How to kiss someone perfectly


how to kiss step by step

Many friends ask a question why people kiss. I just love to say this is a sign of love. Lots of friends not happy with this answer. But I think this is the right answer for the question. But the matter is the queries not ending there.

They also want to know how to kiss. Why it is common human behavior. Why we do not change our thousands of years behave. Ask more questions again and again. Sometimes I feel bothered with my friends to solve her queries.

That’s why I make a plan to solve all problems in an article. There I try to discuss everything about the kiss. If you same of my friends & want to know lots of things about the kiss. Just read this article. Maybe you can get there each about the kiss. That is you want to know.

Different types of kisses

Kiss helps to express love to each other. But this is not only happening between a couples. It has version & lots of meaning. As a human being, you should know different.

Because difference helps you express the emotions between friends, lover, child, parents, brother & sister. Also, it helps you to complete the answer how to be a good kisser.

Thousands of types of kiss survive in the world by human. All are not possible to explain in an article. That’s why I try to explain the most needed top twelve kisses & her meaning.

Forehead kisses

It’s just a care someone. Just a person tall her lover, I with you. More than anything in the world. But this is not happening by speaking. It’s happened with a kiss. This is the real meaning of a forehead kiss.

You can kiss someone’s forehead for showing respect, care, strong friendship, emotions, commitment, more than sex etc. It’s can occur between brother, sisters, friends, lovers or family.

Also, it’s a nonsexual, nonromantic indicator for your lover. So without sex, you can kiss lover for display deep relationship. Be careful when complete kiss. Don’t forget to look at her eyes & smile. Because this is the best way to showing better feelings with a kiss.

French kiss

kids french kissing

It’s another beautiful name is a deep kiss. Which starts with American & British people. Maybe this style starts from the beginning of the 20th century or world wear 2. Personally, I love to call it’s a loving kiss. You can also call a kiss that happened with tongue & lip for messing partner I feel good with you.

Because Just a tongue touches another tongue by entering each other mouth. Covered by each other lips & closed mouth. Also, it the best kiss for a couple & spouse. That’s why I call it’s a lover or tongues kiss.

Come to the main point. You need to know how to kiss well. Without preparation, hard to complete this style. So before starting choice a perfect time with a fresh mouth. You have to also complete eye contact & smile as the last preparation.

Now you can touch smoothly partner back side for come to the close each other. Touch each other face and open mouth. This is the time to close your eyes & touch tongues. Now slightly tilt head any side.

Be sure when tilt head. Just tilt each other opposed side. Now lock lips, closed mouth and start enjoying with a partner. Try to complete this work slowly in the right place.

Single lip kiss

lip kiss images

A kiss that is indicates a hot, romantic and sensual movement. This way you can kiss enjoying times or kiss day. You can also apply it any time with a good place & batter cessation.

This way a person kisses her partner’s single lip. But both are kissing each other single lip. Just like this – you kiss the lower part of the lip and your lover kiss your upper part of the lip. This is the difference.

Also involved sucking on the style. When you lock lips by mouth. Need to start sucking. But try to suck carefully, gently and smoothly. Just try to throw a good feel for a lover.

Mark kisses

This is a lipstick kissing by a girl or woman for her boyfriend. You can fun with boyfriend by mark style. After applying lipstick just create a mark lover face by the lip.

Sometimes it naturally occurs when you eat or drink. But it is not happening with a lover. It occurs with a coffee mug, burger, apple etc.

Love bite

This is like a mark kissing. But the popular name is love bite or hockey kiss. This style completes by kissing, sucking and biting. You can describe as a bite of love or sign of love.

A person can complete this kiss as a mark of love with her husband, boyfriend or girlfriend. It also indicates a deep love. It’s can occur in many parts of the body. But the neck is best places.

Before start need to permission for biting. Because it’s painful for a person. Now find a place of the body. Try to choose a visible place & take your position. Start kissing and sucking for a long time. Finally, complete works with bite.

Sometimes it is dangerous for people. Because it has side effects. A couple of days have to supper pain, AIDS, cancer it’s. So be careful to take a decision to bite.


This is a most popular kissing style of the seventeenth & eighteenth century’s people. But this style starts by Spanish courts & Lithuanian Commonwealth police.  Stall now it is more popular kissing style on the earth.

It completes by offering hand & kiss. Now I am clearing you. Just a person offers her hand to another person. Also, he takes your hand and complete with a soft kiss. So a very simple way you can complete this job.

It has various types of meaning. That depends on the place, time and person. That is not possible to complete with a chapter. But I try to describe shortly.

You can look at this style between a couple, religious owners when any person receiving her guest etc. So I think you almost understand why it has various meanings. But most of the time it’s a sign of respect.

Without respect, it’s a symbol of a powerful person. Also, it is a culture for some city or county people. But when anyone kissing your hand by romantically. He indicates a different thought.

