best shampoo for smelly scalp

What shampoo is good for a smelly scalp?

We try to get dandruff-free, shiny, and stinky-free hair. But it’s difficult to gain perfect hair. Because most of the people stay with uncovered hair. This is the reason dust, bacteria & various types of harm attract our scalp.

That’s the reason creates lots of problems on the scalp. As a result, we need to care for our valuable hair for a shiny look. Only this we can solve the bad issues. So stay with beautiful hair with the right take care.

However, today our discussion area is the bad smell of hair. Because this is one of the big problems. So we try to discuss their solve this problem. That’s the reason I went to introduce you best shampoo for smelly scalp.

History of shampoo

history of shampooThis is not European or American History. This is the history of Asian people. A long time ago Asian people started a journey for attractive hair. That’s why Indian people create an innovative hair care products. That generally popular by name shampoo.

Fast they are defended on the various types of natural ingredients to create. Basically, many years ago people using fruit (soapberries) and flowers (hibiscus, herbs, etc.) to create them. Day by day shampoo-producing process changes her previous history.

Today include various thoughts and ingredients to making a perfect product. This thinking helps to produce hair and scalp types based. But still, most of the companies use herbs to create the best one.

What causes smelly hair?

my scalp smells bad

Some things need to study before collecting shampoo to rid of the bad smell. But most important to understand why smell is bad. Most of the time it’s happened for the scalp, not for hair. Because our scalp effect several ways. There I discuss the most important factor for bad smell.

1. Maybe you don’t take care of the hair regularly or over-washing Hair. This two-point is the primary reason. Without perfect care not possible to clean dust, dead skin. That mix with oil creates various types of bacteria and a bad smell.

2. On the other hand, overwash can kill natural elements of hair. That causes bacteria to easily affect the scalp. That make various types of problems or diseases on the scalp.

3. Each & every human body produces oil by a sebaceous gland. Its overproducing can be a great matter of bad scent. Because excess oil can be creat harmful bacteria.

4. The last reason is a skin disease. If you super itchy, allergic, fungal infection, or any other problems. This type of problem can create stinky hair.

If anybody suppers the last reason for problems. Please don’t find the best shampoo for stinky hair. You fast need to go to the doctor then find a shampoo. This is the best policy for you.

How to choose best shampoo for smelly scalp

How do I stop my scalp from smelling

Generally, you can use any shampoo. That has enough washing power without harm the scalp and hair. But some blend & ingredients really well for this type of problem.

Like you can use any clarifying shampoo. Or a shampoo formulated with tea tree oil, rosemary, peppermint, etc. Really, this kind of blend fights against product buildup, excess oil, dust, lice, and many infections.

At the same time, you need to avoid some blend. As an example, sulfate & paraben blend harmful for you. Try to avoid this kind of shampoo. Now I think you understand what is good for you.

Our tested lucky 7 shampoos to rid the bad smell

Our lucky 7 comes from expert advice and test. We collect this product from thousands of shampoo. I hope these seven best to solve stinky hair problems.

Lucky 7 shampoo overview

butterssmelly scalp syndrome shampoo Welcome to wash hair any man in the world. Because doesn’t create this product for any special hair structure. But not good for women. Also, you can get conditioner benefits with them. shop
pepper mintsmelly scalp shampoo Work against many types of hair problems. Like redness, dandruff, lice, irritation, itching, etc. Sweet able for all kinds of hair structure. shop
grapebest shampoo for oily smelly scalp You can get harmless results with them. Because no chemical, Color safe, wash wall any hair structure, etc. shop
OGX mintOGX mint hydrating shampoo copy One shampoo for all hair structures. Rid dandruff, color-safe, moisture hair,  etc. The feel is a very refreshing and cruelty-free formulation. shop
Argan oilshampoo to get rid of smelly scalp A genderless shampoo for reducing hair loss & regrowth hair. Not good for the dry scalp, but dandruff friendly. shop
cider vinegarbest shampoo for smelly hair syndrome Basically a clarifying shampoo for all hair types. Gently clean product residue and fight against hair problems. shop
clarifybest shampoo for stinky scalp It helps to remove product residue. Because this is clarifying shampoo. That goes with ease and every hair structure. shop

1.Three butters utility

smelly scalp syndrome shampoo

Just start to clean your beautiful hair without confusion. Because making for almost every type of hair. Also a silicone-free shampoo. So you achieve the benefits of silicone-free shampoo Do you have any questions about why he did not hear? I am ready to answer this question.

