best korean sunscreen for acne prone skin

10 best Korean sunscreen for acne prone skin in 2021

Sun power is most important for us. Because we do not think of a beautiful day without the sun. It is also a major source of energy in the human world. Sadly a small number of points is not good for us. That is the sun ultraviolet rays.

However, UV rays harmful to almost all skin types. But sun rays more dangerous for oily and acne-prone skin. So if your super oily and acne skin problems. Don’t forget to apply the best Korean sunscreen for acne prone skin. 

When you coming to take Korean sunscreens. You get thousands of K- Beauty sunscreens in the market. This is good news for us. But all are not good for your skin. That’s why today I just try to help find the good Korean sunscreen for the face, neck &  body.

How to choose the best Korean sunscreen?

best korean sunscreen

Really, it is a great question. When come to take sunscreen you have to pick the best one for a good result. There I discuss some options that help to pick the top one.

1. You can start with an expired date. As far I know maximum Korean cream comes with a 2 or 3-year  shelf  life. But when need to see the exit date  just searching the bottle. You can also test the smell and texture. It’s enough to understand expired. 

2. Now you have to know the texture of sunscreen. Lotion, spray, cream & gel all are available. A person can pick lotion, spray for hairy skin area. On the other side creams & gels perfect for around the eyes.

3. SPF is an important factor. Because it is measured the percentage of portion sun harmful ray. I like to take SPF 30 that can block 97% sun rays. On the other hand SPF 15 blocks only 93% & SPF 50 blocks 98% ultraviolet rays. So a better way to take SPF 30.

Which sunscreen is best for my skin?

best korean sunscreen for body

Before collecting shampoo, sunblock, or any product. Needs to choose the best shampoo that makes your hair curly. At the same time a perfect sunblock for your skin types. This way we can gain good results.

Generally, sunscreen making for 4 types of skin. Like – dry, oily & acne-prone, allergy, and sensitive skin.

1. Dry – This type of skin can take moisturizing Korean sunscreen. Same time have to avoid  alcohol mix  sunscreen.

2. Oily & acne-prone – Non-comedogenic & Oil-free sunscreen is best. Also, you can choose water & gel based Korean sunscreen.

3. Allergy skin – If you have allergy-prone skin. Try to take alcohol  & fragrances free Korean sunscreen. 

4. Sensitive – Chemicals and fragrances-free cream right choice for sensitive skin. 

3 popular Korean sunscreen

These three sunscreens are the most popular in the market right now. lots of men & women love to block sun rays with them.

Popular 3 sunscreen overview by user

Neutro genabest korean sunscreen for oily skin I can say a good non – comedogenic sunscreen for oily to acne-prone skin with SPF 100. shop
A’pieukorean facial sunscreen Matte finish SPF 45 Korean sunscreen with a creamy texture. That makes skin soft and block maximum sun harmful effects. shop
Thankbest korean sunblock A good SPF 50 chemical-based & watery texture sunscreen for normal to oily skin. That moisture skin & block sun rays.  shop

1. Neutrogena dry touch SPF 100 review

  • By Sonia

best korean sunscreen for oily skin

Key Features

  • No white residues
  • No clog pores
  • SPF 100
  • Good for any skin
  • Dry touching

Bad Side

  • Nothing

             User thought

I have to work a long time outside of the home. That reason I need good sunscreen to save my skin. But I have acne & hyperpigmentation problems from a long-time ago. That’s why I already use the best skin lightening cream for hyperpigmentation.

However, for that reason, I searched for a non – comedogenic Korean sunscreen. That won’t clog my pores. Finally, I get Neutrogena SPF 100. That absorbs quickly without a shiny finish, clog pores & greasy feel.

Really I happy with them. Very lightweight, matte finish, work with all skin types & free of PABA. Also dry touching formulation. That absorbs without white residue.

2. A’pieu pure block sunscreen review

  • By Rajib (After reading several reviews)

korean facial sunscreen

Key Features

  • Creamy texture
  • No white residues
  • SPF 45
  • Soft feel

Bad Side

  • Slightly dry


User thought 

I don’t forget to apply before going outside of the home. But after applying I just stay 30 minutes at home to absorbs my skin. Really absorbs quickly but finishing is matte.

I feel slightly dry with them but not too much & the texture is creamy. After dry, I don’t get any white residues on my skin. Also, sun ultraviolet rays protection ability not bad because of SPF 45 and PA+++.