Lizard kiss

lizard kiss pic

It’s a boring and necked kissing style. Usually, I love to say these two words. But you can describe as fun of the tongue. Also describes as a fun kid for a couple.

It’s just a game. Because this is tongue entering & a pushing game between a guy & girl. You just entering tongue her mouth and she pushes it out. I think you understand the sustain. That’s why I feel boring.

Navel & Belly kiss

neck kisses tips

A soft kissing place in the earth. It’s too soft, sensual & fun. Try to kiss softly and smoothly. But need a good place for kissing. Not possible on the public place.

Come to the main point. When you kiss only belly try do softly. But need extra preparation for the novel. Because you have to touch the novel different times with tongue. I mean after kissing you can play with a novel by the tongue.

Also novel & belly a sensual place for women. That’s why I suggest to do it before sex. But you have to confident. Try to smile & talking at the same time.

Neck kisses 

beautiful neck kisses

It’s a sensitive area. So when you love to turn on yourself. Try to permission your boyfriend for neck kissing. Also, the boyfriend needs to carefully handle some suction for instant sensation.

Because it means your girlfriend or wife wants something more from you.  I mean physical relation. That’s why need to do something that makes your wife crazy. Basically, it occurs in a longtime relationship.

Best way to take a position slowly behind your lover. Put your hands on her waist. Try to do it slowly & romantically. I mean just try to send him a crazy message.

Now find more sensitive areas of the neck. Slowly up to the down lip. You can apply to suck & bite to make crazier. But the right way to do it later time.

Air kiss

I think you already understand by the name of a kiss. Air means without touching anybody you kiss a person. But sometimes it’s complete with cheek to cheek touching.

I want to more clear you showing an example.   Like when a celebrity kiss her audience without touch any people for showing her love. People also called its a blown or thrown a kiss.

This is the most popular style in the recent world. But it starts from a long time ago. Mostly western, American people are used to with them. But it is a common style on any celebrity & model in the world.

Sometimes it’s a general & formal human behaviours. But don’t do this any place. When you visit any country. Just try to understand suction and culture. Then you can apply this style.

Nibble Kiss

how to nibble kiss

It’s a physical affecting showing process. You can apply it with your boyfriend or husband. This way the couple can kiss & bite each other lips. But without lips, you can do with nose, cheek & chin.

Its feel is sensual and something’s different from formal & manner kissing style. Also, you can include nibble with most of the types of kissing style. Just need to bite by using teeth.

Careful when you bite. Just do it smoothly & after completion some general lip kiss. Don’t forget to suck your boyfriend with this kiss. That helps to send more sensual & affection feel.

Kiss on the cheek

An untold culture or trend on the people’s lifestyles. Lots of countries love to use cheek kiss as an against the handshakes.  Almost every country & each people love to do it with her favourite or loving person. That’s why I told it’s an untold culture in our society.

Generally described as a social gesture. That’s why you can do it with any person. That’s haven’t any age & gender limit. But meaning can be a different person to person.

Its meaning can be congratulations, respect someone, really good, I care you, surprise etc. Also, it’s included in a religious honor. So you are fully free to cheek kiss any person. But fast try to understand the place & people. Then you can do it.

Preparation for kiss

how to kiss a guy well

Maybe you already gain general knowledge about the kiss. Now time to the preparations for applying. Are you prepared?  I think you not. Because need to take more steps for will be a good kisser.

Because a good kiss & well manner can help to run a long relationship. That’s why need to be kissing popper way & with the best preparation. So try to ready yourself by taking some steps.

So there I discuss what you need to do before the kiss. I think these kiss tips help people to complete kiss with good manner & good adjustment.

Try to be gentle

Gentleness is a power or strength for people. So try to stay with a cool temper. Don’t forget to respect others. Need to understand the situation. Stay with a good feeling. Decide your main point of view. Try to understand the person’s mentality. Reduce your confusion and weakness.

All points help you to be a gentle person. And a gentle person naturally will be a good kisser. Because of your manner & attitude like a magnet. That helps come to close each other.  When you better understand each other. Then automatically create a deep relationship.

Also, need to remember you are not a child. So be careful to use teeth & tongue. No need to suck and biting any place. Basically, when you fast kiss any person. Also, without boyfriends no need to do with any people.

Romantic mode

Do you want to create a happy life with a husband or lover? If your answer is yes. Fast need to sat a romantic environment in the mind. That not only helps come to close each other. It also helps to complete some good kiss.

A romantic kiss is a great way to establish a relationship. But don’t do this without your partner. Now I discuss some point. That helps to create a romantic environment.

Invite him to a good place.  Try to passing time with boyfriend choice topics. Create a beautiful body language. Do something interested. Stay close together. Turn him physical affection. Passion time with loving feel. Fast kiss him without lip and say you are beautiful.

