How to kiss someone perfectly


how to kiss step by step

Many friends ask a question why people kiss. I just love to say this is a sign of love. Lots of friends not happy with this answer. But I think this is the right answer for the question. But the matter is the queries not ending there.

They also want to know how to kiss. Why it is common human behavior. Why we do not change our thousands of years behave. Ask more questions again and again. Sometimes I feel bothered with my friends to solve her queries.

That’s why I make a plan to solve all problems in an article. There I try to discuss everything about the kiss. If you same of my friends & want to know lots of things about the kiss. Just read this article. Maybe you can get there each about the kiss. That is you want to know.

Different types of kisses

Kiss helps to express love to each other. But this is not only happening between a couples. It has version & lots of meaning. As a human being, you should know different.

Because difference helps you express the emotions between friends, lover, child, parents, brother & sister. Also, it helps you to complete the answer how to be a good kisser.

Thousands of types of kiss survive in the world by human. All are not possible to explain in an article. That’s why I try to explain the most needed top twelve kisses & her meaning.

Forehead kisses

It’s just a care someone. Just a person tall her lover, I with you. More than anything in the world. But this is not happening by speaking. It’s happened with a kiss. This is the real meaning of a forehead kiss.

You can kiss someone’s forehead for showing respect, care, strong friendship, emotions, commitment, more than sex etc. It’s can occur between brother, sisters, friends, lovers or family.

Also, it’s a nonsexual, nonromantic indicator for your lover. So without sex, you can kiss lover for display deep relationship. Be careful when complete kiss. Don’t forget to look at her eyes & smile. Because this is the best way to showing better feelings with a kiss.

French kiss

kids french kissing

It’s another beautiful name is a deep kiss. Which starts with American & British people. Maybe this style starts from the beginning of the 20th century or world wear 2. Personally, I love to call it’s a loving kiss. You can also call a kiss that happened with tongue & lip for messing partner I feel good with you.

Because Just a tongue touches another tongue by entering each other mouth. Covered by each other lips & closed mouth. Also, it the best kiss for a couple & spouse. That’s why I call it’s a lover or tongues kiss.

Come to the main point. You need to know how to kiss well. Without preparation, hard to complete this style. So before starting choice a perfect time with a fresh mouth. You have to also complete eye contact & smile as the last preparation.

Now you can touch smoothly partner back side for come to the close each other. Touch each other face and open mouth. This is the time to close your eyes & touch tongues. Now slightly tilt head any side.

Be sure when tilt head. Just tilt each other opposed side. Now lock lips, closed mouth and start enjoying with a partner. Try to complete this work slowly in the right place.

Single lip kiss

lip kiss images

A kiss that is indicates a hot, romantic and sensual movement. This way you can kiss enjoying times or kiss day. You can also apply it any time with a good place & batter cessation.

This way a person kisses her partner’s single lip. But both are kissing each other single lip. Just like this – you kiss the lower part of the lip and your lover kiss your upper part of the lip. This is the difference.

Also involved sucking on the style. When you lock lips by mouth. Need to start sucking. But try to suck carefully, gently and smoothly. Just try to throw a good feel for a lover.

Mark kisses

This is a lipstick kissing by a girl or woman for her boyfriend. You can fun with boyfriend by mark style. After applying lipstick just create a mark lover face by the lip.

Sometimes it naturally occurs when you eat or drink. But it is not happening with a lover. It occurs with a coffee mug, burger, apple etc.

Love bite

This is like a mark kissing. But the popular name is love bite or hockey kiss. This style completes by kissing, sucking and biting. You can describe as a bite of love or sign of love.

A person can complete this kiss as a mark of love with her husband, boyfriend or girlfriend. It also indicates a deep love. It’s can occur in many parts of the body. But the neck is best places.

Before start need to permission for biting. Because it’s painful for a person. Now find a place of the body. Try to choose a visible place & take your position. Start kissing and sucking for a long time. Finally, complete works with bite.

Sometimes it is dangerous for people. Because it has side effects. A couple of days have to supper pain, AIDS, cancer it’s. So be careful to take a decision to bite.


This is a most popular kissing style of the seventeenth & eighteenth century’s people. But this style starts by Spanish courts & Lithuanian Commonwealth police.  Stall now it is more popular kissing style on the earth.

It completes by offering hand & kiss. Now I am clearing you. Just a person offers her hand to another person. Also, he takes your hand and complete with a soft kiss. So a very simple way you can complete this job.

It has various types of meaning. That depends on the place, time and person. That is not possible to complete with a chapter. But I try to describe shortly.

You can look at this style between a couple, religious owners when any person receiving her guest etc. So I think you almost understand why it has various meanings. But most of the time it’s a sign of respect.

Without respect, it’s a symbol of a powerful person. Also, it is a culture for some city or county people. But when anyone kissing your hand by romantically. He indicates a different thought.

Lizard kiss

lizard kiss pic

It’s a boring and necked kissing style. Usually, I love to say these two words. But you can describe as fun of the tongue. Also describes as a fun kid for a couple.

It’s just a game. Because this is tongue entering & a pushing game between a guy & girl. You just entering tongue her mouth and she pushes it out. I think you understand the sustain. That’s why I feel boring.

Navel & Belly kiss

neck kisses tips

A soft kissing place in the earth. It’s too soft, sensual & fun. Try to kiss softly and smoothly. But need a good place for kissing. Not possible on the public place.

Come to the main point. When you kiss only belly try do softly. But need extra preparation for the novel. Because you have to touch the novel different times with tongue. I mean after kissing you can play with a novel by the tongue.

Also novel & belly a sensual place for women. That’s why I suggest to do it before sex. But you have to confident. Try to smile & talking at the same time.

Neck kisses 

beautiful neck kisses

It’s a sensitive area. So when you love to turn on yourself. Try to permission your boyfriend for neck kissing. Also, the boyfriend needs to carefully handle some suction for instant sensation.

Because it means your girlfriend or wife wants something more from you.  I mean physical relation. That’s why need to do something that makes your wife crazy. Basically, it occurs in a longtime relationship.

Best way to take a position slowly behind your lover. Put your hands on her waist. Try to do it slowly & romantically. I mean just try to send him a crazy message.

Now find more sensitive areas of the neck. Slowly up to the down lip. You can apply to suck & bite to make crazier. But the right way to do it later time.

Air kiss

I think you already understand by the name of a kiss. Air means without touching anybody you kiss a person. But sometimes it’s complete with cheek to cheek touching.

I want to more clear you showing an example.   Like when a celebrity kiss her audience without touch any people for showing her love. People also called its a blown or thrown a kiss.

This is the most popular style in the recent world. But it starts from a long time ago. Mostly western, American people are used to with them. But it is a common style on any celebrity & model in the world.

Sometimes it’s a general & formal human behaviours. But don’t do this any place. When you visit any country. Just try to understand suction and culture. Then you can apply this style.

Nibble Kiss

how to nibble kiss

It’s a physical affecting showing process. You can apply it with your boyfriend or husband. This way the couple can kiss & bite each other lips. But without lips, you can do with nose, cheek & chin.

Its feel is sensual and something’s different from formal & manner kissing style. Also, you can include nibble with most of the types of kissing style. Just need to bite by using teeth.

Careful when you bite. Just do it smoothly & after completion some general lip kiss. Don’t forget to suck your boyfriend with this kiss. That helps to send more sensual & affection feel.

Kiss on the cheek

An untold culture or trend on the people’s lifestyles. Lots of countries love to use cheek kiss as an against the handshakes.  Almost every country & each people love to do it with her favourite or loving person. That’s why I told it’s an untold culture in our society.

Generally described as a social gesture. That’s why you can do it with any person. That’s haven’t any age & gender limit. But meaning can be a different person to person.

Its meaning can be congratulations, respect someone, really good, I care you, surprise etc. Also, it’s included in a religious honor. So you are fully free to cheek kiss any person. But fast try to understand the place & people. Then you can do it.

Preparation for kiss

how to kiss a guy well

Maybe you already gain general knowledge about the kiss. Now time to the preparations for applying. Are you prepared?  I think you not. Because need to take more steps for will be a good kisser.

Because a good kiss & well manner can help to run a long relationship. That’s why need to be kissing popper way & with the best preparation. So try to ready yourself by taking some steps.

So there I discuss what you need to do before the kiss. I think these kiss tips help people to complete kiss with good manner & good adjustment.

Try to be gentle

Gentleness is a power or strength for people. So try to stay with a cool temper. Don’t forget to respect others. Need to understand the situation. Stay with a good feeling. Decide your main point of view. Try to understand the person’s mentality. Reduce your confusion and weakness.

All points help you to be a gentle person. And a gentle person naturally will be a good kisser. Because of your manner & attitude like a magnet. That helps come to close each other.  When you better understand each other. Then automatically create a deep relationship.

Also, need to remember you are not a child. So be careful to use teeth & tongue. No need to suck and biting any place. Basically, when you fast kiss any person. Also, without boyfriends no need to do with any people.

Romantic mode

Do you want to create a happy life with a husband or lover? If your answer is yes. Fast need to sat a romantic environment in the mind. That not only helps come to close each other. It also helps to complete some good kiss.

