The best long wear lipstick


Lipstick is more popular and daily base usable beauty product for the present world women. Long, long time ago a woman started coloring her lip. Thousand years ago Ancient Egyptians people, Indus Valley Civilization and Islamic golden time use lip color for several reasons. Ones upon a time the United Kingdom and the United States only upper-class women interested to time west for her lip. People always try to present a new way her beauty for that reason most of the modern women like to wear makeup. Lipstick is more valuable to get a fabulous look. Recently most of the beautiful ladies like to spend time for her job, party and meeting for the reason women like to paper for a long time. The present cosmetic industry makes attractive lip color that stays for a long time and helps to keep gorgeous looking. I try to present you the good-looking and long wear lipstick from thousands of shades. Here is the best collection for long time wear.

 Violet riot


Hi, lovely lady’s what is your favorite color? If you love the dark purple pigment I think Be legendary violet riot lipstick best one for you. This medium-dark purple is really beautiful and you can style with desired shade. After applying own lip have a beautiful and creamy finishing experience. Creamy, lightweight and richly pigmented combine make a gorgeous lipstick. I don’t forget to wear before joining my office client. You have to happy with non- drying formula and matte finish. This lipstick gliding easily on my lip and creamy, non- drying formula help to comfortably wear. Personally, I spend most of the time for my job. Its long lasting formula helps me to keep a beautiful look for a long time. You can easily style with for five or six hours without feeding, but wearable for all day.

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Jouer liquid


Finally, I found my favorite vanilla scent in a lip color. Jouer long wear various color liquid lipstick is popular for this scent, long lasting ability, beautiful color, and formulation. This gorgeous warm and cool color easily impressed me and you can coloring lips with several shades. I always like to wear beautiful nude (Crème brulee), pink nude (Melon), deep pink (Framboise) color for the holiday for spending time with lovely friends. If anybody doesn’t like my collection you can find best warm shade on the Praline, Noisette, Peche, Papaye, Pamplemousse, and Cerise liquid lipstick. Jouer also gives an opportunity for choosing some beautiful cool shade.  You can try bright pink (Fruit de la Passion), dusty rose (Lychee), deep rose (Petale de Rose), metallic ballet pink (Citronade Rose), and a muted violet (Cassis). After alluring lip its transfer-proof and the nondrying formulation capabilities to stay in enough time. I have long time wearing experience, but you have to careful eating time basically when takes some oily food. This is a lightweight, metallic, matte finish and soft texture collection. A lipstick lover simply gets full coverage in one swipe and feel comfort with quick dries down. Personally, I have one complaint, each contains very small amounts of polish for the reason it is not best for long time use.

Nars velvet pencil


The last valentine day my boyfriend give me a jumbo-size crayon design NARS velvet matte lip pencil. That was an incredible movement for me and he chooses a favorite red color for my lip. When I went to know more about this lip pencil I found lots of worms and cool color also valuable information. Its information helps you to find the best one. You can get lots of attractive color in the market. Some of my favorite colors are rich red (Cruella), soft rose pink (Rikugien), pinky brown (Bahama), rich magenta (Damned), vampy-purple(Train Bleu), Dusty Rose (Dolce Vita), stunning red with blue undertones (Mysterious Red), bright cherry red (Dragon Girl), blue-based pink (Sex Machine) etc. You can also find the best color in the Belle du Jour, Bolero, Luxembourg, Floralies, Rikugien, Lodhi, Timanfaya, Isola Bella, Golshan, Het Loo, Walkyrie pencil. Its long staying power keeps your lip gorgeous for a long time. It is a fast long wearing lip pencil collection in my life and staying power is not a bed. Personally, I can easily wear for 6 and 7 hours. If anybody wants to get the creamy and smooth feel this is the best one for her. This is a remarkably rich pigment, velvety matte finish and non-drying formulation for lovely ladies. The bad side of lip pencil is Product wastage. When I sharpen that movements wastage lot of product that’s hard me.

 Diorific diorissimo


Do you want to get a lipstick that moisturizes, same time allure and protects your lips? I get these types of lipstick that made by world famous fashion brand Dior. Sadly, Dior Diorific 025 Diorissimo failure for this staying power and pigmentation. Personally, I search a lipstick that stays at least seven or eight hours, but Diorissimo stays three or four hours on my lip. This pigmentation doesn’t make me happy because three swipes needed full coverage. These are a beautiful mat velvet shade, creamy, easily buildable and satin-smooth that make me happy. Overall, not a bad you can try.

super stay 24 hour


It is difficult to find a lipstick that stays all day on the lip. Most of the time we are eating oily food and several time drinks in a day. The only reason lip color doesn’t stay sufficient time on the lip. If you are carefully eating and drink Maybelline super stay 24-hour is lasting a long time on the lip. Its innovative    design aide gives two way usable capability that one side for lip glosses other for lip color. Personally, I have 15 hours wearing experience with super stay. This long lasting formulation comes various types of shade that helpful to find the perfect color for your style. You can try my favorite Constant Coral, Glamour Pink, Rose Dust, Peach Cocktail, Fire Coral, Prune Plaisir, Raspberry, Rose Quartz, Plum seduction, Absolute plum, Red Passion, and Soft taupe. Fast you have to gently clean lip and remove other product then apply liquid color. After one or two mints need to complete dry, then apply lip balm. I get this is a thick consistency lipstick. S stay pigments are nice and only one swap enough for full coverage. I have complained about this smell and dryness that is not fulfilling my high deserve. Overall, you can easily take for a good-looking.