Clear intentions

Do you know when someone wins in her life? When I asked this question any place. Most of the people answer me. When someone hard work for the win. I agree with this answer. But before hard work, your intentions or goal has to be clear.

That’s why people say our intention to create a reality. The same thing could happen with a kiss. When you kiss any person or lover. You have to be clear, your intention to a person. What you want from this kiss.

But before the kiss, you have to complete the basic work with him. Just invite him to a coffee shop. Text or call your boyfriend to meet. Build a good communion.  Just generally inform him what you want. This way you can prepare your boyfriend for a kiss.

Ask for a kiss

Why need to ask for a kiss. I give this answer by an example. Maybe you papered to complete dinner. Do you know I am ready or not complete my dinner? You don’t know. So you need to ask me for a complete dinner together.

The same reason you need to ask for a kiss. Maybe you’re a partner is not papered. But sometimes body language good work more than talk. You can make eye contact. Make a meaningful movement. Try to smoothly touch hands and face.

Before ask, you can prepare him in several ways. Quickly ask him some romantic questions. Try to stay alone. Tell him a romantic kissing story. Finally, confidently say can I kiss you.

Make physical contact

It is a great way to understand the partner movement. Is he ready or not to make a kiss with you. That’s why I suggest before the kiss, try to touch lover hand or body any place. If he didn’t feel comfortable to the touch. That’s mean he didn’t ready to kiss.

Decide kissing types

various types of kissing types

If you read my full article I think already understand the different meaning of a kiss. I again explain there shortly. Some kiss is romantic, some are sexual, and some are respect or tradition.

That’s why sometimes I love to say. Please, you need to gain general knowledge about the kiss. That helps when coming to the choice of a kiss.

Try to understand the time, place & person. These three points help you to choose the right kissing types.

Stay with fresh breath

Bad breath is a common human problem. Do you know its happened to our unconscious lifestyle? Most of the time it occurs by oral. However, come to the main point. Without fresh breath, you are not acceptable to kiss any person.

There I try to mention some point & products for good breath. Brush your teeth every day morning and before sleep. Use floss your teeth. Use a tongue scraper every day. Eat vegetables & fruit. Try sugarless gum for fresh mouth. You can also try mouth wash.

Also, need to avoid some bad habits. You can stop eating garlic & onion. Avoid high acidity beverage. Stop smoking. Stay with hydration. I mean drink lots of water for safe for dryness. Drink green tea. Finally, if you have an oral infection. Go to the doctor for solving.

Now I mention my choices brush, tongue scraper & mouth wash. Personally, this three collection I love to use for my fresh mouth.

how to prepare for your first kiss

Oral rinse

It is an alcohol-free product & gives me instant freshness.  Also, kill harmful bacteria of the mouth. After mouthwash 8 to 10 hours, I feel a freshness without dry. As far as I know, it is best in the world.

Tongue Cleaner

Take it for the fresh tongue. I have long time good & effective user experience. That made of stainless steel. Curved enough that helps to confirm use.

Charcoal Toothbrush

A wall knows toothbrush in my life. This is enough soft & comfort. That’s able to clean each area of teeth. And clean wall without problem my teeth and mouth.

Find a beautiful place

A beautiful place is able to change the mind. So a nice place is a big factor. That’s why lots of people spend thousands of dollars for visiting mind bowling place. That gives him a refreshed & beautiful mind.

When your mind is wonderful. You can see everything is nice. This is the reason I suggest try to invite boyfriend to a beautiful place. That easily turns him romantic.

If you are not interested to go outside of the home for passing time. You can create a wonderful place in the home or bedroom.

Good smell

A beautiful smell like a power that can instantly turn on a person. Because a good smell instantly attracts our sense. Also, I personally believe a nice smell can change your mood. And turn our mind for good thought & romance.

That help comes to close a person. However, you can stay with a good smell in several ways. You can use perfume. But I believe without scent possible to stay with a nice sensation. There I try to discuss booth way.

Fast starts with without perfume. You can take a shower every day. Choose a clean & a good smell dress. Avoiding bad smell. Use light lotion your hull body. Clean your living place.

You can also choose a good perfume. There I am showing my favourite two scents.

all about kissing

Noir by Guy

If you are men read my article. Just collect this one for the beautiful smell. Because it is a beautiful men smelling. That made by top notes rosemary, lavender, basil, green mint, Angelica etc.

I love, its romantic smell & that stay up-to 6 hours. If you are not happy with this  just try the best cologne for men

Lovely Women Perfume

Women can choose this one. That made by well-known ingredients lavender, orchid, paper, apple martini, rosewood, cedar, orchid etc. But I think this one is not for teenage and smell stay enough time. Now more for you the best perfume for women

Soft lip

soft lips tips

You have to nursing lip for soft and safe from dryness. That helps to get kissable lip. But without lip need to clean & soft all kissable areas. Like neck, ears, cheek, nose etc. However, now I not interested to talk all areas without a lip. And try to start how to keep lips kissable.