This manufacturer’s company stabiles in the USA. Also, It’s beautiful creation only for man. Women not allowed for this. But anyone can apply by own responsibility. 

Contain with mango, shea, avocado butter, and essential oils. That ingredient indicates shiny, hydrated, smooth, healthy, and growing hair. Also best to repair dry and damage issues. The user can also get shampoo and conditioner benefits in one place. Suggest to apply moist hair, but need to the safe eye area.

Key Features Bad Side
  • Special design for man.
  • Damage to curly any hair types, gentle wash.
  • Conditioner & shampoo in one place.
  • Hydration & moisture our hair.
  • Not good for women’s hair.

2. Tea tree peppermint

smelly scalp shampoo

This is another shampoo that sweet able with any kind of hair. So without confusion start washing wavy, curly, thin, thick, and fine hair with them. At the same time, it is color-safe. Perfect with sensitive skin. Good creation for rid dandruff.

If you have super lice problem. You can take this without confusion. Because formulated with pure organic ingredients. Basically a mix of tea tree, rosemary, peppermint oil.

This type of blend perfect to ride dust, dead skin,  scalp clarifying, moisturizing, etc. Also rid irritation, redness, & the itching problem of the scalp. Another good side is cruelty-free creation. So we are safe from harmful ingredients and through a cool & refreshing feel.

Key Features Bad Side
  • Ideal for almost any type of hair.
  • Harmful ingredients paraben & sulfate-free.
  • Color-safe formulation.
  • The right choice for lots of scalp disease.
  • It gives you a refreshing feel.
  • No cons

3. Naturopathica grapefruit & fir

best shampoo for oily smelly scalp

Sulfate-free cleansing products. This type of shampoo good choice for a person. Because remove excess oils from the scalp, move to frizzies, split ends. Finally, safe color from fading. Grapefruit are harmless from all soulful issues. Take it’s to starting use every day on the sower.

But don’t forget to apply damp hair. What is your hairstyle? This question is not essential. Generally, you can clean with them each & every hair type.

Ingredients choice was also nice. Glycerin, balsam fir, grapefruit oil, etc. Another important mixture is sodium methyl, cocoyl taurate, lauryl glucoside, abide sibirica oil. Finally, we can talk about the best mix to solve dryness, moisture, fresh, healthy, and well clean.

Key Features Bad Side
  • Good for everyday use.
  • Boost moisture & give a fresh feel.
  • Nice for each and every hair.
  • Safe for color-treated hair.
  • No cons for this story.

4. OGX mint hydrating shampoo

OGX mint hydrating shampoo copy

Dry to oily scalp gently wash without a problem. Made for almost every type of hair structure. That’s why we can say one shampoo for all. That clean dust, excess oil, harm residue from the hair. So save your hair from bad issues with them.

The consistency of the product is thick, but lathers well. After wash gives a refreshing feel. Hydrating, nourish & gives strength to the hair. I think the best smelly scalp shampoo. That’s why I suggest you collect.

Come to the blend of the shampoo. It is a mix of milk protein, tea tree oil & peppermint oil, etc. That’s the reason instantly moisture our hair. Safe for colored hair & helps to ride dandruff. On the other side, this type of blend perfect to ride bad smell.

Key Features Bad Side
  • It is cruelty-free.
  • You can apply with colored hair.
  • Moisture hair instantly.
  • A good one for rid dandruff.
  • Lathers well.
  • No cons available right now

5. Argan oil shampoo

shampoo to get rid of smelly scalp

If any person looking for perfect shampoo. I can help her. You can try this argan oil shampoo. Which mix with some beautiful natural ingredients to stop her hair loss. That doesn’t only stop hair loss, but also helps to regrowth your mind bowling hair. Also a great creating for men and women.

But dry issues not good work with them. Without a dry scalp, it is an outstanding creation for everything. This lovely result happened with intelligent Ingredient’s choice. That is blended of burdock root, Argan oil, white willow bark, aloe vera, rosemary, etc.

Which helps you to reduce dandruff similarly give extra volume. Helpful to solve the thinning problem. All combined make a smooth, shiny, healthy, and strong feel. But its smell is not enough strong.

Key Features Bad Side
  • Good for men’s & women’s hair.
  • It helps to clean dandruff.
  • Feel is very strong & smooth.
  • Helps to solve the hair loss problem.
  • Dry hair does not wash well with them.

6. WOW cider vinegar

best shampoo for smelly hair syndrome

I want to say a beautiful shampoo to remove styling or any kind of product residue from the hair. At a time helps to re back shiny and good-looking hair. Because of gently wash and helps to repair damage and many bad issues.

