how to remove gel nail polish

How to easily remove gel polish at home

If you love gel polish. Remember this is not an easy task to remove gel nail polish. Because general remover isn’t good work with them. You have to walk a different way. But the good news is several easy processes are available.

There I try to discuss some natural processes without acetone with acetone & without foil. Personally, I believe acetone is a great way to complete the task. At the same time another way also good work. But need a long time to remove.

So it is your choice how to remove gel nail polish. Some people don’t love acetone. Because they believe this is harmful to the skin. I agree with the people its dryness is a big problem for us. But we can solve the problem by moisturizing.

Essential to remove gel nails

What is your chosen method to off polish from a nail? This is not important, but very argent some tools for each removing process. That helps women to take out quickly without problems. So there are four tools to making your work easy.

gel nail polish remover tool

Wooden Sticks

A nice product to off any type of nail polish. My little sister loves to apply the best nail color for pale skin. But when need to remove she loves to take these sticks. However, just read how to dry glitter nail polish fast.

So sticks very urgent not only for gel polish. Mainly, you need this to clean the point of the nail.

Really very helpful to remove polish residue from the point. Portable products that are why easy to carry any place.

Cotton balls

Very soft and smooth ball mad with 100% pure cotton. Not only important for a nail. Also, very helpful tools to get rid of any kind of makeup. At the same time helps to clean sensitive & baby skin. Applying powder or any removal liquid.

Cuticle oil

Fast I went to say the smell of the oil is very sweet. Usually an oil, milk, and honey blended products for moisturizing skin. Really wonder moisturizer to the safe dryness cuticle area of the nail. On the other hand, nourish & protects the skin from harm.

Files & Buffer

6 pieces of nail care tools with two different styles. One is a buffer block & the other is nail files. Just use the booth of tools to create different types of nail shape. It also helps clean nail polish. Great work with natural, toenails, & acrylic nails.

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4 ways you can off gel nail polish

I already told removing gel polish isn’t an easy job. That’s why there I discuss 4 different ways to remove. Hope this is enough discussion to get rid of gel polish from nails.

1. With rubber gloves & acetone

how to take off gel nail polish

How to remove gel polish. Fast I try to answer these questions very easy way. Maybe you have to spend 10 or 15 minutes for the total process. I think this is a very short time and easy for everyone. So start with a simple method.

But before start needs to collect Waterproof rubber gloves. Gel nail polish remover acetone. Finally, you have to pick a nail stick. These three are more essential. Without these three not possible to complete the job. So why you are waiting. Try to collect it as soon as possible.

Maybe you already prepared to off the polish. But after completing the dictation about the removing process. I start to discuss my choice of gloves & acetone. But now I want to start. How to remove with 3 important tools.


how to remove gel polish

If you want to complete without hazel. Look at the picture for help. Because a visual image always helps to understand anything without talking. That’s why I suggest following this image. Then you have to keep an eye on the below discussion to fully understand. There I deliberate four steps for the full process.

1. Take gloves & Put little amount of acetone in gloves. The amount depends on as you need. But have to sure acetone has to be each finger of the gloves. Please don’t miss any finger to fill with acetone. Because it is very urgent for us.

2. Then perfectly put your hand in the gloves. Most important fingers adjust with them. Your job is almost complete. Just wait for 5 to 7 minutes.

3. Now take it off the gloves and began to remove residue of polish with a nail sticking.

4. Sometimes residue is not fully off after using nail sticks. So as a final step (if you need) you can put acetone in a cotton ball & start rubbing the nail with them.

gel polish remover

Rubber gloves

I have a very short experience with Gloves. But sometimes very argent to use. That’s why I have little knowledge of them. Usually soft, non-slip surface & a comfortable hand cover. That made with rubber.


A supper liquid to take away any kind of gel nail polish. Without the gel, you can use it to take out any nail color. 100% pure products. But its dryness is not a happy ending. You need moisture nails immediately after use.

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2. With hot water & acetone

This is a similar process of rubber gloves. But applying process & essential elements are different. There need to use hot water. I think it is the more easy process of gloves. Try to remove them. Because this method is easy & hazel free. Also, the best method to remove in the home.

But before the start, females need to prepare. Their women have to collect some necessary tools. Just need acetone, wood stick, nail file, two small bowls, and hot water? Maybe all essential have in your home. So don’t have to spend extra money.