Several ways are possible to kip lip manageable. Apply moisturizing lip balm. Take moisturizing lipstick. Drink lots of water. Eat lots of vegetable & fruits. Choice lip products that contain without fragrance. Try to forget biting your lip. Clean your lip with a toothbrush.

Also, some natural homemade remedy helps to keep your lip soft & beautiful. Apply lemon & honey. Massage, Aloe Vera on the lip. Use Milk and turmeric mix. Rub sugar each week. Rub your lip with cucumber. Now two best lip balm.

chafe balm

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Stay with natural ingredients. Yes, this lip balm made with 100% natural ingredients. So nature always harmless for us. After applying I feel refreshed, soft and moist lips. So take it without question.

Chafe Balm

This is another good one of my choice. It also keeps my lip soft, smooth, moist and irritating free. And all ingredients sourced from nature.

Remove your makeup

It is so important to remove makeup before the kiss. Why need to remove makeup for a kiss. I think no need to explain. If not possible to remove instantly. Tries to remove your lipstick from the lip. I show there two instant cosmetic remover product.

best Instant makeup remover

Instant Makeup Remover

Take it to solve cosmetic remove problem. Because it is instantly clean all types of eye & lip makeup. Even you can easily remove waterproof cosmetic with them.

Bobbi Brown remover

This is another best eye and lip makeup remover. Also long wear cosmetics clean without a problem. People say it is best for eye makeup, but I clean my lipstick with them without any hesitation.

Technique of kissing

Please don’t forget to kiss is art. So techniques are important to kiss an artistic way. Also, a good kiss helps several ways to run a relationship. But a good kiss defends on technique. So it is important for us.

I know everyone has her own technique. But do you know your process is right or wrong? Maybe you can say I am not sure. But you need to sure. That’s why I am there for helping you.

If you will be a good kisser. Try to maintain my showing process. This way you will be a win. Will be an intelligent kisser.

Right pressure

A good lover pushes her kiss with enough pressure. Because this way anybody can be happy your loving person. There I told the right pressure not too much or less. You can apply medium pressure for a kiss.

Do you know why need to take this step? Because I already told kiss is a sign of love. So you are not fighting any person. You just showing love. Huge pressure sign of aggressive not love.

I think you already understand why need. Also, enough pressure gives a smooth feel. A good feel is very urgent for a kiss. So try to apply this technique.

Use hand

Yes, it is more important for a kisser to use her hand correctly. Various ways can be used. But make sure to use smoothly & slowly. Also, try to use with good feel.

But one question is left. Which body parts should be chosen to hand apply? You can apply hand any place of the body. Basically, it’s defending on kissing types and person. Maybe you understand what I mean. But need a beautiful hand that have to use softly. That’s why women can apply opi oz nail polish

If you kiss your love. That time you can use on his waist, shoulder, side of the face, cheekbone, chin, hair, backside, neck, hips etc. So no need to say more.

Close your eye

kissing tips for women

Maybe you can agree with me. When we think of any subject with close our eyes. Our imagination and feel will be double. Yes, I believe this thought. Close eye best policy for feeling anything rather than open our eyes.

So close eye just before touching any person body with lip. Really I do it when I kiss my girlfriend. Because I want to enjoy more. Also, I feel relaxed kissing time.

Some people say it is a sign of trust. But why people say I don’t know. I do it for more enjoy. When I kiss with open eyes many visual subject effects my mind & feeling. So close eye best policy for enjoying.

Use your tongue carefully

kissing test for couples

You have to clever to play tongue. Personally, I think tongue use is a sexual indicator. That’s why you have to clever. Because you need to understand the place & person before use.

Ok, I think you already understand which places & person best for use. But you need to general knowledge for use. There I explain some best way to use.

Don’t start kiss by using tongue. Start with some normal kiss, then find a good time to add tongue. Don’t apply it continuously try to break. Use it slowly & smoothly. Also, you have to understand partner reaction. Finally, avoid too much use.

Apply various types of kiss

various types of kisses for couples

Don’t only involve lip or neck kissing. When you kiss someone. The best practice is involved with various types of the kiss in several places. This is the best practice for a higher level of feel.

Involved full body

Who wants to get the best feel with a kiss. He needs to sacrifice full body with them. But don’t do this without a lover. Also carefully involved your body. Don’t do this aggressively. Try to do smoothly & sensually.

Basically, there I mean you can make a huge day when kissing boyfriend. Just you pressed him with your body. Involves you hand several places of boyfriend body.

