best eyeshadow palette for cool skin tone

10 best eyeshadow palettes for cool skin tone in 2022

If you are searching for the best eyeshadow palette for cool skin tone. Now you are in the right place. At the same time, you are an intelligent woman.

Because a good eyeshadow color defends the skin tone & undertone. However, not only an eyeshadow color. Any perfect makeup color defends the person’s skin color.

There we try to pick a cool skin undertone-friendly eyeshadow palette. Hope you enjoy our collection. Because each color is perfect for a cool undertone.

How to choose eyeshadow for cool skin?

What eyeshadow goes with cool toned skin

When any cool skin tone women come to take an eyeshadow palette. She needs to know which color is good for a cool undertone. So try to carefully choose an eyeshadow color.

Generally, you look good with any blue-based colors. But grey, metallic, mauves, cool browns, white, teal, plums, and taupe eyeshadow color good work with you. On the other side, most makeup artists suggest any cool color palette for a cool skin tone.

So I think you already know the best eyeshadow color for cool skin. Just try to avoid any yellow-based color. Because yellow tone can make you look horrible.

3 best eyeshadow palette for cool skin tone

Naked 2eyeshadow palette for cool skin tone

I can say a neutral eyeshadow palette for cool skin. Include double-ended eyeshadow brush & mirror.

Ambercool skin tone eyeshadow This one my favorite for various beautiful colors & different types of finishing. That stays enough time. shop
Rimmeleyeshadow palettes for cool undertones Beautiful eyeshadow platter for all skin types. That bland easily & stay enough time. shop

1. Urban decay naked 2 palette review

eyeshadow palette for cool skin tone

Key Features

  • 12 beautiful color
  • Inside full-sized mirror
  • Include applying brush
  • 3 matte & 9 satin/shimmer color

Bad Side

  • Not al all


User review

It’s packed with twelve different beautiful shades. Included sparkle for the shiny eye. Each palette design with a mirror, blending brush, & double-ended shadow. Her color range able to create a smooth, modern, and cool look.

Twelve color list

  • Verve – oyster glitter
  • Foxy – cream bisque
  • Suspect – pale golden beige shimmer
  • Half Baked – golden-bronze looks sparkle
  • Booty call – cork glitter
  • Pistol – light greyish brown & sparkle
  • Tease – creamy pale brown matte
  • Chopper – copper shimmer & silver micro-glitter
  • Snakebite – dark bronze by twinkle
  • Ydk – cool bronze twinkle
  • Busted – deep brown with shimmer
  • Blackout – blackest black by matte

2. MAC amber times nine review

cool skin tone eyeshadow

Key Features

  • Nine beautiful color
  • Travel friendly
  • Matte, frost, lustre & satian finish
  • Stay enough

Bad Side

  • Medium pigmented


User talk

Nine shade is available on a platter. Below I discuss a particular color. But now I discuss some good sides of this collection. Nine color release with 5 types of texture. Velvet, matte, satin, lustre, frost texture.

That’s why easy to create a variety of looks with this natural shadow platter. That easily blend without any problem.

Blend easily and a long-lasting eyeshadow with smooth finishing. So I can say good one for cool skin. You can try without question. 

  1. Cozy grey – matte finishing & cool grey color.
  2. Kitties – pale bronze shade and frost finishing.
  3. Georgia peach – a matte finishing shade with rosy pink color.
  4. Ricepaper – peachy gold with shimmer & frost finish.
  5. Creative copper – light beige and lustre finish.
  6. Cork – satin finish and golden brown color.
  7. Don’t Tell – shimmery brown with lustre finish.
  8. Aromatic – matte finish & dark brown color.
  9. Pepper please – matte base dark brown color.

3. Rimmel eyeshadow smoke edition review

eyeshadow palettes for cool undertones

Key Features

  • Good for all skin tone
  • 12 color eyeshadow palette
  • Stay a long time
  • Smooth & easy blendable

Bad Side

  • No


User experience

Twelve-color combination platter. Almost every shade looks awesome with any skin tone. At the same time eye shadow, liner, and highlighter in one place. Release with three types of different textures. Also, best one wearing eyeshadow without foundation.

That’s why you can fun with eye makeup. Just make various eye looks with lots of beautiful color. Because lots of beautiful color in one place. 

Her 3 shades are a matte finish. Rest of the color glitter & stains. It’s very easily blended for a smooth feel. The staying power is awesome. After apply stay enough time.

Lucky 7 shadow palette for cool skin

Renais sance 14 beautiful colors with 3 finishing. Each matte, satins & shimmers finishing blend well with a smooth finish. shop
ablazeeyeshadow for cool tone skin A beautiful 8 color platter. Color combination of matte and shimmery finishing. That stays enough time. shop
Revloncool skin tone palette High blend-ability eyeshadow platter. Comes with a 4 beautiful shade. That has enough smooth feel. shop
Sapphireeyeshadow cool undertones

A surprise 4 color, shadow palette with a shimmer look. The texture is smooth & soft.


Four beautiful natural colors with stain & shimmery finishing. Feel is smooth and blends well.

Hudacolor palette for cool undertones 18 beautiful cool, warm, and shimmery eyeshadow platter. The feel of the shadow is smooth & blends well. shop
Nyxbest eyeshadow for cool undertones A huge number of cool color collections in one place. 11 mattes and 5 shimmers finishing platter. shop

1. Renaissance eyeshadow palette review

Key Features

  • 14 color combination.
  • 3 types of finishing.
  • Include pop of color.
  • Smooth texture

Bad Side

  • Not at all


User talk

Eyeshadow platter always comes with lots of shade. That’s why it is also not broken platter heritage. Her 14 shades & three different finishing available.