A romantic kiss is a great way to establish a relationship. But don’t do this without your partner. Now I discuss some point. That helps to create a romantic environment.

Invite him to a good place.  Try to passing time with boyfriend choice topics. Create a beautiful body language. Do something interested. Stay close together. Turn him physical affection. Passion time with loving feel. Fast kiss him without lip and say you are beautiful.

Clear intentions

Do you know when someone wins in her life? When I asked this question any place. Most of the people answer me. When someone hard work for the win. I agree with this answer. But before hard work, your intentions or goal has to be clear.

That’s why people say our intention to create a reality. The same thing could happen with a kiss. When you kiss any person or lover. You have to be clear, your intention to a person. What you want from this kiss.

But before the kiss, you have to complete the basic work with him. Just invite him to a coffee shop. Text or call your boyfriend to meet. Build a good communion.  Just generally inform him what you want. This way you can prepare your boyfriend for a kiss.

Ask for a kiss

Why need to ask for a kiss. I give this answer by an example. Maybe you papered to complete dinner. Do you know I am ready or not complete my dinner? You don’t know. So you need to ask me for a complete dinner together.

The same reason you need to ask for a kiss. Maybe you’re a partner is not papered. But sometimes body language good work more than talk. You can make eye contact. Make a meaningful movement. Try to smoothly touch hands and face.

Before ask, you can prepare him in several ways. Quickly ask him some romantic questions. Try to stay alone. Tell him a romantic kissing story. Finally, confidently say can I kiss you.

Make physical contact

It is a great way to understand the partner movement. Is he ready or not to make a kiss with you. That’s why I suggest before the kiss, try to touch lover hand or body any place. If he didn’t feel comfortable to the touch. That’s mean he didn’t ready to kiss.

Decide kissing types

various types of kissing types

If you read my full article I think already understand the different meaning of a kiss. I again explain there shortly. Some kiss is romantic, some are sexual, and some are respect or tradition.

That’s why sometimes I love to say. Please, you need to gain general knowledge about the kiss. That helps when coming to the choice of a kiss.

Try to understand the time, place & person. These three points help you to choose the right kissing types.

Stay with fresh breath

Bad breath is a common human problem. Do you know its happened to our unconscious lifestyle? Most of the time it occurs by oral. However, come to the main point. Without fresh breath, you are not acceptable to kiss any person.

There I try to mention some point & products for good breath. Brush your teeth every day morning and before sleep. Use floss your teeth. Use a tongue scraper every day. Eat vegetables & fruit. Try sugarless gum for fresh mouth. You can also try mouth wash.

Also, need to avoid some bad habits. You can stop eating garlic & onion. Avoid high acidity beverage. Stop smoking. Stay with hydration. I mean drink lots of water for safe for dryness. Drink green tea. Finally, if you have an oral infection. Go to the doctor for solving.

Now I mention my choices brush, tongue scraper & mouth wash. Personally, this three collection I love to use for my fresh mouth.

how to prepare for your first kiss

Oral rinse

It is an alcohol-free product & gives me instant freshness.  Also, kill harmful bacteria of the mouth. After mouthwash 8 to 10 hours, I feel a freshness without dry. As far as I know, it is best in the world.

Tongue Cleaner

Take it for the fresh tongue. I have long time good & effective user experience. That made of stainless steel. Curved enough that helps to confirm use.

Charcoal Toothbrush

A wall knows toothbrush in my life. This is enough soft & comfort. That’s able to clean each area of teeth. And clean wall without problem my teeth and mouth.

Find a beautiful place

A beautiful place is able to change the mind. So a nice place is a big factor. That’s why lots of people spend thousands of dollars for visiting mind bowling place. That gives him a refreshed & beautiful mind.

When your mind is wonderful. You can see everything is nice. This is the reason I suggest try to invite boyfriend to a beautiful place. That easily turns him romantic.

If you are not interested to go outside of the home for passing time. You can create a wonderful place in the home or bedroom.

Good smell

A beautiful smell like a power that can instantly turn on a person. Because a good smell instantly attracts our sense. Also, I personally believe a nice smell can change your mood. And turn our mind for good thought & romance.

That help comes to close a person. However, you can stay with a good smell in several ways. You can use perfume. But I believe without scent possible to stay with a nice sensation. There I try to discuss booth way.

Fast starts with without perfume. You can take a shower every day. Choose a clean & a good smell dress. Avoiding bad smell. Use light lotion your hull body. Clean your living place.

You can also choose a good perfume. There I am showing my favourite two scents.

all about kissing

Noir by Guy

If you are men read my article. Just collect this one for the beautiful smell. Because it is a beautiful men smelling. That made by top notes rosemary, lavender, basil, green mint, Angelica etc.

I love, its romantic smell & that stay up-to 6 hours. If you are not happy with this  just try the best cologne for men

Lovely Women Perfume

Women can choose this one. That made by well-known ingredients lavender, orchid, paper, apple martini, rosewood, cedar, orchid etc. But I think this one is not for teenage and smell stay enough time. Now more for you the best perfume for women

Soft lip

soft lips tips

You have to nursing lip for soft and safe from dryness. That helps to get kissable lip. But without lip need to clean & soft all kissable areas. Like neck, ears, cheek, nose etc. However, now I not interested to talk all areas without a lip. And try to start how to keep lips kissable.

Several ways are possible to kip lip manageable. Apply moisturizing lip balm. Take moisturizing lipstick. Drink lots of water. Eat lots of vegetable & fruits. Choice lip products that contain without fragrance. Try to forget biting your lip. Clean your lip with a toothbrush.

Also, some natural homemade remedy helps to keep your lip soft & beautiful. Apply lemon & honey. Massage, Aloe Vera on the lip. Use Milk and turmeric mix. Rub sugar each week. Rub your lip with cucumber. Now two best lip balm.

chafe balm

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Stay with natural ingredients. Yes, this lip balm made with 100% natural ingredients. So nature always harmless for us. After applying I feel refreshed, soft and moist lips. So take it without question.

Chafe Balm

This is another good one of my choice. It also keeps my lip soft, smooth, moist and irritating free. And all ingredients sourced from nature.

Remove your makeup

It is so important to remove makeup before the kiss. Why need to remove makeup for a kiss. I think no need to explain. If not possible to remove instantly. Tries to remove your lipstick from the lip. I show there two instant cosmetic remover product.

best Instant makeup remover

Instant Makeup Remover

Take it to solve cosmetic remove problem. Because it is instantly clean all types of eye & lip makeup. Even you can easily remove waterproof cosmetic with them.

Bobbi Brown remover

This is another best eye and lip makeup remover. Also long wear cosmetics clean without a problem. People say it is best for eye makeup, but I clean my lipstick with them without any hesitation.

Technique of kissing

Please don’t forget to kiss is art. So techniques are important to kiss an artistic way. Also, a good kiss helps several ways to run a relationship. But a good kiss defends on technique. So it is important for us.

I know everyone has her own technique. But do you know your process is right or wrong? Maybe you can say I am not sure. But you need to sure. That’s why I am there for helping you.

If you will be a good kisser. Try to maintain my showing process. This way you will be a win. Will be an intelligent kisser.

Right pressure

A good lover pushes her kiss with enough pressure. Because this way anybody can be happy your loving person. There I told the right pressure not too much or less. You can apply medium pressure for a kiss.

Do you know why need to take this step? Because I already told kiss is a sign of love. So you are not fighting any person. You just showing love. Huge pressure sign of aggressive not love.

I think you already understand why need. Also, enough pressure gives a smooth feel. A good feel is very urgent for a kiss. So try to apply this technique.

Use hand

Yes, it is more important for a kisser to use her hand correctly. Various ways can be used. But make sure to use smoothly & slowly. Also, try to use with good feel.

But one question is left. Which body parts should be chosen to hand apply? You can apply hand any place of the body. Basically, it’s defending on kissing types and person. Maybe you understand what I mean. But need a beautiful hand that have to use softly. That’s why women can apply opi oz nail polish

If you kiss your love. That time you can use on his waist, shoulder, side of the face, cheekbone, chin, hair, backside, neck, hips etc. So no need to say more.

Close your eye

kissing tips for women

Maybe you can agree with me. When we think of any subject with close our eyes. Our imagination and feel will be double. Yes, I believe this thought. Close eye best policy for feeling anything rather than open our eyes.

So close eye just before touching any person body with lip. Really I do it when I kiss my girlfriend. Because I want to enjoy more. Also, I feel relaxed kissing time.

Some people say it is a sign of trust. But why people say I don’t know. I do it for more enjoy. When I kiss with open eyes many visual subject effects my mind & feeling. So close eye best policy for enjoying.

Use your tongue carefully

kissing test for couples

You have to clever to play tongue. Personally, I think tongue use is a sexual indicator. That’s why you have to clever. Because you need to understand the place & person before use.

Ok, I think you already understand which places & person best for use. But you need to general knowledge for use. There I explain some best way to use.

Don’t start kiss by using tongue. Start with some normal kiss, then find a good time to add tongue. Don’t apply it continuously try to break. Use it slowly & smoothly. Also, you have to understand partner reaction. Finally, avoid too much use.

