how to know your undertone for foundation

How to know your undertone for foundation

Your skin color, white, orange or red. This doesn’t matter, but the matter is two subjects. Which makeup should I use for my skin undertone? How to know my skin tone & skin undertones? Most of the people search these two answer. Because this is more important for finding perfect makeup.

Without impotency sometimes women need to know about her skin tone. Because it helps to find the perfect makeup color. However, it’s more need when coming to the foundation. That’s why today how to know your undertone for foundation.

Who reads this article? Maybe you are also searching for these types of answers. That’s why you read my article. So keep reading to know the answer.

But I want to start a discussion about skin undertone. Maybe this answer helps you to relax. That’s why I want to start with them. So start reading this article for relaxing & coolness.

What is skin undertones?

What is skin undertones

Come to the main point. That is an undertone of the skin. Personally, I love to say this is a layer of skin colours.  That can be divided into four steps. All types very well known & you already know. But you don’t know this is skin undertone.

  • Cool
  • Warm
  • Natural and
  • Olive

Now need to know how to identify. There I show you two easiest way to conform. But lots of technique is available. I hope this two is very easy. That’s why I explain

find best eyeshadow palette for cool skin tone

Fast method

how to determine skin undertone

Any person can conform by her vein color. But before starting the skin tone test. Need to remove makeup & gently clean face. That helps to get the natural tone. Also, you have to find natural daylight.

Now, look at your veins. Find the color of the veins. If your veins are green & blue. You are a natural skin tones person. Only green veins indicate a warm tone. Cool tone person conforms by her blue or purple veins.

I think this is the easiest method in the world. Now I discuss second ways to conform. This is also easy.

Second technique

different skin undertones

This is easy way only for women. Because it is silver & a gold jewelry test.  Silver jewelry looks good with a cool tone. Gold wall bland with warm undertones.

There I am not interested to stop color testing. I want to explain one more way from my own experience. You can also understand by the arms, inner part.

Because this is one of the best parts of the body. That’s always safe from the sun. Now look your arms inside & determine color.

Cool undertone

 makeup for cool undertone

I already discussed how to determine skin undertone. Here I again explain only for cool undertone. Light blue skin and grey or green eye color is a big indicator for cool. Some more matter also includes.

Beautiful blue skin similarly represents coolness. Sometimes hair color represents undertone. Dark brown & black hair a great indicate of cool.

Now I explain the best foundation for you. Because I think already know you are a cool person. But I want to start with. What is the right foundation shade for us? Then show you my choice foundation.

Foundation for cool undertone

cool undertone foundation

When come to take foundation. You have to complete two jobs. Try to the choice of the liquid formulation. Test the color for an equal mix with skin. This is best for you.

On the other side, a few colors should avoid. You have to stay away from any golden and bright orange color. Best way to take any cool shade. These two good for you.

Cover girl natural beige

This is a liquid formulation. That hydration, skin for comfortable wear. Long-time wearable and best for a natural look. I choice natural beige 240 from a lot of shade. Because it’s color best for cool undertone.  So create a great makeup look with them.

Maybelline fit me

You can describe as a liquid foundation for medium coverage. That good pick for oily to normal skin and longtime wear. Also finishing is matte. It comes with almost any skin color & undertone. But natural ivory good for us.

Warm undertone

 warm skin undertone makeup

Sunburn ability another great way to determine. When your skin easily tans into the sun. That’s mean warm nature skin. Yes, warm skin quickly ten in the sunlight. I think this is another easy method.

Now come to the eye and hair color. Warm always represent amber, hazel & brown eye. On the other hand strawberry, red and black hair only for warm.

Right foundation shade chooses very easy for warm. Just need to understand what color looks good with them. However, I try to help you to choose the best. Just keep reading.

Foundation for warm undertone

how to match foundation to your skin tone

Really golden & yellow-based any color good for you. Women can also try any worm shade. But before choosing any color. Be careful to look good & related to your skin color. Also red and pink harmful for you.

Bare Minerals golden ivory

You have good news. That is this product good for any skin types. Without this good side, this is also better for long time wear. Generally a full coverage liquid foundation with matte finishing.

