The best perfume for women

best perfume in the world

Do you love red the Vampire story? Personally, I love red horror types of the story at midnight. Today I want to share a story of Vampires perfume. The Vampires’ world two colognes addicted friends live in together. One night they are making a plan to collecting beautiful scents from the human world.

When complete collection both of friends meets in a beautiful place. Also, start to surprise one of another showing the collection. When two friends gossiping about a particular piece. In the movement, I walk alone on a road. Amazingly, saw both of friends & try to lesion her gossip.

I just try to choice best one  from the Vampire. Now I went to show my collection. That helps you to choose best perfume for women. If you don’t love my story. But I hope you love my beautiful collection.

Coco Mademoiselle

coco mademoiselle chanel perfume

I fast collect this handsome feminine smell after lunch the market it was 2001. That time Coco sensual freshness makes me happy & determine to buy again. Now, this oriental aroma is not for me. Because I am over 45 years. Mademoiselle smell is sweet for a younger woman.

This young scent created by perfumer Jacques Polge. Jacques uses lots of ingredients to create this flowery scent. I get its floral heart is uncovered for jasmine and rose. The oranges, bergamot, grapefruit mix with the base notes patchouli, white musk, vetiver etc.

Eau de smell stay 7 or 8 hours. I think this is a good staying power. Its two sprays are enough to smell for a long time. Also, third sprays are overpowering. I suggest avoiding the third spray.

Lanvin eclat

Fruity-floral perfume is the best choice for a lady. Fruity-floral smell is a touch of feminine, fresh, clean or soft.  This top perfume made by oldest fashion house Lanvin. It is the most famous clothing house in the France. In 2003 Lanvin release this fabulous smell for women.

Its flowery scent is really attractive & touches my heart. This flowery ingredients green, lilac, & Sicilian lemon chain wake up my spring memory. Its base’s notes come from amber, Lebanon, gentle musk. Mix with its hard wisteria, red peony, green lilac, petitgrain etc.

Individually, I like to spray daily two times on the skin. Just one or two sprays enough for a sweet smell. You have to face only one problem with them. I already told fruitily, floral is sweet-smelling but not stay for a long time. I get its staying power is average.  Overall, not a bed you can try.

 Daisy Dream

marc jacobs daisy perfume review

Popular perfumer Alberto Morillas & two well-known people Ann Gottlieb, Jacobs combined make an ethereal smell. That best one for my lovely wife. I collect three times on the market. Third time wishes to review for you.

Generally, it is an average scent staying power floral fragrance. This youth floral come from Jasmine, Lychee, and Blue. Well, known perfumer wisely applies Musks, Coconut Water and White Woods to create its base. Top notch comes from Grapefruit, Pear, Blackberry etc.

Its two sprays are enough for full sensing. After spray, I get a fresh, fruity floral smell from my wife. It’s light and fruity, floral smell is really gorgeous also catching my attention. But not stay for a long time. Overall, it is the best choice for your life partner. You can try its fruity floral taste.

Kelly Caleche

kelly caleche women's perfume

Floral-leather smell isn’t a dream of the fashionable lady. This attractive floral-leather combination cologne made by the house of Hermes. Hermes Kelly Caleche design by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. Intelligent perfumer its beautiful smell create for younger women’s. That stay enough time. I think you can feel happy with staying ability.

Basically, it is mixed by some sweet floral ingredient & lather. Beautiful floral elements and lather combine create a sweet-smell. This leather comes in the Barenia calf & sheep leather. Also, her floral elements remind me a mimosa, climbing rose, tuberose, iris, lily etc.

Leather inspiration scent is really sweet and sensation for earlier age’s ladies. First time I was confused about the smell. But after use, I get a beautiful experience with them. You don’t have to be worried. I find out its leather smell is light. If you love Ellena smart thought just tries this.

Very Hollywood

michael kors very hollywood perfume

The last valentine day I search a sweet, floral and sexy cologne for my girlfriend. I get Lots of floral cologne on the market. But only Hollywood sensation fulfils my requirement. It is a gorgeous famines scent. Also, design by perfumer Michael Kors. That I collect in 2016 but available in the market since 2009.

Its ingredient choice really interesting. Her floral hard comes from wet jasmine, ylang-ylang, gardenia. That mix with hard top notes, creamy amber, iced bergamot, orris, soft white moss, iced bergamot, Vetiver etc. Probably it is a good recipe for a womanly smell.

