best lipstick that last longer

Lipstick is a popular and daily base usable beauty product for present world women. Long, long time ago woman started colouring her lip. Thousand years ago Ancient Egyptians people, Indus Valley Civilization and Islamic golden time use lip color for several reasons. Ones upon a time the United Kingdom and the United States only upper-class women interested to time west for her lip. People always try to present a new way her beauty. That reason most of the modern women like to wear makeup. Lacquers are more valuable of them to get a fabulous look. Recently most of the beautiful ladies

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Mac retro matte lipstick review & swatch

Lipstick is popular makeup on the fashionable lady. That’s why lots of Lipstick Company available in the modern world MAC  one of them. Her various types of collection given its popularity. Today this makeup house is more popular for her matte collection. Mac retro most popular creation of them. That’s why today Mac retro matte lipstick review. It comes with various types of shade. Some shade is really beautiful & daily wearable. Its beautiful opaque coverage and longest wearing ability key point for its beauty. Also, applicable daily base of the lip. I think matte collection little bit dry, but not too much wearable. Some days ago I

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