best women's perfume for workplace

best women’s perfume for workplace

11. Gucci Bamboo

Sometimes I like to wear bamboo accessories. But bamboo Perfume it was a dream. Dream comes true when I fast get bamboo inspiration cologne on the market. It is really intelligent thinking. That comes from a world-class fashion brand Gucci. But after apply want to say it is a floral – woody feminine smell.

This interested floral compassion makes from orange blossom, ylang-ylang, Casablanca lily etc. Intelligent perfumer its base create from Grey, Amber, Tahitian Vanilla, and Sandalwood. Some well-known perfumer wisely choice this ingredient. Its mix encourages me to use a daily basis for express my femininity.

It is not overpowering & gives a womanliness sensation. This scent stay enough time. So you can stay sufficient time with this beautiful smell. If you don’t love bamboo, but you can love bamboo inspiration fragrance to impress someone.

12. Euphoria by Calvin Klein

CK makes a beautiful perfume that perfect choice for summertime. As well as you can apply winter. In 2005 Calvin Klein launched this womanly smell for ladies. Perfumer Loc Dong, Carlos Benaim & Dominique Ropion inspired from black orchid’s to make this one.

Basically, it is a fruity-floral creation. After applying you can feel a dark exotic flowers smell. But the smell is fresh, mysterious, sexy & feminine. Perfumer uses lots of flower and fruits to make this sensuality.

Top notes from lush green accord, pomegranate etc. Heart blend of black orchid, lotus blossom and champaca flower. Base create of liquid amber, mahogany wood, cream accord.

That stay a long time on the skin. You can stay with this smell for more than 6 to 7 hours. I think this is a good staying power for us.

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13. Valentino Valentina

Valentina is a beautiful flowers touch, fruits hard, sweet, oriental, sensual and popular women’s perfume. Because two perfumers Alberto Morillas & Olivier Cresp hardly try to give a feminine feel with them. Valentina created by the famous fashion house, Valentino. This is a remarkable creation from the fruity floral ingredient.

Strong and beautiful elements combine make its stature, hard & base. Its key ingredients come from cedar wood, tuberose, truffle, jasmine, Madagascar vanilla, patchouli, oakmoss, white, bergamot, peach etc. That mix with its heart strawberries. Also, its floral feel makes from orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose etc.

I am a big friend of the fruity floral smell. That reason doesn’t forget to spray before going to my office. Its two sprays enough to get a sensual fruitiness. Overall, not a bed but I have one blame. That is the smell staying ability. Its smell is sweet, but average longevity doesn’t make me happy.

14. Fantasy from Britney

A romantic, sweet smell. Feel like cupcakes and white chocolate. Yes, after spray women can feel candy, cake, chocolate & fruity sensation. In 2005 perfume designer James Krivda innovation these types of smell for women.

Her base mix of woody notes, orris root and musk etc. Middle notes of jasmine, orchid, cupcake and white chocolate. The top mix of quince, kiwi & lychee. So a perfect ingredients choice for the beautiful smell.

Staying power super high. That stay almost the whole day. That’s why this is a great benefit from them. Overall without question good creation for women. You can make the decision to stay with them.

16. Clinique happy perfume

Clinique describe a perfume that little bit citrus with flowers and a mix of emotions. Really, this is the right description for this company. Because smell is fresh, mix with vibrant notes, soft and feminine. Basically a citrusy floral creation.

In 1997 perfume creator Rodrigo Flores Roux and Jean Claude Delville create this one. The top mix of bergamot, plums and fresh apple. Middle of morning orchid, rose, lily, Freesia etc. Base notes, amber & musk.

The mix of ingredients indicates the best creation of the sunshine day. Yes, any summer day you can use for sensuality. At the same time smell stay a long time. After spray stay almost the whole day.

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17. Pure poison

World famous fashion brand Dior created this beautiful, clean, fresh, sharp, floral & fruity combination scent. That has a beautiful smell to catch other attention. In 2004 Dior release poison for us. Its beautiful blend made by three well-known perfumers Carlos benaim, Olivier polge & Dominique ropion.

It’s base made from sandalwood & ambergris. Also Orange blossom, gardenia mix with jasmine, Sicilian mandarin, Calabrian bergamot etc. Really some beautiful ingredients together make it a womanly sensation.

Personally, I have good experience with them. This one spray is enough to get a sweet and clean smell. Sometimes I wish to apply for the second spray. But another apply also not overpowering. Smell staying power nice. That you normally deserve from any scent.

18. White Diamonds perfume

I love to say glamour perfume. That established by name of actor Elizabeth Taylor. That’s why without confusion a luxurious and beautiful creation. In 1991 design house Elizabeth Taylor create this one.

A pleasant smell that’s why can enjoy with them. Generally, a floral creation that’s gentle enough for women. The smell is soft with spring sweets. At the same time clean & fresh. That stay a long time in the body.

Top blend from neroli bigarade, aldehydes, tagette oil, Amazon lily etc. Mid notes narcisse rose, jasmine, tuberose and muguet des bois. Bottom sandalwood Mysore, oakmoss, amber etc.

20. Vera Wang

A pure floral creation, designed by Vera Wang. In 2002 perfume designer Jean Claude Delville and Harry Fremont create its feminine sensuality for us. That’s perfect for formal & casual wear. Because smell is modern and fresh.

It comes from the floral family. But base creates from Musk, Woods & Floral accord. On the other hand, top & heart blend from flowers. Like – Mandarin blossom, Rose, Lily, Lotus flower, Gardenia, Iris, Stephanotis etc.

Suggest applying directly on the skin. As well as you can also apply on cloth. The smell stay enough time. So don’t have to worry about smell staying power. Because of stay almost the whole day.

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