Perfumer made a fruity pinkish vaguely floral smell that still now attract me. I fast try it on my hand. After smelling interested to collect for impressing my sweetheart. After several days apply she told me its smell staying for enough time. So good one you can apply to join a party, office, daily base or catching other attention.

  Gucci Bamboo

gucci bamboo perfume

Sometimes I like to wear bamboo accessories. But bamboo Perfume it was a dream. Dream comes true when I fast get bamboo inspiration cologne on the market. It is really intelligent thinking. That comes from a world-class fashion brand Gucci. But after apply want to say it is a floral – woody feminine smell.

This interested floral compassion makes from orange blossom, ylang-ylang, Casablanca lily etc. Intelligent perfumer its base create from Grey, Amber, Tahitian Vanilla, and Sandalwood. Some well-known perfumer wisely choice this ingredient. Its mix encourages me to use a daily basis for express my femininity.

It is not overpowering & gives a womanliness sensation. Its scent stays enough time. So you can stay sufficient time with this beautiful smell. If you don’t love bamboo, but you can love bamboo inspiration fragrance to impress someone.

Valentino ‘Valentina’

valentino women's perfume

Valentina is a beautiful flowers touch, fruits hard, sweet, oriental, sensual and popular women’s perfume. Because two perfumers Alberto Morillas & Olivier Cresp hardly try to give a womanless feel with them. Valentina created by the famous fashion house, Valentino. This is a remarkable creation from the fruity floral ingredient.

Some strong and beautiful elements combine to make its stature, hard & base. Its key ingredients come from cedar wood, tuberose, truffle, jasmine, Madagascar vanilla, patchouli, oakmoss, white, bergamot, peach etc. That mix with its heart strawberries. Also, its floral feel makes from orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose etc.

I am a big friend of the fruity floral smell. That reason doesn’t forget to spray before going to my office. Its two sprays enough to get a sensual fruitiness. Overall, not a bed but I have one blame. That is the smell staying ability. Its smell is sweet, but average longevity doesn’t make me happy.

Little Things Noir

victoria secret little things noir

Victoria’s Secret world-famous for undergarments, woman accessories etc. Personally, I love her gladiator sandals. Nowadays, it is also popular for fragrance arrangement. My best friend fast informed me about some hottest Victoria’s women’s collation & determine to buy one. After determining I searching fruity – floral combination. Finally, I find out this one from 100 of the collections.

This beautiful flowers compassion comes from jasmine petals, lily-of-the-valley, cattelaya orchid, cyclamen etc. Its fruity heart bland from apple, citruses, red berries, guanabana, pear etc. I think it’s a gentle mix for womanly scent.

Its sexy smell impresses me. That reason I apply Eveready only one spray for light smelling. Probably it is another best collation that has enough smell & staying ability. Noir stay a long time. Also, it is not overpowering. If your choose close to me just try it.

Pure poison

pure poison from dior

World famous fashion brand Dior created this beautiful, clean, fresh, sharp, floral & fruity combination scent. That has a beautiful smell to catch other attention. In 2004 Dior release poison for us. Its beautiful blend made by three well-known perfumers Carlos benaim, Olivier polge & Dominique ropion.

It’s base made from sandalwood & ambergris. Also Orange blossom, gardenia mix with jasmine, Sicilian mandarin, Calabrian bergamot etc. Really some beautiful ingredients together make it a womanly sensation.

Personally, I have good experience with them. This one spray is enough to get a sweet and clean smell. Sometimes I wish to apply for the second spray. But another apply also not overpowering. Smell staying power also nice. That you normally deserve from any scent. You can easily fall in love.

Armani Code

Armani Code for Women by Giorgio Armani

This is a beautifully feminine scent created by Armani. But this company famous for both women & men. If you want to know best cologne for men click here. However, it’s available on the market since 2006. Generally, it is a gorgeous fruity-floral creation. Its smell is really nice and opens like an orange scent.

Code creator Carlos Benaim, Dominique Ropion, & Olivier Polge use lots of flowers, fruit, and fresh spicy to make this. Its combination created from sandalwood, orange blossom, jasmine, vanilla, lavender honey ginger, pear sorbet etc.

You can use daily base two sprays on the skin. Two sprays are enough for sweet smelling. Overall, I am happy with this. That is not overpowering but smell staying power not enough. Personally, I deserve 8 or 10 hours stay ability with them. That is not this one. Do you have any opinion about it?

The best cologne for men

top selling mens cologne

Perfume is essential to express personality. I think a good character helps you catch other attention. A lovely smell & good looking, like a power. That can easily change the mind. Smell also able to make the right attitude.

