Gossiping about most popular women’s fragrances


Do you love red the vampire story? Personally, I love red vampire history in the midnight. Today I want to share a story of vampires Perfume. The vampires’ world two perfumes addicted friends live in together and one night makes a plan for collecting beautiful women’s fragrances from the human world. When complete collection both of friends meets in a beautiful place and start to surprise one of another showing of fragrance collection. The two friends gossiping about particular perfume. At this time I walk alone on a road amazingly, saw both of vampires and try to lesion her gossip. I just try to collect top 10 cologne from the vampire and show you the best women’s fragrances for all occasions. If you don’t love my story, but I hope you love my beautiful collection.

Coco Mademoiselle

Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Perfume

I fast collect this handsome feminine perfume after lunch in the market it was 2001. That time Coco sensual freshness makes me happy and determine to buy again. Now, this oriental aroma is not for me because I am over 45 years. Mademoiselle smell is sweet for a younger woman. Mademoiselle Eau de perfume created by famous perfumer Jacques Polge. The performer Jacques uses lots of ingredients to crate this flowery scent. I get its floral heart is uncovered for jasmine and rose. The oranges, bergamot, grapefruit mix with the base notes patchouli, white musk, and vetiver. Eau de Perfume smell stay 7 or 8 hours. These two sprays are enough for getting a lovely smell and third sprays are overpowering to me.

Lanvin eclat

Lanvin eclat d'arpegu perfume

The fruity-floral eclat d’arpegu perfume best choose for a lovely lady. Fruity-floral smell is a touch of feminine, fresh, clean and soft.  This attractive scent made by oldest fashion house Lanvin. It is the most famous clothing house in the France. In 2003 Lanvin release this fabulous cologne for a perfume lover.  Its flowery thing is really attractive and touch my heart.  This flowery ingredients green, lilac, and Sicilian lemon chain wake up my spring memory.  Individually, I like to spray daily two times on the skin and just one or two sprays enough for a sweet smell.  D’arpegu base’s notes come from amber, Lebanon, gentle musk and mix with its hard wisteria, red peony, green lilac, petitgrain etc. You have to face only one problem with lovely aromas. I already told fruitily, floral is sweet-smelling but not stay for a long time. I get its staying power is average.  Overall, not the bed you can try.

 Daisy Dream

Marc Jacons - Daisy Dream

Popular perfumer Alberto Morillas and two well-known people Ann Gottlieb, Jacobs combined make an ethereal perfume that best one for my lovely wife. I collect three times on the market and third time wishes to review for you. After spray, I get fresh, fruity floral smell from my wife. It’s light and fruity, floral smell is really gorgeous and catching my attention, but not stay for a long time. This youth floral come from Jasmine, Lychee, and Blue that two sprays are enough for full sensing. Well, known perfumer wisely applies Musks, Coconut Water and White Woods for creation its base. Average scent staying power fragrance top notch come from Grapefruit, Pear, and Blackberry. Overall, it is the best collection for your life partner. You can try a fruity floral taste.

Kelly Caleche

Hermes Kelly Caleche

Floral-leather small isn’t a dream of the fashionable lady. The attractive floral-leather comparison cologne made by the house of Hermes. Hermes Kelly Caleche design by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. Intelligent perfumer its beautiful smell made for younger women’s. Leather inspiration scent is really sweet and sensation for earlier age’s ladies. This leather comes in the Barenia calf leather and sheep leather. The fast time I was confused for lather smell, but after use, it gives me a beautiful familiarity. You don’t have to be worried I get its leather smell is light and mix with some sweet floral ingredient. Caleche floral ingredients remind me a mimosa, climbing rose, tuberose, iris, and lily. Some beautiful floral elements and lather combine mad a sweet-smelling that stay enough time for me. I think you can feel happy with staying ability. If you love Ellena smart thought just tries this one.

Very Hollywood

Michael Kors Very Hollywood

The last valentine day I search a sweet, floral and sexy perfume for my girlfriend. I get Lots of floral cologne on the market, but only Very Hollywood sensation fulfills my requirement. After smelling interested to collect for impressing my sweetheart. These are a gorgeous famines perfume that I collect in 2010 but available in the market since 2009. Perfumer Michael Kors made a fruity pinkish vaguely floral fragrance that still now attract me. After spray she told me its smell staying for enough time, then I interested to know the ingredient. Hollywood floral hard comes from wet jasmine, ylang-ylang, gardenia and perfumer wisely mix, hard with top notes, creamy amber, iced bergamot, orris, soft white moss, iced bergamot, and Vetiver. Probably it is a good recipe of a female. You can use before joining a party, office, daily base or catching other attention.

