best lipstick for olive skin and dark hair

best lipstick for olive skin and dark hair

Lots of women spend valuable time to find a beautiful colour for her lip. I went to say women need to find skin undertone base lip color. This is the right way to find a perfect pigment for her lip.

Are you confused to find the best lipstick for skin tone? If you really confused read my full article. Maybe this writing helps to identify the best one.

Basically, you get their lots of information about skin tone & undertone. Also, how to pick a right lipstick shade for each undertone.

Before finding the best color. I think fast, you need to know what is skin tone & undertone. At the same time, women need to know how to identify your skin undertone. That’s why I fast try to answer these two questions.


This is the last undertone for the skin. Olive is a little bit different from another undertone. But if you have olive skin. I have good news for you. That is, women can find easily her choice color. Because of a huge field open to choice beautiful lipstick.

But now women have to conform her skin is olive. Their skin colour is the easiest way to understand more than the eye & hair shade. That’s why I suggest you consider skin shade to understand.

Light brown & brownish skin color represents olive. But more colour also include like yellowish, golden and green shade is an indicator of olive.

I already told lots of shade open for you. But I love to suggest staying with purples, orange, nudes or pink lips. On the other hand, you can try these three.

Kylie Lip Kit

It’s a big name on the liquid lipstick field. Each shade design by two product one is polished and another is matching lip liner. Also, offer various types of shade for the women. The most beautiful pigment is 1. Boss – soft cherry 2. Bare – nude pinky 3. Victoria – cherry red 4 Say no more – neon pink 5. June bug – vibrant violet 6. Shady – rich slate grey 7. Tipsy – vibrant raspberry 8. Boujee – deepened rich red 9. Grape soda – light grey purple 10. Rosie – deep rose 11. Hazel – warm nude 12. Dirty peach – yellow peach 13. Ginger – warm terracotta brown 14. Kristen – brown berry 15. Moon – taupe-y nude

I smear by three steps but start with clean my lip. Then slightly use lip balm for safe from dryness. Because it’s finishing is matte but not too much dry. Secant prepares to create an outline with panicle and finally put lipstick.  Two swipe need for me. Staying ability really well and feel comfort for her creamy texture.

Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Lipstick

I fast introduce with this for slightly missing information from my mother. She told me to collect some colourful makeup for my little sister. Mum doesn’t specially indicate to collect any makeup. That’s why buying time I feel confusion. Accurately which one eyeshadow, lipstick or eyeliner. Finally determined to shop lacquer and pick seven shade from Too Faced. The 7 pic is 1. Cool girl – nude 2. Lady balls – red 3. Bend & snap – raspberry 4. It’s happening! – bright magenta 5. 1988 – bright bubblegum pink 6. Feelin’ myself – soft peachy pink 7. Mrs roper – bright tangerine (more pigment on the image). When back my home mommy told me she exactly indicates eyeshadow.

Applying process as well as other lipstick in the market and finishing is matte. Maybe, best choice for busy person for longtime wear. You can stay with almost 7 or 8 hours by applying only one. But you have stay with little dryness.

Smashbox violet riot

Now I want to introduce to you another best lipstick. That I fast introduce from Amanda Seyfried style click here. It is best for her color, pigment, staying power, finishing and several reasons. So now I described step by step her all good & bad thought. Just you need to stay with me.

It’s finishing is creamy. I think you feel comfortable with this finishing. Also, have to be happy with the beautiful medium-dark purple color. That looks good on the lip. Its color more attracts me from her various good side.

Now come to the main point that is pigment and staying ability. I need two sweeps for perfect coverage. Staying power also beautiful. Five and six hours stay without any bad issue. I think that is enough staying power for us.

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Hourglass Riviera

Hourglass is a bigger name in the liquid lipstick industry. This is not the only reason I like this. I also love its beautiful colour and longtime staying authority. Mostly this two good side attracts me to include on my best collection.

Lots of color are available for us. But I only love the bright orange shade. That’s why my choice Riviera. It’s colour really beautiful because it’s light orange attractive. This brightness easily attract any person.

Personally, I need two swipe. Because I love to stay with a bold look. But most of the lady love to apply naturally. That’s why one swipe is enough for her. Also, its color stays almost seven or eight hours. It is the main plus point for us.