The right approach makes a balanced look. Well-adjusted makes you confident. So several ways you can benefit from them.

However, sometimes it is also important to save bad smell. Long-time ago the elite’s Egyptian male and female use cologne to enhance their status.

The modern world is available for every person. The present fashion industry makes thousands of perfume that creates confusion. Some people feel hesitate to choose the best one for him.

Today I want to try introducing with you some best cologne for men. I think this collection helps to choose the right one. Just keep the reading to know one by one.

History of men’s cologne

history of perfume and cologne

Perfume is a very old history of ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamia, and china civilization. Maybe it’s fast creating lots of years ago in Mesopotamia by a chemist woman. She used various floor, oil & balsam as an ingredient. Day by day perfume reached the whole world.

On the other hand, cologne is a very early history of German. Basically, cologne is the name of Germany old town. An Italian perfumer living in cologne. He created this from homesickness. He always feels a rainy spring morning of Italy. That morning smelling with orange blossoms & daffodil flowers.

But after the creation of best mens perfume. He named is cologne. Because he similarly loves present living hometown. Basically, you can call this is an early version of the perfume.  That formulated in 1709. But this creation modified several times in her life.   

How to choose best smelling cologne for men

smell of perfume is matter or not

You have to clever for the choice accurate smelling at the right time & right place. Before the pick just considers seasons, longevity, and situation. Because weather and place can change your mind & choice. That’s why you need to know some point.

The very strong and sweet smell is good for cool weather or wintertime. But light and fresh smell best for summertime. Winter season perfume can be woody, spice, musk etc.

There I try to discuss which smell sweet for a particular person, place and time. I think this discussion helps to the choice without confusion. So start now

Oriental aroma favorite for relaxing. Gentlemen can pick vintage cologne. The leather smells accurate for confidence. If you want to stay with comfortable try to smelling with woody a scent. Maybe you already understand which one is yours.

 But a sweet lover, not included my top discuss. Are you a sweet guy try fresh smell for your personality? On the other side fruity-floral, nice pick for modern men.

Why should choose the best men’s Cologne?

men’s perfume bottle

If you want to know why need. Fast you need to understand the differences between perfume, cologne, Eau de toilette etc. It’s can make this answer easier. So start now.

Most of the people think cologne is a mail version of the perfume. Sometimes this theory is true. But it’s have not strong evidence.  As far I know it’s different depending on the % of mix oil, alcohol & water. So you can easily understand when you know % of the blend.

  • Perfume – mix with 20 to 30% perfume essence.
  •  Eau de toilette – it’s % less than perfume only mix 5 to 15%.
  • Cologne – this is the lowest % of any types. The mix of only 2 to 4% aromatic essence.
  • Eau de perfume – that has awesome mixing of 15 to 20% perfume essence.

 Cologne always comes with large bottles at a low price. That’s the reason its easy to collect. Also best for long time use & perfect for men. So cologne is best for us.

Avon black suede

best male fragrance for work

Avon is worldwide famous for cosmetic and perfume collection. But her makeup popular than Scent. Black Suede is different that gain popularity. So today we try to know why it is best for men.

Fast of all a casual blend for men. The ingredients come from spicy & woody oriental. Her smell is sexy, warm, smooth and rich. In 1980 Avon release this manly feel for her customers. You can say an oriental scent for us & top selling men’s cologne in the market.

I already said it is a woody oriental and spicy mix. That has a slightly messy tone. Basically, her top, middle & base not created from amber, musk, oakmoss, cloves, sandalwood etc.

It’s staying power supper. That stays a long time after spraying on the neck or any place of the body. Almost 5 or 6 hours stay without a problem.

Aqua pour homme

best smelling men's cologne

Hello everybody – I hope you enjoy with my valuable information about Bvlgari Aqua. This smell is fresh and aquatic also suitable for all ages. Generally, its beautiful creation only for men. That is designed by well-known & my favorite perfume designer Jacques Cavallier.

That fast spray I get a beautiful ocean freshness. Its beauty and fresh smell coming from the sea, but not like ocean water. Designer, inspired by ocean depths. The sweet water freshness comes from the Posidonia flower an aquatic plant. This plant is growing in Australia and Mediterranean deep waters.

Lovely, fresh aquatic & masculine smell, really attractive. Sweet freshness doesn’t fade easily and it has enough time stay-ability. Fresh smell staying power, not a bed. Personally, I get its average lasting capability. That stays up to 5 or 6 hours. Just try to spray not more than two times in a day.