I use this product for a long time ago. After a long-time used doesn’t irritate my skin. Also, I feel soft & fresh with them.

3. Thank you farmer light sun essence review

  • By Isabella

best korean sunblock

Key Features

  • Chemical sunscreen 
  • No white residues & side effect
  • Absorbed quickly 
  • Thin texture 
  • SPF 50 

Bad Side

  • No

             User talk

I want to start explaining my experience with her watery texture. That is very thin and absorbed quickly. Also, I can say a good chemical Korean sunscreen to apply under makeup. 

Because smoothly blend with the skin without any white residues. Hydrating skin for a long-time. But the finishing of the products is glossy. So all good features combined make the best under makeup Korean sunscreen.

On the other hand sun protection ability not bad. Comes with SPF 50 that is enough to block UVA & UVB rays. Making with some natural ingredients for all skin types. That why works well without side effects.

Our tested lucky 7 Korean sunscreen

We talk to several users to find these seven Korean beauty sunscreen. All are expert-recommended and best to fight against sun rays.   

Lucky 7 sunscreen overview by user

Puritobest korean sunscreen for face Perfect sunscreen for under makeup with SPF 50 and PA++++. That has enough sunrays protection & moisturizing power. shop
Etude SPF 50 and PA+++ sunscreen with hydrating power. Also, a good one to apply under makeup. shop
Naturekorean spf Really a good SPF 50 Korean sun stick. That can safe my skin from various sun rays. That causes skin disease.  shop
Village Natural formulated liquid good Korean sunblock with SPF 50+. That absorbed fast with a glossy look. shop
Earth’sbest k beauty sunscreen cruelty-free SPF 50+ Korean sunblock men & women. Absorbs quickly & no animal-derived and silicone ingredient. Also, can be used under makeup.  shop
Mycontop korean sunscreen Anti-wrinkle sun cream with hydrating power & SPF 50+. That formulated with natural ingredients to reduce wrinkles. shop
RXkorean spf 50 SPF 50 sunblock to reduce sun rays problem. I get enough moisture, a non-greasy, and a smooth feel with RX.  shop

1. Centella green level safe sunscreen review

  • By Annalee

best korean sunscreen for face

Key Features

  • SPF 50
  • All skin types
  • PA++++
  • Moisture skin
  • Perfect for under makeup

Bad Side

  • No

             User talk

It’s a great sunscreen to apply under foundation. Personally, I do not only use it before foundation. I love to apply before applying any makeup.

Because this is making with moisturizing power. Also absorbs without any white residues. That’s why perfectly blends with makeup.

So I get lots of benefits from them. Moisturizing my skin & protect the maximum % of sun rays. On the other hand good for my oily skin. But making for all skin types.

2. Etude watery light SPF 50+ review

  • By Adrienne

Key Features

  • Block 98% harmful sunrays
  • Comes with the hydrating power
  • Chemical sunscreen
  • Good to apply with a makeup

Bad Side

  • Not at all


User experience 

Finding a sun gel a little bit difficult for my dry skin. Because I need a sunscreen that has enough hydrating power. That why last week I searched several online stores. Finally, I got Korean sunprise SPF 50 & PA+++ sun gel.

Generally, it’s a chemical Korean sunscreen with a liquid formula. That sweet able for dry to sensitive skin. The finish of the product is smooth & no white residues.

I love to apply under makeup. After applying with makeup I don’t feel any problems with them. Finally, I can say good product to block sun UVA & UVB rays.

3. Nature republic sunscreen stick review

  • By Mia

korean spf

Key Features

  • I can apply easily 
  • Comes with a high % of SPF 
  • Aloe Vera blend

Bad Side

  • The smell is strong enough



User talk

This is a good one to carry any place with me. Because it’s a small size powdery sun stick. Also, no need to use hands for rubbing into the skin. That reason I can apply to any place. 

However, I don’t forget to apply this product to swimming. The reason is it is a waterproof SPF 50 & PA++++ sunscreen. That is a blend with Aloe Vera. Same time I can apply to my face & neck with a smooth finish. 

I don’t love her smell. I think the smell is very strong. But it’s smell is very popular in my family. Everyone loves its smell.