The three finishing is eleven color matte, two metallic & one satin. Her one of the good side is highly pigment that easily blends.

The brush is dual-ended. best way to use brush softly to take shade. So try it for your cool skin to create various types of beautiful eye look.

2. Cover shot eye palette ablaze review

eyeshadow for cool tone skin

Key Features

  • Long-wearing eye shadow
  • Superior color blend-ability
  • Smooth texture
  • Not harmful for the skin

Bad Side

  • Comus without brush


User experience 

Eight mind-blowing colors in one place. 6 eye shadows with 2 double-sized base colors. So a beautiful combination color for the alluring eye.

Each shade comes highly pigmented. That easy blendable between two colors & stay long. That’s why this one can be another natural platter for cool skin.

Also a nice combination of matte and shimmery finishes platter. Each shade enough smooth and comfortable. Now discusses details about each shade. that best to apply to highlighting the brow bone area

  1. Relaxed – white matte color. Good for highlighter or lid color.
  2. Moccasin – golden shade that good to apply for highlighting brow bone area.
  3. Siesta – beautiful rose gold color for lids.
  4. Nirvana – beautiful pinkish berry shade.
  5. Delirious – coppery color with a frosted finish.
  6. Torch – yellow & gold
  7. Throwback – terracotta brown.
  8. Dark horse – deep brown.

3. Revlon passionate eyeshadow review

cool skin tone palette

Key Features

  • Easily blendable shadow
  • Glides smoothly
  • Stay a long time
  • 4 neural colors

Bad Side

  • I don’t know

User discussion 

A cool platter with four different rich and velvety colors. That’s the reason you can create various eye looks for a long time.

Because of its staying power very high. I have 10 hours of wearing experience with a soft feel. But most of the people say stay up to 16 hours.

However, I feel very smooth with this platter. That has a good blend-ability & a beautiful color combination. 

4. Maybelline quad in sapphire review

eyeshadow cool undertones

Key Features

  • Velvety soft color
  • Shimmer eyeshadow palette
  • Easy blendable
  • Stay a long time

Bad Side

  • Nothing


User thought

Its texture is soft. That’s why you can gain a smooth finishing with this platter. Available four shades in a box.  Most of the color is light. But only one is matte black. Also, every shade mix with glitter. Four shade is-

  • Icy silver with a bright silver twinkle
  • Muted teal-blue with silver shimmer
  • Dark navy blue by the soft sheen
  • Matte black with silver sparkle

Natural shadow platter looks awesome with any skin. So try to stay with a natural platter for tension free life.

5. Maybelline mocha motion review

Key Features

  • Natural-looking shade
  • Satin & shimmery finishing
  • Velvety texture
  • Superior smoothness

Bad Side

  • Not at all

I love its extraordinary blending power and long-staying ability. Seven or eight hours stay without question. I think it’s enough time staying power for an eyeshadow.

It has four different shades with satin & shimmery finishing. I think all shades good blend with cool and natural-looking skin.

I feel a very smooth and velvety feel with them. Also, color blends without any tugging or pulling. Let’s start to talk about beautiful shade.

  1. Base – white-silver & light shimmery.
  2. Lid – champagne-rose and light shimmery shade.
  3. Crease – medium taupe-grey.
  4. Liner – chocolate brown.

6. Huda rose gold edition palette review

color palette for cool undertones

Key Features

  • 18 shade.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Easily blend

Bad Side

  • No

User talk

A beautiful nude platter with 18 mind-blowing shades. I think a huge collection of glitter, brown, rose gold, yellow, and more beautiful color.

Application very easy & smooth feel. That has super blend power. Just carefully choose the color. Because the wrong color can make your eye look horrible.


That’s the reason try to allure the eye with warm brown, mustard, purple, gold, and olive green color. That helps to achieve a beautiful eye.

7. NYX palette cool neutrals review

best eyeshadow for cool undertones

Key Features

  • Mattes & shimmery finishing
  • Stays a long time.
  • 16 cool color collection
  • Smooth feel

Bad Side

  • No

User experience

I don’t know, how I can explain about this platter. Because 16 beautiful cool shade. Thats why not possible to explain there about particular color.

But most of the shade is beautiful and good for cool skin tone. Because cool color blend well with cool skin.

I have long time wear experience with smooth sensation. I also love blend ability. easily blend between two or more color.

3 Q&A to choose eyeshadow for cool undertone

Q.1. How to use eyeshadow palette colors?

Maximum palette design with lights, mediums & dark shades. Every woman should know where to apply these three different shades for a beautiful look. Just read Beautygardeners privacy policy

Light color: Brow bone & Inner corner are great places to use a light color. Because this is highlighting areas of the eye.

Mediums color: Now you have to find out the crease area of the eyelid. Because this is the right place to apply any type of medium color.

Dark color: Next you have to prepare the edge of the crease to apply dark color. That you can find out the outer V area of the edge. 

Q. 2. Can cool skin tones wear warm eyeshadow?

Most makeup artists suggest applying any cool eyeshadow color for a cool undertone. But any makeup experts do not say to stop warm eyeshadow color for a cool tone.

That means you can apply warm colors. But make sure warm colors give you a balanced look. Personally, I suggest avoiding any yellow-based color for a cool skin tone.

Q. 3. How to make your eyeshadow look good?

Yes, some beautiful application technique helps you to get a perfect look with eyeshadow. So before start apply. Don’t forget to follow these 9 eyeshadow applying tips.

1. Fast know your undertone of the skin.

2. Then try to know your eye shape.

3. Think about your eye color.

4. Try to apply an eye primer.

5. Don’t choose the wrong applicator brush.

6. Don’t forget to apply the lower lash line.

7. Define your crease line.

8. Blending your eyeshadow well.

9. Use moisturizer.


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