best colognes to attract females

The 12 best colognes to attract females in 2021

The smell is good or bad this is doesn’t matter. Each and every smell have extraordinary power. That can easily catch people’s attention. 

However, there only a good smell can represent your personality. That’s why every man tries to spray the best cologne to attract female or any person.

But this is not easy to find good smelling perfume. That reason I try to introduce you to gorgeous cologne. That formulated for beautiful smell to impress your partner.

Smell that arouse a woman

best cologne that attracts womens

Personality I discuss with 15 women to know what men’s smell you like. Ease & every female told me they are like good smelly menThat can be any good smell.

There are many women mentioned. Some beautiful men smell they are like most. Like Musk, leather, woody, oriental & lime

However, women have a better sense than men to realize the test of the smell. That’s why men should choose a smell. That can represent his personality. 

How to apply cologne

best perfumes to attract females

Are you want to stay with the beautiful smell for a long timeIf you want need to know some applying tricks.   Because apply perfume like an art. Their little trick can provide the best results. That reason now I introduce with you 5 applying tricks. 

1. Don’t forget to apply dry skin.  

2. Try to choose a warm area of the body like the chest & neck. 

3. Keep the bottle 4 to 5 inches away from the body.  

4. Don’t apply too much 

5. Try to apply lightly  

5 popular aroma to turn ladies on

We choose five good quality and beautiful smell for men. Our five collections are most popular in 2020. Hope you enjoy our choice.

Popular 5  dandruff shampoo overview by user

tommyscents that arouse a woman After a long time applies I don’t find out any bad side of perfume. Clean smell at the same time not overpowering and stay a long time. shop
erosperfumes that turn ladies on It’s woody and earthy, dry smell makes a men’s cologne. That has enough time to stay power. shop
jaguarmost attractive scents to a woman An oriental composition that opens with citrus. Same time smell stays enough. shop
paul Classic and oriental creation for men. That not stay for a full day. shop
obs essioncalvin klein obsession for men Oldest perfume with oriental and woody sensation. Also good to apply for 5 or 6 hours. shop

1. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy cologne review

  • By David

scents that arouse a woman

Key Features

  • The smell is sweet, clean & fresh
  • Stay at least 6 to 7 hours
  • Everyday scent
  • Recommended for daytime

Bad Side

  • No cons.


User experience

This is my everyday scent. Yes, I love to spray this cologne every day. Because it’s smell good for daytime use. That reason I don’t forget to apply before going outside of the home.

However, it’s a very old perfume by Tommy. It was fast introduced In 1995. The smell of the perfume is very clean and fresh. That stays up to 7 hours.

So we can say long-wearing fragrance with a beautiful smell. Her top not from Bergamet, Grapefruit & Lavender. Middle blend from Apple, Driftwood & Cranberry. Base create from Amber, cactus, Wyoming cottonwood, etc.

2. Versace eros flame review

  • By Paul

perfumes that turn ladies on

Key Features

  • Wonderful earthy and woody smell
  • Perfect for a long time smelling.
  • Good smell for cold weather.

Bad Side

  • No cons available



User discussion 

Fast time I was confused about this cologne. But after spray, I surprised with her smell. Because I am a woody & dry smell lover. That I have gained with Eros Flame.

The ingredient’s choice is really wonderful. The mix of lots of woody, black pepper, citruses, spicy, Amber, etc. I think it’s an outstanding mixing for a meanly feel.

I also surprised by her smell staying power. I deserve 5 to 6 hours of smell staying ability. But smell able to stay more than 8 hours. Everything thing included I can say a good one.

3. Jaguar classic black review

  • By Thomas

most attractive scents to a woman

Key Features

  • Good for all skin types
  • Everyday warble perfume
  • Smell longevity for 5 to 6 hours.

Bad Side

  • Not for this one



User talk

Nothing I feel an oriental and classic sensuality with them. That reason sometimes I love to say a perfect oriental composition for men. That has enough classic feel.

Its opening smell is fresh. Because the top composition comes from citrus. Heart blend of spicy ginger, orange & lotus flower. Base note from white musk, sandalwood, benzoin, etc.

Finally, I think it a gorgeous smelling perfume for us. That smell menly & stay enough times. I can stay at least 5 hours with the smell.

4. Paul sebastian for men review

  • By Mark

Key Features

  • Oriental smell
  • Good for evening
  • Casual scent

Bad Side

  • Not stay for a long time



User experience 

This is another one available in the market from a long time ago. Launch in 1979 really old perfume for us. I fast introduced with the scent in 2004. I collect several times from the market. Because it’s smell attract me.

After smelling I can describe it as an oriental fragrance for men. Her blend from some nice ingredient. Formulated from rose, musk, jasmine, amber, lavender, sage, moss, lavender, ylang-ylang, cloves, etc.

Best time to wear in the evening. Also, day or night similarly goes with them.  This smells best for casual wear. But not stay for a long time.

