perfume vs body spray

What is the difference between perfume vs body spray?

Each man & women love to stay with a beautiful smell. That’s why perfume and body spray is a very well-known smelling product in the world.

However, some people belive perfume & body spray are same product. But do you know there have lots of difference between this two product.

There I show you difference between perfume vs body spray. Hope you enjoy to learn some beautiful difference between them.

What is perfume?

difference between body spray and perfume

Perfume is a very old smelling product in human history. Once upon a time Egyptian people fragrance only use for religious ceremonies. At that time only upper-class people use scent.

Basically, perfume is a synthetic fragrance. That start applies from a long time ago. Nowadays lots of people find the best colognes to attract females. People also apply perfume to safe them from bad smells, enhances mood & confidence, etc.

However, the name of the perfume comes from the Latin per fumare. That mix of essential perfume oils, fruits, flowers, herbs, seeds, alcohol, etc.

At the same time, each perfume consists of the base, middle & top notes. Also different types of fragrances available in the market like – Eau de Perfume, Eau de Toilette & Eau de Cologne.

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What is a body spray?

difference between body mist and perfume

Personally, I love to say a body spray is a family person of perfume product. That most of the people love to spray on armpits.

On the other hand, If you know about aerosol deodorant. Maybe, you can better understand what is body spray. Perfume similar to aerosol deodorant.

However, similar body spray can use any man and woman. Because each body spray making with genderless feel. That’s why no need to search for the best perfume for 60 year old woman

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9 Difference between perfume and body spray?

No                                    Perfume                                  Body spray
1The smell can be stay 4 to 24 hours.Very short smell longevity stays up to 4 hours
2Make with low to a high percentage of perfume oil, alcohol, herbs, flowers, seeds & 3 different notes.Make with a little amount of perfume oil water & alcohol.
3Three types of fragrance available 1. Eau de Parfum 2. Eau de Toilette 3. Eau de CologneTwo types of body spray are available 1. body spray with fragrance 2. another one comes with antiperspirant properties.
4perfume is liquid typesBody spray is a gaseous mist
5Perfume can be less smell to overpoweringBody spray is not overpowering
6Most of the perfume bottles make with glass.Each body spray comes in recycled plastic bottles.
7Perfume hasn’t any gender limit. But lots of people believe men & female perfume is different.Body spray hasn’t any gender limit.
8Perfume is concentrated.Body spray is less concentrated, lighter & soft.
9Perfume price can be low to high.Less expensive than perfumes.

Our choices top 3 perfume & body spray

I think you already understand what is the difference between them. That’s why now I want to show you my favorite 3 body spray & perfume. Hope you enjoy my collection.

Top 3 perfume

Viva la juicySweet and youthful floral smell fragrance. But after sometimes of apply smell turn into vanilla &
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