Just try to make an enjoyable and sensual movement by using full body. That makes a kiss more memorable. When you able making a memorable movement. Your relationship will be strong.

Smiley face

You can smile at any time. Basically, when you are talking or gossip with any person. But the smile is very urgent for a kiss. It makes your kiss more romantic. Also, it is helpful to make your kissing partner relax and comfort.

how to tie gladiator sandals

gladiator sandals for women

Gladiator sandals are an ancient touch of modern fashion. Basically, it was more popular & fashionable Roman footwear. A long time ago Roman gladiator wore this sandal before start fighting in the arena. Now, it is a beautiful and stylish piece for each men and women.

Also, trendy for all most any party, meeting, casual walking or important occasion. Roman people use leather to a relaxed & good look. The current fashion industry applies various types of materials. Now a day’s couple of intelligent designers trying to include numerous decoration, mind bowling color, comfortable, and smart thinking with them.

That staps makes a stylish touch for our foot. Today I went to talk details & how to tie gladiator sandals. Hope this information helps you to know fashion with them.

The right material and colors

best gladiator sandals for walking

A fashion consciousness person needs to select the best pigment & materials that comfort her mood and style. When come to take best sunglasses click here, sandals, or anything.  I get a lot of colour, style & materials in the market that confused me. Most of the shade is blue, purple, red, yellow, gold, green, silver etc.

Fundamentally, black leather has to be a fast choose for any footwear. That’s reason couple of years ago I decided to wear black leather bases sandals all time. Dark & basic designs comport with styles, and with any dresses. You can try another color like metallic, silver or gold. This type of shade is cherry-picked for a funky style. If you want to wear a daily basis flat design and black wash best choose for your mode.

Last weekend I wear a gold color with a gold shine evening dress to joining a fashion show. Some of the performer picks were incredible. They were taking basic footwear for casual dresses. But its decision was right. Sometimes I also love to style by heeled & taking warm wash outfit with them.

You have to be careful when come to select a shade or dress. You can take a pigment that balance with cloth shade and choose an outfit that helps to the visible leg. This is most important to legs visible with a gladiator sandal.

The different size, shape and dress

Modern fashion sandals come with different size and shape. You can collect lots of design various types of footwear from the shop. Sadly, every design is not good for you. Because one thinks is not comfortable with the altered person.

That’s why need to know foot shape. And best outfits with gladiator sandals. It is important to know every human being. Which clothing style is appropriate particular paces? Most of the popular styles are mid, ankles, and knee high. But high-heel also available in the market.

Several years ago I worked as a fashion designer in a reputable brand. That time I collect lots of evidence about ancient footwear. This information really useful for a person.  I try to give you valuable info that helps to pick the best one.

High heel style

how to wear gladiator sandals with a dress

I like to take silver & gold wash high heels on a wedding, holiday, late-night party or an ideal fashion. You can make a real mode with ankle, mid and knee calf heel. Both styles are available in the bazaar.

This is dream footwear for a flat-footed shape, shorter ladies, or who love rock style. That added an extra length with any height. Make you look longer and helps to kiss your boyfriend. That’s why, no need to know how to kiss (just fun). However, if your body is a short heel is the best way to look longer.

This footwear comes with various types of color, materials, & style. You can wear with skirts, short dresses, A-line skirt, mini-skirts, or skinny jeans. The best way to select a dress that gives a balanced look. Personally, I wear mini-skirts with my short legs that give me longer look.

A fashion designer advises me to wear knee-length or shorter skirts and I tried last week. Really, it was a beautiful aide. One month ago, my little sister wore metallic heel sandals with a lovely cocktail dress that was looking attractive. You can fashion in various ways with high heels.

Ankle-high style

how to tie gladiator sandals

Personally, I believe ankle-high best for everyday use. You can also wear an office, party, casual way or all most every occasion. Its tall stops just ankle also available in the heel & flat version. I was trying both types on my leg but did not feel comfortable. It is not sweet with my shape. The shape is important for any kinds of sandals. This design good for who carried thick ankle, long legs or mescaline calves.

Another form can deserve it’s like – long or slim legs. If you are a long and slim legs person I think you can fashion with any kinds of sandals. A shorter woman can try its heel version. That adds extra length with high. But also need thick and muscular calves’ for a proper look.

You have to wear good looking and stylish dresses with them. That conveys by the mode. When come to choose a dress need to take colourful sundries, maxi, long skirt, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, short dress and short skirt etc. Why you are waiting just starting a fashion with them.

Mid-height style

are gladiator sandals in fashion

Mid-height style is popular for her fashionable and stylish look from many years ago. Still, it is the most fashionable subject on the famous actors or model. Sadly, this trendy look is not sweetly with some of the foot shape and dresses. If anybody decides to wear mid-calf. Her need to prepare for short dresses. This is the only easy way to find a perfect, fashionable, sexy cloth with them. Mini-skirts, shorts or any little dresses best choice for this fashion.