5. Obsession Calvin Klein review

  • By Kevin

calvin klein obsession for men

Key Features

  • Oldest men’s fragrances
  • woody & oriental scent
  • 1 or 2 sprays is enough

Bad Side

  • Not at all



User experience 

This is another best collection for men. It is made by famous fashion brands Calvin Klein. Its lovely aroma available from my childhood, it was 1985. Design by standard perfumer  Bob Slattery. If you are a woman don’t have to be worried about its lovely smell. Because its men and women both versions are available in the market. Obsession female is the best women’s perfume for workplace find it here.

This is a very elegant masculine creation. That has exclusive woody, refreshing, and oriental sensation. It’s fresh & floral sharpness I love so much. It is blended with clove, lavender, nut, spiced, amber, mandarin, warm cinnamon, etc. If your choice close to me. Then you can try it.

Its smell also very strong & sexy. That’s why easily achieve my girlfriend’s attention. I love to apply one or two sprays on my clothing before going outside of the home. But staying power is not enough for me. I get its stay only for four or five hours.

Our lucky 7 attractive scents to a woman

Just start to try our lucky seven collections. We discovered seven for the long-lasting and good smell to fulfill your worth. 

Lucky 7 shampoo overview by user

bobbest cologne for attracting females Light, fresh, blooming flowers & woody Unixes perfume. That good for long time use. shop
tomtom ford noir extreme review A perfect men perfume with the long staying power & woody oriental smell. Bland of cardamom, saffron, sandalwood, etc. shop
raw Fresh, warm, & oriental smell for nightwear. But doesn’t stay for a long time.  shop
NauticaNautica voyage review A romantic, fresh, and crazy smell for everyday apply. Also good for long-time wear. shop
Isseybest perfume to impress a girl Aquatic freshness smell for modern men. A mix of spice & woods for a refreshing feel. shop
Polopolo red cologne The mix of spice, citrus, cranberry & woody for a cool, masculine, and refreshing sensation for enough time. shop
luckywomen's favorite men's perfume A fresh, woody, clean smell for day time and in the summer. that stay enough time for a refreshing feel.  shop

1. Eight & bob perfume review

  • By John

best cologne for attracting females

Key Features

  • Unixes cologne
  • Fresh smell
  • Lemon, cardamom & spice blend
  • Stay enough time.

Bad Side

  • Nothing


User discuss

Bob is the oldest perfume in history. Maybe it’s fast introduced in the early twentieth century. That created for personal use by a French elite person Albert Fouquet. After a long time of creation. Finally, open for everyone.

I can say a gentleman’s perfume. But sometimes I feel the smell of the Bob genderless. Sweet for both men & women. Her smell is light & slightly woody types. At the same time fresh & blooming flowers sensation.

Top notes, lemon & spice mix. The top ingredients are cardamom, pink pepper, lemon, etc. Heart from dry woods, violet lips, labdanum, etc. The base of sandalwood, amber, vetiver.

See freshness is a dream of summertime. That’s why I think it is best for summer. Stay a long time that you deserve. At least six or seven hours.

2. Tom ford noir extreme review

  • By Rajib (After reading several reviews)

tom ford noir extreme review

Key Features

  • Smell stay 7 or 8 hours
  • Oriental woody smell
  • Menly smell

Bad Side

  • Not al all



User experience

Tom Ford is a comfortable name for the perfume world. In 2012 introduced a new cologne for gentlemen that is Noir. After introduced in 2015 its modify for the best smell. Now a new version is available in the market.

The smell of the Noir warm & woody oriental. But her middle note composition of the flower. After applying Slowly fade top notes. Then come to the middle note orange blossoms etc.

Mandarin oil, saffron, cardamom & neroli is her top composition. Then start the mix with rose, mastic, orange blossom, jasmine, etc. End with sandalwood, vanilla, & amber.

One of the best smells for cool weather. Really worm notes make a perfect smell for winter. So I suggest for wintertime. Just apply every cool morning for 7 or 8 hours. Because it is best for long time use.

3. Raw chemistry for him review

  • By James

Key Features

  • Contain without alcohol
  • Natural blend
  • Fresh and oriental smell

Bad Side

  • Smell stay a couple of hours



User talk
My friend says this is a perfume to attract females. But I don’t know why he told me. I can’t find anything that reason women can crazy. But the smell is really sweet. That can attract any person not only a woman.

A big benefit of the scent is a natural formulation. Don’t have any alcohol, plastic, or silicone. The smell is beautiful, warm, oriental, luxurious, fresh & sexual.

A big note is an Italian wood and moisturizing blend. Targeted creating for modern men. Maybe it is the best one for nightwear. Staying power not so high.

4. Nautica voyage review

  • By Daniel

Key Features

  • Inspired from sea
  • Casual smell
  • Romantic perfume
  • Stay enough

Bad Side

  • No


User test

Nautica Voyage is another favorite cologne in my collection. This is a really sweet choice for us & I enjoy this smell. It smells crazy to me that reason I started writing a review. That was fast introduced on the market a long time ago.

