How to recreate Amanda Seyfried feminine flush look


Amanda Seyfried is a famous American actress, singer & model. She was born 3 December 1985. This famous model began her career when she was 11. Recently Amanda attended the 15th annual U.S. Open Tennis Championship. Where Serena Williams creates history. Tennis is a popular game & Seyfried is also famous for her style, fashion concept or womanly look.

She was wearing beautiful feminine dresses to attend the game. That was really awesome. As a fashion designer, I want to say from a fashion sense. This outfit aide really wonders for a female expression. You can easily achieve this classic and vintage look. If anybody wants to achieve I can help her. It’s easy and simple just follow my instruction. Also, gain this expression to join a party.

Amanda Seyfried

This is a lovely outfit and some beautiful accessories combine to make an attractive style. The American model wore black & white Peter Pan collar dress on her upper body. She covers her eye with orange color round frame sunglasses. That added value to get a gorgeous look. Also, look at the picture also follow simply a fashionable rectangular clutch bag. This model also wore stylish black court heels.

Amanda just wore a simple dress, heels, & accessories before attending the Tennis Championship. This dress up gives her a beautiful feminine look. Now I discussion about her particular pic.

Black & white Peter Pan collar

Peter Pan collar , dress,women dress

A woman always loves to new ways present her femininity. That’s why Amanda chooses a Peter Pan collar dress to express her stylist thinking. This type of collar is best for a professional or traditional lookYou can get this design on the knitwear, jackets, coats, shirts, blouses etc. Also a variety of clothing items. A long time ago this fashionable dress included the fashion industry. Maybe, it was 1905. So many years, these styles popular in women’s fashion.

Generally, a peter pan collar is flat. This is a round collar and its cut around the neckline. It is really beautiful and style. Also available verity of length like- high, low cut etc. You can wear black and white Peter Pan collar to express your beauty or copy a similar look.

Floral turn lock clutch bag

clutch bag ,women pursh.floral bag

Handbags are the most essential part of women’s fashion. Most of the beautiful ladies feel uncomfort without purse outside of the home. But you have to choose a purse that equals your mode. Normally this is a fashion accessory. Sometimes it is more vital to carry some necessary item. Look the Seyfried image and maybe you can love sample floral turn lock clutch bag.

This handbag perfects with her feminine, fashion or beautiful look. It is a rectangular shaped bag. Anybody can choose for a dancing, formal or wedding party. This is large enough to carry cosmetic & accessories. You can use floral turn lock clutch bag to copy the same look.

Black leather pumps

Black leather pumps,ladies pumps

Leather pumps are a good looking footwear. You have to choose the right fit for gorgeous & comfortable. Generally, I find soft and black leather pumps. That gives me comfort on the wearing time. You have to keep in mind when choosing the same footwear. The exterior is the best way to find the perfect one. Also can choose more than 5-inch heel. I think this is a more walkable height for fashionable women.

Personally, I love black leather pumps because black color is more attractive than another color. Just look the picture and think carefully. Probably, you can get perfect one on Seyfried’s foot.  Want to copy the same style just need to pick this similar one.

Round sunglasses

Round sunglasses,women Round sunglasses

Sunglasses are a fashion accessory, but it is essential for protecting eyes.  Sometimes it’s difficult to choose the right sunglasses for face shape. Before you choose this stylish piece. Fast you have to know which style best for your face. Seyfried has worn round form that goes with her mood, style & face outline. Generally, round shape best for square, narrow and oval faces.

If your face character is square or oval you can choose round sunglasses for a similar look. If your face shape is not accurate for a round frame. I mean you are not a square, oval shape person. Just tries other frames that best for your face shapes.

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