best korean moisturizer for oily skin

Best Korean moisturizers for oily acne-prone skin in 2022

Skin is covering the human body. But the skin has calefaction. Most of the skin types are normal, oily, dry & combination. Oily skin is more sensitive than others.

It is not good for several reasons.  Most people are not happy with them. Because of the maximum time you have to supper a lot of problems outside of the home.

Also oil is hard to control in summer and winter. Sun and moist temperatures are not good for the oil. That’s why you need to moisturize skin with the best Korean moisturizer for oily skin.

What causes oily skin?

korean oily skin

This is nothing, just your body oil. Its overflowing happened oily skin. But this body essential element is produced by sebaceous glands. That makes sebum. Which normally we are known by name oil. Generally, this is the main cause. But more reason includes for this matter. Just like this

  • Using too much product
  • Genetic factor
  • Humidity, etc.

However, over sebum flowing harmful for you. That’s purpose happened acne, affect hair growth & more problem. That’s why have to wash your body with a perfect product.

So remember we no need to find best Korean sunscreen for acne prone skin. Need to find beauty products. That especially made for oily skin. It also needs to stop hot water and the wrong product.

How to determine oily skin?

how to determine oily skin

Just think, people, living without body cover & tell us what you’re feeling. I think your feeling is not good. That’s why skin is the most important part of the human body.

If you went to use the best product for your skin. Need to know skin type. But its find out very easy. Just follow this instruction.

Fast need to remove makeup. Then clean full face with a gentle cleanser to remove oils, dirt etc. Then wait more than an hour without tech or use any product. After waiting just need to take a mirror to look forehead, nose. Generally, oily skin gives your face shiny and oily effect. That is the simple way you can determine.

3 popular moisturizing Korean creams

Popular 3 moisturizing overview

Momondekorean moisturizer for oily skin It’s a watery gel moisturizer. That’s helped to soothe & hydrate with soft and fresh feel. shop
Belifbest korean moisturizer for oily acne prone skin Most popular moisturizer in Korea. Sametime good one for normal, dry, sensitive, oily & combination skin. The feel is super soft and made with hydrating herbs. shop
AHCk beauty moisturizer for oily skin A daily Korea moisturizer for dry skin. But good for all skin types. Feel very soft and absorb quickly. Also hydrating skin for a long time. shop

1. Mamonde rose moisturizer review

korean moisturizer for oily skin

Key Features

  • Free of animal ingredients
  • Fast absorbing
  • Beautiful smell
  • Well hydration

 Bad Side

  • Not at all

User thought 

Finally, I get a fragrance-free popular water gel cream. That is a good choice for my oily skin. Because absorb very fast and keep me moisturized feel for a long time.

On the other side this Korean moisturizer not only good for my oily skin. It’s a good choose for sensitive, dry and normal skin. So a good moisturizer for most of the skin types.

After use I feel the beautiful flowery smell. But you need to use clean skin for good result. Really good one to moisture face for enough time.

2. Belif moisturizing bomb review

best korean moisturizer for oily acne prone skin

Key Features

  • Ideal for most of the skin types.
  • Lightweight gel type texture.
  •  Hydrated and soft feel.
  • Dermatologically tested.

 Bad Side

  • Extremely high smell

User experience

Belif bomb moisturizer is really good for me. Because nourishing & hydrating herb mix gives tension free life with my oily face. I have little bad experience with her powerful smell.

The texture of the product is light-weight gel types. Best used little amount daily two times. I apply every morning and back my office removes all makeup. Then the second time I apply for the whole night.

I get enough Moisturizing and don’t feel any sticky on my face. After use, you have to be happy with absorbing power. It absorbs very quickly also gives you a good feeling.

3. Ahc aqualuronic hydrating cream review

k beauty moisturizer for oily skin

Key Features

  • Light gel texture.
  • Good for dry & all skin types.
  • Long-lasting hydration
  • Refreshingly moist feel

 Bad Side

  • Not at all.

User experience

Two months ago, my mom first interested me with this moisturizer. Mom fast reads several european skin care products reviews. Then takes the decision to buy for me. Because I have oily skin. This product good for dry to oily and combination skin.

First time I wasn’t getting good results for my wrong applies method. Then start applying daily two times and I get good results.

Texture is very light, but gel types. That absorbs quickly into skin. After apply keep me with a moist feel for a long time.

Our tasted lucky 7 k beauty moisturizer

Lucky 7 creams overview

Snailbest k beauty moisturizer for oily skin A 97.5% snail mucin extracts K beauty moisturizer for oily to acne prone skin. Good for  a moist skin and remove wrinkles, fine line, dark spots. shop
Moistkorean moisturizer for oily acne prone skin A skin hydrates Koren moisturizer for oily and acne prone skin. But you can use with all most any types of skin. After apply you get very soft, moist and smooth feel. shop
Snail Skin hydrating cream with light glossy texture. Good for any skin types. shop
Meebakbest korean moisturizers for acne prone skin Lock moist and hydrating skin for a long time. Hasn’t any stickiness and helps to solve wrinkles & fine lines. shop
Nature An Aloe Vera gel for moisture skin. I use it with my oily and acne-prone skin without problem. Keeps my skin moisture for enough time. shop
Olaykorean gel moisturizer for oily skin Hydrating face moisturizer with UV protection. Free of fragrance & a non-sticky lotion. That’s coming with SPF 30. shop
Saykorean best moisturizer for oily skin Vitamin C and banana extracted moisturizes cream. That can be used under makeup to hydrate & brighten skin. shop

1. korean snail repair cream review

best k beauty moisturizer for oily skin

Key Features

  • Made with brightens & hydrates herbs.
  • No greasy feel.
  • Good for wrinkles, fine lines & moist feel.
  • Save skin from UV damage

 Bad Side

  • Very thick texture.