  Gucci Bamboo

Gucci ‘Bamboo’ Perfume

Sometime I like to wear bamboo accessories, but bamboo Perfume it was a dream for me. Dream comes true when I fast get bamboo inspiration perfume in the market. It is really intelligent thinking that comes from world class fashion brand Gucci. Some well-known perfumer wisely created floral – woody feminine perfume. Its combination encourages me to use a daily basis for expressing my feminine smell. It is not overpowering and gives a womanliness, sensual odor. This scent stay enough time. That gives sufficient time to keep with smelling. This interested floral compassion makes from orange blossom, ylang-ylang, and Casablanca lily. Intelligent perfumer its base made from Grey, Amber, Tahitian Vanilla, and Sandalwood. If you don’t love bamboo, but you can love bamboo inspiration perfume for impressing someone.

Valentino ‘Valentina’

Valentino ‘Valentina’ Eau de Parfume

Valentina is a beautiful flowers touch, fruits hard, sweet, oriental, sensual and popular women’s perfume. Valentina created by famous fashion house, Valentino. This is a remarkable creation from the fruity floral ingredient. Two popular perfumer Alberto Morillas and Olivier Cresp hardly to gives a womanless smell for fragrance lovers. Some strong and beautiful elements combine to make its stature, hard and base. The key ingredients come from cedar wood, tuberose, truffle, jasmine, Madagascar vanilla, patchouli, oak moss, white, bergamot, peach etc.  I am a big friend of the fruity floral smell that reason doesn’t forget to spray before going to my office. Its two sprays enough for getting a sensual fruitiness that mix with the heart of strawberries. This floral feel makes from orange blossom, jasmine, and tuberose. Overall, not a bed but I have one blame that is the smell staying ability. Its smell is sweet, but average longevity doesn’t make me happy.

Little Things Noir

Victoria's Sexy Little Things Noir Eau De Perfume

Victoria’s Secret world famous for under garments. Nowadays, it is also popular for fragrance arrangement. I fast get news from my friend, about some hottest Victoria’s women’s collation and determine to buy one. After determining I searching fruity – floral combination and finally I get Sexy Little Things Noir. Its sexy smell impresses me for that reason I apply Eveready only a spray for light smelling. This beautiful flowers compassion comes from jasmine petals, lily-of-the-valley, cattelaya orchid and cyclamen etc. Probably it is another best collation that has enough smell staying ability. Noir stay for a long time and this is not overpowering for me. Its fruity heart bland from apple, citruses, red berries, guanabana, pear etc.  If you choose close to me just try this one.

Pure poison

Pure poison from Dior

World famous fashion brand Dior created beautiful, clean, fresh, sharp floral and fruity combination perfume for the lovely lady. This beautiful blend made by three well known perfumers Carlos Benaim, Olivier Polge and Dominique Ropion. In 2004 Dior release poison for fragrance lover.  Personally, I have good experience with Pure poison. This one spray is enough for getting a sweet, clean smell. Sometime I wish to apply second time, but another use is not overpowering for me. Its base made from sandalwood and ambergris. Pure smell staying for enough time that normally deserves from any scent. Orange blossom, gardenia mix with jasmine Sicilian mandarin Calabrian bergamot and other some beautiful ingredients together make it a womanless sensation. You can easily love this one.

Armani Code

Armani Code for Women by Giorgio Armani

Armani Code is a beautifully feminine scent that available on the market since 2006. This is a gorgeous fruity-floral creation. Its smell is really nice and opens like an orange for me. Code creator Carlos Benaim, Dominique Ropion, and Olivier Polge use lots of flowers, fruit, and fresh spicy to make this perfume. The Code combination created from sandalwood, orange blossom, jasmine, vanilla, lavender honey ginger, and pear sorbet. You can use daily base two sprays on the skin. Two sprays are enough for sweet smelling. Overall, I am happy with Giorgio cologne this is not overpowering, but the smell staying power not enough for me. Personally, I went to get 10 or 12 hours stay ability that is not Armani. Do you have any opinion about it?

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