If you already gather all tools in a place. Now need to mentally concoct to get rid of the gel from the nail. Because of you almost complete half walk from the full process.  So don’t lose valuable time start getting rid now.


how to remove gel nail polish at home

Fast starts with the file of the nail. Just try to break the shiny looks of the nail with a file. That is enough for us. That’s why no need for a heavy preacher on the surface of the nail. So start the file smoothly for 2 to 5 minutes.

Now filled one bowl with very hot water & another bowl with acetone. Put acetone bowl in the large hot water bowl. I think you fully understand what you have to do. Because these staps very important for us.

Basically, hot water helps to worm acetone. If you went to direct hot acetone without this process. Maybe you have to face a problem. So don’t do this try to worm that way.

This is the perfect time to soak nails in the acetone bowl. Soak nails for at least 10 to 15 minutes. After complete soak takes a wood stick & starts to rid gel. If you feel hard to remove. Just start again, soak nails. Finally, don’t forget to moisturize.

3. Salt & dish soap blend

This is another recommended method from me. I favor this technique for several reasons. Because of no need to use acetone or any harmful chemical with this process. Maybe it is a good process without any problems of the nail.

As like the previous system. There need some vital tools to complete practice without any problem. Ladies have to collect Bowl, water, dish soap, and salt. So before starting Just manage these four. If I correct no need to buy already have in the home.

I attempt to complete full work with four easy steps. But females have to spend 20 to 30 minutes with this full process. But each step very important. That’s why you can follow the image to understand it easily.


how to remove gel nail polish without acetone

Take a medium bowl & start mix salt, water & dish soap in a place. Measurement of salt & dish soap depends on the water. On the other side, water measurement depends on your need. I think you can mix all elements with the perfect amount.

Then you have to boil the mix for several minutes. Their ladies can use a gas burner or any hitter to boil. Please don’t soak the hand in the warm mix. After complete boil needs to wait until lukewarm. Otherwise, women have to supper problem.

Next, soak your hand in the water for 15 to 20 minutes. Be sure water is warm enough for the entire period of time. Then take off fingers from the water and use a towel to dry. Now take nail sticks to remove residue. Finally, you can read how to kiss.

4. Natural way to remove

how to remove gel nail polish without foil

This is a last & another good practice to remove without acetone. Really, the total process is easy & works well against gel polish.  I give the name is a hazel-free method. But the problem is females have to wait 15 to 20 days after alluring nails.  Because need wait to until chipped the polish.

Also, need Lukewarm running water & olive or cuticle oil. They’re more urgent running water. Try to manage the complete hazel free. I think you already have these two oil & warm water. So you are already prepared.

But need to take some important steps to complete. That’s why carefully read & practice the full procedure. Also, you can follow the image for a better understanding. Now start rid of the gel.


how to remove gel nail polish naturally

Find a loose spot of the polish. I think women can easily find a loose spot. If she starts removing after applying 25 to 30 days. Most of the time within 30 days polish can be loose. Then you have to use the opposite nail to lift up loose gel polish.

Then settle your finger on the lukewarm running water. Their ladies can use the hot bath shower. Or anything that is reliable for her. But you have to be sure fingers into the running water. Again, try to lift up polish with a nail.

Maybe the nail polishes not fully off after the complete peel into the water. That’s why you have to apply olive & cuticle oil. After applying oil just wait 2 or 3 minutes for softness. After waiting now the perfect time to off gel polish by using your nail.

5 Q&A for how to remove gel nail polish

Questions and answers helpful to remove without any problem. So don’t miss reading this section. Because this Q&A is very helpful.

1. Q. Can gel polish remove with normal nail polish remover?

No general polish remover, not enough to clean gel polish. Because gel very hard and difficult to remove from the nail. Best way to use acetone to clean gel. Acetone trusted and well-known for gel polish remove. 

2. Q. What is the fastest way to rid gel nail polish?

Several easy methods are available. That’s the reason I already discussed four easy ways to remove. all removing process is effective and well known. But personally, I suggest applying to clean with acetone & hot water.

3. Q. Does acetone same as nail polish remover?

No acetone & general polish remover not the same. There have lots of differences between themes. Acetone use in domestic, pharmaceutical & beauty industries. But remover user only beauty-related field.

But there have lots of similarities between them. As an example booth is irritating the skin, volatile, flammable, etc.

4. Q. How long should I soak nails in acetone?

It is difficult to mention a specific time. Because time can be a different person to person. But most of the time 10 to 12 minutes is enough.

5. Q. Does gel nail polish damage nails?

No, gel polish not damage nails. you are 100% safe with gel polish. But after removing from the nail. Don’t forget to moisturize.

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