When come to collect an outfit you have to be intelligent to choosing a color. You can select a wash that balance with skin tone. Sometimes I feel confused with this ancient piece because a good balance needs between the dress and sandals.

The leg is another matter. The short leg is not appropriate for mid-high. It is lovely for who achieve the long, slim or pretty leg. This trendy pic is really attractive also easily catch other attestation.

Knee-high style

lace up sandals

The knee-high sandal is not sweetly for every person. Some point you have to keep in mind before choosing attractive knee high. Leg visibility is a key pact for this style. You can wear a dress that ends above the knee. Like this mini-skirts, shorts, mini dresses etc. Also, you have to avoid maxi, long skirt etc. Sometimes I wish to style with Leg visibility. But my age and leg shape do not go with them. You have to be under 45 ages. Overages women are not perfect for mini dresses & pretty leg.

Its fashion easily catches other attention into the leg. That’s reason the Leg is a big asset to wearing knee high.  I am not perfect for this. Because my ankles are thick and the legs are short.

You have to be confident, the right attitude with them. Also, need to take a balance dress with this trendy and sexy feel. If do not match your personality, confidence at this point. I think the best way to avoid ancient footwear.

Best sunglasses for women

best sunglasses by face shape

Sunglasses are most popular for eye protection. The modern world most of the people don’t only use this stylish pic for a caring eye. But also wear for a beautiful & fashionable look. However, If you determine to choose a perfect one for your style. Just read my full article.

It is difficult to choose the right one. Because it is not finding best perfume for women. Their only smell can identify a good one. But sunglasses, surrounded by more subject.

If you want to get a beautiful look you have to be careful about the right fit. Most of the time it depends on your face shape. Same frame, shape, and color glasses do not look good for every person.

You have to know face shape & which frame best for your face. Only this way you can get a good looking with them. Today, I try to give information. That helps you to find the best sunglasses.

Measure your face

how to measure face shape

If anybody wants to stay with fit sunglasses. Her need to measure face. Most of the time we are looking oval, square, round, long or heart shape people. But how, you detainment, which one is yours. That’s why I try to give an idea that helps to measure your face. It’s simple but you can do this job in two ways.

The fast method just takes a photo and start calculating. Second system using by a mirror. Both techniques are almost the same. I think the mirror idea easier more than others. But I don’t know which one is easier for you. So need to information booth way. I try to give aide for two methods but want to start by the mirror.

Fast look at the mirror & start outline of your face. You can use anything to create a sketch like erasable pen lipstick etc. Then take a tape, paper, and a pen.  Also look at my picture that helps you to measure. You have to complete the job in 4 steps.

  • Let’s go & start calculation cheekbone width. Start from below your eye, then straight across the nose one corner to another corner
  • Measure your jawline. Fast find the ends of the jawbone, then start quantifying one corner to another
  • Next, job your face length. Start in the centre of your hairline and straight down the end of your chin
  • Last you have to go for forehead width. This measure is one side hairline to the other side hairline.

Write down all of the measure numbers on the paper. Look at all of your sizes and determining face shape. The second system is almost the same. Just you have to do this job with a photo. Finally, find sunglasses for face shape.


best sunglasses for womens round face

Curved face is a beautiful, strong angular shape. If your face surface width & length is almost the same. Maybe you are in this category. When go to choose a frame some point have to keep in mind. Round outline people can select a frame. That makes a face thinner, longer also gives wider than are deep.

I always suggest avoiding particular casings that make your outline more curved. That destructive to get a stylish look. Circular or smaller structures is not good with this style. Personally, I have a bad experience with a circular casing. It makes my face more round.

The best way take angular narrow eyeglass.  Which gives you a gorgeous & fashionable look with sunglasses. Also, can choice rectangle or square frames. That is the right decision for you. So- start finding the best one for this form. I just show top five from my choice.

Vebrellen women sunglasses

polarized womens sunglasses

Went to be a smooth person with sunglasses. Need gorgeous one and at the same time producing eye. Actually, I indicated polarized glasses for the summertime like this. Polarized glasses save you from dangerous sun rays. It is slightly oversized & made from high-quality plastic. Also has a mirrored lens, beautiful design, Eco-friendly.

Polarized cat eye style

beautiful sunglasses

Most of the person wasting time to search, fashionable sunglasses. At the same time need a polarized glass that protects ultraviolet rays. Because ultraviolet harmful for skin & eye. Maybe skin problem can be solved with the best skin care products.