4. Village 11 factory sunblock review

  • By Rajib (After reading several reviews)

Key Features

  • Absorbed quickly
  • Natural blend & Korean SPF 50+
  • Glossy look
  • Mineral sunblock

Bad Side

  • Nothing


User discuss 

Basically an SPF 50+ sunblock products. Making from several natural ingredients blend. That lightweight, cutlery free, non-stain, & quick absorbed. 

I don’t love her liquid texture and glossy feel. The end of the finishing is very glossy. That’s why I feel uncomfortable. But moisture & harmful rays protect power is awesome. 

Without finishing I thank a good mineral-based sun protection product. That absorbs without any white residues. Same time good one to apply every day in my dry skin.

5. Earth’s waterful sun gel review

  • By Lily

best k beauty sunscreen

Key Features

  • Cruelty-free
  • Great for block the sun harmful rays 
  • SPF 50+ 
  • Aqua smell

Bad Side

  • Nothing


User discussion

I buying this 100% cruelty-free sunscreen two weeks ago. That great work for my sensitive skin. I am overall happy with them. Because after gently rubbing it’s dry without a white cast & doesn’t block pores.  

On the other side hydrating skin to solve the dryness problem. That reason I use a daily basis to block sun rays. Comes with SPF 50+ & PA +++ for block ultraviolet rays.

Also a long-lasting & aqua scent sunscreen. That can be applied under makeup. But I haven’t any own experience to apply under foundation or makeup. That’s why I don’t know any good & bad sides apply with makeup.

6. Myconos mild protection sun cream review

  • By Rajib (After reading several reviews)

top korean sunscreen

Key Features

  • Moisturizing power
  • physical sunblock
  • dry quickly

Bad Side

  • Little bit white cast



User talk

I love to apply every day this physical sunblock on my face. After a long time of use, I get good results with them. Gently block sun rays at the same time hydrating skin and comfortable to wear.

Absorbs quickly but dry with the little white cast. But white residue doesn’t possible to see with high distance. some people said it’s dry with a greasy feel. But don’t feel greasy with them.

Finally, I can say a perfect sunscreen with SPF 50+. That can be applied every day without any problem. that’s the reason I recommend to use every one.

7. RX soothing sunscreen SPF 50 review

  • By Luna

korean spf 50

Key Features

  • Moisture skin
  • SPF 50
  • No greasy & white cast
  • Dry fast

Bad Side

  • Nothing


User thought

I used lots of sunblocks in my life to block sun rays. But RX full feel my worth. because RX doesn’t dry my skin. Its have enough moisturizing and soothes ability. So I feel comfortable with them.

The texture of the cream is very lightweight. That dries quickly without any problem. After dry, I don’t feel greasy with my combination skin.

However, this comes with pa+++ & spf50. That is enough to block the sun harms. Also, dry without any white cast.

5 Q&A for best Korean sunscreen for acne prone skin

If you want to find a good sunscreen and lots of information about Koren sunblock. Just stay with our q&a part of the article.

Q. How to apply sunscreen?

A. Sunscreen needs to apply the correct way for a good result. I always try to use a daily basis and the right amount of cream. Remember the proper amount can be different by body size. 

However, after applying needs to wet for 20-25  minutes for absorption. Then you can wear dresses or go outside of the home. 

Make sure to apply the full body. Like- neck, face, hand & backside. If you are a woman. Don’t forget to apply under makeup. 

Q. Why UVA & UVB rays dangerous for the skin? 

A. Everyone should be protecting skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays. Because sun rays can able to touch the skin deeply. That cause has to supper a lot of skin problems. 

As an example, ultraviolet rays can create wrinkles, skin cancer, sunburn, etc. So be careful from sun rays. Remember try to careful to stay from 10 AM to 4 PM. Because this is a dangerous time for harmful rays. 

Q. What are the different types of sunscreen? 

A. Mineral & Chemicals These two types of sunscreen is available in the market. Chemical is best for players & swimmers. The mineral is good for less irritating and moisturizing. 

Q. Why Korean sunscreen is good? 

A. Personally I think Korean sunscreen is best than another sunscreen. Because of very light consistency. That why easy to apply & perfectly blend with makeup. Also, absorb quickly without white residues.  

Q. Can I use sunscreen as a moisturizer? 

A. Yes, you can use it. Because most of the sunscreen comes with moisturizing power. I suggest people apply mineral sunscreen as a moisturizer.

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