Apply various types of kiss

various types of kisses for couples

Don’t only involve lip or neck kissing. When you kiss someone. The best practice is involved with various types of the kiss in several places. This is the best practice for a higher level of feel.

Involved full body

Who wants to get the best feel with a kiss. He needs to sacrifice full body with them. But don’t do this without a lover. Also carefully involved your body. Don’t do this aggressively. Try to do smoothly & sensually.

Basically, there I mean you can make a huge day when kissing boyfriend. Just you pressed him with your body. Involves you hand several places of boyfriend body.

Just try to make an enjoyable and sensual movement by using full body. That makes a kiss more memorable. When you able making a memorable movement. Your relationship will be strong.

Smiley face

You can smile at any time. Basically, when you are talking or gossip with any person. But the smile is very urgent for a kiss. It makes your kiss more romantic. Also, it is helpful to make your kissing partner relax and comfort.

How to get rid of blackheads easily

how to get rid of blackheads easily

Are you worried about the black dot on the nose, chin, & cheek? It is a common problem on a human face. So no need to worry. Generally, most of the people like to call this problem blackheads. Yes, this is a well-known name for a black dot. So you can also call by this name.

Lots of men & women’s supper these problems. That kills the natural beauty of the human face. I know that’s why people angry. Because you are going to be ugly. Really, I agree with you, it’s not looking good. But I want to say please don’t worry. Just need to know how to get rid of blackheads.

Several years ago I supper these matters in full neck & face. But my head was safe. Other ways I have to find best shampoo for hair care. I west my lots of time to find a way to solve this problem. Finally, I was successful to remove from my face. Today I am going to share my success story. That’s the story and method helps to successfully remove.

What are blackheads

what are blackheads caused by

Its answer is simple. Because you can identify by black spots or black dot on the body or face. Most of the time it happened with a face. Without a face, it also occurs with back, chest, neck, arms, and shoulder.

So we can say this symptom is a dark spot on the skin surface. Really, these look like a dark dot but its good name is small bumps. The good news is it is not painful just looking ugly.

What causes blackheads

what causes blackheads on nose

This is happening with human body elements. A human body always produces oil by a sebaceous gland. That’s called sebum and this sebum is oil. Also, the body creates new skin cells. That helps to shiny, soft, smooth & younger looking. That’s why oil & new skin most important for us.

But when the new skin is growing. That time some skin is dead. Also over sebum block pores. Sadly, these dead skin & oil combination harmful for us. That’s called oxidized mix. That’s why plugged our pores and create a pimple.

When oxidized come into the air. Its color turns black. That’s why it looks like a small black dot. But its haven’t any health risk & pain. But it’s not good for us. We should know how to clean blackheads.

How to remove blackheads

how to remove blackheads at home

It is possible to control or remove this skin problem. But you have to complete some work. Today I am going to discuss a few valuable ways to rid this issue. This way I throw from my own experience.  So let’s start…

Start to use weekly basis pore strips

pore strips for blackheads
Before starting use strips, you need to general knowledge about this product.  What is this and how to use? These two questions are most important for a beginner user. Let’s you have to find out the best strips. There I try to complete these three answers.

It is one kind of band-aid. Sometime I usually love to say this word. But the popular name is sheet masks, pore strips, pimple stickers & nose strips etc. I think you already understand. But need to know why we should use.

Maybe it is helpful for you. Because it’s gently clean dead skin, dirt, leftover makeup and oil from the nose. Basically, these harms combine to create blackheads. So this is an urgent need for us. Now I recommend my choice two strips. I have a good experience with these two.

nose strips

Biore pore strips

I pick it from the thousands of collections. It is the best pimple stickers on the market. Oil-free and two different strips are available. So you can use on the chin, nose & face. But I suggest, please don’t use sensitive area like around the eye.

Piggy nose three strip

Another good one for the clean nose. Its complete her work by three steps. Fast open pores by essence infused strip. Then extract and finally helps to clean pores. This product really good for clean harm.

How to use pore strips

how to use pore strips

Always try to use the proper way. Because accurate way helps to get good results.  Just follow my instructions and try to complete step by step full process.

  • Start clean & wet nose with water.
  • Peel off plastic and past on the nose smoothly with a finger.
  • Then need to wait 10 to 12 minutes.
  • Finally, remove from the nose.

Use clay mask

use clay mask for acne

Lots of facial masks are available like clay, cream, gel, charcoal etc. But I choice clay for blackheads remove. That has a reason. Basically, all mask work to clean your face. Clay best of them to clean oil, dead skin, bacteria, dust etc. That is our mostly need.

Some clay mask, especially contains with essential ingredient salicylic acid for clean dead skin. Also, it is dry your skin than another mask. That’s why need to use moisturizer after applying. I hardly suggest using one time per week. Also, best to clean before completely dry.

Various types of clay mask available. But all is not good for you. Need to choice skin types based. There I want to discuss only three types of clay. That almost covers all skin types. The three are French green,  kaolin, & bentonite. Also, suggest you best mask from each category.

clay mask for blackheads

Green clay mask

The well-known name of the product is green clay. That best choice for oily skin. At the same time usable with any skin types. It’s color green and come from France. That absorbs all harm from the skin like -bacteria, dirt, oil etc. You can mix with honey, water, lavender oil etc.

Powder Clay

One of the best products for sensitive & dry skin. Most of the time kaolin comes with white color. But more color available for you. It is my choice clay powder. That I have used since a long time ago for my dry skin.

This powder gently cleans oil & stimulate circulation for a healthy look. Basically, it’s work to clean all types of bad issues from face and pores. Now I give you an aide for mixing the product.

You can mix with green tea, lavender oil, jojoba oil, powdered milk, honey etc. Whatever you want just have to feel and smell good. Now I am clear you best way to mix with jojoba & lavender essential oil with this powder. Finally, mix water & start to apply the face & neck area.

Aztec healing clay

One of the most powerful clay to fight against oil, dust, dead skin etc. But a great choice for only normal to oily skin. It’s haven’t any smell. Just carefully mix with water, lemon juice, jojoba, and rose or rosemary oil. After applying need to remove within 16 to 20 minutes from the face.

How to apply a clay mask

how to apply a clay mask

All face mask application process almost the same. There is nothing to hide or show.  This is my opinion. Now I show you an easy process. That I apply in my own life.

  • Mix clay with essential like honey, water, oil etc.
  • Gently clean your face with any face clincher.
  • Then apply a thin layer into the full face & neck
  • Now need to wait 25 to 30 minutes to dry.
  • Take lukewarm water and wipe full face
  • Finally, rinse and take a dry towel to wipe.
  • Use a lightweight moisturizer

Carefully stay with makeup

how to remove blackheads naturally

Maybe makeup is an important subject for women. That can instantly change your look, but it’s harmful also. Cosmetic cases you have to be supper lots of skin problems. So no need to stay longtime with cosmetic. After back home as soon as possible need to remove cosmetic.

We are blocking our pores by using too much cosmetic. Yes, it’s true. Also, we need to buy oil, alcohol, acrylics, parabens & fragrance-free products. That is less harmful to us. Try to clean your makeup brass after use. But you can apply cosmetic with blackheads. Just need to right way handle.

Try to collect non-comedogenic products. Remove lipstick shade before going to sleep. Stop applying eye makeup after eyebrow threading read here. Try to choose branded products. Finally, you have to use the best makeup remover. This two for you

dhc cleansing oil review blackheads

Clean it zero

This Product sweet for all most all skin types. It is a fast benefit from them. General a lightweight sorbet formula and oily type cleaner. That deeply clean waterproof makeup, dust, oil, and any impurities. Just take a little amount into the finger & apply your chin, forehead and cheek. Now start massage full face and last rinse.

DHC cleansing

A beautiful facial cleansing oil. That great work to clean all types of residue from the face. Even waterproof mascara, makeup, eyeliner, excess oil, sunscreen etc. Also sweet for all types of skin. Her valuable ingredients are olive oil & after use, its make our skin refresh, soft, and balance.

Keep your skin moisturized

how to moisturize your face naturally

Please don’t forget to moisturize your skin with blackheads. Because of the dryness is not good for you. Each time you need to stay with open pores. Only moisturizer can help to open pores. So it is important for us. But need to apply right amount, accurate products with exact time.

However, when you feel dry immediately need to apply moisturizer. Because dryness helps to produce excess oil and more oil block pores. But need to find out a product that contains oil-free, water-based, none comedogenic levels, fragrance-free & lightweight formulation. Also, apply the right amount that is your needs.

Now some tips to use. Before applying the best way to clean face with water. Try to apply more products where you need to keep more moisturizing. I mean which places are surrounded by more pimples. Finally, just avoid using alcohol-based creation. Alcohol dries our skin faster. Now two good moisturizer for you.

best face moisturizer for acne

Water face moisturizer

I choice, it’s for hydration my skin with blackheads. That has a reason. Because this is a water-based moisture gel, oil free, non- comedogenic, fragrance-free & absorbs quickly. These types of features need for our black dot. Even you can apply under makeup.