Tommy Bahama for men

top selling men's cologne of all time

Tommy release this beautiful creation in 2016. That quickly gain the luxurious crown. But designer inspired by sea beauty. Her blue color indicates seawater. This is the general information about the perfume.

Now come to the smell & blend. The smell is fresh, aquatic, and cool like sea air. Her combination of ingredients note makes a fresh & aquatic perfume. That best for daily basis use.

 The additional ingredients list includes lots of flower, wood and cedar. Some forest note also includes like – moss, sandalwood, musk etc. The floral heart opens for a water lily, geranium, jasmine, ambergris, violet leaf etc.

It is the best one to apply a walking time on the beach. But I love to use summertime. Her smell staying power average only 3 or 4 hours.

Eternity for men

calvin klein perfume

Calvin Klein is one of the most famous fashion brands in the world. Today it is more well-known for her scents, jeans, casual collections. Some Calvin creation is the most popular and best sellers in the world. Eternity one of them that has a very smooth and masculine scent. Also, it is a very oldest creation. But still attracts me.

This is a gorgeous & popular collection. I already four times buy from the market. Also, love to apply on the day time.   Probably, you feel happy with its clean and citrus quality. This has a mandarin & lemon records which give the fragrance a consensus of greens. Greens and herbs combine to make a fresh & lovely feel.

Somebody, says its smell stay long time. I don’t agree with these types of experience. Personally, I use it & my knowledge says not for a long time. This smell stays for 5 or 6 hours. Overall, it’s a good formation for us. Do you have any experience?

Carolina Herrera cologne

best mens cologne of all time

Available in men and female version. In 2007 Carolina Herrera fast introduced a CH version for a woman that gain popularity. That’s why in 2009 company release Ch men for us. Similarly, men version day by day become popular.

The smell is sweet, sensual, and masculine with rich texture. Thts why it is best office cologne for me. Basically, it is a spicy oriental, woody & leather scent. Mix by lots of ingredients for a masculine freshness and manly feel.

Her top note is an aromatic and citrus type. That mix is lavender & grapefruit. Middle notes created with liquor & spice like – cardamom, whisky accord. Finally, bottle ingredients come from Woody & Leather.

Personally, I suggest to use it at night. But you can apply any time and any day. Lasting power is respectable. Stay at list 3 to 4 hour. I similarly suggest only for younger men.

Halston cologne spray

best smelling colognes in the world

The oldest scent that still now popular. Also available in the market. In 1974 perfumer Max Gavarry and Vincent Marcello creates this beautiful perfume. But release by fashion house Halston.

Perfumer uses a fresh green note from manly sensation. Smell like 70’s and 80’s feel. Her green blend makes a warm, sophisticated and loyal perfume. However, you can describe as a woody, fresh and aromatic creation for powerful men.

Fresh top blend comes from bergamot, crisp green accord, verbena etc. Middle mix slightly spices feel like – cinnamon, carnation, tarragon etc. It’s a base note from amber, wet tree moss, sandalwood, and vanilla.

Longevity is not so high. It stays a few hours. Only 3 or 4 hours staying. This is the bad side of the scent, but smell sweet.

Boss number 6

hugo boss cologne

Several days ago I was searching for a beautiful cologne. That I can use before going to my office or all most every occasion. Finally, I find out Number 6. Because it is completely my want also smell is clean & everyday wearable.  Really, it’s a best perfumes for men which made by famous perfumer Annick Menardo. Available on the market since 1998.

Its smell is fresh & I feel like an apple. Mix by some spice, warm, fruity and lots of woody. Also, involves sandalwood, apple, vetiver, cinnamon etc. That combined makes a very sweet one. Personally, I love spicy & apples mixed. That reason finally I find out another best one.

However, after spray, I get the big smell of apples. Somebody says its lasting power is not good. But I get its stay enough time that I deserve. If you love this one please share your experience in a comment.

Versace perfume for men

women's favorite men's cologne

The designer creates this beautiful smell from the love of Greek mythology. Basically Eros a Greek God name. Eros symbol of Love, beauty, passion & desire. That’s why he tries all beautiful thought combine to make a good smell for men. That available in the market since 2012.

 An oriental composition from various types of fresh fruits and woods. That makes a sensual smell for men. Describe as a fresh and oriental smell. Which start the mix with lemon & close by Cedarwood.

