best shaving cream for wet electric shaver

best shaving cream for wet electric shaver

Shaving cream is essential for men. Most of the people like to clean his face after joining a meeting, party, and any special occasion. When coming to the cut your beard something is needed cream is one of them. It is most important for shaving and day by day increase its need. That’s the reason we can see a thousand companies producing shaving product. Sadly, all is not good for your skin. Some of the brands use a harmful chemical that creates several problems on the skin surface. So you have to pick the best one. Maximum time we pick the wrong one because we don’t have the ability to test in the lab. This is another sad news for us, but you do not have to be worried. Personally, I have more than 20 years shaving experience and use lots of cream. Today I just share best of the best from my experience.

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The right way to find the best one

Shaving cream, gel, and soaps all are available for a smooth shave. Always cream is coming to the front her power that softens the skin, hair at the same time well-hydrated and helps to smoothly cut the beard. Only you can get my mentioning power on the cream when anybody picks the best one, but it is not the easy task. When coming to the collect you have to know skin and cream types, Ingredients, and several good characteristics that make a cream gorgeous. Fast come to the cream types as far I know three styles are available like- Canned (This is a foam category like Barbasol), Traditional(Need a shaving brush for applying the face ), Brushless(You can use directly for softening the hair that’s  good for busy people). Second, you have to consent about the skin. Dry skin person needs to take glycerin base cream that has enough soothers. If you are a carry sensitive skin just picks allergens and fragrance free product and astringent mild best for oily skin. The ingredient is another issue trying to escape Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Parabens include product. Attempt to use a natural product that makes with some organic ingredient like aloe Vera and coconut oil etc. A good cream also has a refreshing scent, enough lubrication, slickness, ease application and longtime usable containers.

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Shaving cream application method

I already told three types, shaving cream is available for you. I have another good news you can also apply three ways for a great shave. Fast want to say about an easy style. This system just uses your hand, creating lather.  Take little shaving cream in the hand and finally start massaging your face with circular motions and when need sprinkling limited hot water. You already able to create much of lather. Now start shaving with a shaver. It technique best work with Canned, Brushless cream. You can also apply directly on the face. In this way need to take a tiny amount on the finger and start applying your beard area. Last take a brush and wet with hot water. Now you can begin massaging circular way on the face. The third method is not easy for me. Need to take a bowl or mug and put few creams into the mug then take a wet brush for moving the circular way to create a lather. You have to take the decision which system best for you.

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