non toxic nail polish for pregnancy

non toxic nail polish for pregnancy

Chemical is always harmful for us. In the modern world, we do not think about any product without chemical. That is also included in the makeup, nail polish, hair care and almost any beauty product. Most of the cosmetic industry grows with its black touch. When I went to know bed effect of the chemical. I get lots of information that causes person’s supper some dangerous diseases. Even toxic nail polish can create few problem for that reason I determine to use natural products. Last week wish to buy the best glitter nail polish in 2020.

But after some time I change my mind. Also start finding attractive natural polish. Thats start searching market for best nontoxic nail color brands also several good looking polish. Finally, I find out reliable natural brands and numerous lovely polish that was a really good movement for me. Today I went to share my charming experience its help to take the right decision.

Problems with toxic nail polish

Lots of research instituted providing the result of toxic nail polish. That’s cause you have to supper skin irritations, allergic reactions, cancer, pregnancy complications, also harmful for nursing women. Nail color is really essential for alluring the nail, but it’s true that make with some dangerous ingredient. When you feel happiness for a smooth finish nail polish. In the movement, I feel worried about your gladness because it’s happened for ingredient Toluene that reason has to supper neurological damage, nausea, respiratory problems, and hearing loss. Another risky element is Formaldehyde (use for strengthen and harden) create, throat, nose, and blood cancer. Also use Formaldehyde Resin that generates problem on the skin like- irritations, allergic reactions etc. Flexibility is essential for polishes but it’s made from chemical dibutyl phthalate and it is easily damaged your liver, hormonal disruption, and bioaccumulation. Everyone wants to get glossy, shiny appearance of the nail, but this comes from Camphor and it is easily create skin irritations and allergic reactions. So- I want to advise for using the natural beauty product.

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Reliable natural nail polish brands

Are you ready to collect non-toxic polish? It is not easy because lots of companies offer natural nail color but you do not check the reliability. So- people need to know about reliable brands. That is trusted for non-toxic. Personally I have some unfailing company that gives me good feedback. Anybody want to know my favorite brand. I just share for you- Acquarella (it is chemicals free water-based polish), Suncoat (also no toxins water based), Zoya(Long time wear ability and 5 free), Piggy Paint(Save for kid and water based formulation), Honeybee Gardens(Three harmful ingredient free also water based), Butter London, RGB(five free method), LVX(Dangerous 5 free and eco-friendly lacquers), and Mineral Fusion.

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