Start blending with Italian Lemon, Green apple, min etc. Opening ingredients, mix with heart note Tonka Bean, Geranium, and ambroxan. The base note was very sweet & sensual choice. The base ingredient is Vanilla, Cedarwood, vetiver, and Oak Moss.

I favor it’s only for 20 to 30 age men. Really, its smell sweet for this age range. But haven’t any limits of day or night. You can apply any day or any time. The smell staying capabilities also good. Stay almost 4 to 5 hours.

Acqua di gio

armani acqua di gio

It is one of the gorgeous men’s choices in my collection. People always looking fresh or sexy design to catch other attention. That’s why it is the best one to complete this type of want. This attractive creation made by Armani. That is a world famous Italian fashion brand founded by Giorgio Armani.

This design is available for men & woman. Today not women’s perfume I want to discuss only masculine versions. The popular sexy making is inspired by the island, earth, sun etc. Its feel is fresh and lemon taste with jasmine flower. That mix of fruit, herbs, jasmine, vanilla, patchouli, cedar, brown sugar, woods etc.

After spray, its strong lemony scent refreshes my mind. The problem is refreshes mind searching how to kiss someone. People say Acqua is best for a young men. Personally, I use this cologne and I am 32. I enjoy with them. But smell lasting power is average.

Curve cologne for men

curve crush for men cologne

An American based company creates this awesome cologne for men. It is not the very oldest perfume. In 2004 Liz Claiborne fast introduces in the market. If you are modern men. Just try this smell. Because it’s designed basically for a modern person.

Described as a smell of energetic, sexy, sensual and fresh. Blend of lots of herbs & woods. That’s why its smell is fresh. At the same time natural energy feeling.

Basil, coriander, bartlett pear, bergamot, and muguet are her natural freshness & opening note. The energetic mid note is ginger, green violet etc. The base note is musk, moss etc.

Sometimes I love to say this is an old men perfume. After the test the smell I determined its best for 25 to 40 years man. The young person also can try. The smell of the cologne stays only for 3 hours.

Obsession for men

This is another best collection for men. It is made by famous fashion brands Calvin Klein. Its lovely aroma available from my childhood, it was 1985. Design by standard perfumer  Bob Slattery. If you are a woman don’t have to be worried about its lovely smell. Because its men and women both versions are available in the market.

This is a very elegant masculine creation. That has exclusive woody, refreshing, and oriental sensation. It’s fresh & floral sharpness I love so much. It is blended with clove, lavender, nut, spiced, amber, mandarin, warm cinnamon etc. If your choice close to me. Then you can try it.

Its smell also very strong & sexy easily achieve my girlfriend’s attention. I love to apply one or two sprays on my clothing before going outside of the home. But staying power is not enough for me. I get its stay only for four or five hours.

Eight & Bob

Bob is the oldest perfume in history. Maybe it’s fast introduced in the early twentieth century. That created for personal use by a French elite person Albert Fouquet. After a long time of creation finally, it’s open for everyone.

I can say a gentleman perfume. But sometimes I feel the smell of the Bob genderless. Sweet for booth men & women. Her smell is light & slightly woody types. At the same time fresh & blooming flowers sensation.

Top notes, lemon and spice mix. Top ingredients are cardamom, pink pepper, lemon etc. Heart from dry woods, violet lips, labdanum etc. The base of sandalwood, Amber, vetiver.

See freshness is a dream of summertime. That’s why I think it is best for summer. Stay a long time that you deserve. At least six or seven hours.

Angle men

thierry mugler perfume

Thierry Mugler-Angle Men are another favourite one on my collection. This is a really sweet choice for us & I enjoy with them. Its smell crazy for me and that’s the reason I started writing. It was fast introduced on the market In 1997.  So I think a long time ago & Its lovely creation was fast launched in Europe.

It is made by the fashion house of Thierry Mugler. Also, design by well-known perfumer Jacques Huclier. This blend is above list of food notes like Vanilla, chocolate, roasted coffee, Lavender, patchouli, caramel etc. All food combined make a lovely masculine feeling.

These are really sweet, woody and surprising coffee smell. After applying you get a pure coffee smell. It is easy to spray and the smell stays ability average. You can apply daily base on the clothes or skin.

Noir by Tom Ford

noir extreme tom ford review

Tom Ford is a comfortable name for the perfume world. In 2012 introduced a new cologne for gentlemen that is Noir. After introduced in 2015 its modify for the best smell. Now a new version is available in the market.