Aveeno face moisturizer

This is almost completed full features to become the best moisturizer for blackheads. Its salicylic acid ingredients a key to treat acne. That I love so much. Also an oil-free, hypo, allergenic & non-comedogenic products. That’s best for everyday use with our problems.

Try salicylic acid to rid blackheads

salicylic acid blackhead treatment

Fast starts with what is salicylic acid. This answer is- you can describe as a beta hydroxy acid and well-known ingredients for blackhead removal products. Also, it is present in lots of beauty products ingredients list. Let’s start a discussion about why it is most important to ride our pimple.

I try to give this answer simply. An acid that helps to open pores.  Deeply penetrate skin sebum and destroy the sticky dead skin. Fighting with acne, clear dead skin, help the skin grow etc. Really a good ingredient for acne or oily skin. If need to find products for oily skin go here

You have to apply regular basis and exact amount. Because after stopping use again our pores will be locked. Maybe you not interested to lock the pores. Personally, I suggest choosing a product that contains with 2% acid. Not more than 2%. Try to use less than 2%.

If you don’t apply frequently or don’t maintain a few subjects. This acid will create some problems. After use tries to avoid the sun, stop using with pregnancy, harmful for dry skin. Incorrect use occurs irritation, dryness, redness, & thinning skin problems.

Remember, don’t use this acid with glycolic acid or any Exfoliants. However, if you are facing a problem, try to call a doctor to solve. The next work is finding a product that maintains presentence of acid or pH level.

How to use salicylic acid

how to use salicylic acid for acne

Many ways you can apply. Basically, it depends on what type of product you choose.  I mean lots of beauty products come with this acid. There I show two products & application process.

c serum for face

Acne solutions ant oxidants formula

A small free deep clearing that contains with 2% salicylic. Regular use possible to clean acne blemishes & reduce pore size. I use it every day with my clean face. Yes, need to remove makeup & dust from the face. Then take a cotton ball and put a few drops. Then apply on the dry skin. You can reply 1 or 2 times if you need. Now just wait for 30 seconds. Last, rinse & apply moisturizer.

C – Serum for Skin

An anti against facial serum with the perfect amount of salicylic. Even protect sun harmful ray and skin damage. Also, nourish skin for remove dark & healthy look. Its main benefit is to reduce pore size and hydrates skin for long glow. Just try little amount into your face each day. Every day application best for good results.

How to prevent blackheads naturally

how to remove blackheads at home instantly

Always a natural way is the best policy. I hope you can agree with me. Thousands of year ago people depend on nature to solve various problem & skin disease. Steel modern world flows our previous people thinking.  That’s why now I discuss some natural way.

Clean your face every day

clean your face everyday

If you read my full article I think you already understand why block pores. Mostly dead skin, dust, and oil are a big reason for the block. That’s why need to clean face everyday morning & evening. Without washing not possible to clean this three harm from the face.

So it is a big reason to clean. But some subject needs to know before was with a pimple. Find a face wash, which contains salicylic acid. Remember your skin type when you buy one. Don’t forget to moisturize after clean.

Grow your conches mind to know more points. Like – before wash, remove your makeup. Wash your face daily two times. Stop over washing. Buy an acne fitter cleaner.  I choice two acne fitters cleaner for you.  Just try this two.

best facial cleanser for acne

Clean & Clear acne control

Three steps acne fitter cleaner. You can choose it’s for oily, dry, normal & pimple skin. Fight with acne without hazel and without skin dry. This is the main features, but 3 products also have her own benefit. The 3 pics are

  • Cleaner- wash dust, oil, dead skin etc.
  • Fast acting treatment – penetrated pores, clear acne breakout & fight with oil.
  • Moisturizer – solve the dry problem & helps to healthy looks.

Bioré cleanser 

It is contained by without oil and with salicylic acid to treat acne. This is the main reason I like it for you. But gently clean dust, oil, dead skin. Also, It has another benefit that helps to open pores.

Apply lemon juice

homemade remedy for blackheads

Lemon juice is a well-known Ingredients in homemade remedy for blackheads and many skin problems. Which happened to her important citric acid, antibacterial properties, alpha hydroxy acid & various essential benefits. Now I discuss lemon features.

Alpha hydroxy acid work against the acne, pimple, old dead skin and any skin problems. Citric acid tightens pores. Also antibacterial and acidic features clean germs, oil, dust etc. Without blackhead problem, it prevents many skin problems. But overuse harmful for us.

Maybe excess applies helps to create lots of skin disease. Because of too much use clean good skin bacteria, burning, dryness, stinging, redness, itching etc. Are you ready to supper problem? But I am not ready. Because I already solve this harms by using one or two times a week. So you can do this.

How to apply lemon juice

blackheads on face

You can try in many ways. Just need to mix with water, honey, salt, rose water etc. Also, the only lemon can applicable. Just slices lemon and start to rub problematic areas on the face.

There I discussed only one best method for our black dot. That is lemon & salt. You can do the same job by mixing with other ingredients. (I already mansion sweet able subject with lemon). But salt is best. Because salt & lemon combine makes an antibacterial face scrub.

Salt can exfoliate dirt, oil, grime, germs etc. That’s why my choice salt. Now start by slice a lemon and start juice with blander. Take a few salts on the cup and need a teaspoon. Flow the amount of mixing & star use

  • Half spoon salt
  • Spoon lemon juice &
  • 1 spoon pure water

Use honey for the blackheads

raw honey for acne

This is one of the most popular natural vitamin sources for a human. That haven’t any side effects for people body. Did you know it helps to remove our blackheads and whitehead without any effect our skin? Now I discuss how honey helps us.

Naturally honey rich for antibacterial properties. Which helps to fight against germs. That also has antioxidant & antiseptic property. That natural hydration, nourishing, softens and moisturizing skin. Clean dead skin, oil, dust etc.

I hope you already understand why need honey. But also need to know how to apply. Various way you can complete this job. Just need to mix lemon, sugar, apples, tomatoes, eggs, almonds, milk, salt, oatmeal, strawberry etc. But I love to apply only honey on my face.

The raw honey application process

how to apply honey on face

Before starting talking about application details. I just want to tell you this is my own process. This way I gain good results. But you can use honey with –

  • Strawberry & lemon juice
  • Lemon juice and salt
  • Oats & lemon juice
  • Honey and cinnamon
  • Baking soda & lemon
  • Lemon, egg and baking soda
  • Sugar & milk
  • Oatmeal and egg
  • Apple & cornmeal
  • Almonds
  • Oatmeal and tomatoes etc.

Before starting the application I just clean my face and hand. Yes, I clean my hand. Because I apply with my finger.  Now need to wait until dry your face. Take few amounts and start rub with fingers for warm (please don’t warm honey with a gas stop. That can kill natural benefits).

When you feel warm, this is the time to apply on the face. After applying just wait at list 15 to 20 minutes. Finally, clean with soft and damp cloth. All application process almost the same. Just need to mix other ingredients with them. I recommend two good raw honey for you.

Y.S. raw honey

One of the delicious raw honey from my choice. Manufactured by YS  Bee Farms. Without question, you can try. I don’t say more just try it’s for blackheads.

Bee raw buckwheat

This is another good one from my own experience. This one collects from the natural flower. Without our needs, you can use with tea, coffee & several foods.

Try baking soda

baking powder or baking soda for acne

If you are an expert in the cooking industry. I think baking soda well-known products for you. But matters is you don’t know without cooking it is an essential product in the beauty industry. Many women like to use it as a homemade remedy for her skin and face.

Also, some experts suggest it to use blackheads remove. I agree with the expert. Because of these sodas protecting, healing and nursing our skin. The main benefits are helping to open pores, clean dead skin and make our skin soft & smooth. Usually, I love to say this is a chemical free & natural cleaner for us.

But if you have dry, allergy and sensitive skin just leave this method. This remedy not good for you. Because it creates irritation, red on the skin surface. Also, after complete application, I feel dryness. I think dryness is no problem. You can solve this problem by using moisturizer. But work well for black dot.

How to use baking soda

baking soda for blackheads

Numerous way you can apply.  As like previous honey and lemon method. You can mix with various subjects. I show you some ingredients that well blended with soda.

  • Honey
  • Lemon
  • Water
  • Cider vinegar
  • Sugars
  • Herbs
  • Salt
  • Milk

I think no need to show an individual using process for each ingredient. All application method is almost the same. That’s why I show you only one way. That helps to complete booth. Let’s start…

My showing method is soda & honey. Fast you need to wash face with lukewarm water. This wash helps to open pores and you can gain better results with soda. So don’t miss it.

Now take soda and honey in a bowl & start mix. Next job is applied on the affected area. After completely applying need to wait 5 or 6 minutes & rinse. You can do this job weekly 1 or 2 times. Try to complete this job with my recommended soda. Because this is best on the market.

baking soda for pimples overnight

Pure organic baking soda

Highest quality collection from the market. 100% natural and aluminium free, eco-friendly products. Usable for cooking, baking, face cleaning homemade remedies, many beauty treatments etc.

Hammer soda

An aluminium free, eco-friendly creation from the USA. Because of this company stabiles in the USA. Also, it can be used in various ways. Cleaning, fewer deodorizing, blackheads removes beauty remedy, many household work etc. Sometimes I use it to clean my teeth.