That free of most harmful chemical silicone, paraben, sulfates, etc. Infused with botanicals like cider vinegar, apple, etc. Making for any type of hair structure. I think it is a good formulation for human hair.

Maybe after applying you can feel slight dryness. But don’t worry about the dryness. Because this is the nature of any clarifying shampoo.

I also love this shampoo for her fighting ability against any hair problem. Like frizz taming, dandruff control, itchy, hair loss, hair damage, excess oil issues, etc.

Key Features Bad Side
  • Remove product residue from the scalp.
  • Fight well against hair problems.
  • Harmful chemical-free.
  • Color safe.
  • Recommend for any type of hair.
  • You can feel the slight dryness with them.

7. Acure clarifying shampoo

best shampoo for stinky scalp

Clarifying shampoo always the right choice to remove product build-up. This occurs when you are using any hair styling product, color your hair, use oil into the hair. The general shampoo isn’t able to fully remove this type of product residue from the hair.

That’s why everyone should use Clarifying hair was to remove this residue. But this is good to use a weekly and monthly basis, not every day. Everyday use you have to supper dryness problem. Generally, this is a short description of clarifying shampoo.

Now come to the Acure clarifying. The company said it is best for everyday use. Why I don’t know. Maybe this is free of Mineral oil, Paraben, Sulfate, Formaldehyde, etc. This is the only reason good for everyday applications. Also sweet for almost each hair type.

Key Features Bad Side
  • Good for each and every hair.
  • Gently remove harmful residue.
  • Chemical-free formulation.
  • Better to wash with colored hair.
  • No bad issues.

5 popular shampoos for smelly hair

Doesn’t matter why hair smell is bad. Wash hair with popular 5 shampoos. That good for any reason for bad smell. Because lots of people believe this 5.

Popular 5 shampoo overview

Anti lossscalp smell shampoo If you are a supper hair loss problem. Just take it to stop them. Good for both men & women. Also, harm-free natural creation. shop
Tea treebest shampoo for smelly hair syndrome It is perfect for any kind of hair. Color safe, rid dandruff, beautiful smell. All sides combined to make a beautiful product. shop
Almonbest shampoo and conditioner for smelly scalp One bottle is enough for a full family. Because not design for any special hair structure. You can stay moisturizing & a hydration feels with them. shop
Christichristina moss naturals shampoo A good hair washing shampoo for all hair types. Contain of natural ingredients and free of chemicals. Even wash the well sensitive scalp and color hair. shop
Arganargan oil shampoo for smelly scalp A beautiful shampoo made from various types of natural sources. Also, clean without killing any natural elements of the hair. shop

1. Anti-thinning loss

scalp smell shampoo

Most of the people in the world suffering hair loss, breakage problems. Also, spend huge money to solve the matter. We can stop or reduce harm by using the right product. Pure d’Or one of the best cleaner for solving this common cause. That hasn’t any age and gender limit. But the child is not allowed for the product.

Chemical and human harsh free 17 natural ingredients combined creation. That added volume also works against the thinning problem. Her most valuable Ingredients are amla, argan, black cumin seed, clary saga, cedarwood, etc. Also hibiscus flowers, lemongrass, pumpkin seed, rosemary, tea tree oil.

This key feature works to block sun damage. That’s why our no need to find the best Korean sunscreen.  It also provides a soft, smooth feel. Design to use for every type of hair. Need to apply every day a little amount. Also, you can gain a good result after 3 or 4 months apply.

Key Features Bad Side
  • No limitations for any gender & age.
  • Comes from natural ingredients.
  • Block sunray.
  • Chemical-free.
  • Need a long time to use it for the best results.

2. Tea tree shampoo

best shampoo for smelly hair syndrome

A good shampoo for several reasons. Fast of all a special blend of tea tree oil. That’s perfect for any type of hair. Also, you can use colored hair. Because the formulation is safe for color. On the other side harmful ingredients paraben-free.

Now I have some bad news for you. This is slightly mixed with sulfate. That is generally harmful to our problems. But we test this product with a smelly scalp. Really work great, why I don’t know. Maybe a very low percentage of sulfate. That is not harmful for us.

This product also perfect for rid dandruff.  Personally, I love to say a great shampoo for smelly, dandruff, colored, and oily hair. The smell is really good. But it doesn’t lather much. That’s why you need to mix with a little bit of water. Then you can apply hair for much lather.

