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best lipstick that last longer

Lipstick is a popular and daily base usable beauty product for present world women. A long, long time ago woman started coloring her lip. Thousand years ago Ancient Egyptians people, Indus Valley Civilization, and Islamic golden time use lip color for several reasons. Ones upon a time the United Kingdom and the United States only upper-class women were interested in time west for her lip.

People always try to present a new way her beauty. That reason most of the modern women like to wear makeup. Lacquers are more valuable of them to get a fabulous look. Recently most of the beautiful ladies like to spend time for her job, party or meeting. That’s why women like to paper for a long time.

The present cosmetic industry makes best lipstick. That stays for a long time & helps to keep gorgeous looking. I try to present you good-looking & beautiful lipstick from thousands of shades. There is the best collection for long time wear.

Lipstick tips

lipstick application tips

Sometimes a little change makes a big difference in our life. So try to add or remove some speciality with your makeup. That can make you a special one. That’s why now I discuss six useful tips for your lipstick application & choice.

1. Save your teeth from lipstick with my fast tips. Apply lipstick on the lip. After a complete application put a finger in the mouth. Then make your lip O shape. You can follow the image to understand shape. Now slowly out a finger.

2. Many experts believe everyone should wear lip liner before applying lipstick. The texture is of the lip liner slightly dry. That mix with creamy texture makes a transfer-proof or kiss-proof layer for long lasting.

3. But try to take the same color lipstick & lip liner. Outline lips with liner and filling lips. Then you can apply lipstick. The liner also works as a base of the lipstick.

4. Third tips are foundation application as a base of a lipstick & long-lasting. Apply foundation on the clean lips. Now you have to use, compact powder for setting. Then start applying lipstick.

5. Are you confused to find sweet able lip color with your skin tone? No need to confuse. Expert-tested some color that well with any skin tone.  You can choose bright pink, red with a blue undertone, deep violet, orange-red, warm brown etc.

6. My favourite makeup artist Clarissa Lunar says. When come to take a lipstick for day time. Try to choose matte lipstick. On the other hand, glossy lip color good for evening or night.

Our tasted top 12 lipsticks

1. Violet riot

 long lasting lipstick matte

Hi, lovely lady’s what is your favorite color? If you love dark purple pigment. I think Be legendary violet riot best one for you. This medium-dark purple is really beautiful & you can style with the desired shade. After applying own lip have a beautiful and creamy finishing experience.

Creamy, lightweight, beautiful shade & richly pigmented combine make a gorgeous lipstick. Also helps you to answer what color lipstick with burgundy dress go here. Because of feeling, softness & color best for a burgundy dress.

I don’t forget to wear before joining my office client. You have to happy with non- drying formula and matte finish. This lacquers gliding easily on my lip. Also creamy and non- drying formula help to comfortably wear.

Personally, I spend most of the time for my job. Its long-lasting formula helps me to keep a beautiful look for a long time. You can easily style with for five or six hours without feeding, but wearable for all day.

2. Burt’s bees blush basin

best long lasting lipstick reviews

100% natural resources without any harmful chemical parabens, phthalates etc.  Formulated with moisturizing ingredients to solve the dryness problem. So moisture lip at the same time beautiful color makes an awesome look.

I choice Doused Rose from lots of shade. Because Doused is rose pink Color lipstick. That looks good with any skin tone. Stay 4 or 5 hours without question. But lots of people believe stay at least 3 to 4 hours.

Finishing is smooth & texture is soft and creamy. Glides easily on the lip with moist. After applying you get a glossy look. I think a good one for daytime use.

3. Maybelline touch of spice

best lipstick for all day wear

Describe as a creamy matte finish lipstick. That’s not too dry and not too much glossy. That walk the middle of the dry & glossy. That’s why you can feel comfortable with them. Also sweet able for day time use.

Matte finish creation is always indicated for long time use. So it is best long wear lipstick that stays enough time. After applying you can allure lip almost 5 to 6 hours without a problem. I think this is enough time.

Glide smoothly and easily on the lip. Pigment supper one or two swipes needs to fully cover. The color of the pics slightly plum undertone. That looks like brown shade.

6. Diorific diorissimo

dior diorissimo lipstick

Do you want to get a lipstick that moisturizes? At the same time allure and protects your lips. I get this types of polish that made by world-famous fashion brand Dior. Sadly, Dior Diorific 025 failure for this staying power or pigmentation. Personally, I search a polish that stays at least seven or eight hours. But it stays three or four hours on my lip.

Also, pigmentation doesn’t make me happy because three swipes need for full coverage. But beautiful velvet matte shade, creamy, easily build-able and satin-smooth make me happy. Overall, not a bad you can try.

