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What is eyebrow threading?

Maybe you can agree with me. Eyebrow, lip & eye is some of the most important parts of our face. But this is not only valuable for a healthy life. It’s made ours look natural and beautiful.

If you don’t believe me. Just take a photo with a mobile. Start editing & remove the eyebrow from the face. If already completed the job. I think now people can agree with me. Because your looks going to be a horror.

That’s why from lots of years ago. Females start thinking about her brow. How can make this more natural, beautiful, gorgeous & perfect? That’s the reason ancient to modern women’s create lots of technique. Eyebrow threading one of them.

So today we gossip about threading. Why, when & how it’s gain popularity. Also, how to apply it in your lifestyle to look attractive.

What is eyebrow threading?

What is eyebrow threading

This is a way of removing unwanted hair from the face. You can better understand if you know about waxing & tweezing. I think you know about these two processes. Both methods are the same and work to remove hair.

Process of threading very easily more than any techniques. Also less painful way than others. Only there needs a piece of thin cotton thread. Then need your hand to apply thread to remove any facial hair.

So we can say. This is a system of hand-to-clean hair with cotton thread. That is also clean more than one hair at once. That’s why easy to achieve good eyebrow shapes for my face. But without face this process, not well for other parts of the body.

You can apply this process with any kind of skin. Because remove hair without any problem. So, safely for sensitive, acne-prone, irritable & oily skin. So if any women have oily skin. After complete threading her no need to time west to take care of eyebrow. But need more practice to be a specialist with them.

History of threading

This is a great history of the Middle East, India, and China people. After a long journey now it is one of the most popular beauty techniques in the world. Nowadays this is gaining popularity in America & Europe.

As far I knew 6000 years ago Indian or Iranian women established this technique. That’s why it is a history of ancient times. But most people believe in the threading origin of India.

However, they are applying the threading method not only for the eyebrow. They are also used to remove any kind of facial hair. Included chin, upper lip, cheeks, and sideburns. But Chinese & Indian ladies do it only for a special occasions.

Benefits of threading


You get various benefits from them. If you want a beautiful brow without any side effects. Threading can be your best friend. Because it is a trust-able hair removing process for ancient times.

1000 Of years women defend with them. Because there no need to use any chemicals. So skin safe from any chemical harm. Only need 10 or 15 minutes to complete the full process. That’s why save valuable time. But time can be defined from one artist to another.

The main benefits of the technique are again hair grows thinner, softer & natural. Cut hair from the root without any skin discoloration & rashes.

Also helps to perfectly blood sacralization on the threading area. Can be target individual hair & result lest long.

How long does threading last

how long does threading last

I want to tell you the truth. Many females say, threading results last 5 to 6 weeks. I think its answer is difficult. Because it is very person-to-person. But the right answer is lasting between 2 to 6 weeks.

Basically, it’s defended in many thoughts. Like the type of hair, area of the face, etc. On the other hand, many women take hair re-growth treatment. Also, person-to-person hair re-growth ability can be different.

Because it is a genetic & hormone-based matter. However, threading removes hair from the root. That’s why most of the ladies safe for a 1-month average. You can also read our article hooded eyes makeup.

Do have any side effects or pain?

does eyebrow threading hurt

I want to answer this question. But pain a little bit less than any kind of brow shaping.

Now come to the side effect. Yes, this has side problems like – skin irritating, redness, etc. But the good news is any person can solve the problem easily.

Just need aftercare. Middle of the article I explain the details. How can overcome this problem? So don’t worry just keep reading.

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