Kat Von D liquid collation 


Hi… The lovely lady, I went to share my experience with long lasting Kat Von D liquid lipstick. After searching the market, it confuses me for her various type shades. Accurately which color, perfect for my style. Finally, decided to collect Lolita (medium brown), Echo (deep navy blue), Berlin (warm coral red), Melancholia (rose pink) and Ayesha (medium lavender). Several Hottest shades attract me and make a flan to collect another time. Some of my most favorite colors are medium mauve pink (Mother), bright lavender (Susperia), hot pink coral (Jeffree), bright violet (L.U.V). A Lipstick lover doesn’t have to be worry to finding the attractive color. You can get easily bold, cool and warm shade from Kat Von D. I just went to mansion popular color for you like… Armageddon (carnation pink), Backstage Bambi (vivid hot pink), Bauhau5 (medium-dark raspberry pink), Beloved (bright lavender), Arrow (petal pink nude), Double Dare (medium dark and coral pink ), Exorcism (reddish purple berry), Hawkwind  (muted, medium and dark plummy brown). You can also get gorgeous pigment from Jeffree, Lovesick, Ludwig, Muneca and  A-Go-Go. After completing my collection back my home and start applying one by one. I glad for this opaque and pigmented one swipe is enough for me. This long lasting formulation is smooth, high-pigment, lightweight, creamy and matte finish. It’s slight dryness for me and after use feel dryness, but stays for seven or eight hours on the lip (without eating any oily food). Do you have any experience with the Kat Von?

 Sable smoke


This is a beautiful vanilla scent lipstick made by well-known brand Tom Ford. Its color attractive and gorgeous that can easily impress a makeup lover. Ford Its color generated for a nude shade lover.  Sable smoke is also popular for this longevity, finishing, pigment and wonderful look. I get this lovely pigment that needs second swap for full cover. If you are happy with average staying ability lip color, maybe it is the best choose for your wish. Smoke stays almost 4 or 5 hours (need carefully eat and drink) that’s enough for any lipstick. You can alluring lip daily bases because its creamy, non-drying formula and smooth texture provide compatible with the wearing time. What is your experience with sable smoke?

Hourglass opaque rouge


I am not interested in writing thousands of words about Hourglass opaque rouge lipstick. Personally, I have good experience with rouge liquid lipstick. If you want to know about figment colors staying ability finishing and formulation. I just can share my experience. This figment is moral you can get full coverage with one swap, but the second swap needs for bold color. Fast apply one coat, then wet to dry then apply a second time. It is time consuming for me because one swap is enough to paper for seven or eight hours. You don’t have to teens about formulations. I already told its give a good experience that I get a lightweight, soft and glossy feel. This finishing is matte but not too dry. You can try this various shades. Most good looking color is Canvas (gorgeous dusty rose color), Edition (yellow pink with gold shade) Riviera (this is a bright orange color), Rose (like a natural bright pink for me) Empress (attractive deep plum berry color) Icon (beautiful dark cherry red), Muse (coral red), Ballet (bright pink for bright lover).

Stila stay all day 


Stila Stay All Day is another long wear liquid lip color. You can get lots of shade that helpful to find skin tone bases and nice-looking color. Most of the shade is popular for staying power, beauty and making your looks stylist. Some well-known shade is Baci (nude pink), Caramello (nude beige pink), Patina (Dusty Rose), Dolce (Nude Cinnamon), Amore (deep plum shade). I collect some selected gorgeous shade from Stila. Its collection is really beautiful and good-looking. I just went to inform you about my pick that helps to find a better one like- Rubino (beet red), Fresco (mid-toned dusty rose), Bacca (Gorgeous Raspberry color), Fiery (deep red), Chianti (vampy purple grape), Ricco (brown toned deep red), Fiore (hot pink), Tesoro (orange red). A lipstick habituated person also finds her shade from Como, Aria, Bellissima, Carina, Beso liquid color. This impressible pigments one swap is enough to fully cover. Normally, it doesn’t stay for a full day. Its matte finish helps a woman to fun with Stila almost six and seven hours. After applying I feel a little dry, but not too much. Overall, this is a long-lasting, creamy, matte finish and various types of lovely shade. You can expect for lip.

Le Rouge Sculpt 05

Innovative thought is always welcome in my collection that reason I love the two-toned design Sculpt 05. Givenchy’s advanced thinking helps to color the lip with two different shades at the same time.  Le Rouge 5 is a rose and berry shade for us. The application also fun for me and try to use various ways. Favorite habit is fast applied darker toned then prepare to lighten continuous way lip inner to the midsection with a brighter shade. That glide very smoothly and creamy texture mix for hydrating the lip.

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