olive skin tone makeup

Decide skin tones & skin undertones for makeup

Your skin tones white, orange or red. This doesn’t matter, but the matter is three subjects. Which makeup should I use for my skin color? Why my skin is black or white? How to know my skin tone & skin undertones? Most of the people find this three answer. Who read this article? Maybe you are also searching these three answers. That’s why you read my article. So keep reading to know the answer. But I want to start a discussion about why our skin shade is different. Maybe this answer helps you to relax. That’s why I want to

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kids french kissing

How to kiss someone perfectly

Many friends ask a question why people kiss. I just love to say this is a sign of love. Lots of friends not happy with this answer. But I think this is the right answer for the question. But the matter is the queries not ending there. They also want to know how to kiss. Why it is common human behavior. Why we do not change our thousands of years behave. Ask more questions again and again. Sometimes I feel bothered with my friends to solve her queries. That’s why I make a plan to solve all problems in an

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how to remove blackheads at home

How to get rid of blackheads easily

Are you worried about the black dot on the nose, chin, & cheek? It is a common problem on a human face. So no need to worry. Generally, most of the people like to call this problem blackheads. Yes, this is a well-known name for a black dot. So you can also call by this name. Lots of men & women’s supper these problems. That kills the natural beauty of the human face. I know that’s why people angry. Because you are going to be ugly. Really, I agree with you, it’s not looking good. But I want to say

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bleu de chanel perfume review

Best shampoo for hair care

We try to get dandruff free shiny hair. But this journey started from a long time ago by the Asian people. That’s why Indian people create an innovative hair care product. That generally popular by name shampoo. Which made with natural ingredients by using fruit (soapberries) and flowers (hibiscus, herbs etc). Today include verity of thought and ingredients to making a perfect product. This thinking helps to produce hair and scalp types based. That’s why some things need to study before collection. But most important to understand about hair and scalp. Most of the time scalp design reflects a hair

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