best sunglasses for large heads

The 10 best sunglasses for large heads men in 2020

Lots of people try to collect the best sunglasses for large heads. Because sunglasses can create a beautiful and stylish look to making an exceptional person. So I think this is a good try for a big heads person. 

Basically, style is your thinking or choice. Naturally, we are different from each other. Our thinking, goal, body structure, hairstyle and look extraordinary. It is the main concept of creating different types of dresses and fashion accessories. 

That’s why buying a perfect sunglasses for big faces defend on two subjects. Fast we should know our face shape. Finally, we have to gather knowledge about different types of sunglasses style.   

Only this way you can get a beautiful & fashionable look with large size heads & face. So need good preparation to pick the right sunglasses for a large face.

This article helps you to know the details about two important subjects. Also, we suggest their perfect sunglass style for your face shape.

Types of sunglasses

types of sunglasses

No need to finding material & lens bases different sunglasses. Gorgeous & fit fair defend on the face shape, style, overall look, hairstyle, and skin color. But UVA and UVB sun-ray protect-ability are important. However many sunglasses style are available in the market. But all are not popular. That’s why I pick the most popular 10 sunglasses styles. The 10 is – 

  • 1. Round
  • 2. Aviator
  • 3. Wayfarer
  • 4. Cat-eye
  • 5. Butterfly
  • 6. Square
  • 7. Over-sized
  • 8. Clubmaster
  • 9. Sport
  • 10. Shield

There Butterfly style not perfect for men. The butterfly is a stylish sunglasses for women not for men. But any man can take this style by his own choice. 

How to measure your face

face shape measurements

face shapes

Everyone should know his face shape. Because not only important for finding perfect sunglasses for big head structure. Also important for perfect hairstyles & makeup look. There I try to help you to measure face shape. Fast take your own photo. Then collect a pen, measuring tape & white paper.

If all essential is ready. Then you can start measure. Remember there we have to calculate 1. cheekbone width 2. jawline 3. face length 4. forehead width. After completing the calculation of face doesn’t forget writing in the white paper. Then you can follow the image to determine which is your shape.

1. Cheekbone width – start measure slightly below of eye. Then cross-strait one corner to another corner. 

2. Face length – now you have to find out the center of the hairline. Because needs start measuring from the center of the hair. Then straight down, measuring tape end of the chin. 

3. Forehead width – there needs to measure forehead, left to the right end of the hairline. 

4. Jawline – start calculation one end jawline to another end jawline.

3 popular glasses

Our three collection is the best sunglasses for men with big heads. Hope you can enjoy and fashion with our popular collection. 

Popular 3 sunglasses overview by user

Rb3025best sunglasses for big headsUnisex & 100% UV protected, original Ray-Ban classic aviator sunglasses for men with big heads & faces. shop
Rb2132best sunglasses for men with big headsHavana brown color original Ray-ban unisex wayfarer sunglasses. shop

1. Ray-Ban rb3025 polarized review

  • By Joseph

best sunglasses for big headsKey Features

  • Polarized- yes
  • UV protection- 100%
  • Colors- many
  • Size- 55mm to 62mm
  • Gender- Unisex

Bad Side

  • Nothing

             User experience

What is your choices sunglasses color gray, amber, or yellow? Personally, I like to stay with black shade. Because black is a smart color for men’s sunglasses.

That’s the reason last month I take RB3025 black shade Aviator sunglasses. It’s an original Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses. That is 100 present polarize, lightweight, and UV protected.

That’s why I feel very comfortable with them. Winter is coming soon. So don’t forget to take this. To get a trendy feel with cold weather.

Finally, her gold outline simply makes a beautiful piece. At the same time, a soft nose pad provides a smooth feel wearing time.

2. Ray-Ban new wayfarer rb2132 review

  • By David

best sunglasses for men with big heads

Key Features

  • Polarized- No
  • UV protection- 100%
  • Colors- Light Havana brown
  • Size-  52mm, 55mm & 58mm.
  • Gender- Unisex

Bad Side

  • No

             User thought

Ray-ban basically an Italian brand. This company is world-famous for eyewear collection. That’s the reason I wish to buy the best ray ban for big head. So last week I buy an original RB2132 model wayfarer sunglasses. 

After opening the pack l understand non-polarized glasses. But one or two days of use, I realized 100% safe me from UV rays. Because glass includes with glass lenses. 

I also surprised by menly sunglass design. Really perfect for a manly look to attract any person. Lots of colors are available. But I chose brown lenses. I feel comfortable with Rb2132 lightweight glasses. 

Our tested lucky 7 glasses

Sunglasses can make big head men look fashionable & attractive. That’s why our expert chooses best men’s sunglasses for big head.