Key Features Bad Side
  • A perfect choice for oil, dust, colored & smelly hair.
  • Paraben-free.
  • Formulated with tea tee oil. That is very urgent for us.
  • Great shampoo for rid dandruff.
  • Good for colored hair.
  • A beautiful smell.
  • The mix of sulfate.
  • Not lather much.

3. Almond & avocado

best shampoo and conditioner for smelly scalp

Are you worry about family spend. Just grow up your intelligence to reduce spending. By using one’s beauty products for hull family. Like- design avocado wash. All types of curls (wavy, coily, kinky, etc) texture is welcome for a gentle wash. Personally, I clean my normal hair very well with them. That’s why I recommend it as well as normal types.

The two well-known mix of avocado and almond present in this container. That is mainly using to provide hydration and moisturizing for dry and thirsty hair.

Sulfates, parabens, parraffins, petrolatum free formulated. Which dangerous for the scalp and reduce moisture. So I think a good product. That has enough time detangling ability. Also send strong, smooth, shine properties for the hair.

Key Features Bad Side
  • Design for every hair type.
  • Instantly start hydration & moisturizing.
  • The mix of avocado and almond oil.
  • Scalp friendly creation.
  • Absolutely not

4. Christina moss naturals

christina moss naturals shampoo

Organic shampoo for our hair care. That formulated with natural ingredients. That’s why we are safe from any side effects. Free of sulfate, silicone, paraben, or any harmful chemical. So this is a perfect hair care product.

Also, lather well with any hair types. Because it doesn’t formulate for any special hair structure. Even gently wash colored treated hair without a problem. Just take the little amount into the hand & mix a little bit of water. Then start wash to remove buildup, excess oil, dust, dead skin, etc.

The ingredients come from natural sources. Because of the mix of Aloe Vera, Coconut oil, Olive oil, shea butter, etc. Suggest applying wet hair for the best results. Also a good shampoo for sensitive skin.

Key Features Bad Side
  • Ingredients come from natural sources.
  • Free of chemical.
  • Gently was any hair structure.
  • Lather well into the hair.
  • You can wash colored hair without a problem.
  • Don’t have any bad side.

5. Argan oil shampoo

argan oil shampoo for smelly scalp

Create from lots of natural ingredients. This is the fast reason I include this shampoo in my favorite area. Because without confusion, we are safe from harm. Without this reason, this is the right product to clean any kind of hair. Includes color-treated hair.

I have another good reason to suggest it. That is gently washed without killing natural moisture, stripping, dryness, frizz, etc. On the other hand provide strength, manageability, shiny, and good-looking hair.  Maybe you can get a soft feel after washing with them.

Finally, we can say a beautiful mix of various types of natural oil. Like Argan, Camellia seed, Avocado, peach kernel oil. That combines to make high-quality products for our hair.

Key Features Bad Side
  • Create from natural ingredients.
  • Made for each type of hair.
  • Clean well without harm to the hair.
  • Throw a soft feel, manageable & shiny looks.
  • I don’t know any bad side of this product.

5 common Q&A for bad smelly hair

This 5 answer is important to know smelly hair men and women. Because of our Q&A helps the people primarily tried the bad smell.

Q. What are the main benefits of peppermint shampoo for hair?

A. You can get an endless benefit from peppermint shampoo. Fast of all help to reduce dandruff. Second, this is great to remove lice from the hair. If you have a bad smelly scalp. Just start to wash with them. Another most important benefit is helping to hair growth.

Q. How to treat smelly hair?

A. Several ways you can treat bad smell. Fast you need to stay with clean hair. That’s why try to wash your hair every day. Take a shampoo that contains peppermint, tea tree, and rosemary oil. Don’t touch hair too much. Don’t wear a hat for a long time.

Q. Is clarifying shampoo good for stinky hair?

A. Yes, this is good for rid of stinky hair. Most of the time bad smell creates from bacteria infection. The bacteria create from over oil production, dead skin cells, Styling product residue, etc. Clarifying shampoo one of the best way to clean this problem.

Q. Why I get a bad smell from the scalp after one day?

A. Because one day is enough time to grow bacteria in the hair. This is the main reason. But it won’t happen with everyone. If your scalp produces too much oil. Maybe your country’s weather is very hot. This two is the main reason. Because oil mix with dead skin easily create bacteria.

Q. Does fungus infection create a bad smell?

A. Yes, the fungus can able to create a bad smell on the hair. Basically, this is a skin disease. That can occur in any part of the body. When it occurs with the scalp. That time it does not only create a bad smell. It can be create many bad effects.

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