how to wear high waisted jeans with a tummy

How to wear high-waisted jeans with a tummy and big belly

Are you worried to wear your favorite high-waisted jeans with a tummy? I can say don’t worry. You can wear high-waisted jeans with a tummy.

Just you need to flow some creative fashion tips. That style tips help you to know how to wear high-waisted jeans with a tummy.

Because my style tips help to hide your tummy and belly fat. At the same time helps to find the perfect color, size, and fit for your tummy.

Style tips to wear high waisted jeans with a tummy

how to wear high waisted pants with a tummy

People also call high-waisted jeans. High-rise is a popular jeans style in the 80s and 90s fashion. There is a great jeans style for curvy women.

Because you can hide your tummy and bally fat with them. But you need to know some special fashion aide. Now I discuss 6 style tips to control tummy and big bally with high-rise jeans.

  • 1. Buy a right high waisted jeans Style
  • 2. Choose the right top
  • 3. Creat a front tuck
  • 4. Choose relaxed fit dresses
  • 5. Creat third layer
  • 6. Pick a dark color Jean

1. Choose a right high waisted jeans style

how to wear high waisted jeans with a belly

High-rise jeans come in lots of styles, sizes & cuts. There are cropped, flared, bootleg, tapered, straight leg, and boyfriend high rise jeans available in the market.

Remember all high-waisted jeans-style are not good for controlling tummy. So, you have to be cleaver find jeans.

Try to pick a boyfriend, straight leg, and pull-on high waisted jeans. At the same time, you have to pick relaxed fit and regular fit jeans. You can also read what is straight leg jeans.

2. Choose the right tops

Peplum tops
layered tops
high low tops
Flowy tops
how to wear high waisted jeans with a big belly how to hide belly in high waisted jeans how to make stomach look flat in high waisted jeans
shop shop shop shop

If you want to feel more comfortable with your tummy. Just need to choose a top. That is loose-fitting dresses and flyers at the bottom.

I suggest picking a tunic top, Peplum, Bardot/off-shoulder, Kaftan tops to wear with high-rise jeans. because this top helps to hide the tummy.

You can also choose Cinched waist top, Shirt style top, Layered tops, Frock tops, Batwing tops, flowy top, etc.

3. Creat a front tuck

how to hide tummy in high waisted jeans

Simply create a front truck or full tuck to look beautiful with a tummy. This simplest trick helps you to get the flattering slim look with jeans.

But you have to be careful to create a tuck. Just create a tuck without bunched-up fabric in one place. This is the best way to hide your pooch belly with high-rise jeans.

Also, you have to try to wear the same color belt and open neckline tops to look more beautiful with a tuck.

4. Choose relaxed fit dresses

how to hide mom pooch in high waisted jeans

Many types of fitting jeans are available in the fashion industry. But you have to try to wear comfortable high-rise jeans.

Because this is a great way to look fashionable with tummy. That’s why need to collect relaxed fit, loose fit, regular fit, and best jeans for apple shape.

5. Creat third layer

how to high waisted jeans tummy

If you are a plus-size woman and want to control your tummy with jeans. Just create a third layer in your entire outfit. Its works like magic.

Because you instantly hide your belly fat with the third layer. Try to wear anything over your tops. So don’t forget to apply this technique for hid tummy.

6. Pick a dark color Jean

how to hide belly fat in high waisted jeans

Remember darkest jeans color only way to look slimmer with jeans. So if you want to control your tummy and look slim with jeans.

You have to pick deep black wash denim. When you want to wear skinny jeans with a tummy or big stomach.

That time dark wash jeans are very argent for you to look more flattering. So try to stay with dark wash high-rise jeans.

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