how to thread eyebrow

How to thread eyebrow

How to thread eyebrow?

how to thread eyebrows professionally

Who wants to be a specialist in this sector? This is the most important part of her.  But it is not an easy job. This technique more difficult when you want to use thread for remove brow hair. But other parts of the face easy then eyebrow.

Please don’t worry any women will be a good artist. That’s why she needs to practice several times in a day. After practising, you can do it at home. So try to be an expert without going to any artist.

Before starting threading needs some essential tool & preparation. There I try to gossip what you need to do. What has to be avoided to remove hair?

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Necessary tools

Yes, you have to collect some argent accessories. That makes full work easy. Try to collect all essential. Also, most of the accessories you can reuse. That’s why, no need to worry. Only collect for one time that females can use for a long time. Need…

  • Sewing thread
  • Eyebrow scissors
  • Brow brush
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Aloe Vera or ice pack

eyebrow threading instrumentTweezer man scissors

Comes with brush & scissors in a pack. Because the brush is essential for females. Also, the good news is a brush made with nylon. At the same time scissors made with the original stainless steel. So that has ultra-thin & sharp blades. That’s easy to handle.

Maybelline brow definer pencil

An outstanding brow defines pencil. That softly fills & shape eyebrow without a problem. Start with pencil and end with a brow spoolie brush. Basically, I suggest women this pencil for her good ending with a brush. That’s helpful for well blend & beautiful look.

Vanity box thread

One of the idea cotton thread for the eyebrow. 100% cotton that’s why safe for allergic or any anti-bacterial issue. Otherwise, the ladies have to remember we need a pure cotton thread. So you can take without question.

Prepare your eyebrow

I think women already collect all the essential tools. Or you have all vital tools in the home. So this is the time to arrange brow as a final step of threading. That females have to complete by four different steps. But try to start with organizing the skin.

Prepare skin

eyebrow threading technique

Maybe ladies can ask me why need to arrange skin. I think this is the essential steps for you. Because you know threading painful. But it’s can reduce by a warm cloth treatment. So prepare yourself for less pain.

But before start cloth treatment women have to remove makeup from the face. Then gently clean full face with a cleanser & pure water. Now take a moist, warm cloth. Possibly females know how to prepare a moist cloth.

If any women don’t know how to arrange a wet towel. There I can help her.  It’s simple just collect bowl. Feel it with the lack of warm water. Soak the cloth into the water & wringing. Now hold the cloth on the eyebrow area several times to open pores.

If you do not love this treatment. As an alternative ladies can apply ice pack & baby oral gel into the treatment area. It is the best alternate of the warm cloth treatment. Both works are the same and help to reduce pain.


Take a Mirror

Fast women have to jump find a good lighting place & a clean mirror. Remember this is very urgent for you. Because ladies have to clearly see her eyebrow. Also, females have to avoid the magnifying mirror.

Or a reflective glass that is not enough clean. Best way to collect a standard mirror. After collecting perfect glass this is the time to sit in front of the mirror.

Trim eyebrow

how to trim eyebrows at home

We can walk in several ways to complete this job. But there I explain one of the easiest methods. Because I think everyone should find each way to complete her work. So always try to find an easy road. That’s not only for the trim brow. Try to remember this word in your full life.

However, start sweep eyebrow hair straight upward mutation with a brush. Remember, you have to sweep one section of hair at a time. Then hold in a place with comb & take scissors to cut hair.

You can use any small scissors that already have in your home. But the best way to take brow scissors. Now start cutting excess length of the hair.  Basically, you have to cut a small amount of hair. That only out of the comb.

Again, you have to do the same work downward mutation & booth eyebrow. All over again I want to remember women two important thoughts. Please cut only small amounts & don’t cut too short.

Draw out the shape of eyebrow

best eyebrow shape

Maybe your pencil already in the hand to draw a perfect outline. Otherwise, take a pencil & start outline as you want. But now I want to hold you for one minute. At the same times, I request any women in the world. Please don’t draw randomly.

Because all eyebrow shapes do not look good with your eye or face shape. Their most difficult to find perfect brow for Possibly you understand what I can say. I went to say females have to find out which eyebrow shape perfect for her.