7. L’Oreal fairest nude

long lasting liquid lipstick matte

The best lipstick shade for medium skin tone. Because this is a pink color lipstick. Also pink color looks good with olive tine skin color. On the other hand, it’s looking good with olive & fair skin tone.

The pigment is very nice two swipe need. The feel is super smooth & soft. After colouring lip starts nourishing & hydrating. Because made with argan oil, vitamin E, and omega 3.

Staying power not so high. Three to four hours stay with a good feeling. But the smell is beautiful. You can apply with your dry lip without question. So start trying your own lip.

8. Balm girl’s goodkisser

The color of the lipstick is light pink with a peach undertone. This type of shade looks good with medium, fair & olive skin tone. If you include these three skin colors. Take this one without question.

It’s made with a soothing formula with vitamin A & E, jojoba and olive oil. That’s the reason hydrating lip for a long time with a beautiful softness. Feel is smooth because its finishes are not too dry.

Finished of the lipstick one not too cream. On the other side not too much matte finish. So the texture is soft and smooth. But staying power average. Stay for 4 or 5 hours.

11. Queen frog prince

lipstick queen frog prince mini

A very interesting lipstick that can change her color. I think this lipstick has to be a nice one. Who loves to surprise people. Or try to gain celebrity or  Amanda Seyfried fashion.

However, look like a green, but after the application, you get a rose pink shade. Slightly red undertone with pink colour. Personally, I love to say look like a sheer coral shade.

It is a very thin texture creation. Blend with vitamin E and hydrating lip to safe from dryness. But finishing is glossy and moisturizing for enough time.

Stay for a long time after application. Five hours stay without question. But need to carefully drink & eat. Feel is soft, smooth and glossy. So night is the best time to Apply. But you can wear every day.

12. Sable smoke

best selling tom ford lipstick

This is a beautiful vanilla scent lipstick made by well-known brand Tom Ford. Its color attractive and gorgeous that can easily impress a makeup lover. Ford Its color generated for a nude shade lover.  Sable smoke is also popular for her longevity, finishing, pigment & wonderful look. I get lovely pigment that needs the second swap for full cover.

If you are happy with average staying ability lacquers. Maybe it is the best choose for you. Smoke stays almost 4 or 5 hours (need carefully eat and drink). That’s enough for any polish. You can alluring lip daily bases. Because its creamy, non-drying formula and smooth texture provide compatible with the wearing time. What is your experience with sable smoke?

13. Julep bonbon lipstick

julep lipstick review

Very comfortable matte finish creation. You can describe as a creamy matte finishing. That goes with dry lip without hazel. It is also described as a good ending. That haven’t enough matte & not too much glossy finish.

The color of this makeup is sweet for medium to light color skin tone. Basically, it is a nude creation. You can call terracotta nude. That has enough beautiful look.

Lasted at least 6 to 7 hours. I think you agree with me. It is very good lasted power with a comfortable feel. Because it does not make your lip dry. So stay comfortable with them.

16. Covergirl succulent cherry

covergirl succulent cherry lipstick review

A beautiful piece for summertime. Because you need to wear hot color lipstick in the summer. That is succulent cherry. Generally, it is a red color with slightly orange looking. So the shiny day is best for this type of shade.

Available lot of shade. But each piece made with shea butter. So moisturizing lip for minimizing dryness problem. When you stay with moisturizing lip maybe feel comfort for this movement.

Finishing is interesting creamy. That’s the reason you feel soft with a glossy look. Yes, it’s looking slightly glossy types. Need two layers for full coverage.

17. Le Rouge Sculpt 05

best two tone lipstick

Innovative thought is always welcome in my collection. That reason I love the two-toned design Sculpt 05. Givenchy’s advanced thinking helps to color the lip with two different shades at the same time. It is a rose and berry shade for us. The application also fun for me and try to use various ways.

Favorite habit is fast applied darker toned. Then prepare to lighten continuous way lip inner to the midsection with a brighter shade. That glide very smoothly and creamy texture mix for hydrating the lip.

18. Butter kiss nude-light

Create with a hydrating formula. The ingredient list includes shea butter & coconut oil. This type of bland best to solve the dryness problem. Because this oil helps to moisturize your lip.

Available in many colors, but slightly beautiful smell include with each shade. Lasting power not so good. That’s the reason who find a long time wear lipstick. This is not for her and stays only 5 hours.

Light nut colour is beautiful. But only look good with medium to light shade skin. If you are skin type light or medium Just try this for the alluring lip.


  1. Jouer liquid, stay 24 hours, Kat Von D, Stila stay all a beautiful collection for a long time. Its various types of beautiful color also gorgeous.

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