It is made by the fashion house Nautica. Basically, this brand makes stylish outfits for ladies & men. Design by well-known perfumer Maurice Roucel. This blend is above the list of Greenleaf, amber, cedarwood, apple, musk & mimosa. All combined makes a lovely masculine feeling.

These are really sweet, fresh, romantic, salty sea, coastal herbs & woody smells. After applying you get a romantic feel. It is easy to spray and the smell stays ability high. You can apply a daily base on the clothes or skin.

5. Issey Miyake pour Homme review

  • By Donald

best perfume to impress a girl

Key Features

  • Aquatic feel
  • Stay enough
  • Woods and spice mix
  • Waterfall freshness

Bad Side

  • Not at all


User impressions

This is not the very oldest perfume. In 1994 designer Jacques Cavallier fast introduces this aquatic smell for men. If you are modern men. Just try this smell. Because it’s designed basically for a modern person.

The smells of the cologne are very fresh. Blend of lots of spice & woods. That’s the reason the smell is clean & fresh. I hope you enjoy smelling.

  • Top notes: mandarin, scypress, yuzu, tarragon & coriander.
  • Heart notes: cinnamon, saffron, Nutmeg, water lily, cinnamon, and geranium
  • Base Notes: sandalwood, tobacco, amber, musk, & vetiver.

6. Polo red cologne review

  • By Rajib (After reading several reviews)

polo red cologne

Key Features

  • Woody & spice formulation
  • Red color
  • Good for everyday use

Bad Side

  • Stay only 3 to 4 hours



User thought

I think this is the right time to discuss beautiful men’s perfume. That’s the reason today I with Polo Red. This is an energizing fragrance that includes suitable red color. Made by my famous American brand Ralph Lauren. Personally, I love Polo smell that attracts me.

You can describe is a clean, sweet & woody spice masculine formulation. Combination of red grapefruit & lemon. This is a versatile scent that includes red grapefruit, red saffron, lavender, and wood. The base created from amber, coffee, red cedar, coffee & beans.

You can spray daily base on the cloth or skin. I love to apply on the night or before joining a party.  Its short time staying power does not make me happy.

7. Lucky you men’s cologne review

  • By Noah

women's favorite men's perfume

Key Features

  • High longevity
  • Fresh & clean smell
  • Best quality
  • Good for spring & summer

Bad Side

  • No cons


User impressions

This is not the oldest men’s perfume. In 200  designer jean Claude Delville introduce a clean, fresh & shower feel smell for us. Maybe Delville mixes a high % of perfume oil to create a scent.

High-presented oil mixes create a long-lasting cologne for men. Now come to the taste of the smell. After spray, I feel just complete my shower. That’s the reason I love to use it in the summer season.

Finally, I can say the fashion house Liz Claiborne formulate a great smell for men. That smell makes me fresh and gentle in summer. 

5 Q&A to pick a charming fragrance

Our question & answer is helpful to complete your choice without any problem.   

Q. What are the different types of perfume?

A. Yes, perfume has a difference. All perfume is not the same. Basically, scent divided by different types of smell. The most famous 7 types of perfume are  

  • Woody 
  • Citrus 
  • Gourmand 
  • Floral 
  • Fruity 
  • Spicy 
  • Aquatic 

Q. How to know if a perfume is authentic? 

A. Many ways you can identify is it real or fake. But most importantly you have to consider 4 subjects to identity real perfume. There I discuss the most important subject. That helps you to collect authentic cologne.  

1. Every origin perfume pack cover with cellophane paper 

2. You have to consider the color of the perfume. Remember the original brand doesn’t mix any artificial colors. So famous branded cologne color should be natural. 

3. Genuine cologne bottle comes with high quality & smooth surface. 

4. Bottle & packaging serial numbers should be the same. 

Q. Does perfume say your personality? 

A. Yes, the smell can represent our personality. Just think different types of smells, outfits, sandals can affect your mind in different ways. an example what are your feelings when you are in front of the lemon smell?  

On the other side, what is your feeling? when you stay in flower smelly places. I think your feeling is not the same.  So we need to know the smell feel. Try to take a smell that can represent you.

Q. Why different notes in perfume?

A. Basically perfume formulated with 3 types of notes. Top, middle & base note. But there has a reason for the different types of notes.  

Different notes can throw her smell at different times from upon the application. Top notes throw her smell from applying time to 15 minutes.  

Then start the middle note smell. That most of the time stays 20 to 60 minutes. Finally star base note scent. So we can say this is a layer of the smell. 

Q. What is the top perfume brand?

A. All perfume brands not making good cologne. So need to know the name of the good perfume brand. There is too 10 brand. All are the leading fragrance brands of the world. 

  • Tom Ford  
  • Calvin Klein 
  • Channel  
  • Gucci 
  • Dolce & Gabbana 
  • Versace  
  • Prada 
  • Hermes 
  • Emporio Armani 
  • Marc Jacobs 

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