So you have to gather knowledge about different types of eyebrow shape. Then you can identify which one looks good with you. That’s why the end of the article I discussed above different types of eyebrow shape. But now I show two brow template. That helps to draw outline accurately.

best eyebrow stencilsBrillife eyebrow template

It is very helpful for a beginner. Or who don’t have an aide about brow style. Comes with 24 different styles & stricter. So a huge number & women can re-use.

Leinuosen template

This is another best template for a beginner. Application process very easy. Start choice which shapes perfect for you. Because of the pack with 33 different styles. Then hold choice picas on the brow with one hand and start drawing the outline.

Cut a piece of thread

eyebrow threading preparation

Take scissors and start cutting the thread. Women need to remember there need 100% pure cotton thread. That basically use for sewing. Or a thread that made with a high percentage of cotton. Then cut into more than 14 inches long.

Long can be different from one person to another. Because it is defended on hand size & comfort. So cut a thread that is your need. Finally, ladies have to close the two ends of the thread by a knot to make a loop.

Twist the loop in the middle

how to eyebrow threading step by step

This is an important step of threading. So carefully twist in the middle of the loop several times. At least seven or eight times. But you have to know how to twist. Don’t worry, this is easy not a difficult subject.

Just insert 2 fingers in the two ends of the loop with both hands.  Or you can use thumb & fingers at a time. It is defended on how you feel comfortable.

Then move the both, hand fingers to make an X shape. Now use single hand & move several times for the twist. Remember at least 7 or 8 times or until 1-inch twist place.

Need practices

If you want to do it at home. You have to practice several times used to with them. I think you already complete twist & both hand fingers into the loop. So you are almost ready. Just set your mind for the next job.

Now without losing the thread try to open one side.  When you open one side of the loop with fingers. At the same time titli hold opposite loop with other hand. If do not understand what can I say. Just look at the photo for understanding.

Do the same job for 5 or 6 minutes. Just open one side & close another side. Also, do it several times a day. Because you have to be an expert with them.

Do you know why you have to do it? Because this is the way of moving twist front & back. So do it comfortably without confusion. Basically, this is the main job. Try to move, twist as long as you can.

I went to clear something there. Most of the specialist says cut thread 14 inches long, use two fingers etc. But I want to say forget everything. Just concentrate on the comfort & moving twist without a problem.

That’s why anybody can use any size of the thread. Also more than two fingers. Because your job is to trap hair into the twist and pulls those out with a moving twist.

Take a position with a twist

eyebrow threading steps

Maybe you already completed the outline of the brow. Now position the twisted directly over the hairs.  That hair outside of the brow outline. Or hair that you want to remove.

Remember start threading from the opposite section of hair shape. That helps to easily trap hair. Also, try to do it smoothly. Without too press the twist on the skin. Otherwise, you have to supper pain.

Techniques of hand controlling

how to do eyebrows threading for beginners

Right-hand placement can make total work easy. So women have to expert with hand technic. When you start threading try to place a hand very close above the brow. Ladies have to close hand that not opposite of hair shaped.

At the same time another hand, placement has to be a distance of eyebrow. That hand opposite of hair growth shape. Now start open distance hand finger & close another hand.

Also, you can remove one hair or more than one hair at a time. This is your wish. Because It is defended on your wish or comfortable. After completing, remove checks the brow to find out stray hair & remove with thread.

After threading

eyebrows after threading

You have to take care of brow after threading. Because this is important to reduce pain & various types of skin problems. But as an urgent care starts the application aloe Vera or an ice pack. That can immediately solve the redness & irritation problem.

Ladies have to be changed makeup, applying habits in the eyebrow area for one or two days. Because concealer & foundation can block pores. That’s the reason you have to suffer the black spot problem.

Just try to maintain these two tips. Because these two are very important. But more subject Includes with aftercare. Basically, need to little bit change daily skin care & makeup applying routine.  There I try to discuss shortly.

Avoid using at least one day any facial cleanser. Around the eye or threading area. Females also have to avoid anti-ageing products for 24 hours. Finally, you have to forget brow touching for three to four hours.

But don’t forget to wash the threading area with pure water. Women can do it several times a day. Try to stay away from the hot weather, sun, swimming, hot bath, sunbathing etc.

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