The smell of the Noir warm & woody oriental. But her middle note composition of the flower. After applying Slowly fade top notes. Then come to the middle note orange blossoms etc.

Mandarin oil, saffron, cardamom and neroli is her top composition. Then start the mix with rose, mastic, orange blossom, jasmine etc. End with sandalwood, vanilla, & amber

One of the best ones for cool weather. Her worm notes make a perfect smell for winter. So I suggest for wintertime. Just apply every cool morning for 7 or 8 hours. Because it is best for long time use.

Polo red

ralph lauren polo red

Hi… Friend, I think this is the right time to write about a great smell. Today I want to write about Polo Red. This is an energizing perfume with includes suitable red color. That made by my famous American brand Ralph Lauren. Personally, I love its sensation and its beautiful smell attracts me.

You can describe is a clean, sweet and woody spice masculine design. It is a combination of red grapefruit & lemon. This is a versatile scent with include red grapefruit, red saffron, lavender, wood etc. The base created from amber, coffee, red cedar, coffee beans etc.

You can spray daily base on the cloth or skin. I love to apply on the night or before joining a party.  Its short time staying power does not make me happy. Finally, I went to say friend fist spray this one, then holds your nose and write your feeling in the comment.

Raw Chemistry for him

My friend says this is a cologne for women attractions. But I don’t know why he told. I don’t find anything that the reason woman can crazy. But the smell is really sweet. That can attract any person not only woman.

A big benefit of the scent is a natural formulation. Don’t have any alcohol, plastic or silicone. The smell is beautiful, warm, oriental, luxury, fresh and sexual.

A big note is an Italian wood and moisturizing blend. Targeted creating for modern men. Maybe it is the best one for nightwear. Staying power not so high.

Seductive men

guess seductive men edt spray

This is a fresh & popular creation for us. Seductive men made my famous American fashion brand Guess. I like Guess clothing, accessories, watches or jewelry. But it is a fast perfume that I collect from Guess. Two years ago I searched a magazine to learn how to remove gel nail polish find here. That time I know about this perfume. Because it was advertised in this magazine page. But available séance 2011.

Mix by some beautiful ingredient like- sandalwood, musk, and aromatic combine to make a sweetness. This base note reminds me amber, patchouli, musk etc. Also more ingredient last is cardamom milk, Patchouli, Sandalwood, musk, amber, pink pepper etc.

The smell of this one is really sweet, fantastic, woody, and sensual. This lasting power really good. Personally, I get a long lasting ability. Finally, it is a sweet creation and always need to carefully apply the right amount on your skin or cloth.

1 Million

Everyone uses fragrances to catch other attention. That’s why I like 1 million. Because it’s coming from a good blend and its lovely sensation easily catching other attention. Three creative perfumers Michel Girard, Olivier Pescheux & Christophe Raynaud combine to create its sensuality.

Its beautiful formulation made by French fashion house Paco Rabanne. It is really fresh and a gorgeous collection. That Inspired by metallic fashions. I love its amazingly blended. That mix of red orange, grapefruit, blond wood, blond leather, spices, cinnamon, rose, mint etc. The fruit and mint combo make a sweet pic for us.

It’s smell like a cinnamon, grapefruit, leathery or strong amber taste. I like to apply one or two sprays on my cloth. After one or two sprays its smell stay for a long time. Personally, I have these types of experience that I already shared with you.

paul sebastian for men

paul sebastian cologne review

This is another one available in the market from a long time ago. Launch in 1979 really old perfume for us. I fast introduced with the scent in 2004. I collect several times from the market. Because it’s smell attract me.

After smelling I can describe as an oriental fragrance for men. Her blend from some nice ingredient. Formulated from rose, musk, jasmine, amber, lavender, sage, moss, lavender, ylang-ylang, cloves etc.

Best time to wear in the evening time. Also, day or night similarly goes with them.  I this smell best for casual wear. But not stay for a long time.

Bleu de chanel

bleu de chanel perfume review

Thousands of perfume in the market. That’s why It is difficult to choose the right one for your personality. Bleu De Chanel is a beautiful scent that gives you a clean, woody and dry feel. This beautiful aroma made by world-famous fashion brand Coco Chanel.

I am not interested in messing this one is any formal occasion. But you can try any place or any occasion. I love to use one or two sprays on my cloth. Also, sometimes like to spray on the skin.

Its smell is not overpowering for me. I get its staying power not bad. That stay for a long time. Overall, this is my favourite. You can try this one for a lovely sensation.