Kasturi turmeric

turmeric for acne

If you are a woman reading this article. I think no need to introduce with turmeric. It’s a well-known product for you. You already use it to gain many beauty benefits. But who doesn’t know about these benefits I only explain for her.

Personally, I love to say it is a secret weapon for the beauty industry. Many ways you can benefit from them. Even you can treat blackheads. Naturally, it has anti-inflammatory, oxidant, neoplastic, bacterial properties. Also, its work for blood purifier.

Really, it’s a good product to solve acne, pimple, dark spots, sun damage, wrinkles, fairer & oily skin. Gently absorb oil, destroy bacteria & clean dead skin. Mostly these three benefits our needs. This also works to smooth, soft & improve skin tone.

How to use turmeric for blackheads

turmeric mask for blackheads

Many ways can be applied. As like another natural method in this article. It also needs to include some ingredients with them. But I show there 9 ingredients. This nine is best to mix with turmeric for treating acne. This 9 are –

  • Honey
  • Besan
  • Yogurt
  • Lemon
  • Neem leaves
  • Sandalwood
  • Raw turmeric
  • Olive oil
  • Aloe Vera.

There I show only one mixing and application process. That helps to complete all process. You just mix honey with them as you need. But measurement is 1 teaspoon turmeric with half teaspoon honey. Now use it all over the face. Leave it 10 to 15 minutes and rinse. Just do it every day for best results. Now two good turmeric powder form my choice.

kasturi turmeric for face

Wild kasthuri turmeric

Please don’t use this powder for cooking purpose. This one only for beauty treatments. I have own experience with them. It is best on other powder on the market & gives a natural glow on the skin.

Turmeric raw root

Beautiful and fresh row turmeric root for you. Collect from 100% original source. Not to say more try it for our black dot problem.

Best shampoo for hair care


best shampoo for men

We try to get dandruff free shiny hair. But this journey started from a long time ago by the Asian people. That’s why Indian people create an innovative hair care product. That generally popular by name shampoo. Which made with natural ingredients by using fruit (soapberries) and flowers (hibiscus, herbs etc).

Today include verity of thought and ingredients to making a perfect product. This thinking helps to produce hair and scalp types based. That’s why some things need to study before collection. But most important to understand about hair and scalp. Most of the time scalp design reflects a hair stature. Today discuss hair based difference creation.

Type of hair

types of hair

Maybe you feel boring to know what shampoo should I use and what is your hair types, but I am not. Because these two answer important not only for collection Shampoo. It’s helpful to styling also takes care of your hair.

Average human scalp 120 square inches. Almost 100000 or 150000 hairs surrounded the full head. But type’s dependent on the texture, density, porosity, elasticity and curl.

All subjects including divided by 4 basic characters.  Like this- normal, curly, dry, and oily. Each design has her own calefaction. Also, need to include colour treated and dandruff, hair for complete to find the best shampoo. So today, not five discusses seven styles.

Normal hair

what is normal hair type

Normal men’s right balancing, good looking, lass harmful. Also safe from loss, dandruff, split ends. Finally, a shiny, perfect structure, nice elasticity, smooth texture and happy hair. This is already surrounded by good thoughts. Please ask me why need to maintenance. I think need to care because without carefulness it’s can be moved harmful area. That’s why need to know how to choose shampoo for normal hair

Hydrating, moisturizing, and balancing formulation is great for this style.  Because this creation is best to shine, softness, and moisture that is your need. Now I recommend the best five pics. That origination with fulfils this requirement also treats your hair.

Three butters utility

three butters utility shampoo

Just start to clean your beautiful hair without confusion. Because it’s making almost every type of hair. So easy to find who isn’t able to find the best products for him. Do you have any questions about why he not hear? I ready to answer this question.

This manufacturers company stabiles in the USA. Also, It’s beautiful creation only for man. Any woman not allowed for this. But anyone can apply by her own responsibility. 

Contain with mango, shea, avocado butter, and essential oils. That ingredient indicates a shiny, hydration, smooth, healthy, and growing hair. Also best to repair dry and damage issue. The user can also get shampoo and conditioner benefits in one place. Suggest to apply moist hair, but need to the safe eye area.

Naturopathica grapefruit & fir

nice hair shampoo

A Sulfate free cleansing products. I think it’s also a good choice for a person. Because remove excess oils from the scalp, move to frizzies, split ends. Finally, safe color from fading. Grapefruit harmless from all soulful issue. Take it’s too starting use every day your sower times.

But don’t forget to apply damp hair. What is your hairstyle? This question is not essential for this. Generally, the company makes it a sweet cleanser for every structure.

Ingredients choice was also nice. Glycerin, balsam fir, grapefruit oil, hydroxyethylcellulose etc. Another important mixture is sodium methyl, cocoyl taurate, lauryl glucoside, abide sibirica oil. Finally, we can talk the best mix to solve dryness, moisture, fresh, healthy and well clean.

Argan oil shampoo

best argan oil shampoo

When any person is looking a good one. Which mix with some beautiful natural ingredients to stop her hair loss. I recommend this one. That doesn’t only stop loss, but also helps to regrowth your mind bowling hair. This is a great creating for man and woman. But dry issues not good work with them. Without dry scalp, it is an outstanding creation for everything.

This lovely result happened by intelligent Ingredients choice. That is blended by burdock root, Argan oil, white willow bark, aloe vera, rosemary etc. Which helps you to reduce dandruff similarly give extra volume. Helpful to solve thinning problem. All combined make a smooth, shiny, healthy and strong feel. But its smell is not enough strong.

Anti-thinning loss

best shampoo for women's hair

Most of the people in the world suffering hair loss, breakage problems. Also, spend huge money to solve the matter. We can stop or reduce harm by using the right product. Pure d’Or one of best cleaner for solving this common cause. That hasn’t any age and gender limit. But the child is not allowed for the product. Chemical and human harsh free 17 natural ingredients combined creation. That added volume also works against the thinning problem.

Her most valuable Ingredients are amla, argan, black cumin seed, clary saga, cadarwood etc. Also habiscus flowers, lomongrass, pumpkin seed, rosemary, tea tree oil. This key feature works to block sun damage. That provides a soft, smooth feel. Design to use for every type of hair. Need to apply every day a little amount. Also, you can gain a good result after 3 or 4 months apply.

Almond & avocado

design essentials shampoo

Are you worry about family spend. Just grow up your intelligence to reduce spending. By using one’s beauty products for hull family. Like- design avocado wash. All types of curls (wavy, coily, kinky etc) texture is welcome for a gentle wash. Personally, I clean my normal hair very well with them. That’s why I recommend as well normal types.

The two well-known mixture avocado and almond present in this container. That is mainly using to provide hydration and moisturizing for dry and thirsty hair.

Sulfates, parabens, parraffins, petrolatum free formulated. Which dangerous for the scalp and reduce moisture. So I think a good product. That has enough time detangling ability. Also send strong, smooth, shine properties for the hair.

Dry Hair

dry hair shampoo

Dry is determined by her 0 flexibility, dull, frizzy, breakage, or split ends. This is very worried hair for all person. Sometimes it’s happened your wrong treatment, over washing, curling or heat styling irons etc.   Similarly, alcohol & chemical-based products is a great reason for this matter. I think you already determined to solve all trouble to safe from dryness.

If the answer is yes. I want to say no this is not enough. You also need to solve over sun temperature, dry weather or dry scalp problem.  So need careful lifestyle and a good shampoo. That’s have enough moisture & hydrating power. Here are my choices best five.

Redken all soft & soft mega

redken all soft and all soft mega

Redken especially releases all soft and all soft mega product range for dry questions. Which surrounded by 5 products to shiny, soft, & strong feel. Soft search manufactured only normal to dry and medium hair. Soft mega extraordinary choices for severely dry or coarse. Main prefaces of soft creation to providing moisture and shine into the hair. Another hand soft mega nursing and revived your severely dry or coarse hair.

All soft series are

  • Shampoo – creamy & fruity smell. But work for soft and strengthens.
  • Heavy cream – controlling frizz, strengthens or shiny. Best use after wash, then stay almost 6 minutes and last rinse.
  • Argon oil – soft, shiny, deep conditioning. Just use before shampoo and blow-dry on the damp or dry hair. People also apply after blow-drying to smooth frizz.
  • Conditioner – replenishing moisture, softens, and keep the protein.
  • Mega mask – a double benefit formula. Provide deep, intense conditioning. Also cares extender by using after shampoo for 4 or 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly.

All soft mega come with

  • Shampoo – best for soft, moisture, hydration feel.
  • Conditioner – nourishes from the root & provide moisture.
  • Mask – provides additional moisture and hydration that stay almost 3 washes.
  • Cream – nonstop moisturizing without dry.
  • Mask cap – tries to use only very thirsty hair and once a week for 10 or 12 Minute.

Pureology hydrate sheer

pureology hydrate sheer

Are you confused to find the best Sulfate-free shampoo for color treated hair? Which similarly good work with dry production. Now time to throw your confusion and take this one. Most of the painted hair needs extra care to long-lasting. It’s providing moisture to safe from dryness, dull or other bad problems.

