, clear and each sheet large enough. You can use each time a single sheet to remove oil, dust from your face. I love….. Love…..Love this easily usable tissue. You can take the decision to use for a beautiful face.