best eyeshadow palette for cool skin tone

best eyeshadow palette for cool skin tone

Eye shadow

how to know my skin tone for foundation

Makeup for fair & light tone

Pink & gray-brown is my desired color. But you can also try copper, bronze etc. Here are two of my choices. I think you love my choice. That’s come with a different colour in a box. Just collect and enjoy with them.

Naked2 palette
best eyeshadow palette

It’s packed with twelve different beautiful shades. Included sparkle for the shiny eye. Each palette design with mirror, blending brush, & double-ended shadow. Her color range able to create a smooth, modern and cool look.

Twelve color list

  • Verve – oyster glitter
  • Foxy – cream bisque
  • Suspect – pale golden beige shimmer
  • Half Baked – golden-bronze looks sparkle
  • Booty call – cork glitter
  • Pistol – light greyish brown & sparkle
  • Tease – creamy pale brown matte
  • Chopper – copper shimmer & silver micro-glitter
  • Snakebite – dark bronze by twinkle
  • Ydk – cool bronze twinkle
  • Busted – deep brown with shimmer
  • Blackout – blackest black by matte
Maybelline Quad in sapphire
eyeshadow for fair skin tone

Its texture is soft. That’s why you can gain a smooth finishing with this platter. Available four shades in a box.  Most of the color is light. But only one is matte black. Also, every shade mix by glitter. Four shade is-

  • Icy silver with a bright silver twinkle
  • Muted teal-blue with silver shimmer
  • Dark navy blue by the soft sheen
  • Matte black with silver sparkle

Makeup for medium skin


Natural shadow platter looks awesome with any skin. So try to stay with a natural platter for tension free life. But gold and honey color good for you. Sometimes you can also try pink & red. I just fun you should avoid pink and red. Whatever now I just two platters from my choice.

Amber time nine

eyeshadows for medium skin tone

None shade available in a platter. Below I discuss a particular color. But now I discuss some good side. Nine color release with 5 types of texture. Velvet, matte, satin, lustre, frost texture.

Just create a variety of looks with this natural shadow platter. That each to bland and long-lasting with smooth finishing.

  • Matte – Cozy Grey
  • Frost – Kitties
  • Matte – Golden peach
  • Frost – Ricepaper
  • Lustre – Copper
  • Satin – Cork
  • Lustre – Don’t tell
  • Matte – Aromatic
  • Velvet – Pepper please

Smashbox eyes palette

best eyeshadow palette for medium skin

Eight mind-blowing colors in one place. But all are matte finishing. It is another natural platter for you. Create with oil, sodium lauryl soulful, fragrance, parabens etc. You can use as a brow powder, liner & shadow.

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  • Haze – light gray
  • Rosehip – muted pink
  • Grounded – medium cool brown
  • Wheat – soft but warm brown
  • Vanilla – soft light beige
  • Desert – medium/neutral brown
  • Earthy – warm brown
  • Canyon – dark brown

Makeup for dark skin


Dark brown skin is good for any shadow platter. Generally, the black woman looks good with bright & metallic color. Here I monsoon some color. Bright indigo blue, vibrant purple, warm metallic gold, midnight blue, etc. Try to avoid pink and green.

Magnifeye’s eye palette

Twelve color combination platter. Almost every shade looks awesome with the black woman. At the same time eye shadow, liner and highlighter in one place. Release with three types of different texture.That’s why you can fun with the eye & face makeup. Just make various eye looks with lots of brow shape. But before start fun just read what is eyebrow threading ultimate guide?

Her 3 shades are a matte finish. Rest of the color glitter & stains. It’s very easily blended for a smooth feel. The staying power is awesome. It stays enough time.

Festival by Juvia’s

Nine beautiful and mind-blowing colors. I think awesome light creations for our black eye. All colors are high pigment and easily bendable. Best to create a bold look. Most of the color is light. Finally, average staying power & smooth feel.

Makeup for cool undertone


When coming into allure eye. Need to know which color is best. So carefully choice shadow. Generally, you look good with any blue-based colors. But grey, metallic, and taupe shadow good work with you.

Just avoid any yellow-based color. That makes your eye, horrible. Try my showing two platters. Maybe this two good for you.

Revlon passionate

A cool platter with four different rich and velvety colors. That’s the reason you can create various eye looks for a long time. Because of its staying power very high. I have 10 hours wearing experience with a soft feel.

Maybelline mocha motion

I love its extraordinary blending power and long staying ability. Seven or eight hours stay without question. It has four different shades with silky finishing. I think all shade good blend with our cool nature skin.

Makeup for warm undertone


eyeshadow palette for warm skin tones

Any warm color can be the right choice for you. Like – gold, yellow, brown, bronze, and copper. Really, you can choose any warm family color. But be sure to look good with the shade. Because sometimes perfect eyeshadow color depends on eye color.

21 Nudes palette

This platter design with warm, cool, matte & shimmer both types of shade. 21 different high pigment color make easy your eye makeup. Which stay enough time after applying. That bland, very smoothly and softly.

35 bright color palette

A huge range of warm shade platter. Almost 35 beautiful and mind-blowing colors. Really wide range to create lots of eye look with her shimmer, matte & glitter combination. Also long-lasting & waterproof.

Makeup for natural undertone


neutral eyeshadow palette

Bright pink, black, bright yellow, light purple, light green and red color harmful for you. Try to avoid this color. As far as my experience eye looks also harmful with my showing color. Best way to create a natural sensation with my recommended platter.

Stila window shadow

Twelve different luxurious color collection in a platter. Almost all shades are beautiful. Actually, it’s color mix with bright and natural shade. Her two types of color combination help to create lots of eye look.

Huda nude palette

A beautiful nude platter with 18 mind-blowing shades. I think a huge collection of glitter, brown, rose gold, yellow and more beautiful color. Application very easy & smooth feel. That has super blend power.

Makeup for olive undertone


eyeshadow for olive skin tone

Just carefully choice color. Because the wrong color can make your eye look horrible. That’s the reason try to allure the eye with warm brown, mustard, purple, gold and olive green color. There I discuss nice two platters. That helps to achieve a beautiful eye.

Maybelline nude’s palette

An outstanding platter including 12 different soft & creamy shade. It is best for who love to create a versatile eye look. Last week I created a beautiful smoky eye look with them. It’s bendability really good.

Different finishing is available. I love her shimmery & matte finishing. That stays almost 4 to 5 hours. I think it’s not good staying power. Also 1 or 2 shade not beautiful.

Beverly hills by Anastasia

Eyeshadow platter always comes with lots of shade. That’s why it is also not broken platter heritage. Her 14 shades and three different finishing available. The three finishing is eleven color matte, two metallic & one satin.

Her one of the good side is highly pigment that easily blends. The brush is dual-ended. So try it for your olive skin to create various types of beautiful eye look.

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