Pureology specially blends with sandalwood, Aloe Vera, sunflower seeds, & rose extract. That gently cleans without irritating your skin and provide long-lasting color. Also, hydrated and keep moisture, but clean dirt, buildup etc.

All are well-thought combine creation. But bad is still now present on thicker or other hair types. Just solve the problem by an extra rinse. Lastly, try little amount in your wet scalp. Then rinse to get a healthy, vibrant or strong feel.

Sachajuan moisture

sachajuan hair shampoo

Dryness always looking wetness to complete her thirsty. This is a unique creation for dry and different colored hair to fulfilling thirst. I fast collect to complete my hair thirstiness but used by family members gain information. It is as well gentle to bleached, lighter colored or highlighted hair. Naturally a moisturizing product for a dry problematic person. Which release with gentle cleaning power against dirt, grease etc.

The product owner company makes it with ocean silk technology. This way uses two types of sea algae to boost moisture & shine. The application process, as well as other product. Take sapient amount than use, massage, and rinse. After finishing all step share your experiences with us.

Raw shea retention

best shea moisture shampoo

Dry or damaged, you can also add over-processed hair to the same category by one condition. Moisture and extra care need for repairing booth.  Shea moisture especially releases for these three types.

The product ingredients also indicate the same thought. Argon oil, shea butter, sea kelp, avocado, and essential oil are her materials. Everything is a help to soften, nursing, & moisturizing.

Really nice blend without harsh chemicals or sulfate. Consistency like a thick lotion, but fight well against oil, dust, residue. Also, try to transition natural look. I apply daily and after lather, I am waiting for two or three minutes. Then start thoroughly rinse to clean.

IGK hot girls

perfect shampoo for dry hair

Lifestyle variation depends on person to person, but some points are the same for all. As an example, we are all looking a shampoo for our hair wash. I also not the behind from this want. That’s why I already find out this product for my dry and overworked problem.

Which contained with key ingredient litchi (protect from damage), sunflower extract (provide moisture), vitamin E (work to shiny, lustrous or stronger). A dime-sized amount is enough to clean harmful residue from straight to the tightly coiled dry hair. Provide instant hydration, protect hair color, also block sun UV ray.

Curly hair

natural curly hair

I think no need to talk more about the curl pattern. It is very easy to understand. It has a classpection like this coily, wavy, curly, kinky etc. Also, all types have individual different structure. This structure is really beautiful for women. Sometimes men also look beautiful with them. But you have to know the style with curl.

All curl structure grow with by a person’s parents or family members. It is also harmful to the scalp.  Kill enough time to maintain. That block scalp moisturizing. Need to buy a moisture, protein, different combination based products. Here is top 5 for curl style.

Shea curl & shine

shea moisture curl and shine shampoo

Shine your hair with the organic blend. However, I shine with them. Because I love to wash my wavy pattern with natural and Sulfate- free mix that is Shea. As well as it is also great work with thick & curly hair. Key ingredients are Silk protein, Coconut, Neem oil. Also, use hibiscus flower and lots of important Ingredient for making.

That’s why it is the best blend to improved shine, silky, healthy look. Moisturizing ability is also good and reduces split ends. It’s color beautiful that looks like a golden honey. Maybe you fall in love with color.

Ouai curl

shampoo reviews for curly hair

Maybe, the cleanser is important from any other hair products. But also more urgent a light, hydrating wash. That’s why I went to suggest you Ouai. Because it is best to fully feel the urgent need. Making with Ouai smart technology complex. That is a product making process and organized by the company. That deliver healthy, nourished, good looking.

Its fighting power is well against the harmful residue. But at the same time replenishing moisture. Key ingredients are tamarind seed, amino acid, smart karatin. This blend clime to repair damage, minimize frizz, through a soft feel also safe for color.

Maui moisture

maui moisture shampoo review

Maui is a wonderful tropical island and famous for her natural beauty. However, its ingredients come from handcrafted and handpicked that available on Maui Island. Actually, it is mixed with papaya butter, rich coconut, plumeril.

The texture of the product is smooth & creamy. Really, I feel cream that lather well on wet hair. Sulfate and cruelty always harmful for us. But its blend safe from them.

Suggest for only curly, coils, waves and thick hair. A little amount is enough for one wash. That’s why one bottle is enough for long time use. So long time moisturizing, defrizz, soft, shiny, detangle curl with them.

Ouidad advanced

best hair shampoo for curly hair

Who, angry with curly and frizzy. I come to help her reduce angriness by suggesting this cleanser. Because, the producer says it is best to smooth, shiny and frizz-free.  Personally, have this prove. Six months ago I fast started washing with them.

But 20 – 30 days apply my hair turn into shiny, defined, and control curl. I also love its Sulfate- free formula and ingredient choice. That mix with Shea, murumure butter, ceramides.

This blend work to repair and smooth surface. That has the power to control any climate, color, & lock moisture to nourish. You can also get sun UV ray protects with them to safe from damage.

Aveda be curly

good shampoo for hair

I am not interested to know about Aveda cleaning power. Because I love it’s refreshing aroma. That comes from lime, bergamot, lemon, orange & flower extract. But washing ability also good. You have to surface with organic aloe wheat protein and cruelty -free mix. This blend defines hair dry down time.

I use only three days a week on my color hair, but ultimately the result is good. I happy with her some good ability.  That is taming my frizz, gives a natural look as well help to increase shine. So I can say, well for me. 

Coloured hair

best shampoo for colored hair

The hair paint period starts with a new fashion dream. Most of the ladies find best sunglasses and cool looking hair in her daily life. They are love to stay in fashion. But you have to be careful with maintenance

A huge number of Leady don’t know how to care after colouring. Just stop using hot water and daily base clean. After color just waits 2 or 3 days to fast wash and try to save from the sun.

Take a product that mainly produces for this subject. Wash with a sulfates free gentle and moisturizing shampoo. That has the ability to protect sun ray also mentioned hair from roots. I choose five from my choice.

Healing color care

lanza healing color care shampoo

What are your hair types? Sometimes this question is not important to find out a shampoo. Because some products made for every hair like – Healing. Curl to damage all painted hair, gentle clean without damage. It’s also good for several reasons. Last two months use the experience I find out it has maximum color protection ability.

That provides long-lasting power for the shade. Also harmful chemical sulfates, parabens & sodium chloride free. But special flowers extract safe paint from fading. I always apply my wet scalp for luxurious lather and rinse.

Caviar anti-aging

best drugstore shampoo for colored hair

Moisture is one of the most important subjects for hair. Basically, it is more need for who love to color or super dry problem. Also, brittle and thirsty hair includes this want.  If you’re into these four categories. Just collect Caviar to replenish moisture. Same time also protecting colour from fading.

 I have two months user experience with them & want to say not bad. Because after washing I fell smooth, shiny and natural feel. But the end of the day I lose this feeling. This is my experience with them.

Three steps to the vibrancy

nexxus color assure shampoo

Now I am not talking about one individual product. I just want to share a process for painting hair. That process helps to increase shine, silky, smooth. You have to complete these steps by using three products. The three are a primer, shampoo & conditioner. Need to combine use for completing full steps.

Applying process is also easy, but you have to start with a primer. Because it makes a shield on hair. Really, I find out its safe color from washing effects. Then need to take shampoo for the clean bad issue. Complete with conditioner.

Aveda blue malva

best aveda shampoo

This is one of the great choices for clean hair or scalp same time. I fast introduced with the cleanser on beauty parlour. I coloured my hair but when come to washing time beautician take this. The fast time I am not happy with her choice. But when start rubbing my wet hair with Aveda. I feel a strong smell & smooth texture with enough lather.

After complete full work, I get a shiny and manageable look. Then I make a plan to buy one from the market. I already buy and wash weekly two times with them. I highly recommend only women.

Redken color extend

redken color extend shampoo

2014 & 2015 this is the best time for Redken. Because two years, this cleanser continually winning the award for several reasons. 2014 readers’ choice and 2015 new beauty choice. I also give award by myself for her vibrancy and strength ability.

When I fast wash with them I was confused her ability. After one week use, I surprised with her maximum color vibrancy power. That makes my hair strong. Same time gives the strength for long-lasting pigment. It also saves UVA/UVB ray and environmental bed matter for a shiny look.

Oily hair

shampoo for oily hair

Body like a machine that produces various essential elements for a healthy or shiny look. Oil one of them. Which happened by sebaceous glands and make sebum that is oil. It’s overflow responsible for oily hair. Basically, this is the main reason.

I think it’s not your fault. But you have to avoid some careless habit. Also, need to use a beauty product that especially releases for oily skin & hair. But some more work you have to do.

Don’t touch hair too much & stop over shampooing. Start using normal water also stop over brushing. Throw smoothing, moisturizing, conditioning shampoo. Just take volumizing, clarifying, oil control products. Here is best shampoo for oily hair.


Neutrogena anti-residue

top rated shampoo for oily hair

Everyone loved to use shampoo, conditioners and styling products. Do you know over apply harmful to us? Its cause left residue in the hair. That can kill shiny effects also make the hair down. Are you worrying about this information? But I am not because weekly I wash with an anti-residue cleanser.