Fit Me dewy by Maybelline

Best for normal to dry skin. But 220 natural beige color best for warm skin. Sun protection is a great side of the product. That made with SPF 18. Fragrance-free, smooth texture, hydrated, and full coverage another good side of the foundation.

Natural undertone

neutral skin tone makeup

Natural means you are not warm or cool. But you are mixing both of them. That’s why these types of skin natural. So natural is happy skin. Because this hasn’t any privacy. Also, present warm & cool combination.

General Light pink, yellow and fair skin represents natural. This is another way can be confirmed. But hair and eye color can be anything for natural. So when you are included in this category. Your skin, eye and hair character can be smeller with them.

Now time to finding best foundation makeup. As well as the fast need to know which color is best? Like the previous way of finding cosmetic. So start finding.

Foundation for natural undertone

Fast need to know which color bed for this skin. Bright gold, bright yellow, pink, ashy & red color look ugly with this undertone. You have to choose a natural-looking color. That makes you look natural, not too warm or not too cool. Just try my recommended two.

L’Oreal natural beige

Medium coverage and lightweight foundation. Finishing is super natural looking. The good news is formulated with SPF. So you are safe from sunray. Huge number of shades available.  I pick C3 creamy natural shade for Natural skin.

Bare Minerals Natural 07

You can collect three or four shades from this collection.  Because huge color is available. But I choose bare natural. It’s gorgeous for your skin. It’s safe you from sunray with her SFC protection. Also, after dry, you feel smooth with them.

Olive undertone

makeup for olive skin tone

Olive is a beautiful undertone. Because easy to finding makeup for this tone. Whatever fast need to sure your skin is olive or not. So forget to find makeup. Fast need to know how to determine. So start –

Skin color is a big way to know. When the skin shade is light brown or brownish. That’s means olive skin. But it’s divided into two types. Light & dark. Dark has always represented moderate brown. On the other hand light olive present cream to beige tone.

But the interesting thing is some more skin color also available for olive tone. That is yellowish, golden and green. It’s really interesting, isn’t it? I think you already conform you are olive skin or not.

Foundation for olive undertone

best foundation for olive skin tones

It’s always hard to find the best foundation color for face & neck. So the test is the best policy. Try to test before buy for conforming exit shade. That well blend with skin color.  But some color really harmful. You have to avoid ash, pink, bright yellow and too white. Now best two from me.

Bobbi Brown foundation

A product for smooth finishing. Create without oil. Lots of color available. But 5.5, 5.75, 5.25, 4.25, and 4.5 best for this skin. The texture is lightweight & gel-based formula. That stays long time and product skin from sunburn.

Fenty Beauty foundation

Long-wear, oil-free, and comfortable product. But soft & matte formulation. Sweet able for medium to full coverage. As well as lots of color available. Five and six shades best for you. You can try 310, 340, 380, etc.

Which skin tone is more attractive? 

This is a difficult question. Because of its defends on person to person. As an example, most of the women love yellow and red face men. On the other hand, men love fairy skin women. But most of the people believe. Light brown skin more attractive than another skin tone. 

Can I mix foundation and moisturizer? 

Yes, you can. I think this is a good idea. Who love to apply foundation every day. Remember you have to mix tiny bit moisturizer with foundation. Lots of makeup artists suggest women. To apply moisturizer on the face before applying the foundation. 

What are the different types of foundation makeup? 

 Yes, the foundation has many different & activities. But there only Introduce you well know Types of foundation. 



Cream to powder foundation  

Stick Foundation 


Tinted moisturizer 

Hope another time I discussed detail about each type. But today not more. 

How do I find my perfect shade of foundation? 

This is not a very difficult question. Just you need to know about your undertone. This is the right way to pick a perfect shade. That’s why I suggest you read this article. On the other side the best way to apply. A tiny amount of foundation on the skin for perfect matching. 

What is an undertone in makeup? 

Undertone is a layer of skin color. Also, this is the right way to finding a perfect makeup shade for women. When you confused to find the best lipstick, foundation, face powder shade. Just determine your undertone. Then start finding the right color for your skin undertone.