best pregnancy safe shampoo for color treated hair

best pregnancy safe shampoo for color treated hair

Coloured hair

best shampoo for colored hair

The hair paint period starts with a new fashion dream. Most of the ladies find best sunglasses and cool looking hair in her daily life. They are love to stay in fashion. But you have to be careful with maintenance

A huge number of Leady don’t know how to care after colouring. Just stop using hot water and daily base clean. After color just waits 2 or 3 days to fast wash and try to save from the sun.

Take a product that mainly produces for this subject. Wash with a sulfates free gentle and moisturizing shampoo. That has the ability to protect sun ray also mentioned hair from roots. I choose five from my choice.

Healing color care

lanza healing color care shampoo

What are your hair types? Sometimes this question is not important to find out a shampoo. Because some products made for every hair like – Healing. Curl to damage all painted hair, gentle clean without damage. Even this is the best shampoo for dry hair. It’s also good for several reasons. Last two months I use it. My experience find out it has maximum color protection ability.

That provides long-lasting power for the shade. Also harmful chemical sulfates, parabens & sodium chloride free. But special flowers extract safe paint from fading. I always apply my wet scalp for luxurious lather and rinse.

Caviar anti-aging

best drugstore shampoo for colored hair

Moisture is one of the most important subjects for hair. Basically, it is more need for who love to color or super dry problem. Also, brittle and thirsty hair includes this want.  If you’re into these four categories. Just collect Caviar to replenish moisture. Same time also protecting colour from fading.

 I have two months user experience with them & want to say not bad. Because after washing I fell smooth, shiny and natural feel. But the end of the day I lose this feeling. This is my experience with them.

Three steps to the vibrancy

nexxus color assure shampoo

Now I am not talking about one individual product. I just want to share a process for painting hair. That process helps to increase shine, silky, smooth. You have to complete these steps by using three products. The three are a primer, shampoo & conditioner. Need to combine use for completing full steps.

Applying process is also easy, but you have to start with a primer. Because it makes a shield on hair. Really, I find out its safe color from washing effects. Then need to take shampoo for the clean bad issue. Complete with conditioner.

Aveda blue malva

best aveda shampoo

This is one of the great choices for clean hair & scalp. I fast introduced with the cleanser on the beauty parlor. I colored my hair but when comes to wash beautician take this. The fast time I am not happy with her choice. Because of several day’s age. I buy best electric razor for elderly man in 2020 for my husband. That time failed to choose a good one. That’s why confusion creat in my mind.

But when start rubbing my wet hair with Aveda. I feel a strong smell & smooth texture with enough lather.

After complete full work, I get a shiny and manageable look. Then I make a plan to buy one from the market. I already buy and wash weekly two times with them. I highly recommend only women.

Redken color extend

redken color extend shampoo

2014 & 2015 this is the best time for Redken. Because two years, this cleanser continually winning the award for several reasons. 2014 readers’ choice and 2015 new beauty choice. I also give award by myself for her vibrancy and strength ability.

When I fast wash with them I was confused her ability. After one week use, I surprised with her maximum color vibrancy power. That makes my hair strong. Same time gives the strength for long-lasting pigment. It also saves UVA/UVB ray and environmental bed matter for a shiny look.

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