You can also try it only one day a week. Because this is good for you. 90% of residue, excess oil, remove by using four or five days in a month. Make for every hair type. Application process as well as other products.

Honeydew shampoo

clarifying shampoo for hair

How many styling products love to use into the hair. This is nothing else matters. But matters need a good product to clean dead skin cell, harmful residue, excess oil from the head. If you think this information is true. Just take this product for your oily to greasy even colored hair.

That made with pure therapeutic – grade oil as well without parabens or sulfates. Another good news that is designed for both men & women. It’s gently clean, control oil, same time provide moisture to safe from dry or down. But I think it is not good for thin hair.

Vichy ultra-soothing

Manageable and good looking hair like a dream for us. It is hard to stabilize our dream, but not impossible. Just need an appropriate guideline. As an example, oily hair needs an oil control cleanser? If you try another shampoo. Your dream doesn’t come true.

I suggest paraben and silicone free this one only for oily hair men & women. Its lightweight texture is smooth. After rubbing on my own head, I feel enough lather. Gently control oil, remove dust its. But it is losing her control after 8 to 10 hours. That’s why needs daily basis use.

Scruples clearifier

oily hair care shampoo

Before start writing about product good and bad side. First, you need to know. What is clarifying shampoo? Some of the people also called purifying, detox and deep cleanser. Generally, this type of wash used to clean build – up (that happened to overuse styling products, dry shampoo, conditioner etc.)

Also, apply to prepare hair for color, remove excess oil, and re-start hair regimen. It is similarly best for who stay a long time on the water. Scruples is a clarifying hair wash. I think no need to say more about this product.

Bergamot detoxify

scruples hair clarifying shampoo

This is one of the most famous products in Thailand. I travel this country and forget to take a cleanser. That’s why need to buy one from Thailand. After landing my flight I start finding a beauty shop. Finally, I get a shop that located near the airport. Generally, my hair is oily and sells men suggest to buy this one.

When I start reading details I get more information. It is also best for normal hair. Removing chemical residue, oil, dust & free of harsh chemicals. Make my hair smooth, soft and suitable, but good only for women.


dandruff shampoo for women

Nothing else, this is your dead skin cells and common problems of a human. That’s haven’t any age and sex limit. Anyone can supper this problem.  You can identify by white flakes, itchy, scaly scalp etc. Which happened for several reasons.

Sometimes for dry scalp, overgrow skin cells, weather, skin disease etc. Some more matter also includes for this problem. Like, applying too much styling products, without taking care, heat iron use, without brushing etc.

Just take an anti-dandruff shampoo. That contains with Ketoconazole, Selenium sulfide, Zinc pyrithione, Coal tar, Salicylic acids, and Tea-tree oil.

Khadi neem and aloevera

khadi neem shampoo review

I just start washing with them from the last two weeks. I can say it is a beautiful Product to ride dandruff. I also went to say this is not able to clean 100% dead skin cells. But effective to ride dandruff. Maybe long time apply you can get flakes free life.

This is a herbal product and an organic creating always come with harmful chemical free. So you can get two benefits same time. One is no harmful another one a good fight against dead cells and flaky disease. Also best for almost every hair or skin. So finally love for this one.

Ginger scalp care

ginger scalp care shampoo review

The scent is not a big factor for a product. The matter is her working capability. Its smell is not sweet like a ginger. I do not love ginger perfume. But choice her flaky remove ability. 100% not possible to clean flaky skin by one’s and twice use.

I think two subjects need to fully clean dandruff. A good product and a beautiful lifestyle. The best product always made by skin types based. That’s why this one only for dry to flakes scalp.

I always try to use a conditioner with them.  It’s well-balanced and provides moisture for strong and hydration feels. So you can also apply this way for shiny feel.

Kenra dandruff

kenra dandruff shampoo reviews

No more white residue on the hair. Because it is problematic and sometimes feel uncomfortable. Yes, I also with you. Just need to start to fight by any anti-dandruff products.  That’s the reason Kenra with us and produce this one. But the company made this only for dry skin.

Its control your dead skin up to 60 or 70 present. But need longtime applies. Not possible by one or two days. It’s formulation also colour safe and blends with therapeutic Jasmine Oil. Best for daily use and safe scalp from dryness.

Nizoral anti-dandruff

best anti dandruff shampoo

This is an awesome anti-dandruff product on the market. That recommended by a doctor. But I went to say no need any doctor suggests. It’s really good for her some beautiful future. You can benefit several ways with them. Ride your dandruff, helps to new hair growth, treat the scalp etc.

Just remember you have to use weekly two days. But another five days you can use your regular shampoo. Its gentle formulation sweet with any hair also any men and women. The key ingredient Ketoconazole 1% is behind secret for a product feature.

Phytheol intense

phytheol intense dandruff treatment shampoo

I already try it’s to reducing dead skin. So I have experience about the good and bad side of the product. Now I want to share my knowledge. This constancy very thick like watery, but the smell is strong. It mainly works for safe the scalp from irritated and soothing.

 I apply it weekly three days on oily hair.  But create for all types of hair. One month use I get some benefits with them. Exfoliates and purifies my scalp. That helps to solve irritation and itchiness problem. Also helps to minimize the dandruff problem.

The best skin care products


best skin care products for oily skin

The wonder is always mind-blowing. But sometimes we lose this prettiness. We should try to keep safe our natural beauty. When coming to save your loveliness. Need nursing hair, body, or face in various ways. If you do not care, skin proper way. Maybe, have to drop prettiness?

So… let’s start with me from today and try to keep safe our gorgeous look. But one question is left. How to begin treatment? Yes, it is a most important subject for a beginner & needs to jump the correct way.

Because of one perfect product able to give the top result. Today our arrangement for suggesting best skin care products and how to utilize it’s for a glam look. Please read the full article we try to pick the best of the best that helps you.

Facial moisturizer 

philosophy renewed hope in a jar moisturizer

Really, we need a good moisturizer. That has clean smell, lightweight formulation, & treated the skin enough time. Philosophy renewed hope in a Jar comes to complete our wish. A facial moisturizer throws a better experience for a morning & evening users.

But you have to avoid the eye area. It is not only the best choice for my oily skin. Almost all skin types welcome to wash with them.

Where you can get a triple blend formulation benefit. That provides longer glow and continuous hydration your skin. I am not interested to say its best one from the moisturizer. But a good one for you. That gives the blameless result.

Pure night cream

Everyone should use night cream. It is more need for dry or oily skin. Without these two types of acne-prone, mature skin also deserves this cream. Twenty or thirty age men or women should use this product.

Contain with Argon oil, castor oil, vitamins A & D, hyaluronic acid etc. Total ingredients list combine helps to moisture skin & remove dark circles, age spots etc. Back your natural look and smoothness. That’s why it is expert’s favorite beauty products.

Personally, I believe you should use every night. Because continues apply reduced wrinkles. Soothes face, restore elasticity, nourish skin several ways. That’s why it is urgent for an old person.

Also, it’s a cruelty-free product. Sweet able for any skin types. So any man can choose this product for him or her.

Eye gel 

laneige water bank eye cream review

When confuses to find skin types based best eye gel.  Just take Laneige water bank that made for all skin types. Best work for hydrating, decrease puffiness or try to soothe the eye area. That’s helpful to get a soft feel.

This is a white color base gel. Slightly lighter texture creation to nourishing the eye surface. After applying each time I want to say thanks.  Because it’s really best ingredient mixing with a beautiful scent. That throws a cooling effect without sticky.

Application method also easy for me. I take a little amount of the finger. But before taking need cleansing the full face. Finally, start uses smoothly under eye one corner to another. Personally, I like to rub daily two times morning and evening. But you can use only one time in a day.

Thayers alcohol-free toner

best beauty products in the world

The formulation is a great policy to make a product more valuable. Thayer’s designer maybe flows this policy to make the best beauty products of all time. Because most of the toner comes with alcohol. But it is alcohol-free. Make with rose water, Aloe Vera, & hazel extract.

Mainly it is working to control excess oil. Remove harmful residue from the face. When anyone success to control oil. Maybe she safe from many skin diseases like- blackheads, pimple and acne etc.

At the same time helps you to restore dehydrated skin. Locking moisture, tighten pores, strength your skin, softening etc. Remove dirt, makeup residue, any harm from the skin.

The smell of the product is a pure soft rose. But this formulation is not good for everyone. If your skin dry, damage, & allergic. I suggest you avoid this toner.

Come to the last point on how to use. Several ways can be used. I think the best policy of applying with a cotton ball. Put a few drops in the cotton ball & start to apply your face & neck. Before using try to clean face and wait for dry, then start using.

Cliganic Jojoba Oil

jojoba oil for skin

Fast you need to know why should use jojoba oil for skin or hair. This is an oil include of vitamin E & D, zinc, copper, silicone etc. That helps to treat acne by controlling oil. Helps moisturize skin, remove makeup, hair growth etc.

The main benefits of the oil are safe to the skin from sunburn. Fight against toxins, deeply hydrating, soothes dry skin. Treat the hair for soft & shiny look. Also, it is a non-allergic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory product.