Lucky 7 sunglasses overview by  user

TonyAieyezo big size, polarize and light blue lens glasses for big
Sojossunglasses for big facesSojos polarized, stainless frame & lightweight round glasses for men and women. shop

1. Tony stark sunglasses review

  • By Donald

Key Features

  • Polarize
  • Blue lens
  • Unisex
  • Oversize

Bad Side

  • Nothing


User experience

I used lots of sunglasses from AieyezoBecause I believe this company made good quality sunglasses for men & women at low price. This is the main reason two months ago I collect square sunglasses from Aieyezo.

But said news is I don’t overall happy with this glass. I am unhappy not for quality or any other technical problems. I was unhappy with her oversized. My face is small that reason I feel uncomfortable. But any big face men can take these glasses without questions. 

Without this reason, I think it a good pair of glasses for men and women. That has a steel frame, polarize, block sunray, and soft blue color lens. So it has many good sides to gain popularity. 

6. Sojos classic round sunglasses reviews

  • By Rajib (After reading several reviews)

sunglasses for big faces

Key Features

  • Frame- stainless steel 
  • Polarized- yes 
  • UV protection- 100%  
  • Gender- Men & women

Bad Side

  • No


User experience

Every day people spend millions of dollars to create perfection in her daily life. I just say don’t forget to buy a pair of sunglasses for big faces.

That keeps your eye-safe from UVA & UVB ray, dust & any bad issue. That reason I take this glass to safe harmful ray and dust. Because of block 100% sun rays without problems. 

Basically a 100% polarize round glasses. That comes with a thin steel frame & comfortable plastic nose pad. So… I feel very comfortable with them.

5 Q&A for large head sunglasses

Why not you are still worthy of sunglasses with a big head. If you want to know why you are worthy just read our question & answer.

1. Q. What glasses look good with a square face?

A. Want to get a beautiful or a stylish look with the square face. But difficult to choose the good glasses with the square shape. You have to pick the right one that sweet with face structure. Generally, square face measurement is a wide cheekbone, chin, or strong horizontal jawline.

When come to take sunglasses you have to avoid bulky & thick frames. This type of frame makes an odd look with this face style. Also, try to escape square and geometric frames. You have to choose sunglasses that soften the lines & angles of this figure.

That’s why round structure, retro cat-eye, & oval frames good for you. Round and oval frames create a soft balance. Make a beautiful look with a square face.

2. Q. What sunglasses for oval face?

A. What is your face outline? If your shape is oval I think you are one of the lucky people in the world. This type of person doesn’t have to be an expert to choose a lovely glass. This is an ideal outline to style with various types of sunglasses. When come to select a glass you can easily pick the best sunglasses for fishing, fashion, style & outdoor work.

Because of a balanced & classic proportion figure. Identify by narrower curved jawline, slightly narrow foreheads, narrow chins. But cheekbones are high. All shapes combine to make a balanced & beautiful look. This shape best with any type of frame.

A classic rectangular, a retro cat-eye, square, round, and geometric. All frames are best with this face style. So Large frames are also a stylish pic for you. But should avoid too large casings.

A. Simply a small or big round glass attached with a plastic or metal round frames. This is the main character of O-shape sunglasses. 

Color haven’t any limits of the glass. It has to be any type like- silver, white, gold, bronze, & black. But the style is limited. Only vintage, oversized, and retro is good for round sunglasses. 

You have to carefully choose size & style. Because various sizes & styles are available. That’s why need to carefully pick one that looks good with your face. 

Round and diamond face stature is not good for round sunglasses. Oval, square, and oblong face outline men & women fit with them. 

4. Q. Can big heads men wear oversized glasses?

A. Oversized men’s large. So what is the big deal with large size? Personally, I haven’t any deal with them. If you are a big headsmen. You can create a beautiful look with them. On the other side oversize can be the best sunglasses for bald men

Basically, large sunglasses was a 60’s popular eyewear. That time it was popular for high fashion. But 60’s big size sunglasses steel popular in the big face men.

This extra size can be attached to any type of sunglass style. like- oval, square, round, etc. That’s why huge types of oversized sunglass styles available in the market. But looks good with only a large, oval, heart face shape.

5. Q. Does sunglasses make look younger? 

A. Yes, some glasses help big face men & women to get a young look. But there needs to choose perfectly frame styles & colors for young expression. 

Try to take a light color frame. That color easily eye-catching. On the other side, the best way to stay with the cat’s eye & butterfly sunglasses style.  

Clear glasses & face shapes is another matter for younger feel. So choose glasses that perfect for your face. 

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