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Sunglasses are most popular for the protective eye. The modern world most of the people don’t only use this stylist pic for a caring eye, but also wear for a beautiful and fashionable look. It is difficult to choose the right one. If you want to get a beautiful look you have to be careful the right fit. Most of the time it depends on your face shape. Same frame, shape, and color glasses do not look good for every person. You have to know face shape and which frame best for your face, only this way you can get a good looking with them. If you determine to choose a perfect one for your style. Just read my full article. Today, I went to try give information that helps you to find the right sunglasses.

Measure your face

face shap, face Measure,face

If anybody wants to get fit sunglasses you have to measure face. Most of the time we are looking oval, square, round, long or heart face shape people. I try to give an idea that helps to measure your face. It’s simple but you can do this job two ways. The fast method just takes a photo and start calculating the second system using a mirror. Both techniques are almost same. Which one is easier for you, but today I want to share the mirror idea. Fast look in the mirror and start the outline of your face. You can use anything to create a sketch like erasable pen lipstick etc. Then take a tape, paper, and pen and look my picture that helps you to measure. Let’s go and start calculation cheekbone width. Start just below your eye, then straight across the nose one corner to another corner. Second, measure your jaw line. Fast find the ends of the jawbone, then start quantifying one corner to another. Next, job your face length. Start in the center of your hairline and straight down the end of your chin. Last you have to go for forehead width. This measure is one side hairline to the other side hairline. Write down all of the measure numbers on the paper. Look at the all of your sizes and determining the face shape. Finally, find a perfect sunglasses that fit your face.

Round shape

Jennifer Lawrence,sunglasses,round face,

Round face is a beautiful, strong angular shape. If your face is round form your surface width and length is almost same. When go to choose a frame some point you have to keep in mind. Round outline people can select a frame that makes your face thinner, longer and gives wider than they are deep. I always avoid particular frames that make my face outline more round that destructive to get a stylist look. Circular or smaller structures is not good for this face style. Personally, I have a bad experience with circular casing it makes my face more round. The best way take angular narrow eyeglass frames for a gorgeous and fashionable look with sunglasses. If you like to wear sunglasses just choose rectangle and square frames that are the right decision for you. So- start finding the best one for your round face shape.

Went to be a smooth person with sunglass. Need gorgeous one that same time producing the eye. I take polarized glasses for the summertime that’s slightly oversized and made of high-quality plastic. That has mirrored lens, beautiful design, Eco-friendly and polarized glasses save me from dangerous sun rays.

Most of the person wasting time to search a fashionable sunglasses, but you also need a polarized glass that protects ultraviolet rays. I take this one for protecting rays, dust, and elegant look. Colored lenses, metal frame, polarized and smart design give me comfort feel. You can take for the style.

Some people collect sunglasses as a hobby. The beautiful collection has to be a good one. Colorful one makes me attractive. Take Cat-Eye design for the collection, but I choose this metal frame for the trendy look. This nose pad very comports and it is polarized glasses that are wonder choose for the summer.

I want to jump with a blue angel, but sometimes afraid of the black. Finally, I am completing the wish with Tiffany sun 0TF4092 polarized sunglasses. Its blue color glass better stability with the related shade dress and a balance look always eye-catching. Already I picked one so… You can also join with me. Just start a new life with them.

Another romantic collection for you. Gorgeous metal and plastic cat-eye frame fashionable all most any dresses and anytime. This is a non-polarized creation and good for women who love to stay with oversize. Magnetic je ne sais quoi quality and various beautiful colors are available.

Square shape

square face shape,Keira Knightly copy


This is difficult to choose a best one in the thousands of designs that goes with your mood. If want to get a beautiful and a stylist look with the square shape you have to pick a right one that sweet for square face shapes. Generally, a Square face form is a wide cheekbone, chin, and strong horizontal jawline. When come to take a sunglasses you have to avoid some frames like- bulky or thick frames. Bulky and thick frames make an odd look with this face style.  You have to choose a sunglasses that soften the lines and angles for square face shapes. Always, try to escape square and geometric frames for your beautiful square outlines. Hey, lovely square face person round, oval frames and a retro cat-eye best for your face shapes. The Square face structure is best for photos and film. Round, oval frames create a soft balance and make a beautiful look with this from.

Aviator sunglasses are a handsome design for a man and women. Nothing else matters, just takes the aviator for winter and as well as summer trend. Went to question me what is the perfect dress for them. All most every dress looks good with this non-polarized lens and metal frame.

Really black is a smart shade for us. That good balance with cool blonde, brown, and black hair color. When needing to stability with the dress I think the black dress and also you can style almost any cloth. Sun-ray all times harmful to the eye. Optics ashtray saves you from ray and its frame made by Handcrafted Zyl Acetate.

Michael Kors is a famous fashion designer who made various types of outfit and accessories. Kors MK5004 1017R1 gold Chelsea is an aviator creation for the woman’s eye. Its rose gold color attractive and metal material makes a stronger frame for us. Its polycarbonate lens able to Protection UVA, UVB ray.

World famous light and best quality glasses producer Silhouette gift a beautiful sunglasses for the women. Simply gorgeous collection for us. Its color combination, titanium frame, and composite lens attractive. I think it is a lovely touch for our fashion industry and make an elegant look with my every dress.

I love to meet the drakuler and take a black cat eye sunglasses for mashing together, but love to wear with all color dresses. It’s not a funny thing really I do it and take this one to complete my wish. Its size best for who love to wear oversized and has a polarized lens that works against dust, UVA & UVB rays etc.