Kat Von D Lolita

This is another best long lasting lipstick in this collection. It also comes in several colours & some beautiful features. But I only like Lolita because it’s color beautiful. That perfect with any skin.

This is a medium brown color creation for us. I think this type of colour looks well any skin tone. But also its color stays long time. Normally after applying you can stay with brown colour lip almost seven or eight hours.

Finally, I want to describe this a high pigment, lightweight, creamy, matte finish lipstick. That beautiful creation with a slight dryness. But not too dry & comfort.


Are you ready to jump with purples, orange, nudes or pink lips?  I think you should ready. Because of this, four color, perfect for your skin. Not only these four. Women can also try her fibrates color. I think you look good with this lipstick shade that’s why I suggest.

Maybelline stormy sahara

Beautiful nude lipstick for us. Stay at list 4 and 5 hours without question. That smoothly glides on the lip for a comfortable feel.

Nars Belle de jour

A creamy formulation lipstick with vitamin E. That hydrate & protects lips with her non-drying ability. Stay almost 3 to 4 hours.

Kevyn uninterrupted

This is another great one for you. Because it’s looking awesome with olive skin. At the same times best one to answer. lipstick with burgundy dress. Because of this color perfect with the maroon color outfit.  Stay a long time, at list 5 to 6 hours.

Rimmel by kate nude

The long-lasting formula is the main benefits of the lipstick. Stay 7 to 8 hours. Also best color for your skin. Beautiful pigment and feel smooth.

Steady going

Are you searching a pink color? It is not a dream to find out your favorite color. Just take this lipstick that fulfills your worth. If anybody calls, it’s a light pink shade. I accept because really, it’s a bright pink shade for us. I already collect mac matte lipstick from the market & have a little dry experience with them but not too dry.

I love its smooth, dry and lighter shade. Always try to choose similar color dresses with them. I have another unique suggest that got from the beautician. Best way to apply a lip moisturizer after applying this one. That method minimizes dryness.

But I haven’t own knowledge about this technique. I hope these simple tips give you a good result. If anyone already has own skill about my tips, please write your experience in comments.

Velvet Teddy

If need to allure your lip with a warm pink nude. Or you love pink nude mix with a brown undertone. You can search Velvet Teddy into the market. That completes your went also give you a smooth & matte finishing.

It’s a beautiful color warble dally base. You haven’t worried about this staying power. Because it has average time stay availability that your need.

I hope you enjoy with dry finishing. Because it’s not too dry. This opaque color coverage one swipe is enough for alluring lip. I just share my experience with you. You have to decide about this.

  1. super stay 24 hour

It is difficult to find a lipstick that stays all day on the lip. Most of the time we are eating oily food and several time drinks in a day. This is the reason lip color doesn’t stay sufficient time on the lip. If you are carefully eating & drink. Maybelline super stay 24-hour is lasting a long time on the lip.

Its innovative design aide gives the two-way usable capability. That one side for lip glosses other for lip color. Personally, I have 15 hours wearing experience. This long-lasting formulation comes in various types of shade. That helps to find the perfect color for the style. You can try my favorite

  • Constant toast – neutral pink
  • Keep up the flame – deep red with orange undertones
  • Always blazing – bright red
  • On and on orchid – pink.
  • Constant coral
  • Glamour pink
  • Rose dust
  • Peach cocktail
  • Fire coral
  • Prune Plaisir
  • Raspberry
  • Rose Quartz
  • Plum seduction
  • Absolute plum
  • Red Passion
  • Soft taupe
  • Pink goes on
  • Committed coral
  • Reliable raspberry
  • All-day cherry
  • Boundless berry
  • Firmly Mauve
  • So pearly pink
  • Lasting Lilac.

Fast you have to gently clean lip & remove other product. As like when you clean nail for applying the best glitter nail polish. Then needs to start applying. After use just stay one or two minutes without touch. Because important to completely dry for long-lasting. Then apply lip balm. You can try the balm several times a day.

This is a thick consistency formulation, but staying power good. Pigments are nice only one swap enough for full coverage. I have complained about this smell and dryness. That is not fulfilling my high deserve. Overall, you can easily collect for a sexy lip.

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