It is a gentle product made with 100% organic ingredients. Without chemical, alcohol or any harm properties. Best for both hair, face, body and skin. Sweet able with any hair & skin types.

You can use this oil for several reasons. When come to apply hair. Just wet hair, then take 4 or 5 drops. Now apply and wait 10 to 12 minutes. Finally, wash hair with shampoo.

Put a few drops on a cotton ball and start removing makeup. Wash your face, then wait for dry. Then use into the face or neck etc.

Facial scrub

acure brightening scrub

Always natural creation is best for our body. Do you agree with me or not. This is not my hedek. Because I have already chosen natural scrub to clean my face. I have a bad experience with them. Not with her work ability just with its dark green color. That is not my choice.

I like its harmful chemical free creation. Gently clean power against dart, impurity, excess oil etc. After the wash, I feel still natural moisture present on the face. Also helps to repair & new cell growth.

Recommend for three times use in a week. That I do for a clean and bright face. But this brightness does not stay for 24 hours. I apply it’s my wet face, then start rubbing with the finger. Lastly, wash with water.

Kaya purifying cleanser

best organic skin care products reviews

I think this is best skincare products reviews from me. Because the purifying cleanser is very urgent for a makeup lover. General face wash isn’t able to clean 100% makeup residues. That’s why need this cleanser. Without makeup addicted person everybody should use.

Basically formulated for oily and combination skin. But most welcome any skin type to wash with them. That deeply cleans without any problems.

Remove dirt, excess oil, impurities etc. Also specially design with acne control ingredients. Fight against the skin surface build-up & acne.

Pure hyaluronic Acid serum

beauty products that work

The serum is important for dryness, fine line, & wrinkle problem. That’s the reason who suffer these types of problems. Her need to use everyday base. So try to include your daily routines.

The serum also needs to solve some major problem. Continuously apply helps to remove sun spots, age spots, under-eye dark circles. Improve skin texture, smooth and back again younger look.

It’s balance moisture and continues hydrating skin. Also, you can choose the product with any skin types. Without question take it dry to sensitive skin.

Anybody can apply daily two times day and night. But before use, fast need to clean face. Then take one or two drops into the finger. Now time to apply full face.

Best shampoo

loreal volume filler shampoo review

Loreal is a big name in the beauty industry. But I am not collecting this best shampoo for her famousness. I just chose it’s for my thin hair or good washing power. Fine hair also good works with them. Generally, it’s created to give body & density of the hair.

Personally, I apply all most seven days in a week. You can tell I am a daily basis user. Every day wash is not a good thought. That’s why I determined to reduce my applying time.

I fast wet my hair, then take a sapient amount into the hand. Then apply and start rubbing for enough lather. Finally, rinse with normal water.  I find out its lathering power wall & texture is smooth. Clean dead skin seals, dust, harmful residue. Also, keep natural moisture safe area. Lastly gives volume that lasts over time.

Now almond oil

almond oil for skin

100% natural oil that’s why you can apply with any skin types. Personally, I love to use my full body as a body lotion. Great work with my skin. Absorb quickly, make a soft feel & healthy-looking skin.

I also recommended applying hair. You can use as a moisturizer. This oil, sweet for your lip like a lip balm. This is also best for baby skin.

Best for use full body & face. Fast choose where you can use. Then gently clean area & take a few drops in your hand. Now time to massage the desired area.

Makeup makeup wipes

makeup wipes Neutrogena

Are you ready to clean waterproof mascara or any makeup with one Towelettes? I think you should ready. Because each to use any place. Without loss of your valuable time.

Not only clean makeup also removes excess oil, dirt, harmful residue from the face. Even easily applicable, any sensitive areas of the body & face. After removing no need to wash face.

Alcohol & harmful ingredient free formulation. That’s the reason clean without irritation or any problem. So you can use without question.

Body wash

dove go fresh body wash

Everyone tries to get a fresh, shiny, beautiful body. But It is not possible to gain without care. When come to take care needs a good body wash. That’s why my choice go fresh. I think it is best in the market for several reasons. Made with sulfate & paraben free ingredients.

After taking my hand feel thick consistency and color is yellowish orange. But the texture is creamy. This is clean my body with hydrating feel. Keep me with moisture for a full day.

Each day little amount is enough to clean (sometimes need much amount) and nourishes deeply my surface layer. After a complete shower with them, feel refreshed with flower smell. But this scent does not stay a long time.

Truskin daily moisturizer cream

moisturizer cream for face

A great moisturizer without any harmful ingredient. Some strong natural bland make the best one for every skin type. Also, it is a smell-free product. That’s why you can use without question or any problem.

The producer says it is able to remove any age & dark spot. Personally, I haven’t this type of experience with them. But a good one for men & woman for her face and neck.

The texture of the product is smooth but slightly thicker. You can apply it any time day or night. That makes a smooth feel at the same time hydrate skin. Also, fight against acne.

Maybe long-time useable to remove any spot from the skin. Because of formulation with vitamin C, jojoba oil, green tea etc. Try to apply with your clean face or neck.

Bioderma micellar water

best micellar water

I surprised with the product. Because same time completed three jobs. Remove makeup, clean your face, finally moisture skin. Really gently clean without kill natural moisture of the face.

Very thin consistency like water. You can call Sensibio H2O water. Specially formulated for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. That refreshes & hydrate skin without a greasy feel.

Take one or two drops into the cotton ball. Then start to remove makeup or clean face. After clean with them no need to wash face.

Oil rush conditioner

bumble and bumble conditioner

I am not worried about my dry hair because I know how to maintain this. Last month I picked bumble conditioner and try with my curly dry hair. After two or three days apply its transfer soft, smooth, manageable and silky.

Really, I surface with the change. If anyone wants to transfer thick, straight, curly, dry, damaged or coloured hair. I suggest taking care with them.

Because this type of hair needs moisture & oily blend. It’s content with Coconut, Argan, Macadamia nut, Sweet almond, Safflower seed, Grape seed oil etc. That helps to de-frizz, and detangle. After clean my scalp I apply wet hair. Then stay for two or three minutes. Finally, rinse with water.

Facial sunscreen

neutrogena sunscreen

Human or animal impossible to living without daylight. That’s why the sun is more important for us. On the other hand sunray harmful to people. That cause happens skin cancer or lots of problems.

So daylight comes with a problem. But we can solve this issue by using sunscreen. You can use SPF 50. Generally, this is a facial cream that is specially designed for sensitive skin.

I apply under makeup. But you can also apply under moisturizers. It is a smell, oil, & harmful ingredients free creation. After taking my hand, feel white liquid. That absorbs quickly without leaving any white residue. Also fight well against the UVA & UVB ray.

Body loosens

rough skin rescue body lotion

Are you ready to fight with cool weather? Because winter is coming soon. Hydrating is more important for this time. Already I completed perforation for my dry skin. By taking Rough skin rescue moisturizer. That is not only a spicily choice for severely dry skin. It is also made for flaky skin.

A fragrance-free moisturizer. Mixture with olive oil & alpha hydroxyl acid. The oil helps to stay with deep moisturizing, soothe and soft skin. But alpha acid harmful for the sun.

That’s why I suggest, please first apply a sunscreen then use lotion. The suggests not only for this product. I went to say it is good to first apply sunscreen. Then use makeup, loosens or anything else. The colour of the product is white and remove flakes. Absorb quickly without irritation.

Beauty bar

 dove dry oil beauty bar

Beauty bar one of the most important and best-selling products in the world. Most of the people feel uncomfortable shower without soap. That’s why I recommend Dove dry oil. But it is only good for dry skin and mixes by Moroccan argon oil.

It is slightly different from normal soap. General product able to clean dad skin seal, excess oil, dust etc. This type of bar also keels natural moisture. But this one gently clean without strip skin or moisture.

I think it is a big difference for a dry body. Because moisture is most important for dryness. Personally, I apply daily basis on the damp body. Then start rubbing until rich and creamy lather. Finally, rinse and get a soft, smooth skin with a beautiful smell.

Facial cleanser

jan marini bioglycolic face cleanser

From thousands of year, people try to stay with a beautiful face and good looking outfits. Maybe you also include in this category. But now I am not discussing how to tie gladiator sandals or any good looking dress. Only discuss there your shiny face.

That’s why I finished my article by showing Jam Marine Bioglycolic face wash. I clean daily two times mornings and evenings. That deeply washes my harmful residue also all bade issues. Retain me soft, smooth and hydrated feel.

Create with non-irritating formula, Glycolic acid and natural hymectant. I don’t know what skin types are appropriate with them. This one uses my full family without a problem. So… I can recommend for all most every skin. Just try it maybe you also benefit with them.

Mario facial rosewater

rosewater for face

Very interesting product to use day or night for refreshing yourself. You can call a refreshing, facial or hydrating spray. That goes with any skin types and with any man.

Also available in three different types of formulation. Green tea, aloe Vera, cucumber extract. Another one is rose water, aloe Vera, herb mix. Third blend with lavender, aloe Vera, & chamomile.

You can apply any time after complete makeup for perfectly set. Also with your very dry hair or dry weather. Summertime is perfect to stay with them.