Oval shape

Eva Mendes,ovel face shape

What is your face outline? If your shape is oval I think you are one of the lucky people in the world. This type of people doesn’t have to be an expert to choose a lovely glass. This is an ideal shape for style with various types of sunglasses. When come to select a glass easily you can get the best one for a fashionable look. This is a balanced and classic proportion. This narrower curved jawline, slightly narrow foreheads, narrow chins and generally high cheekbones all shapes combine to make a balanced and beautiful look. This outline best for any type of frame. A classic rectangular shape, a retro cat-eye, square, round, and geometric all frames are best for this face style. Large frames are also stylist pic for you but should avoid too large casings that are not sweet for you. This is really a natural and balanced shape.

Need a different thinking for made a luxuries subject. It’s happened with Linda luxe LFL425C2SUN that made from 18 carats white gold-plated. I think it’s a cool, and lightweight creation. Comport for her adjustable nose pads, mirror platinum lenses, titanium frame, temples and obviously protection 100% sun ray.

Thousands of women with her various types of chooses make a confutation world. That’s the reason fashion Accessories Company makes a verity of design to solve the difficulty. LianSan oversized creation only for large size, plastic frame, polarized lens, comfortable nose pad lover but it’s also able to protect 100%UV rays.

Nothing, it’s a mysteries blue creation from Dior for a secret world. I love it for two reasons fast all the time cool color is right chosen for winter. Secant it’s had a nice metal frame, glass lens, and polarization also beautiful rose gold, white, and blue color combination. Finally, its throw a soft feel for my eye.

A designer tries to apply the best knowledge to create Tom Ford TF130 36F. Unique design, fashionable touch, beautiful gold metal frames, perfect for an exclusive look. More color is avowable for the choice and starts fashion with to create a cool place on the style.

Nordic slightly mysterious in the black and gold color, but it is a beautiful design for the women. I feel nice with her stainless steel temples that mixed with polycarbonate and cupronickel. Also polycarbonate lens protectable UV 400. Slightly bold creation, but fashionable for everyday life.

Diamond shape

rihanna,Best sunglasses for diamond face shape,diamond face shap

The diamond shape is one of the gorgeous face figures. If you want to look more beautiful with this face character. You need to choose a perfect one. Many Hollywood celebrities have a diamond face form. Generally, this type of people’s eye line and jawline are the narrow forms. If you are a same face shape person your cheekbones are wider than your eye line and jawline. When come to choose a sunglasses for your face shapes a few things to keep in mind. You have to choose a frame that softens your cheekbones and highlights the eyes. The best frames for diamond face shapes is oval, semi-rimless frames, rimless, and frames that detailing on the brow line. Always, try to avoid narrow frames for your face character.

It is nothing, just a real pop project on the eye-wear and pop culture popular her diffract thinking about the high fashion. Gold copper and Havana color frame attached with retro-wayfarer shape, but Lens color Blue. Probably creation by beautiful color for mix with your pop design dresses and hairstyle.

As a fashion designer tries to think the different way for transforming the people look more attractive to achieving the extra thanks. I choose the ATTCL brand for the sunglasses and this is an oversize, alloy metal frame that softly attaches with the face. Trendy women receipts it’s for protection, 100% UV ray.

People try to live safely in her daily life, but outdoor activities harmful for several reasons like- dust, sunray etc. Take this brown color lens and frame and develop your style with securely. Because its lenses polarized and lovely shade makes an artistic fill with any summer and winter dresses.

Make a style with narrow width frames and blue color that always inspiration for another person for trendy feel. Want to ask me whose outfit is fitted with theme. No need to ask choose one that balance with the glass shade and finally wake up your fashion sense to create perfection with the theme.

Where you went to go don’t forget to save the eye with Film noir blue faded color that easily exist with the daily life outfit. Italy produced accessories that frame made with plastic for the women face.  Now you can go everywhere without tension because at the present you are a good looking lady.

 Heart shape

heart face shape,Carrie Underwood

I want to say from my heart this is a really nice face nature. Heart face really attractive shape for a man and women. If you are a heart shape person careful to choose a fit sunglasses for getting a glorious look. Generally, a heart face man or woman’s have a narrow jaw line. Do you have a narrow jaw and wide cheekbones or forehead? If have you are a heart shape person. Some people also call it, is a triangular face shape. You have to choose a frame that broadening the face lower part and minimizes your width forehead. Aviators, oversized, rectangular frames and Cat-eye styles or glasses are perfect for your heart face shape.

A perfect fashion aid can make a person more beautiful and attractive. Rimless type cat eye shape, maybe perfect select for your daily life attractions.  When female like to wear metal frame and polarized glass with her beautiful clothes that time TANIZE made this for you.

Do you need polycarbonate lens for the eye that polarized for safe harmful ray? When need these types of requirement that time I suggest Vogue metal frame to complete the wish. After complete the demand don’t forget to wear any occasion for enhancing your smartness.

Now is a better time to jump on the fantasy world with Michael Kors MK1020. Because Metal Frames, 100% UV protection, and cat eye shape provide a magical abilities for women beauty.  That is not dreaming game with you. Just MK has delivered a shine on the face and this replication makes an attractive.

I received it from my little brother and he is a stylish designer. Basically brown color is my favorite and he chooses my desired shade frame and lens that made of plastic. I don’t forget to wear on the sunny day and its color best for my light skin tone.

This is ending collection for sunglasses lover that protects 99-100% sun harmful ray. Finally I select black color, sports aviator, relaxation nose pad and metal frame for you. Sometime I like to take black shade on the eyewear for an exclusive look.

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