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OPI oz the great & powerful collection

opi oz the great and powerful collection

Hello, nail polish lover, hope you enjoy with various types of nail color. Today I went to give some beautiful lacquers information for joining with your enjoyable movement. OPI is a popular brand for nice produce method & beautiful color. That original name is “Odontorium Products, Inc”.

Today is a lovely time to re-create Emma Watson makeup look. Basically, I love her glittery nail design. That’s why today I picked nail polish from OPI Oz collection the Great and Powerful. Which comes with various types of color, several size glitter also available non-glitter. The combination helps to re-create attractive looks. That looks likes Emma glittery nail art.

You can easily collect from the market because it is available. If want to know details about the collection. Just determent to read the full article. That’s helpful to get a moral review, trusted information, swatches etc. So- keep your eye on the article & take the right decision for batter one.

Opi bubble bath

opi don't burst my bubble

It is a beautiful pigment and non-glittery pick from them. Hope to enjoy with its good-looking light pinky white jelly also smallest hint of Pink color. Seriously, I love it, but also have the blame that needs more coats to fully cover. After a good shake, 4 coats required for cover. That why sometimes I feel bored with them.

After complete my application fell happy with the nice looking nails. This is a beautiful sheer, glossy smooth, thick formulation polish. That also relaxed too. Its thick formulation didn’t hard to control. You can easily control its dense formula. If you don’t like the burst bubble. Please tell us why…

 glints of glints

opi oz glints of glints

Good-looking color & the beautiful smell are always attractive. That’s why I suggest all genteel people to buy the best cologne for men. Also, women can collect this polish. Both help to attract people. Because of its replication is mind-blowing.

That’s the reason I collect Glints. Because It is a soft, natural-looking shade that I love so much. Its beautiful creamy shade is really gorgeous. After applying I feel a shiny & smooth surface.

Overall need 3 coats to perfectly cover the nail. Look the image and find out three coats perfection (there I use 3 coats for full coverage). Personally, I get streaky that is a bad experience with them. You can try it not a bad. Maybe, you can enjoy its natural looking color, soft, and shiny surface. So- start the alluring your nail with nail polish opi.

I theodora you opi

i theodora you

If you love to live with a colorful nail. I think it is best for you. Generally, it’s a light sheer pink color polish. Lightness looks to be cool and soft that make a beautiful shade. It looks awesome. Because after applying I get a cool effect on the nail surface. So it’s a cool color for us. That I get from rear polish, it’s one of them. Also, its beautiful sheer pink shade easily build-able.

Personally, I apply 3 coats to get fully covered. Three coats are enough for me. But my friend told me fast two apply not enough to get full coverage. After two time use, she gets streaky. Needs third-time used for a full cover. That appears in my application method. You can try for a beautiful light pink nail.

Which is witch

Which is which a sparkly nail polish that you can take for a shiny look. Because it is a strong base, silver holographic shimmer. Also, always holographic glitter reflection attractive. After applying my own nail get its various sizes of silver sparkle & small bar glitter.

Its various size combined to make a beautiful look. Sweet twinkle for sweet ladies that one coat enough to get a good quantity of sparkle. You can also get a good consistency that isn’t too thick.

What is your opinion about this collection? My friend’ complaints about the chunky gleaming piece. This chunky reflecting piece looks to clump together on her nail. Do you have any complaints?

When monkeys fly

when monkeys fly opi

Shiny look is popular for her reflection ability. That reason women love to apply glitter polish. You can take it for silver & gold shine look. I love its beautiful silver & gold holographic mix. Its clear based sparkly pic come in various sizes. Beautiful small, medium and large size combined make an awesome look.

Personally, I love this beautiful combination that impresses me. One question also left for her gold sparkle. Gold color shimmer failure for her curliness. That’s why I am not interested to apply.

Last weekend my friend told me this gold sparkle, is not too much curved. Finally, I interested to apply over the other nail color. You can try this one not too curved.

Lights of emerald city

lights of emerald city

The Square is a beautiful shape. This beautiful square glitter shape, including with the Lights of emerald city. Its sparkle comes with two type shade. The two colors are blue & white. Another good news, it is various size glitter combination polish. This pretty medium square blue shimmer and larger white squares sparkle combined to make a beautiful shiny look.

This lovely medium and large size, density isn’t bad. Personally, I have one complaint about the large pic. The large glitter is more visible than others. Overall, not bad you can try it over I Theodora you, glints of glints or Don’t burst my bubble etc.

What wizardry is this?

I love brown color. Last three days I am searching a brown color polish & finally, I get this one. I enjoy with this golden brown texture. You can apply easily this golden brown shade. Two medium coats are enough to get full coverage. This glittery nail polish comes from OPI collection.

This pretty glittery texture also easy to remove. I just use nail polish remover to remove from my nail. Take two or three drops remover on the cotton ball. Then rub the cotton ball few times in your nail and finally wiped.

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