how to know my skin tone for foundation

Reason for different skin colors

different skin colors

Lots of people believe it is defended on a person’s parents, family, geographic area etc. It’s generally mean is if your parents are black. You will be black. If your father is black and mother is white. You will be black or white in any colour.

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Sometimes they believe is true. But it is not strong evidence. Because lots of people brown on the 100% white family. But she is black. How it is possible if people are true.

But the truth is it’s defending on lots of subjects. Genetic, sunlight, melanin, etc. There is the most valuable subject is melanin. Because melanin produces new skin cells. However, it does not only ensure skin colour. It also ensures your hair & eye color.

Melanin surrounds by six genes. When melanin come into the sunlight. They produce skin cells. And most of the time melanin depend on the genetic and some other subjects. That’s why your family any person was black. Your skin can be black. If your parents is white.

Sometimes it’s defending on presented of melanin distribution. It also depends on the types of melanin & amount. There I am not interested in discussing everything about melanin. Because not possible to discuss in one article.

What is my skin tone?

list of all skin colors

It is a common question. That’s want to know every person in the world. But it identifies very easy. You can conform to the skin surface color various ways. There I show you some easiest way of helping you.

But before starting need to know the difference between skin tone & skin undertone. Because that’s had lots of differences between them.

When any woman finds the best makeup by her skin tone based. Personally, I believe this is her wrong aide. She needs to find skin undertone base makeup products.  So undertone is very important for a makeup lover.

What is skin tone?

skin tones names

Sometimes I love to say. This is the human body color. You can also call the surface color of the skin. So easy to identify and no need to worry. That divided into three different categories.  The three are-

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Dark

Makeup for fair & light tone

fair skin makeup tips

Fair & light skin almost smaller. Fair just stabilized by less yellow undertone.  On the other hand, light tone is more yellow than fair. Another easy way you can confirm. That is fair skin is a very light, more than light skin.

I researched between them. That’s why this is my own experience & own theory. Also, I include fair and light skin in a category.

Generally, I also love to say it is white skin. That is a common color of north Asia & Europe people. Also, this skin easily burns in the sun.


foundation for fair skin tone

When come to undertones for foundation. You can choice slit pink and yellow-based products. Just try to avoid dark color. Best way to stay with a natural look. I think you can understand. I recommend this two

Revlon nearly naked

This lightweight and oil-free formulations easily blend with skin. Without any white issue. Also save the skin from sunburn. Because it is formulated with spa 20. So summer is not a problem for us.

Trublend m2 liquid foundation

Lots of color is available. But I chose M2 for light & fair skin surface. But sweet for all types of skin tone. This is another oil-free and liquid foundation collection. I use with my oily skin.

Makeup for medium skin

medium skin tone makeup tips

Generally, this is a North America and Middle Eastern people skin shade. Without these two areas medium skin surface also available on the Indian & Latinos people.

Another good way you can identify.  When you are a medal skin color person. That means your skin is not too light and not dark. Just you stay in medal place. I think you already understand. How to determine.

Sometimes this type of tone represents olive undertone. But cool & warm undertone also available in this type. Its nature is sun easily tan. Now discuss the best makeup for this skin.


foundation for medium skin

Always I suggest makeup addicted person. Please, when choosing a foundation. Need to consider your face and neck color. Try to collect a color that well blends with your face & neck.

However yellow undertone and gold glow color foundation best for you. I think this two-colour is best. But women can also try honey color.

Unboxed medium honey

Beautiful oil-free makeup. That protects you from sunburn. Because of the package with SPA 15. Actually, it is a liquid matte foundation for instant full coverage with a comfortable feel.

Estee stay in place

Lightweight face makeup. Color is a beautiful desert beige. Longtime wearable stays at least 8 to 10 hours.  Beautiful creation with oil and fragrance.

Makeup for dark skin

dark skin tone

When you are not a fair or medium skin person. That’s time have to understand. You are a dark skin person. I think no need to say more about these skin types.

When any skin is a very dark nature. Generally, people call, this is a black person. Also, it has a different shade. I find out It has five shades. That is brown coffee, royal brown, dark gold, bole, and coconut.

Most of the African person’s skin is black. But some Asia, Europe and America people also black. Now time to find out best makeup for dark skin.


best foundation for dark skin

Gold color foundation. Yes, the gold shade looks good with the dark skin surface. Also, you should avoid pink. When collecting foundation tries to test by little amount applying on the face. Mostly I love these two for dark people.

Born this way

It comes with lots of shade. But I chose butter pecan for you. Best for natural look & medium to full coverage. At the same time hydrating the skin. That comes with long-term staying power. Almost 8 to 10 hours stay without a problem.

Mac fix fluid

Lots of color available. Eight to ten, shade well blended with black skin. Now only discuss NW48. It’s a color slightly red undertone. Also, this product helps you to save from UVA & UVB sun harmful ray. But it’s finishing is matte.

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