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Mac retro matte lipstick review & swatch

mac retro matte lipstick review & swatch

Lipstick is popular makeup on the fashionable lady. That’s why lots of Lipstick Company available in the modern world MAC  one of them. Her various types of collection given its popularity. Today this makeup house is more popular for her matte collection. Mac retro most popular creation of them. That’s why today Mac retro matte lipstick review.

It comes with various types of shade. Some shade is really beautiful & daily wearable. Its beautiful opaque coverage and longest wearing ability key point for its beauty. Also, applicable daily base of the lip.

I think matte collection little bit dry, but not too much wearable. Some days ago I collected several shades from the market for alluring my lip. Today I went to show my beautiful pick for you. I hope you love my choice.

Steady going

steady going mac

Are you searching a pink color? It is not a dream to find out your favorite color. Just take this lipstick that fulfills your worth. If anybody calls, it’s a light pink shade. I accept because really, it’s a bright pink shade for us. I already collect mac matte lipstick from the market & have a little dry experience with them but not too dry.

I love its smooth, dry and lighter shade. Always try to choose similar color dresses with them. I have another unique suggest that got from the beautician. Best way to apply a lip moisturizer after applying this one. That method minimizes dryness.

But I haven’t own knowledge about this technique. I hope these simple tips give you a good result. If anyone already has own skill about my tips, please write your experience in comments.

Mac runway hit

mac runway hit lipstick

This is another good one for us. Hope you enjoy its beautiful shade. This is a dry formulation lipstick. After applying I feel dry with this light nude matte collection. I like medium light coral that indication of pink color. That reason interested to collect this. Individuals have a long time to wear experience.

I need more swipe for full coverage. Also, its dry texture is inflexible to apply. Best way used a lip brush to apply. That gives you an impervious coverage. If you use too with the dry texture it is the best lipstick for you. Overall, I love its color and formulation you can try.


mac dangerous lipstick review

Personally, I love risky sign, but I fast collect Dangerous lipstick from MAC. I was inspired by amanda seyfried style to create a bold look. That’s why I determined to buy an orange-red colour. Really, it was an awesome choice.

If you are searching retro matte finish, opaque coverage and longtime wear lipstick. I think this creation is best to fulfil your requirement.

The matte creation always dry nature for that’s the reason you can follow my application method. Fast apply a balm or cream on the lips, then wait some time before applying lipstick.

Individual have average time wear experience & I enjoy with this color. Do you have any information about my collection? Please tell us we are waiting for your suggestions.

Mac Whirl

Hi lovely lady, I am ready to write an overview of Mac Whirl lipstick. Fast want to start with the shade. Because it is my favorite rosy brown color. It’s dirty rose deep brown undertone color is really beautiful with my skin tone.

If your lip is dry nature or you don’t have any experience with a matte finish. I think you feel uncomfortable with them. But this dry nature is not uncomfortable for me.

Also, after applying I found out its average staying power. It Pigmentation is really good single swipe enough. If you need bold color you can apply a second or third swipe.

Mac stone lipstick

mac stone lipstick review

Mac Stone is one of the most popular lipstick collection from this series.  Individually, love muted greyish taupe brown for that reason, love. This is much closer to brown type color that really attracts. I do not feel too dry with them & gets its light creamy consistency.

Also, it is the best collection that has very good opaque color coverage one swipe is enough. This lasting ability, not a bed, I get the average lasting capability. You can easily spend 4 and 5 hours with brown type lip. What is your experience with my choice?

Nature Transformed

mac naturally transformed lipstick

It is not my natural choice it is the gorgeous pick for yellow undertones color lovers. It’s come from the retro family. The transformed color is attractively warm and light to light-medium yellow undertones. This texture is pretty creamy and easily glides, but finishing is dryness.

Overall, I get it’s applied very smooth & opaque coverage. I love to wear daily base before joining my office. Because it’s beautiful color stay average time. That helps to meet any person with a lovely look. Really this is another best collection.


instigator mac lipstick

I see a darkened purple world where the vampire is flying for blood smell. I am not talking about vampire story I just went to talk Mac Instigator lipstick. This is a strong red shade of deep blackened plum that looks gorgeous.

When fast applied feel uncomfortable with color, but now it’s my favorite one. Instigators finishing is retro matte. After applying enough with dryness.

Its staying power is not bad enough time keep my look attractive. It gives 4 to 5 hours wear experience & beautiful opaque color coverage. That I love so much.

Velvet Teddy

velvet teddy mac lipstick swatch

If need to allure your lip with a warm pink nude. Or you love pink nude mix with a brown undertone. You can search Velvet Teddy into the market. That completes your went also give you a smooth & matte finishing.

It’s a beautiful color warble dally base. You haven’t worried about this staying power. Because it has average time stay availability that your need.

I hope you enjoy with dry finishing. Because it’s not too dry. This opaque color coverage one swipe is enough for alluring lip. I just share my experience with you. You have to decide about this.

Relentlessly Red

This is another collection. I like Retro various types of shade bright pink one of them. It is a bright color creation that is slightly warm look. If you ask me any questions about its color. I just directly answer you it is a mostly hot pink with a hint of coral.

This finishing is matte like other lipstick on this group. The beautiful opaque pigment coverage. One swipe enough for full lip.

This staying power is also sweet 4 or 5 hours easily stay. But you have to carefully drink & eating.

Matte Royal

matte royal blue lipstick mac

This is my last collection from MAC retro. This unique color is enough comport with my vampire life. But I am not interested in applying daily base.  It is a deep blue hint of purple color that’s reason color isn’t sweet with my office time.

But I love blue. That is always a sweet color for my eye look. Because my eye shape is hooded. And I read this article expert makeup tricks for hooded eyes. That’s why I love the blue color for my eye rather than the lip.

However, you feel comport with texture & matte finishing. Because Royal is not too dry. This is not a long time wearable but stays almost 4 to 5 hours. If you love my collection, please express you’re thought in a comment.


  1. I have checked your every MAC lipstick, yellow undertones (Nature Transformed) are perfect for the white skin tone

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