But eye more sensitive than skin. So need polarized glasses to protect eyes. I take this one for protecting rays, dust, and elegant look. Colored lenses, metal frame, polarized and smart design give me comfort feel with them.

privé icon collection

Some people collect sunglasses as a hobby. The beautiful collection has to be a good one. Colourful design makes me attractive. Take this Cat-Eye design for your collection. I also choose this one for her metal frame. Its nose pad very comports & this is a polarized glass. That is wonder choose with summer weather.

Tiffany 0TF4092

women's blue sunglasses

I want to jump with a blue angel. But sometimes afraid for darkness. Finally, I am completing the wish with Tiffany sun 0TF4092 polarized sunglasses. Its blue color glass better stability with the related shade dress. That gives a balanced look and a balance feel always eye-catching. Already I picked one so… You can also join me. Just start a new life with them.

French best oversized sunglasses

sunglasses for face shape female

Another romantic collection from my choice. Gorgeous metal & plastic cat-eye frame fashionable with all most any dresses and anytime. This is a non-polarized creation. also good for who love to stay with oversize. Magnetic je ne sais quoi quality and various beautiful colors are available.


sunglasses for face shape female


Want to get a beautiful or a stylish look with the square. I think it is difficult to choose the best sunglasses for women from thousands of designs. That goes with her mood. You have to pick a right one that sweet with this structure. Generally, this form character by her wide cheekbone, chin, or strong horizontal jawline.

When come to take a sunglasses you have to avoid bulky or thick frames. This type of frames makes an odd look with this face style. Also, try to escape square and geometric frames for your beautiful outlines. You have to choose a sunglasses that soften the lines & angles of this figure.

Hey, lovely round structure oval frames good for you. Also, retro cat-eye have to be the right choice for you. Round and oval frames create a soft balance & make a beautiful look with this form. That’s why the square structure is best for photos or film. Now tops five for you.

Aviator by Randolph

aviator sunglasses womens

Aviator sunglasses are a handsome design for a man or women. Nothing else matters just take aviator for winter & as well as summer trend. If you went to question me what is the perfect dress with them. I think all most every dress looks good with this non-polarized lens & metal frame.

RAEN unisex ashtray

womens small sunglasses

Really black is a smart shade. That good balance with cool, brown or black hair color. When needing to find the dress with them. I think black dress is best, but you can style with any cloth. Sun-ray all times harmful for us. Optics ashtray saves you from ray. Also, its frame made by Handcrafted Zyl Acetate.

Michael kors chelsea

michael kors sunglasses for ladies

Michael Kors is a famous fashion designer who made various types of outfit and accessories. Kors MK5004 1017R1 Gold Chelsea is an aviator creation for our eye. Its rose gold color attractive. Also, the metal material makes a stronger frame. Its polycarbonate lens able to Protection UVA, UVB ray.

Silhouette arthur arbesser

World famous light and best quality glasses producer Silhouette gift a popular sunglasses for women. Simply it is a gorgeous collection. Its color combination, titanium frame, & composite lens really attractive. I think it is a lovely touch for our fashion industry. Also, make an elegant look with any dress.

Siplion cat eye

black sunglasses womens

I love to meet with the drakuler and take a black cat eye sunglasses for mashing together. But love to wear with all color dresses. It’s not a funny thing really I do it. Also, take this one to complete my wish. Its size best for who love to wear oversized. That has a polarized lens and works against dust, UVA & UVB rays etc.


sunglasses for oval face shape female

What is your face outline? If your shape is oval I think you are one of the lucky people in the world. This type of persons doesn’t have to be an expert to choose a lovely glass. This is an ideal outline to style with various types of sunglasses. When come to select a glass easily you can find out the best one for a fashionable look.

This is a balanced & classic proportion figure. Identify by narrower curved jawline, slightly narrow foreheads, narrow chins, but cheekbones are high. All shapes combine to make a balanced & beautiful look. This shape best with any type of frame.

A classic rectangular, a retro cat-eye, square, round, and geometric. All frames are best with this face style. Large frames are also stylish pic for you. But should avoid too large casings. That is not sweet for you. This is really a natural and balanced form. Now top 5

Luxe Womens

linda farrow luxe sunglasses

Need a different thinking for made a luxuries subject. It’s happened with Linda luxe LFL425C2SUN. That made from 18 carats white gold-plated. I think it’s a cool, and lightweight creation. Comport for her adjustable nose pads, mirror platinum lenses, titanium frame, temples etc. Also, obviously protection 100% sun ray.

Liansan polarized simple

uv rays protection sunglasses

Thousands of women with her various types of chooses make a confutation world. That’s reason fashion Accessories Company makes a variety of design to solve the difficulty. LianSan oversized creation only for large size, plastic frame, polarized lens, comfortable nose pad lover. But it’s also able to protect 100%UV rays.