User thought

Last six days I asked lots of friends to suggest a harmful chemical free Korean moisturizer. Most of the friend suggests snail repair cream. So I buy it for my oily skin. After opening pack its creamy texture surprise me.

Very smooth texture that absorbed quickly. At the same time helps to reduce wrinkles, dullness, & dark spots. Also, keep me with moist feel.

You can use daily more than one time for a good result. But if you went to use a long time just keep the cream dry place. That was really good suggestions from my lovely friends. Do you have any ideas about this product?

2. Moistfull collagen moisturizer review

korean moisturizer for oily acne prone skin

Key Features

  • Long lasting moisturizer.
  • Absorbs very fast.
  • Watery texture and non sticky.
  • Hydrated, smooth & soft feel.

 Bad Side

  • No

User talk

Really good K beauty moisturizer for my oily skin. After apply I get a non greasy moist feeling. The smell of the product is very smooth and fresh floral scent.

I used a daily base just a little amount to get a good result. It applies very easy. First fresh your face & neck. Then need to wait 1 or 2 minutes. Now the best time to apply moisturizer.

The texture is very smooth and gel types. But absorbing power is very well. Really a good moist collagen cream. That’s helped deeply moisturize.

3. Korean black snail moisturizer review

Key Features

  • Warm white color cream.
  • Good for all skin types.
  • Light glossy cream.
  • Non-irritating formula.

 Bad Side

  • No scent

User thought

Last summer vacation, we are all friend make plans for hiking. Personally, I bought all the essentials for hiking from my favorite shop. But salesmen suggest buying black snail moisturizer.

That helps to deeply moisturize skin during hiking. After applying I want to throw love salesmen to suggest buy this moisture product.

But this moisturizer hasn’t any smell. Blend with non-irritating formula. That’s why safe my skin from harm. At the same time  good absorption power and best for all skin types.

4. Meebak cica cream review

best korean moisturizers for acne prone skin

Key Features

  • Mild fragrance.
  • Silky-smooth feel.
  • Very light texture.
  • Correct wrinkles & fine lines.
  • For all skin types

 Bad Side

  • Not at all.

User talk

Take a beautiful product that helps you to look younger & hydrating skin. Also makes skin soft, smooth, etc. After searching the market I get this beautiful Korean moisturizer for my oily skin.

That not only keep me with moist. But also helps to correct fine line & wrinkle problems from any types of skin. So a good moisturizer for all skin types.

Fast absorbing and thick texture helps to look young. After apply I get slightly beautiful smell. That smell stays long time with hydrating feel.

5. Nature aloe vera moisturizer review

Key Features

  • Aloe vera soothing gel.
  • Hydrating skin.
  • 92% pure organic bland.
  • Great for oily & sensitive skin.
  • Reduce itching & redness.

 Bad Side

  • Nothing

User thought

Six months ago I started using this soothing & skin moisturizing Aloe vera gel. After six months I have a wonder experience with this gel.

After applying I feel very refreshed. Also, a fast absorbing gel for my oily skin. That’s a great product for recovering moisture & keep skin refresh.

Really a wonderful moisturizing that hasn’t any side effect and brightens skin. So finally I want to say good Korean moisture for me.

6. Olay sunscreen face moisturizer reviews

korean gel moisturizer for oily skin

Key Features

  • Facial moisturizer with SPF 30.
  •  Long-lasting hydration.
  • No greasy residue.
  • Nicely blends into the skin.

 Bad Side

  • No fragrance

User experience

I choice this wonderful facial moisturizer for  two reasons. That same time helps hydrating skin and save me from UV ray. I think this is a wonderful benefit for me.

Also, a good skin care product for long hydration benefit. I don’t get any greasy feel with this SPF 30 moisturizer mineral sunscreen.

Basically, a fragrance free, non-sticky lotion. That’s good for day time apply. I don’t forget to apply every day to keep my skin moist & save the UV ray.

7. Say you dew moisturizer review

korean best moisturizer for oily skin

Key Features

  • Helps to get hydrate skin.
  • Improves radiance, brightness & aging.
  • Vitamin C & banana extract.
  • Good for everyday use

 Bad Side

  • Nothing

User talk

Say you dew vitamin c gel a big name in the beauty industry. But I am not collecting this one for her famous. I just chose for my oily skin hydrate without a greasy feel.

Personally, I apply all most seven days in a week. You can tell I am a daily basis user. After longtime apply I gain brightness and hydrate skin everyday.

Also, I don’t face any side effect and any greasy residue. Helps to solve signs of aging and skin bright. That’s why finally I can say good Korean moisturizer.

3 Q&A for European skin care

1. Why does Korean skin care better?

Basically, K-beauty is a South Korea-originated skin care, beauty product. Most Korean beauty products are bland with harsh-free & natural ingredients for a natural-looking and glowing skin.

Also, apply innovative & advanced formulas for making skin care products. That’s why a safe product for all skin types including acne-prone & oily skin.

2. Why is my face so oily after moisturizer?

It can occur for several reasons. There I discuss the most common three reasons for oily face after moisturizing. The 3 reason is –

1. Maybe you choose the wrong moisturizer for your skin. Try to pick a moisturizer. That made for your skin types.

2. Try to apply non-comedogenic & light moisturizers.

3. Over sebum production is another reason for this problem.

3. What is the best moisturizer in Korea?

There I have already picked a famous Korean moisturizer in Korea. But there I show 3 most famous Korean moisturizers.

  1. Mamonde face moisturizer rose water gel.
  2. Moistfull collagen cream.
  3. Belif true cream, moisturizing

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