Dior sideral rose gold

dior sideral sunglasses

Nothing, it’s a mysteries blue creation from Dior for a secret world. I love it for two reasons. Fast all time cool color is right chosen for winter. Secant it’s has a nice metal frame, glass lens, polarization etc. Also beautiful rose gold, white, and blue color combination. Finally, its throw a soft feel for us.

Tom Ford TF130

tom ford sunglasses women

A designer tries to apply the best knowledge to create Tom Ford TF130 36F. Unique design, fashionable touch, beautiful gold metal frames, perfect for an exclusive look. More color is avowable to choice. Starts fashion with to create a cool place on the style.

Perverse Nordic

Nordic slightly mysterious with black and gold color. But it is a beautiful design for women. I feel nice with her stainless steel temples that mixed with polycarbonate & cupronickel. Also polycarbonate lens protectable UV ray. Slightly bold creation, but fashionable with everyday life.


diamond face shape glasses female

The diamond character is one of the gorgeous face figures. Many Hollywood celebrities have a diamond form. If you want to look more beautiful with them. You need to choose a perfect one.

Generally, this type of people’s eye line and jawline are narrow. If your cheekbones are wider than your eye line & jawline. Maybe you include this category. When come to choose a sunglasses. A few things to keep in mind. Always, try to avoid narrow frames with them.

You have to choose a casing that softens cheekbones and highlight eyes. The best frames for these outlines are oval, semi-rimless or rimless. Also, a frame that detailing on the brow line. There is the best five of my choice.

Dior Pop DDBKU

dior so real pop sunglasses

It is nothing, just a real pop project on the eye-wear. Pop culture, popular for her different thinking about high fashion. Gold, copper and Havana color frame attached with retro-wayfarer shape, but Lens color Blue. Probably creation by beautiful color to mix with pop design dresses & hairstyle.

Attcl women’s collection

As a fashion designer tries to think a different way of transforming the people look more attractive to achieving extra thanks. Now  I choose the Attcl brand and this is an oversize, alloy metal frame creation. That softly attaches with the face. Trendy women take it’s without confusion. It is also protected, 100% UV ray.

Vintage style 

vintage designer sunglasses

People try to live with safely in her daily life. But outdoor activities harmful for several reasons like- dust, sunray etc. Take this brown color lens & frame. Also, develop your style securely. Because its lenses polarized and the color is lovely. That makes an artistic fill with any summer or winter dress.

Waveborn Arroyo

90s style sunglasses

Make a style with narrow frames & blue color. That is always an inspiration for trendy feel. Want to ask me which outfit is fitted with them. I think no need to ask just take anything. That balances with the glass shade. finally, wake up your fashion sense to create perfection with them.

Film Noir 3111

sunglasses ladies fashion

When you went to go outside of the home. Don’t forget to save the eye with Film noir blue color. That easily blend with the daily life outfit. It is an Italy produced accessories and frame made with plastic.  Now you can go any place without tension. Because at this time you are a good looking person with these sunglasses.


heart face shape sunglasses

I want to say from my heart really this is a nice structure. Actually, heart face attractive for any man or women. But you have to maintain with accurate sunglasses. I mean need to carefully choose a fit sunglasses to get a glorious look.

This type of figure person has a narrow jawline and a wide forehead. Do you have a narrow jaw & wide cheekbones or forehead? If have you are a heart shape person. Some people also call it, is a triangular face character.

You have to choose a casing that broadening face lower part. At the same time minimizes your width forehead. Aviators, oversized, rectangular frames or Cat-eye styles are perfect for you.

Tinize cat eye

cat eye sunglasses heart shaped

A perfect fashion aide can make a person more beautiful and attractive. Rimless type cat eye shape, maybe perfect selection with daily life outfit.  Most of the female like to wear metal frame & polarized glass with her beautiful clothes. That why TANIZE creat this one.

Vogue VO4002

vogue polarized sunglasses

Do you need a polycarbonate lens that polarized and safe harmful ray? When the need these types of requirement. That time I suggest Vogue metal frame to complete the wish. After complete, the demand don’t forget to wear with any occasion for enhancing your smartness.

Michael Kors MK1020

sunglasses for women face

Now is a better time to jump on the fantasy world with Michael Kors MK1020. Because Metal Frames, 100% UV protection, and cat eye shape provide a magical ability for women beauty.  That is not dreaming game with you. Just MK has delivered a shine on the face & this replication makes an attractive look.

Tory Burch TY7022

tory burch ty7022

I received it from my little brother and he is a stylish fashion designer. Basically, the brown color is my favourite. Also, he chooses my desired frame color and lens that made of plastic. I don’t forget to wear on a sunny day. Because its color best with my light skin tone.

J+S Premium aviator

This is ending collection for sunglasses lover. That protects 99-100% sun harmful ray. Finally, I select a black color, sports aviator, relaxation nose pad and metal frame for you. Because sometimes I like to take black shade on the eyewear for an exclusive look.